15 Things That Could Happen If Stephanie McMahon Takes Control of WWE

Despite being born into a wrestling dynasty, Stephanie McMahon has had to work her way up through the ranks of the WWE. In fact, McMahon's first job with the company was modeling t-shirts for the WWE merchandise catalogs. The Boston University graduate would eventually transition into the role of Account Executive. From there, she would move into higher level positions such as Director of Creative Writing and Senior Vice President of Creative Writing. Today, the 40-year-old is now the companies CBO or Chief Brand Officer, if you prefer. The Hartford native has also become a fixture on WWE's flagship program, Monday Night Raw.

The Billion Dollar Princess’s television debut was in 1999, as part of a storyline involving The Undertaker. In fact, one of her earliest and most memorable angles involved a love triangle with Test and current real-life husband Triple H. McMahon's character would go on to evolve over the years into a sort of evil authority figure. However, despite her on-screen persona, Stephanie McMahon has been involved with numerous charity organizations, as a brand ambassador for WWE. In a sense, between working behind the scenes with the company and learning how to be in the public eye, McMahon is being groomed for an even greater role. It's quite possible that when Vince McMahon decides to step down as head of the WWE, Stephanie might be chosen to take his place. Here is a list of 15 thinks that may happen, when (or if) Stephanie takes control.

16 The First Female WresleMania Main Event

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It's no secret that Stephanie McMahon has a passion for women's wrestling. She is considered to be one of the driving forces behind what has come to be known as, The Diva's Revolution. The revolution is about showcasing more of a "wrestling" oriented female division, as opposed to focusing on sex appeal, which has been the case in years past. Women have already been featured in the main event of Raw and a recent pay-per-view, so WrestleMania seems like the probable progression. Stephanie McMahon would likely love to be known as the person who promoted the first ever WresleMania... headlined by females. Is it possible, that someday we will see a WrestleMania main event featuring Charlotte Flair and Ember Moon? If Stephanie is in charge, it wouldn't be out of the question.

15 Triple H Has Another Title Run

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It's possible that by the time Stephanie McMahon comes into power, Triple H has had enough of the spotlight. Perhaps, the self-proclaimed King of Kings will be content to simply run NXT. However, despite being primarily focused on the business side of things these days, Triple H is still a wrestler at his core and will likely yearn for the WWE Championship, once more.

Being married to the CEO of the WWE would certainly have its advantages. It would probably be a hard sell, but it's certainly possible that Triple H could convince Stephanie that another title reign would be "best for business." Triple H is still one of the biggest names on the roster, despite not being a full-time wrestler. If a few major stars were to suffer injuries, it might not take much for Triple H to persuade Stephanie to give him the gold... again.

14 Paul Heyman Is Fired

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Many years ago, Paul Heyman and Stephanie McMahon worked together as part of WWE's creative team. Writer's who worked for the WWE during that period claimed that the two argued constantly and didn't get along very well. Heyman had a reputation as being one of the few guys who was willing to argue with the McMahon's over creative differences. Stephanie, who was just starting out as WWE's head writer, probably didn't appreciate being challenged by Heyman, who arguably had more creative credibility at the time. It's possible that Stephanie may still resent Heyman, and as the head of WWE, she may decide to get rid of him altogether. If any Paul Heyman fans out there would like to read a list where things turn out better for him, check out; 15 Things That Could Have Happened If Paul Heyman Ran WWE.

13 Chyna Never Gets Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

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There probably isn't a female in modern wrestling history that is more deserving of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame than Chyna. She was the first ever female Intercontinental Champion and the first woman to participate in the Royal Rumble. However, Chyna is also the former girlfriend of Triple H, who happens to be Stephanie McMahon's current husband. It's rumored that Triple H and Stephanie got together, while he and Chyna were still an item. Chyna didn't speak very fondly of Stephanie, after her departure from WWE. Needless to say, McMahon and Chyna didn't particularly care for each other. If Chyna hasn't been inducted while Vince is running the show, it's unlikely she'll have much better luck with Stephanie in charge. That being said, anything can happen in the WWE.


11 The Stephanie McMahon Fitness Hour On The WWE Network

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Anyone who follows Stephanie McMahon on social media knows that she is a bit of a fitness fanatic. McMahon has posted numerous photos and comments regarding her workout routines. In fact, she even released her very own workout video. When Stephanie becomes WWE's new head honcho, she might just to decide to have her own workout program on the network. The Chief Brand Officer appears to be in great shape, so she probably has some good tips to share with the WWE Universe. When you have your own network, like the WWE, there is always a demand for new content. Moreover, who is going to tell the head of the company "no"?  I'm not saying it will bring in millions of new subscribers to the network, but there are probably worse ideas out there.

10 Shane Leaves Again

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In order for Stephanie McMahon to gain complete control of the company, her brother Shane would need to be completely out of the picture. However, given his history, there is a very good chance that could happen. After all, Shane has already left the company once to pursue outside business endeavors.

When Vince steps down he splits control of the company evenly between both Shane and Stephanie. The two end up constantly bickering over the direction that WWE should go in. When Shane suggests bringing back former creative team member Vince Russo, an outraged Stephanie threatens to leave the business for good. However, it's Shane that comes to realize that his true passion in life isn't wrestling. He decides to start another video-on-demand company in China and becomes quite successful in his own right.

9 Stephanie McMahon For U.S. Senate

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As the Chief Executive Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment, Stephanie McMahon establishes herself as a highly respected business woman. She decides to use her notoriety and attempt to follow her mother Linda, into the world of politics.

Despite running on two separate occasions, Linda McMahon was unable to become a Senator for the State of Connecticut. Stephanie now has the type of money and connections needed to make her own run at becoming a United States Senator. Stephanie McMahon is no stranger to capturing an audience's attention. Her charm and intellect win over her future constituency. As a result, Stephanie wins the election by a landslide. After a few successful years in office, rumors begin to circulate that McMahon is even considering trying to make a bid for The White House.

8 NXT Goes To A Major Network

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NXT has gone from being considered "the minor leagues", to becoming one of WWE's most popular programs. The promotion was created to showcase wrestlers who weren't quite ready to be called up to the main roster. However, there is a vocal minority of fans who feel NXT is every bit as good as Raw or Smackdown.

Triple H is considered to be the brains behind WWE's trendy developmental promotion. The show features a mix of undiscovered talent and wrestler who have had a great deal of success with other promotions, such as TNA wrestling. If the show continues to gain momentum, it's quite possible that cable networks may start to take notice. Stephanie McMahon knows that television revenue is a major source of income for WWE. Should viewership continue to grow, it would be no surprise if the savvy businesswoman had NXT featured on the USA network.

7 Triple H and Stephanie Battle For Control

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When Vince McMahon finally decides to step down as WWE CEO, it will no doubt create a power vacuum. Regardless of who Vince ultimately chooses to be his successor, there will no doubt be several people vying for the throne.

The success Triple H has had with NXT, gives him reason to believe that he should be Vince McMahon's choice to run the WWE moving forward. This causes a great deal of tension between Triple H and Stephanie. However, the wrestling power couple is eventually able to reach a compromise. They decide to make NXT a nationally televised program and have Triple H run it independently. This move helps save the company...and possibly their marriage.

6 Vince Goes Into The Hall

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Vince McMahon has always wanted to make the WWE Hall of Fame "all about the wrestlers". However, once he is no longer in charge, Stephanie eventually decides to induct Vince himself into the hall.

As time goes by, it will become increasingly difficult to find worthy Hall of Fame headliners every year prior to WrestleMania. Vince McMahons is arguably the most influential man in the history of the business. While there are some things you can criticize about WWE's current Chief Executive Officer, there is no denying the impact he has had on the professional wrestling industry. Stephanie McMahon eventually decides to induct her father into the very institution he created. Even if he's 100 years old, there is little doubt that Vince McMahon will deliver an induction speech for the ages.

5 WWE Goes Overboard With Promoting Charity Work

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Stephanie and the WWE in general, have never been shy about promoting the various charity organization in which they are involved with. There is no question that participating in charity work is a good thing. However, there is a time and place for highlighting worthwhile charities in the context of a wrestling show. Stephanie even goes so far as to create a charity based wrestling character, Gary Givesback. The fans are initially polite and their responses range from indifferent to moderately supportive. However, the character begins to get a major push and defeats many of the WWE's top stars. This results in a major backlash from the WWE Universe. Stephanie eventually decides to do away with the character completely. Givesback goes down as one of the worst characters in WWE history.

4 Ronda Rousey Joins WWE

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Stephanie McMahon has already gone on record as saying, "we would love to have her at WWE," when she has been asked about Rousey in the past. Let's face it, Rousey's MMA career is definitely at a crossroads. Following her first-round TKO loss to current Bantamweight Champion, Amanda Nunes, her future in the UFC is uncertain. However, Rousey is still a huge star and could have a major impact in the world of professional wrestling.

Ronda Rousey see's the success other women like Charlotte Flair are having in the WWE. Being a wrestling fan herself, the idea of stepping in the ring as a full-time competitor appeals to the MMA standout. Stephanie sees potential and makes Rousey an offer she can't refuse. If you would like to learn a little more about Rousey, take a look at 15 MMA Couples You Didn’t Know Were An Item.

3 Stephanie Feuds With Charlotte

It's likely only a matter of time before Charlotte Flair flirts with her dad's record and tries to become a 16-time world champion. By the time this happens, Flair is now a savvy veteran and the biggest star in the history of women's wrestling. The creative team decides that there would be no better opponent for Flair to take the title from than Stephanie McMahon herself. Several weeks prior to WrestleMania, due to some outside interference, McMahon pins Liv Morgan and become the WWE Women's Champion. She will now go on to face Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania. The decision to have the aging McMahon featured in a WrestleMania match upset many of the female wrestlers backstage. However, the angle is a success and Charlotte ties her dad's record and eventually goes on to break it, the following year.

2 A Women's Intercontinental Championship

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Now that Stephanie McMahon is in charge of the WWE, the number of women on the roster is at an all time high. As result, McMahon decides there are enough females to warrant the creation of a secondary title. Therefore, she decides to introduce the WWE Women's Intercontinental Championship. It's agreed upon that a tournament for the title will be held on the WWE network. The inaugural tournament features a showcase of top female wrestlers from around the globe. When the dust finally settles, Sasha Banks becomes the first ever Women's Intercontinental Champion. The title, for some, goes on to become a stepping stone on the way to an eventual world title reign. Many of the women who hold the I.C. belt go on to accomplish great things in the WWE.

1 An All Female Network Show

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In all honesty, given the need for content on the WWE Network, they should probably already have a show like this. However, once Stephanie becomes Queen of WWE, launching an all women's program become a top priority. The show provides a platform for many female stars that aren't able to be featured on other major shows like Raw and SmackDown. It would also help fill the void left when NXT goes on to be featured on cable television. The show becomes an instant hit with the WWE Universe. Conversely, if you would like to read about some females who were not a hit with the WWE Universe, you may want to see 15 Smoking Hot WWE Divas Who Made No Impact In The Company.

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