15 Things Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget About His Son Shane

There’s no denying that Vince McMahon loves his family. He has spent years building up the McMahon name and legacy, often including his family in on-air segments and storylines. Despite all of this, there are some things that he might not brag about when it comes to his children. In the case of Shane McMahon, there are a lot of things that he wants you to forget. This includes a long range of jealousy, family drama, and embarrassing moments that he wishes he could erase from the WWE archives.

Shane and Vince have a long history together in the WWE. Shane debuted at a young age in his career, paid his dues, and rose up to become a prominent part of the WWE roster. He currently runs the SmackDown brand on television and seems to get along well with his father, but that wasn’t always the case. Just like most families, there has been a lot of drama and both Shane and Vince have gone through many ups and downs.

See some of Shane’s real-life controversies, some of his crazy in-ring moments, and some of the moments that makes Vince more of a jealous competitor than a supportive father.

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15 Shane's Tension With Triple H

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Shane McMahon may have loved hanging out in the WWE locker room with other Superstars, but he was not happy when Triple H decided to start dating his sister, Stephanie. Shane was very protective of Stephanie and there was a lot of heat between Shane and Triple H when they got together.

Things only got worse when Triple H started taking over the creative side of the business. Shane wanted to have more creative control of the company, but when Triple H and Steph pulled a power move, Shane was left in the dust. After Shane’s surprise return in 2015, he still hasn’t appeared on-screen with Triple H much. Maybe this real-life disdain will boil over into a competitive match between the two Superstars and rivals.

14 Shane Gets Electrocuted

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WWE has been proud of the PG era and success it has garnered over the past several years. Profits are up, more advertisers are coming in, and WWE Raw has been exposed to all types of new audiences. While the PG era has cleaned up a lot of the past, the company cannot escape some of its more controversial moments from the past. One of them directly involved Shane McMahon.

During Shane’s feud with Kane, Shane was put through a brutal spot that went well beyond the PG rating. After getting tied to the ring post, Kane proceeded to electrocute Shane right in the privates. The scene of torture was a lot to bear for the viewing audience and wouldn’t be something that we'd ever see on WWE programming today.

13 Swindled by a Conman

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Shane McMahon hasn't always been purely invested in the WWE. He’s always looking for new companies to invest in. He's even the part owner of motorcycle shop in the New York area. Even though he has millions of dollars, Shane has to be careful with his money.

At one point, McMahon tried to invest a lot of his millions into Maxim magazine. He thought he was getting a meeting with the company, but he was actually getting involved in something crafted by a conman. Luckily for Shane, he pulled right out the deal before he got conned and lost millions of dollars. The embarrassing ordeal was talked about briefly in the news, but never made any major headlines. It would have looked bad for both Shane and the WWE... if it actually occurred.

12 Involvement In The Montreal Screwjob

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When it comes to the Montreal Screwjob, the blame is often pointed at just Vince McMahon. As more details emerged on the story, we know that is not the case. Along with Vince, several other people were in on the screwjob – including Shane McMahon. Shane may not have been on-screen at the time of the screwjob, but he was backstage for the dramatic moments that occurred after Bret Hart was screwed out of his WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels.

After Bret punched Vince in the face, Shane McMahon tried to break things up and keep them civil. It was during this time that Bret threatened to do the same to Shane if he didn’t leave the locker room. Shane obliged, leaving and avoiding any extra confrontation with Hart.

11 His Love for the UFC

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The WWE might not have too much direct competition right now, but they do lose a lot of viewers to MMA promotions like UFC. The WWE is often seen as a competitor to the UFC and Vince McMahon must hate knowing how much Shane loves it. Shane McMahon is often seen attending UFC events along with other WWE Superstars.

During one point, Shane even tried purchasing an MMA company that could operate underneath the WWE banner. This deal ultimately fell through, but it must irk Vince that Shane has such a dedication to MMA, instead of focusing solely on pro wrestling. It seems like Shane has lost his interest in buying an MMA company, but he’s still a huge fan of the company and the fighters.

10 He Walked Out on the Company

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Vince McMahon has spent his whole life dedicated to the WWE. The same thing can be said for his daughter Stephanie. This is why it must have been so gut-wrenching for Vince to know that Shane McMahon simply walked out on the company. After spending years growing through the ranks and earning the position of Executive Vice President of Global Media, Shane McMahon decided to leave the company in late 2009. During that time. he helped launch WWE.com and was very influential overseas.

Shane left the company to do work with video companies and a variety of on-demand services overseas. He was no longer directly associated with the WWE brand and the departure must have been a major shock to Vince. He ran a family business and his son, one of his main members, decided to ditch the company. Ouch.

9 That Shane Is A Better Wrestler Than His Dad 

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While Vince McMahon was growing up, he wanted to wrestle in the business, but Vince McMahon Sr. didn't let his son get physically involved. This prevented Vince from entering the squared circle until he was much older. The same couldn't be said for Shane who was able to wrestle at a much younger age.

Because of this, Shane is a more natural ring performer. He is able to do a lot of high-risk stunts and has had some crazy matches against the likes of Kane, The Undertaker, and Kurt Angle, among others. Shane has the ability to perform and entertain on a whole other level that Vince was never able to achieve. Deep down, Vince probably wishes he could perform and entertain like Shane.

8 Formerly Known as Shane Stevens

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The McMahon name is something to be proud of, but when Shane first made his WWE debut, he went under the name Shane Stevens. Playing the role of a referee, Shane appeared in several matches as the referee and was never referred to as a McMahon. It would take several years before Shane made his debut as a McMahon and, during this time, his past as a WWE referee was rarely mentioned.

One of the Shane’s first big moments as a McMahon character actually came at the 1998 Survivor Series. He was the guest referee in a match pitting Stone Cold Steve Austin against Mankind. Shane screwed Austin out of the match and had him eliminated from the tournament.

7 Shane Helped Raise Stephanie

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It takes a lot of time and traveling to run a business like the WWE. This meant that while Vince was working hard and growing the business, Shane and Stephanie were often left on their own to navigate through their childhood and teenage years. It was during this time that Shane did a lot to help raise his younger sister Stephanie. He was very protective of Steph, especially as she started traveling on the road and participating in on-screen storylines.

This type of bonding and companionship must make Vince a little depressed as their father. He did a lot to help his children, but it must be hard to watch your kids rely on each other while growing up in a tough industry like pro wrestling and the WWE. Things seemed to work out fine for both kids as they are each huge successes in their own right.

6 Shane Wasn’t Allowed to Hang Out with Wrestlers

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During the Attitude Era, the WWE locker room was filled with larger-than-life Superstars like Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Big Show, The Undertaker, and Kane. Despite being constantly mixed into the storylines, Vince McMahon did not want Shane hanging out with them backstage.

Several wrestlers like Bubba Ray Dudley have gone on record saying how much Vince despised his son hanging out with these stars. Whether it was jealousy or control, Vince could only do so much as Shane decided to hang out with a lot of them anyway. Candid snapshots often showcased Shane going to bars, parties, and dinners with a lot of locker room members. He made good friends with several wrestlers and maintains positive relationships to this day. Shane truly was just one of the boys, something none of his family members ever were in the WWE locker room.

5 The Mean Street Posse Was Real

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On screen, The Mean Street Posse was a group of thugs that were introduced as Shane McMahon’s childhood friends. While it created a great storyline, it was actually based more on fact than fiction. Through a special request by Shane, Vince McMahon did the ultimate family favor and allowed Shane’s friends to join the company (only Joey Abs wasn't one of Shane's childhood friends).

The Mean Street Posse didn’t last too long in the WWE, but it was a great way for Shane to show off his little rich boy character and generate a lot of heat with audiences. Shane is actually still friends with The Posse to this day and he's been seen enjoying live events with his former WWE stablemates. Maybe The Posse will make a comeback to SmackDown in order to assist Shane with some of his duties on the show.

4 He Defeated Him at WrestleMania

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Vince McMahon is the creator and brain child of WrestleMania. This is why it must hurt him a little to know that Shane McMahon fought and defeated him in a WrestleMania match. Vince has gone up against Donald Trump, Shawn Michaels, and Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania, but his match with Shane was the best. It was filled with drama, great match spots, and it really captured a passionate feud between a father and son.

Shane’s defining moment in the match came when he nailed his coast to coast dropkick on a trash can that was shoved right in Vince’s face. Now and forever, Shane can brag that he defeated his own father at WrestleMania. It was a huge moment that helped spark the whole WWE Invasion angle and storyline.

3 Getting Knocked Out By Roman

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Whether it be Shane, Vince or Stephanie, the McMahon family is always focused on coming out of something looking good and not weak. Well, unfortunately, that was not the case recently, as Shane-O stepped into the ring at the Survivor Series PPV. In the Raw versus SmackDown Survivor Series match, in typical Shane fashion, he decided to go out of the match with a bang by going coast to coast before receiving a thunderous spear.

The result was Roman spearing Shane out of his shoes. The impact was so bad that Shane was actually knocked out and kicked out of the pin by accident, as he clearly wasn’t in the proper state. The officials deemed it a TKO and it was a moment both Vince and Shane want you to forget about.

2 Shane Was Bullied As A Kid

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WWE has spent the last several years promoting a special program called the 'Be a Star' campaign. It's a huge anti-bullying campaign that has spread across multiple states, schools, and in special programs. Along with WWE Superstars, several celebrities have been involved with this special cause. Despite being so anti-bullying, Vince may not want the public to know that Shane was bullied by his own employees as a child.

Shane has often told stories about traveling in the WWE locker room as a kid. WWE Superstars would tease him and shove him into lockers. Shane claimed that he was like their fun mascot, but anyone could tell you that it was simply bullying. Actions like this would not be tolerated by the WWE today and Vince probably does not want these stories to spread too far.

1 Vince Picked Stephanie

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As Vince McMahon gets older, he has some very important decisions to make. At one point, he must pass the torch of the company off to one of his children. What he probably doesn’t want you to know is that Vince has already chosen Stephanie over Shane. Shane actually drew up a huge plan for his creative structure and future with the company. Despite mulling it over, Vince ultimately went with Stephanie and Triple H to start taking over the creative side.

This is what led to revolution of NXT and the growth of the woman’s division. It’s hard to imagine what Shane McMahon’s vision would have looked like, but that has to be a huge insult to just ditch your son and eliminate him from a fully-involved future with the industry.

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