15 Things The WWE Wants You To Forget About Stephanie & Triple H's Relationship

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon may very well be the two most important people in the wrestling industry today. Vince McMahon still has full control of WWE, but he's 70 years old. It won’t be long until Triple H and Stephanie officially take over, adding more responsibility to their already heavy workloads. Both members of the happy couple are universally respected in WWE and the ideas they present are often promising at the very least. However, their road to getting to the current position on top of the wrestling world was not all sunshine and rainbows. There were many controversial moments during the course of their relationship.

WWE tries to portray them as a dream couple, who are achieving their goals and dominating the business world together. It isn’t exactly incorrect, but they have skeletons in the closet just like most of us do. WWE does not want fans or the media talking about the troubled times of Triple H and Stephanie as a couple. We'll take a look at their history together and the moments that will forever haunt them. These are fifteen things about the relationship of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon that WWE wants us all to forget about.

15 They Went Against Vince McMahon's Rule

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Vince McMahon did not want his children getting romantically involved with any of the wrestlers. Both Shane and Stephanie McMahon were not allowed to date the talent and Shane always followed this rule, while Stephanie obviously broke it by entering a relationship with Triple H. Vince McMahon likes to be considered a decisive leader.

One of his most important requests being broken by his own child is not something the prideful owner of WWE could have been happy about. The fact that it has become common knowledge also adds a negative reminder to how difficult things were at the beginning of the relationship. Vince actually wanted them to end the relationship before accepting that it had serious long term potential. True love can come from refusing to accept Vince McMahon’s orders.

14 Wrestlers Lost Respect For Vince

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The fact that Vince McMahon couldn’t prevent his young daughter from following his orders as boss eventually got back to the locker room. More importantly, one of the wrestlers getting the perk of dating the boss’ daughter added tension among all of the wrestlers. McMahon always tried to set the guidelines for a fair and balanced locker room.

That all ended when Triple H and Stephanie started dating. Quite a few respected wrestlers that left WWE would trash McMahon in shoot interviews for allowing such a toxic situation due to the affects others felt from the relationship and Triple H’s special treatment. The short term impact it had on Vince’s reputation was one of the more regrettable aspects of the relationship. Everyone overcame it in the long run, but it took some time.

13 How It Started On TV

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The on-screen relationship between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon started in the most embarrassing way. If their kids ever ask to see how their storyline began, Triple H and Stephanie would have to block the segment from the WWE Network. Triple H abducted Stephanie during her bachelorette party before her wedding with fellow wrestler Test.

Stephanie would be drugged and taken to a cheap chapel that performed a wedding to unite her with Triple H. It was one of a comical nature back in the day, but it doesn’t have the same feeling if you attempt to watch it today. The gross idea ended up leading to huge success for both parties in the long run, as it allowed them to get to know each other by working together for the first time in the storyline.

12 How It Started In Real Life

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s real life relationship somehow started in even worse fashion than the storyline. They developed their chemistry by being a romantic couple on television and it started to evolve off-screen as well. Everyone assumed they were just friendly due to the working relationship, but they were actually starting to get involved in their private lives.

The problem is Triple H was dating fellow WWE Superstar Chyna at the time. Stephanie and Triple H were together behind Chyna’s back creating one of the messiest love triangles in wrestling history. All of their lives changed dramatically with the situation. WWE having to acknowledge the two people set to run the company for many years started their relationship by screwing over another wrestler is something they would never want to acknowledge.

11 They Blacklisted Chyna from WWE for Life

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The late Chyna was a huge star for WWE during the Attitude Era. Chyna wrestled against the men on the roster and believably came off as being able to defeat them. It made her a huge star that contributed a great deal of success during a competitive time. Sadly, Chyna’s career with WWE came to an end once Triple H started cheating on her with Stephanie McMahon.

WWE stopped negotiating a new contract with her after she realized what was going on behind her back. Chyna lost both her boyfriend and her career at the same time. Tragically, we would never see her return to the company again. The fact that she often trashed Triple H and Stephanie publicly along with her drug abuse saw them blacklist her from the company until her dying day last year. WWE will likely honor her in the Hall of Fame eventually, but the reminder that she never got to celebrate her career is rather sad.

10 Triple H Became Most Hated Man In Locker Room

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Triple H went on to become the most hated man in WWE for many years and the hatred started once he went public with Stephanie McMahon. Many were upset at how he screwed over Chyna’s career, but they also realized the power he now had. Triple H already would use his power as a part of the powerful Kliq led by Shawn Michaels.

Many wrestlers stopped looking at Triple H as one of the boys and started viewing him as “office.” Triple H admitted this in a few interviews and referenced the pressure that came from it. The Undertaker is the one that actually assured him to keep the relationship going if it made him happy. The logic was that you can’t let others dictate your life, but the hatred definitely impacted Triple H enough to seek advice from The Undertaker.

9 Vince Wanted To Be Revealed As His Grandchild's On-Screen Father

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Stephanie McMahon and Triple H welcomed their first child, Aurora Rose Levesque, into the world in July of 2006. We saw Stephanie on television a few times while pregnant during the reformation of D-Generation X. Triple H and Shawn Michaels made jokes alluding to the elephant in the room of the real life relationship that was not acknowledged on-screen at the time.

Weirdly, Vince McMahon wanted there to be an actual storyline on Raw that would have revealed him as the father of Stephanie’s unborn child in an incest angle. The story would have added to the ongoing feud between Vince and Triple H. Luckily, for all our sake, Stephanie vehemently shut down any idea of this ,as it crossed the line of what she would do for business. It never happened and WWE is likely upset the story actually leaked.

8 They Attended Trump's Inauguration Together

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Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States created one of the most controversial and polarizing political moments in American history. Many are strongly against him due to the beliefs of him being racist, sexist, and xenophobic as an overall hateful person. Linda McMahon being named the Small Business Administration leader in his cabinet is something WWE is surprisingly staying away from discussing.

Considering the global brand and exclusivity WWE tries to present, they have stayed far away from referencing any support or ties to Trump. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon attending the inauguration of his first day of President and posting pictures on social media was one of the only times the company has acknowledged the friendship there. It's something you'll likely never hear them discuss again in public due to the anger it brings to many WWE fans.

7 Triple H Used Stephanie's Power

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The biggest concern for those living through the early days of the Triple H and Stephanie McMahon relationship was the power Triple H would acquire. For many years, Triple H claimed he had no pull and Vince McMahon was the only person making the big decisions. This obviously was all proven incorrect when Triple H started taking on his role and running the company from within.

Triple H did use it during his prime years as a talent. Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Scott Steiner and numerous other wrestlers felt the wrath of Triple H when he dominated the roster for many years. Unlike the majority of wrestlers to cycle in and out of the world title picture, Triple H always stayed there. The power that came from dating Stephanie allowed him to monopolize the main event spot and it is something the company has always tried to deny.

6 They Were Forced To Put It On TV

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WWE tried to avoid referencing the real life relationship between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon after their on-screen angle ended in 2002. They rarely appeared on camera together and the relationship was not mentioned until the internet started to become a bigger deal in wrestling. Wrestling news and social media would impact the business enough to inform the most casual fan that Triple H and Stephanie were married.

They would finally be revealed as a real couple in 2009 leading into the main event of WrestleMania XXV. Randy Orton started attacking members of the McMahon family until Triple H made the save for his loved ones. The shocking instance of Orton attacking Stephanie and kissing her in front of a handcuffed Triple H was one of the most emotional disturbing moments that WWE were forced into using once we all knew about the couple.

5 They Plan To Fire Kevin Dunn

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Kevin Dunn is one of the longest tenured employees in WWE and is viewed as Vince McMahon’s right hand man. Dunn is a highly paid producer that runs the camera angles and other things, as he's instrumental in presenting the shows we watch on a weekly basis. On top of that, his opinion often influences McMahon given their close relationship.

Rumors started leaking in recent years regarding a power struggle between Dunn and Triple H. NXT stars started to make their way to the main roster, but some would become huge flops. Tyler Breeze, Bo Dallas and Emma were apparently three names Dunn buried in conversations with McMahon and their pushes all ended instantly. This all reportedly stems from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon planning to remove Dunn from his position whenever they take over the company from Vince. It would be a huge change to get rid of such an influential figure backstage.

4 They Tried To Suppress Daniel Bryan & Failed

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's wrestling decisions are what have ultimately created the most controversy during their careers. Daniel Bryan’s ascension to the top of WWE in 2013-2014 is still one of the most remarkable accomplishments of all time. Fans rallied Bryan to the main event of WrestleMania XXX after he was held down by those running the company.

Stephanie and Triple H often referred to Bryan as a “B+ player” that couldn’t succeed in the main event picture of WWE. This was a legitimate part of their thought process running the company. Stephanie, Triple H and Vince wanted Batista to main event WrestleMania against Randy Orton with the assumption that fans would just accept Bryan being demoted. Fan reaction forced WWE to change course and actually give the big moment to Bryan, against Triple H and Stephanie’s instincts.

3 They Try To Take Credit For All NXT Success Stories

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NXT has created many new stars under the vision of Triple H. Everyone can agree Triple H does deserve credit for the success to come from it, but the majority of wrestlers to shine were great long before NXT. Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura and many others were huge stars on the independent circuit that showcased their greatness as much as we see today. Triple H giving them the freedom to get over is great, but the fanfare he tries to get from it is a bit much.

Stephanie McMahon is far worse when it comes to the women’s wrestling stars to come out of NXT. Instead of organically implementing changes in the division, Stephanie announced she was giving us a revolution with the additions of Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch to start it. The couple wanting credit for the organic success stories is not something WWE wants you to realize is going on.

2 Main Reasons CM Punk and AJ Lee Quit

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's power is what led to two very popular stars quitting over the past three years. CM Punk respected Vince McMahon, but clearly had nothing but negative feelings regarding Triple H. The hatred between Punk and Triple H lived on for many years until Punk finally quit, insulting Triple H in the process during his final meeting before leaving.

Punk’s wife, AJ Lee, followed suit a year later due to her backstage tension with Stephanie. Lee was one of the biggest female stars in the company, creating a shift that helped build the stage for the talented women of NXT to make the jump and take over the roster. A Twitter exchange saw AJ call out Stephanie for being a hypocrite regarding women’s equal rights, which showed just how bad things were between them. Lee eventually left WWE once her contract expired to join her husband.

1 They Pushed Shane Out Of The Company

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Shane McMahon’s long absence from WWE led to a successful return last year and SmackDown Live is thriving with Shane as the on-screen Commissioner for the brand. However, Shane has very little power backstage in the grand scheme of things. Sure, he has more say than the wrestlers working for WWE, but he's far below his sister and brother-in-law.

The writing was on the wall that Vince McMahon was going to choose Stephanie and Triple H to run the company instead of Shane. There have been reports throughout the years that there was a backstage struggle that finally ended when Shane left the company to start his own projects. Triple H and Stephanie won out, forcing Shane to lose any power when it comes to running WWE’s future. Shane still shows an awkward hostility to Triple H when his name is mentioned in interviews, proving the tension still exists today.

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