15 Things The Hogan Family Wants You To Forget About

Hulk Hogan was the first true wrestling Superstar to help usher in the boom period of the 80s. WWE took over the industry with the star power of Hogan appealing to the mainstream audience. Hogan would become a fixture in wrestling for many decades and is still the first name many associate with the industry. His success made him try to have his family join him in the spotlight with various projects making them public figures as well. Hulk has two kids – Brooke Hogan and Nick Hogan, both of which are met with polarizing responses due to reasons we'll discuss here.

Linda Hogan is Hulk's ex-wife and their relationship went through ups and downs before an ugly divorce. Hulk is currently married to Jennifer McDaniel in hopes of a new life putting the heartbreak in the past. Many shameful things have happened to the Hogan’s through the years. We'll look at the low moments and break down why the Hogan family wants you to forget about these fifteen moments.

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14 Brooke's Failed TNA Run

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Hulk Hogan signing with TNA as both an on-screen character and backstage creative mind opened up the opportunity for him to hire his daughter, Brooke. For the first time, Brooke Hogan tried her hand in the wrestling world by signing on to play the authority figure of the Knockouts Division. TNA apparently paid her quite nicely for work as well.

Brooke entered a romantic storyline with Bully Ray of all people. It was a disaster with Brooke’s subpar acting skills on display. To make matters worse, the wrestlers were disgusted at the nepotism, as Brooke was well-paid despite TNA rarely offering good pay to their hardest working wrestlers. Brooke saw her time in TNA end with no chances of continuing elsewhere.

13 Nick's Failed Wrestling Training

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Hulk Hogan's success in pro wrestling led to both of his children attempting to find an easy road into the industry. Nick Hogan hoped to land a job with his father’s help by entering wrestling school. His school of choice was run by WWE Hall of Fame Rikishi and he started back in 2009.

Nick apparently couldn’t handle the physical part of wrestling. Bumping and learning how to properly take moves can be difficult at first. It weeds out those that can’t handle it from those who really want to thrive in the business  Nick ended up quitting on the wrestling dream and instead decided to focus on being a DJ. The fact that being a DJ doesn’t result in great pain is a positive.

12 Hulk’s Racist Tirade

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An obvious regret for the Hogan family has to be the racist tirade that was leaked. Hogan's public perception dropped from a beloved icon from yesteryear into a hated figure for his offensive comments. At first, Hulk’s sex tape was leaked. For most people, that would be embarrassing enough, but Hogan managed to say racist things about African-American culture in the sex tape, making it way worse.

The controversy saw Hogan not only become a hated man, but saw WWE release him from his legend’s contract as well. Hogan did win a lucrative lawsuit against Gawker for leaking the tape. However, the tarnishing that it did to his name is something that will last beyond the financial payoff for it. It may very well be the lowest moment of Hogan’s career and a shameful memory for the Hogan family.

11 Linda’s Racist Twitter Rants

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Recent years have seen Linda Hogan use her social media pages to make controversial comments. Linda is very outspoken when it comes to right wing politics and it was amplified with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. During the election period, Linda said some disparaging things about African-Americans speaking out against Trump on social media. She eventually deleted the tweets, but it showed her outlook.

Hulk wasn’t the only Hogan with offensive and problematic beliefs. Linda’s social media has also seen her insult Muslims, along with immigrants from various countries. Basically, she would be a public relations nightmare if anyone still cared about her in the slightest. The rest of the Hogan’s likely wish she would quit social media as her feed is very regrettable.

10 Brooke Falsely Called Herself A Victim Of Racism

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The stories regarding racism don’t end with Hulk and Linda. Brooke Hogan discussed how she has personally dealt with racism following the story of Hulk’s tirade becoming mainstream news. When asked about the story, Brooke said anyone can be a victim of racism. Brooke’s example was being told that "white people smell like bologna." The honorable Brooke made it clear that she wasn’t offended and such a mentality should be practiced by those upset with her dad.

It's obvious that the Hogan family has been very sheltered and their comments about serious issues usually come off as embarrassing. This was one of the bigger stories to make Brooke look like a fool on various social media platforms. The story always comes up whenever one searches Brooke Hogan online and it'll always haunt her career.

9 Hulk's Failed Acting Career

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Hulk Hogan's success in the 80s and 90s allowed him the opportunity to make it in Hollywood. A role in Rocky III as Thunderlips started his acting career in a big way. Hogan however would see it peak there with most of his major roles being memorable for the wrong reasons. Suburban Commando, No Holds Barred and Mr. Nanny stand out among the flops on Hulk's IMDB page.

Hogan even starred in his own action television series, Thunder in Paradise, on TNT when signing with WCW, but it flopped after just one disappointing season. Hogan has claimed that there was too much competition in the era with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger holding down the top action stars. Hogan has even tried to downplay The Rock’s acting success to spare his own ego.

8 Reality Show Ruined Family

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Hulk Hogan hoped the decision to put his family on television with VH1’s Hogan Knows Best reality show would lead to positive results for everyone involved. The show was centered on Hulk’s life after wrestling with his wife and kids, but it would be the start of everything going downhill for the family. Linda’s ego grew and it led to more problems between the couple. An eventual divorce would get ugly, completely tearing apart the family.

The reality show lasted a few seasons and actually pulled in successful numbers. However, the drama would grow within the family when the cameras were off. Hulk witnessed his life fall apart in a short time period with Linda’s ego and the kids’ priorities for fame spiraling out of control. The family would go through many of the issues on this list as a result of the reality show changing them.

7 Linda Cleaned Out Hulk In Divorce Settlement

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The divorce between Hulk and Linda Hogan was very public, with insults being exchanged. Linda eventually won the war in court with a settlement of 70% of the couple's liquid assets. The couple had over $10 million in the bank and various investments. Linda won $7.4 million, leading to Hulk only getting to keep less than $3 million.

Hulk’s wrestling success was responsible for the money, but he didn’t sign a pre-nuptial contract to protect his assets in the case of an eventual divorce. Many other poor decisions led to Hogan going broke following the divorce and he claimed to have almost committed suicide at one point. Things worked out for Hulk with money coming back in from different platforms, allowing him to live comfortably once again.

6 Linda Dated Brooke's Teen Friend

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Another embarrassing moment for the Hogan family came after the divorce of Hulk and Linda. Linda's first relationship after splitting from Hulk saw her date a 19-year-old that went to high school with Brooke. Charlie Hill started seeing Linda in the very public relationship that featured websites and newspapers making fun of the absurdity of the situation.

Many dubbed it a 'sugar mama' relationship, with Linda wanting eye candy from a ridiculously younger man in exchange for the perks that came with dating someone that won over $7 million in a divorce settlement. The relationship ended poorly and Linda referred to him as "an ungrateful leech."

5 Hulk Married A Brooke Look-a-like

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Hulk Hogan also managed to enter a relationship just as creepy as his ex-wife’s. The wrestling legend started dating a woman 21 years younger than him named Jennifer McDaniel. Hogan claimed she saved his life from the depression and misery that was drowning him following the divorce with Linda. The two eventually would get married in 2010 and are still together today.

Nothing sounds too terrible so far, until you realize that Jennifer looks exactly like Brooke Hogan. Jennifer and Brooke look like sisters any time they're together in public and many wonder how Hulk could date someone that looks so similar to his own daughter. It added another weird element to the Hogan family that has given people new material to roast them with.

4 Hulk's Weird Relationship With Brooke

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The reason that Hulk Hogan marrying someone that looks very much like his daughter is especially weird has to do with his odd relationship with Brooke. There’s definitely a closer relationship with Brooke than Nick, but Hulk even expresses it in an odd demeanor. The media even caught pictures of Hulk rubbing oil on Brooke’s butt at a beach in a way parents just don’t do with their adult children.

Another instance saw Hulk tweet a picture of Brooke from a TNA event. The picture was focused on her legs in a revealing photo where he commented about how great they looked. Brooke retorted, calling those questioning it “sickos," but it was still strange.

3 Linda & Brooke Publicly Accused Each Other Of Drug Addiction

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The Hogan family all went through ugly times following the divorce of Hulk and Linda. Brooke lashed out against her mother for publicly trashing Hulk and then dating her high school friend that was barely legal at the time. Linda’s ego continued to spiral out of control to the point that she also took on her daughter in a public war.

Linda claimed that Brooke dabbled with drugs and it negatively impacted her judgment. Brooke responded on radio shows by saying Linda was the one in the family with a drug addiction. Everyone crossed a line, but they’ve somehow made peace alone the way. Linda and Brooke get along well today and likely want everyone to forget the bad times of dangerous drug accusations.

3. Nick Severely Injured Friend With Reckless Driving

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A horrible story associated with Nick Hogan saw him severely injure a friend during a car accident. Nick was driving irresponsibly and speeding out of control until his car crashed into a tree. While Nick avoided injury, his friend John Graziano suffered injuries that would force him to remain in a bed for the rest of his life. The fact that he was a US Marine and Iraqi War veteran made the story even more heartbreaking. Nick was charged with several violations that landed him in jail for a few months before getting out on good behavior. The public viewed the Hogan family as horrible people for the incident and the way they handled it.

2 Brooke's Awful Singing Career

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One of the major reasons for Hogan Knows Best was to try and jump-start Brooke Hogan’s singing career. Many people believed Brooke would become a huge pop star due to her good looks and name value. Brooke entered her early adult years by trying to make it in the music industry, but it completely flopped.

A glaring lack of talent held her back from making any progress. Her last name and reality show were the only reasons anyone even took a chance on her. All of Brooke’s albums did poorly and she has taken a sabbatical from the singing career. Brooke is reportedly trying to change genres into country music, but a new style can’t make up for her lack of talent.

1 Hulk Ruined His Legacy

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The overall worst lasting memory about the Hogan family is what has happened to Hulk Hogan. Hulk was a hero to children all over the world and a massive star in mainstream America. Everyone overlooked his flaws to appreciate his history as a wrestling star and presence in society during his era. That all changed due to the terrible stories attached to him and his family.

Wrestling fans feel shame for him representing the industry. The mainstream media views him as an absolute joke. Hulk has become a parody and a joke at best. Many wrestlers who dealt with him and hated him have been proven right after all these years later. Hogan’s legacy is tarnished forever and he's the one most responsible for it.

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