15 Things WWE Doesn't Want You To Know About These Employees In Their Youth

Here are 15 wrestlers/personalities that WWE would rather the Universe didn't research about their early lives.

WWE Superstars will always have skeletons in their closet. They weren't always famous and much of the time they do a lot of things in their youth that they are not proud of.

WWE does their best to cover up many of these stories, much of the time it is so that they are not seen to be promoting any bad habits to the younger members of the WWE Universe.

Wrestling is a job that doesn't pay a lot unless you are doing it at the highest level. So pretty much ever wrestler has a story about the way they used to make money, or even how they used to get by before they were signed to a WWE contract. Some wrestlers picked up part-time jobs, whilst others found different ways to cope with the abuse on their bodies and the cash flow situation.

Some of the biggest stars in WWE currently were once working a match for just $20 dollars and having to drive many miles for the privilege, but they were also doing many other things that they definitely weren't proud of.

Here are 15 wrestlers/personalities that WWE would rather the Universe didn't research about their lives before WWE because what they find would be less than PG.

15 Eva Marie's Alcohol Addiction


Eva Marie is definitely not liked by the WWE Universe. Ever since the self-proclaimed Red Queen debuted as part of the company, she has been the victim of a lot of heat from the wrestling crowd no matter where she goes.

Eva is also part of E! reality show Total Divas and it was as part of the show that she admitted to a drinking problem that she had when she was much younger. While the rest of the Total Divas cast celebrated Brie Bella's bachelorette party, it was revealed that Eva didn't drink alcohol at all anymore since she had struggled with under-age alcohol abuse. Eva has spoken candidly about it ever since and it is something that she is attempting to put behind her as she tries to climb the long ladder in WWE.

14 X-Pac's Horrible Stories From His Youth


Former D-Generation X member X-Pac has had a tough time of it over the years, from his alliance with Chyna to his problems in Mexico, but it seems that he has recently been able to find a way to straighten his life back out again.

X-Pac's personal problems are not a recent thing. He didn't have a great upbringing after being raised by a single mother. He himself stated that he was 'unsupervised from age five.' He stated that during his youth he was molested several times and ended up dropping out of school in ninth grade. X-Pac tweeted openly about his childhood problems back in 2012, after carrying the burden of it for decades. It was his love of wrestling that saw him through and helped him leave his troubled childhood behind him.

13 Lita's Activites In Mexico


Lita is a former four-time Women's Champion and a WWE Hall of Famer. And while the WWE Universe are already aware of the scandals that Lita was involved in while she was contracted to WWE, it seems that there were many more before she was signed.

Lita told the story of how she travelled to Mexico when she was younger with nothing but a dream of becoming a wrestler; and it all went from there. There are stories that state that Lita would do 'anything' for someone to train her. This includes sexual activities with many of the people that she was trained by in Mexico before she was spotted by WWE and signed to a contract. Lita must have decided to leave this part of her life story out of her Hall of Fame induction speech.

12 Jake Roberts Was Abused As A Child


Jake 'The Snake' Roberts is a legend in the eyes of the WWE Universe. One of the most famous wrestlers to have never won a WWE Championship and a WWE Hall of Famer, Jake was a popular, talented star at his peak and he has stated that this is mostly due to being able to think fast and always be on his guard. Something that he learned after being the victim of sexual abuse.

Roberts had a troubled childhood, to say the least. Jake had a strained relationship with his father who was also a wrestler named Grizzly Smith, and he claimed that he was both physically and sexually abused by his stepmother. Roberts found a way to overcome this and turn his life into something positive, but the demons of his youth have always continued to haunt him.

11 The Undertaker Once Threatened  To Kidnap Jenna Jameson


The Undertaker is one of the best-known WWE wrestlers and legends in the history of the company. But when it comes to stories about his life before he made his WWE debut back in 1990, The Undertaker has some of the best ones.

The Undertaker used to hang around with some sketchy characters and it seems that at some point in his youth he was friends with adult film star Jenna Jameson. The Undertaker wanted their relationship to go much further than just friendship but she had a boyfriend at the time. Jenna claims that The Undertaker once told her that he was going to kick her boyfriend's ass and then take her away with him. She was so terrified that she found her boyfriend and they ran away. She never talked to men on the road after that, so technically, she learnt a good lesson from The Undertaker.

10 Mauro Ranallo Suffered From Bipolar Disorder


Mauro Ranallo is one of the most sought after commentators in sports. There are rumours that the UFC are attempting to resign the current SmackDown announcer, which shows just how far he has come over the past few years.

Ranallo suffers from bipolar disorder, something that he can't control and something that he has to fight all the time. He states that he has never tried to commit suicide but he regularly has suicidal thoughts. Ranallo speaks openly about his condition but realizes that there is a stigma surrounding this disorder. He seemingly has the disorder under control now, but he was in a dark place when he was much younger. Ranallo has fought through all this to still manage to hold down a high profile job in one of the biggest sports companies in the world.

9 Randy Orton Was Dishonorably Discharged From The Marines


Randy Orton is a former 12-time World Champion in WWE and still holds the record as the youngest ever World Champion. But before he was signed to WWE Orton had different prospects for his future.

Randy Orton enlisted with the United States Marine Corps as soon as he left school back in 1998. But after just a year with the Marines, Orton received a bad conduct discharge after going AWOL on two different occasions as well as disobeying an order from a commanding officer. Orton was tried and convicted before he was forced to spend 38 days in a military prison. Orton was set to be cast in the role of The Marine 2 a few years ago but because of this history with The Marines, Orton was then replaced by Ted DiBiase instead.

8 Rich Swann Was Addicted To Cocaine When He Was Younger


Former Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann is another Superstar who had a tough childhood. Swann's upbringing has been mentioned a few times by the WWE commentary team, but it hasn't actually been used as a storyline.

Swann's father was killed by his own girlfriend when Rich was just 12-years-old. Just four years later his mother passed away leaving Swann to be looked after by his aunt. Rich fell in with the wrong crowd and began taking cocaine, something that he was addicted to at one point. The turning point in his life came when his dealer suffered a heart attack and Swann finally realized the direction his life was going in. His aunt then helped him to turn his life around, helped him to find an apartment and enrol back into school.

7 Paige Was Working As A Bartender And Bouncer When She Was 15


Paige is a former NXT Women's and WWE Divas Champion. She has become well known for the fact that she was raised by a wrestling family in Norwich, England. Paige didn't actually want to be a wrestler like the rest of her family until she was around 11-years-old and she began training with her brothers.

Paige helped her family a lot while she was growing up and after making her wrestling debut at just 13-years-old, Paige began helping out at her parent's pub where she was a bartender and bouncer when she was 15. Technically, by law, you are not allowed to serve drinks to anyone under the age of 18, which means that in order to serve alcohol you also have to be over 18. So Paige's family were breaking the law.

6 Stephanie McMahon And Randy Savage


This is one of the best known WWE urban legends of all time. Stephanie McMahon has been around WWE ever since she was a teenager because her parents were running the business, which means that she was friends with a lot of the wrestlers who were part of the company at that time.

Stephanie and Randy Savage were rumoured to be much more than friends when Stephanie was only 14-years-old. Her father then found out about this and it's one of the main reasons ( if he really needed any others) that Savage wasn't welcomed back to the company and Vince McMahon waited until he had passed away to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. The McMahon family have never talked openly about the rumour, but Dave Meltzer considers it as good as a fact.

5 Enzo Amore Used To Manage A Hooters


Enzo Amore has become one of WWE's most colourful Superstars. So it comes as no surprise that he had a string of other jobs before he was hired by WWE. Enzo was once the manager of a Hooters, not something WWE will ever be bragging about, or something that WWE will ever be sponsored by. But Enzo stated that it was something that paid his way.

Amore also stated that he once delivered a wrestling move to a member of the opposing team when she was still playing football, something that actually went viral. WWE have never mentioned this because they are forced to promote the fact that moves should not be done at home, or outside of a wrestling ring. Something Enzo obviously didn't think about at the time.

4 Ashley Used To Work As An Escort


The WWE Diva Search didn't do a lot for WWE Women's Division and as a whole. It is something WWE would rather forget. The 2005 winner Ashley seems to have added even more shade to this as well since it was discovered that she worked as an escort before she was signed to a WWE contract back in 2005.

Ashley has posed for Playboy magazine as well in the past and has had many Twitter exchanges with former Diva Sunny, who is currently in the same kind of employment. It was then revealed that Ashley is still on a website where people can pay for her services for any amount of time. Something that Sunny decided to raise to attention when Ashley attempted to claim she was much better than the former star.

3 Alexa Bliss' Eating Disorder


Alexa Bliss is the current SmackDown Women's Champion, and has recently been part of the series 'My daughter is a WWE Superstar.' As part of the show, her parents talked about how competitive Alexa was when she was growing up until it was made obvious that she was suffering from an eating disorder.

Alexa revealed that she was hours away from death after she struggled with anorexia when she was younger. It was body building and her other competitions in cheerleading and gymnastics that helped her to overcome the problem, as well as the support from her family, but mainly her mother whom she still remains very close to. WWE have never mentioned this on WWE TV, but Alexa is regarded as an inspiration to many youngsters who struggle with the disease at a young age.

2 Becky Lynch's Alcohol Dependency


Becky Lynch is a former SmackDown Women's Champion and a member of WWE's Four Horsewomen from NXT. But when she was growing up, her life was very different. Becky grew up in a small village in Ireland, and there wasn't really much for her to do.

Becky hung around with the wrong crowd and struggled with drugs and alcohol for a while when she was younger. She stated that it left her in a very dark place before she found wrestling. She was then trained by WWE's Finn Balor when he was also much younger. Becky actually lied about her age as well so that she was allowed to train. This was something that she revealed in Finn Balor's Demon documentary when she spoke about what it was like to train with someone like him.

1 Dean Ambrose's Drug Problems


Dean Ambrose has always been portrayed as a lunatic by the WWE, this could be because he can easily play the part, or because some of the stories from his past are legitimately crazy. Ambrose is unable to talk about much of his time before WWE now because it was a drug, sex and alcohol-fuelled time that doesn't fit in with WWE's PG rating.

Ambrose had issues with drugs for a long time and it is thought that this is why he has a twitch with his right shoulder. The former Shield Member has spoken as openly as he can about his life before WWE in many interviews that were done before 2012, which shows the state that wrestling was in at that point. Luckily, it seems as though Dean has managed to find a way out.

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