15 Things The WWE Doesn’t Want You to Know About Sunny

Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was one of the most successful female performers in the history of WWE. The stunning bombshell had the charisma to get over with the wrestling fans as a tremendous heel manager in the 90s. Sunny would surpass the majority of wrestlers she managed by getting the attention of the crowd. At her peak, Sunny was the most downloaded woman in the early days of the rise of the internet above the biggest stars in all of entertainment. Sadly, her story would become a depressing tale with things going downhill through the years.

Sunny leaving WWE in controversial fashion was arguably the worst decision of her career. We say arguably because she followed it up with countless awful decisions that saw her life hit rock bottom. Sunny’s reputation has gone from wrestling legend to wrestling disgrace for her actions outside of the squared circle. WWE tries their best to avoid the association with negative stories about their former stars. Considering Sunny’s claim to fame is once being in WWE, it makes for a tough situation to witness her terrible moments trickle down to impact the company’s reputation. We'll look at the history of Sytch’s regrettable times with fifteen things WWE doesn’t want you to know about Sunny.

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14 First WWE "Diva"

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The term Diva has become an ugly word in the WWE dictionary. After being used for many years to describe all female performers, the company has shifted away by referring to the women as Superstars similar to the men. The person that originally was dubbed the first Diva of WWE was Sunny. Aside from the fact that she wasn’t an athlete or a wrestler, Sunny had the personality of a Diva to earn the term.

WWE made the term official for the division many years later but Sunny has always been known as the original. The company absolutely wants the Diva moments forgotten especially when it comes to the women that were used as eye candy. Sunny never wrestled and relied on her looks and charisma. WWE is trying to sell their female athletes in the complete opposite direction these days making Sunny’s time less impressive.

13 Backstage Drama With Sable

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Everyone remembers the drama in the 90s between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, but it wasn’t the only war in the WWE locker room. Sable and Sunny loathed each other from day one as the only two major women on the roster until Marlena and Chyna joined. The two were competing for the valuable position of being the top female star in WWE.

Sunny found her popularity first but started to feel the pressure with Sable’s rise. The momentum of Sable saw her get over as a face while managing Marc Mero. Fans treated her with pops bigger than the majority of the male roster. Sunny was quite jealous of Sable’s success and often resulted in the two having negative interactions. They had a backstage rivalry that created tension and headaches for management personnel.

12 Allegedly Faked Cancer To Get Money From Fans

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A recent controversy surrounding Sunny saw her claim she was diagnosed with cancer. Sunny posted about it on social media and started a GoFundMe page to collect donations for the money needed to get through it. At various points, Sunny claimed she beat the cancer before it returned and she had to go through it again. Many were skeptical given her history of making up lies for personal gain.

Edge and Christian actually brought it up on their WWE Network sketch show calling her out for faking cancer. Sunny has remained adamant that she was telling the truth but the timeline but it's difficult to believe her story. If she did lie, it is one of the lowest things a human being can do and WWE would want to keep a far distance away with her based off that alone.

11 Her Only WWE Match Ever Took Place At WM XXV

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Everyone knows Sunny was primarily a manager, but very few are aware she actually never wrestled a match during the prime of her WWE career. In fact, the only listed match on Sunny’s WWE resume took place in the awful WrestleMania XXV Divas Battle Royal. Sunny did wrestle a handful of times in WCW and in various independent promotions but she didn’t do so in WWE.

WWE would likely want to hide the fact that one of their Hall of Fame “wrestlers” never actually wrestled more than one match for them. Sunny had no wrestling ability and did her best work at ringside or on the microphone. WWE believed in the manager role back then allowing her to avoid the athletic side of the business. It's fitting her only WWE match was one of the worst of all-time.

10 Flopped Managing LOD

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Sunny is known for being a great manager during her best days in WWE. Many forget that she didn’t actually help get her wrestlers over. Sunny instead stole the spotlight from them by outshining the wrestlers she was supposed to help look more impressive. One team that didn’t need a manager but needed a reboot was the Legion of Doom.

The team was renamed LOD 2000 in 1998 and sported a new look with Sunny as their manager. They had zero chemistry together and it ended up hurting all parties involved. LOD was at the end of the road, and Sunny was also towards the end of her run in WWE. The fact that she completely flopped with her biggest role in WWE is something that often gets swept under the rug when looking back at her career.

9 Numerous Arrests

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The most embarrassing stories to consistently haunt Sunny in recent years have been her trips to jail. Sunny has been arrested for numerous reasons. She physically assaulted her ex-boyfriend Damien Darling following the end of their relationship to land some time in prison. The addiction issues to alcohol and drugs also played a part in her demise.

Sunny was arrested a couple of times for driving under the influence and recently spent a few months in jail with bail not being an option. To make matters worse, she has even bragged about using her star power in jail. Sunny told Colt Cabana on his Art of Wrestling podcast that some of the guards were longtime fans of hers that allowed her to spend time having fun in the guard room proving she didn’t have to pay the price of breaking the law.

8 Her Role In Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart Drama

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An underrated facet of the personal hatred between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart revolved around Sunny. One of the biggest juicy tales of gossip in the 90s saw Sunny cheat on her boyfriend Chris Candido by sleeping around with Michaels. All parties have admitted this and Sunny actually brags about it to this day. Bret Hart was a friend of Sunny’s and Michaels did not like this.

The most explosive moment between the two saw Michaels claim on national television during a promo that Hart was cheating on his wife with Sunny. It caused a fight between Michaels and Hart in the locker room adding more animosity leading up to the Montreal Screwjob. Sunny and Bret claimed they were just friends but the drama between all three led to the awful way Bret left the company.

7 Starts Wars With Current Female Wrestlers

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Sunny is a very petty person that does anything she can to stay in the news. WWE has to feel the shame of knowing one of their Hall of Famers tries to start online feuds with current stars. Sunny took aim at the Bella Twins a few years insulting them for their appearances and claiming they were out of shape not fitting the part of WWE Divas. Clearly, Brie and Nikki were in great shape and it was just Sunny being Sunny.

Another instance of the pettiness came when Sunny took aim at Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch during the women’s revolution. Sunny commented on the appearances of Banks and Lynch by stating they shouldn’t be on television. The lack of class associated with Sunny is well know but she always manages to find new ways to top herself.

6 Drug Addiction

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One of WWE’s Hall of Famers being in the news for addiction issues involving drugs and alcohol is not a good look. WWE is hoping to change its image with the Wellness Policy and current generation of stars living a clean lifestyle compared to the past. Sunny is one name that continuously comes up with her addiction issues leading to negative effects.

Many of Sunny’s arrests have come following the substance abuse influencing her to do something terrible or just being in her system while driving. A name associated with WWE having this many drug and alcohol related issues is a horrible thing for the overall standing of the company. It obviously won’t kill them, but it’s something that shareholders and investors would care about. WWE wishes they could just remove all of Sunny’s stories from the internet.

5 Number Of Times WWE Has Paid For Her Rehab

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Something cool WWE offers is the funding of rehab for any current or former wrestlers that want to turn their life around. Following her arrests for drug and alcohol related actions, Sunny has chosen to go to rehab over a lengthy prison sentence. Naturally, WWE taking the bill makes it an easier decision. Sunny has attended rehab countless times taking advantage of the WWE's offer.

WWE typically views the offer as something a wrestler will go through once and hopefully choose to turn their life around. Sunny is one of the rare exceptions to the rule as she continues to go back whenever she gets in trouble with the law. WWE may have collectively spent more money on rehab for Sunny than they do on the yearly salary for some of their actual wrestlers. This isn’t what they had in mind and likely want to avoid more instances that are similar.

5. Bigotry

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Another thing WWE wants their current and former stars to stay away from is making offensive and/or racist comments on social media. Sunny of course finds a way to get in WWE’s negative graces with this. The former Diva clearly has no filter and it shows in the worst way possible with recent tirades towards groups.

Sunny made racist jokes about black people and insulted many of her fans on Twitter that called her out on the problematic behavior she maintains. The more high profile incident saw her go after Muslims in America stating the religion should be wiped off with genocide. This is horrible by any standard, but wrestling attracts fans from all backgrounds. WWE employing someone that hateful for so long doesn’t come off well when stories like this break.

4 Tries To Hook Up With Active WWE Wrestlers

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WWE does not like stories of romantic gossip being leaked out if there is anything salacious about it. Sunny entering the picture in recent years is a mess. Various shoot interviews and her own failed tell-all book revealed tales of her preying on the active WWE stars. Sunny claimed she convinced Dolph Ziggler to meet her at a hotel room after a WWE show and the two engaged in sexual activity.

Another former WWE star that was also named by Sunny was Chris Masters during his time in the company. Given the controversy associated with her, any romantic attachment to an active WWE wrestler is embarrassing. Sunny has no discretion and will leak personal information to anyone willing to pay for it. WWE may very well want to set a rule that no wrestler can enter romantic relationships with the controversial figure.

3 Tried To Sell Hall of Fame Ring

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One of the more high profile things Sunny has done to directly shame WWE is attempt to sell her Hall of Fame ring. WWE honored the Diva by having her be the fifth ever female performer to enter the honored class of wrestling legends. Sunny showed no respect for the accomplishment and actually posted an auction for the ring on Ebay hoping to pawn it off for as much money as possible.

The bids apparently weren’t as high as she expected and she removed the listing altogether claiming it was all a misunderstanding. Sunny’s phony explanation couldn’t convince anyone and WWE likely saw even more reason to avoid ever welcoming her back into the family. A comeback retort to rumors of WWE’s unhappiness featured Sunny trashing them for not offering to pay her to sit at home because of her past short stint in the company.

2 Skype Shows

Sunny found a creative and tacky way to make money cashing in on her popularity with wrestling fans in the 90s. Any lovesick fan that still holds a crush towards Sunny two decades later can pay for a Skype video chat with her. Fans leaked the information of Sunny charging different tiers for the services she offers including stripping nude where “anything goes” in the highest price range.

A WWE Hall of Famer offering interactive adult shows is something the company clearly doesn't want. They refused to induct Chyna with the explanation of her adult career making it tough. Sunny has taken it to another level and continues to shame WWE with her latest task to avoid getting a normal job. There was also the in-person attraction of charging fans to cuddle with her in a bed at a wrestling convention.

1 Adult Films 

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If you thought the nude Skype shows and the paid cuddling was bad, Sunny decided to go all the way with an adult porn film in 2016. Sunny had teased the idea for quite some time before taking an offer to have her own adult featured film. Most of the reaction online featured fans watching it to make fun of the legend and the cringeworthy moments via podcasts or blogs.

It became a joke rather than a typical adult film and Sunny apparently didn’t receive the success she hoped to come from it. Sunny has quieted down from discussing the continuation of her adult career. A recent jail stint keeping her locked up for a few months likely stopped her from making a hinted second movie. WWE will blacklist Sunny from any events in the future due to the very embarrassing sex tape.

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