15 Things Vince Wants You To Forget About Stephanie McMahon

The person who's most likely to dictate the future of the wrestling business is Stephanie McMahon. Vince McMahon has unofficially agreed to pass on the WWE down to Stephanie and her husband Triple H.

The person who's most likely to dictate the future of the wrestling business is Stephanie McMahon. Vince McMahon has unofficially agreed to pass on the WWE down to Stephanie and her husband Triple H. WWE is still running behind the leadership of Vince with Triple H and Stephanie right below him in the pecking order. Triple H is expected to take over as the head of the on-screen product with his in-ring knowledge and overall wrestling genius allowing him to add another dynamic. However, at the end of the day, it is Stephanie that will be the face of the WWE for many years to come.

Stephanie’s history in the WWE has seen her have a noteworthy role over the past seventeen years. She became an on-screen character at the young age of 23 years old. Her instant ability to connect as a character made her a bigger part of the storylines. Stephanie’s power continued to grow backstage as well. At just 40 years old today, Stephanie has become one of the most powerful women in all of entertainment. Vince obviously holds his baby girl in high esteem. There are some things however that she has done or has been a part of that he likely regrets being out there. We’ll look at them with the top fifteen things Vince wants you to forget about Stephanie McMahon.

15 Randy Savage Rumors


One of the biggest urban legends in wrestling history focuses on why there was such a strong hatred between Vince McMahon and Randy Savage. Savage leaving WWE for WCW saw him blackballed from the company for many years until his passing. No one truly knows why Vince stayed away from welcoming the legend back into the WWE family, but there’s a pretty crazy rumor out there.

Many believe Savage slept with Stephanie McMahon when she was underage. The assumption is tht Vince held a vendetta against Savage for this and it would be understandable if it were true. No one has ever confirmed this, but the rumor has become huge online. Stephanie writing a book to be released in 2017 will hopefully finally confirm or deny the rumor. If not, Vince will continue to hope we forget about it.

14 Dated Test in Storyline


The first few months of Stephanie McMahon’s time on television left a lot to be desired. Between her young age and lack of experience, she struggled badly to stand out positively until she turned heel. Her relationship with Triple H and evil character allowed her to become a success. However, Stephanie’s first wrestling romance storyline actually wasn’t with Triple H.

Test was Steph's on-screen boyfriend. WWE loved his look and potential to become a main eventer. His association with Stephanie was supposed to help him. They were engaged to get married until Triple H crashed the wedding and stole Stephanie away from him. Many of Stephanie’s past gets referenced in historical productions by the WWE, but rarely does the Test storyline get mentioned. Test dying at a young age due to heart issues likely makes Vince McMahon want to keep his daughter’s name far away from him.

13 Was in First Women's Main Event on WWE TV

The current women’s revolution in the WWE is making history. Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair had the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match and the first ever women’s wrestling match to main event a PPV in company history. Their incredible matches are making fans realize the female performers can be just as great as the men. However, the first ever women’s wrestling match to main event an episode of WWE television was not as impressive.

Stephanie McMahon’s first singles wrestling match came in the main event on SmackDown, when she defeated Jacqueline to win the WWE Women’s Championship. It was more of an angle with D-Generation X doing all of the work, helping Stephanie get the win. Stephanie and Vince McMahon both hope fans forget that her lack of a match was the first one to make history in that regard.

12 SmackDown General Manager Run


Stephanie McMahon is currently the Raw Commissioner in the WWE’s new attempt at a brand split. The first true brand split featured Stephanie being named the first ever General Manager of SmackDown. Following years of working as a heel character, Stephanie tried to play a face in the role. WWE tried to use her sex appeal as a way to win over the audience.

Her outfits were more revealing than usual and she flat out showcased her assets in numerous segments. At one point, John Cena even smacked her on the backside in a segment following one of his freestyle raps. Vince McMahon and the WWE do their best to avoid referencing that time frame. It ended with Vince choking her out with a pipe in a match. WWE wants to forget everything about Stephanie’s SmackDown GM reign.

11 Partially Responsible for Paul Heyman Quitting in 2006


Paul Heyman is someone of importance in the wrestling business, but he was never able to form a great relationship with Stephanie McMahon. They worked alongside one another writing SmackDown and putting the show together on the creative side during the brand split days in 2003. Many credit Heyman for the brand creating new stars and compelling television. Despite the success, the two had drastically different personalities that clashed.

Many online reports circulated that Stephanie tried to sabotage many of Heyman’s ideas over the years. The final straw for Heyman in creative was time with the ECW brand under the WWE umbrella. Heyman walked out of the company after frustration with how his creativity was being stifled and his legacy of ECW was being stepped on. Stephanie and Vince McMahon were the two people in the office for Heyman’s final argument and departure. They have a better relationship today with Heyman solely being an on-air talent.

10 Wardrobe Malfunctions


The late 90s and early 2000s featured the majority of the female performers having to wear very little clothing and take part in borderline demeaning matches. Stephanie McMahon always avoided both of those things due to her position of power in the company. Still, she wore revealing outfits that were the style of the time and they often led to a few moments she wants to avoid.

Stephanie endured multiple wardrobe malfunctions during her time in the WWE and they all came around the same time frame. Both her top and pants have revealed various body parts of Stephanie that Vince McMahon clearly didn’t want us to see. Oddly enough, the wardrobe malfunctions took place in segments against Triple H. Stephanie admitted in an interview that one of her wardrobe malfunctions was the most embarrassing moment of her career.

9 Slapped Linda in the Face


Vince McMahon started putting all of his family on television in 1999. Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon were fixtures on the show. His wife, Linda McMahon, joined them as well with the family often feuding in dramatic fashion. One of the more surreal McMahon family storylines featured Stephanie having to slap Linda in the face on multiple occasions. It helped make Stephanie a better heel, but it may have gone too far.

Stephanie has gone on the record to say slapping Linda was the hardest thing she's had to do as a performer and was against it. Vince’s wacky ideas at the time often crossed the line and he appears to regret some of it in his older age. The product going PG and some of Vince’s comments about why would indicate he wishes he didn’t go that far in the Attitude Era, especially when Stephanie slapped her mother.

8 Responsible for Hollywood Writers Joining Company


A popular criticism from wrestlers and legends regarding the current product is the formula of the show. Instead of a head booker or a few former wrestlers putting the shows together, WWE has a large staff of writers from the entertainment world. They look for writers with experience writing for television shows rather than wrestling. Many wrestlers believe their lack of wrestling knowledge often leads to poor results.

Stephanie McMahon is the person most responsible for this, as her idea was to treat Raw and SmackDown more like traditional television shows. Their staff of writers is essentially an extension of what Stephanie wants the business to be. No one wants to speak out directly against Stephanie due to her position in power, but anyone speaking out against the writers is basically against Stephanie by proxy.

7 Eric Bischoff Made Out With Her


Everyone has to make sacrifices at some point in the world of professional wrestling. Stephanie McMahon’s status in the company allowed her to avoid a lot of these moments but in one odd moment, she was forced to make out with Eric Bischoff. Stephanie was the SmackDown General Manager and Bischoff was the Raw General Manager, causing them to feud.

Bischoff invaded SmackDown’s Halloween party wearing a Vince McMahon mask. Following the unmasking, Bischoff made a move on Stephanie by kissing her and she allowed it. The two had an awkward glance and that was the end of it. Nothing at all came from the kiss. In fact, Bischoff went on to make out with Linda McMahon months later. Vince McMahon certainly wants you to forget that he booked his former enemy to make out with his wife and daughter on national television.

6 Compared 9/11 to WWE's Steroid Trial

Stephanie McMahon is an incredibly talented woman that usually knows how to articulate herself. These days, she is arguably the best at branding and getting out her message without ever saying anything controversial. Everyone has to follow her example when doing promotional work for the WWE. Stephanie is nearly perfect at it today, but that doesn't mean she was always this good.

Following the terrorist attacks on 9/11 in 2001, the WWE wrestlers were filmed sharing their feelings and words of encouragement about the tragic events. Stephanie’s words of wisdom saw her compare terrorists attacking the United States of America to the feds trying to take down the WWE during the steroid trials of the early 90s. The delusional comment gave an insight into how self-absorbed the McMahon family could be. This is one rare skeleton in Stephanie’s closet.

5 Vince Wanted to do Incest Storyline With Her


Vince McMahon clearly has a few screws loose when it comes to some of his storylines. Many people believe you have to be a little out there to become a billionaire. Well, McMahon’s bizarre ideas are obviously a bit strange, but the most peculiar one featured Stephanie McMahon. Vince wanted to have an incest storyline with Stephanie during the time of her pregnancy.

Vince's idea would have seen him get revealed as the father of Stephanie’s unborn child in a storyline involving Triple H. Stephanie flat out turned down the idea. You can only do so much for the business and family loyalty. It is definitely time to put your foot down when your dad wants your daughter to be your sister. The entire McMahon family probably wishes this information wasn’t out there.

4 AJ Lee Owned Her on Twitter


The personal and private war between Triple H and CM Punk carried over to their wives. AJ Lee continued to work for the WWE following her husband walking out in frustration. However, she clearly had a disdain for Stephanie McMahon due to the drama between their significant others and Steph's overall personality. The dislike between Stephanie and AJ finally was made public on social media towards the end of Lee’s run.

Stephanie posted a message on Twitter about women’s equality following a speech made by Patricia Arquette. AJ replied to the comment with her own message calling out Stephanie for being a hypocrite. The women's inconsistent television time and pay scale compared to men were referenced by Lee, which made WWE and Stephanie look bad. Since then, Stephanie has worked harder to re-brand the women’s division. It may not have ever happened without AJ calling out the company.

3 Triple H Cheated on Chyna With Her


The most controversial thing about Stephanie McMahon’s time in the WWE was the beginning of her relationship with Triple H. Stephanie and Triple H are the biggest power couple in wrestling today, basically holding the wrestling industry in their hands. They started to develop chemistry back in 2000-2001 when they were placed together as an on-screen couple where they were the top heels of the show. Triple H was dating Chyna backstage at the time, but that didn’t last long.

Before her death, Chyna claimed in interviews that she had suspicions of something real going on between Triple H and Stephanie. When Chyna found out he was cheating, their relationship ended and the WWE stopped negotiating with her on a new contract. The rest of Chyna’s life took a downward spiral, with it all starting with Stephanie and Triple H having an affair behind her back.

2 The Undertaker Tried to Marry Her on a Cross


Stephanie McMahon’s first big storyline in the WWE saw her work with The Undertaker. It would be a great thing to work with one of the biggest stars and a true professional in your first storyline, but the idea was ridiculous. The Undertaker turned into a demonic heel character trying to form his own Ministry of Darkness to take over the WWE.

His final big step was to abduct Stephanie and marry her. The Undertaker tied Stephanie to his symbol that looked like a cross. Paul Bearer led the “unholy wedding” with Stephanie looking on in horror until Steve Austin made the save. There was no true purpose for this with Vince McMahon being the one setting it up in storyline. Stephanie and Vince both have to regret putting her in that angle.

1 He Loves Her More Than Shane


The juiciest story about Stephanie McMahon’s personal life is her backstage struggle with brother Shane McMahon. They clearly have different ideologies of how to run the company. Stephanie’s personality in life and character skills are very similar to her father. That played a role in her eventually winning out over Shane as the person that gets to run the future of the WWE.

Shane left the company for many years before returning this year for WrestleMania 32. WWE tried to use pieces of reality in the storyline and it was indeed awkward to watch unfold. Everyone to witness Stephanie and Vince interact has confirmed that Vince has always held her in the highest of esteems. Stephanie is closer with Vince and (allegedly) he values her more than he does Shane. Vince would never admit it, but the proof is there.

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15 Things Vince Wants You To Forget About Stephanie McMahon