15 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About The Shield

The Shield were one of the most dominant factions in the history of WWE, even though the group were together for less than two years.

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins took over WWE and made in impact in the greatest possible way. They ensured that their names would go down in the history books and turned normal WWE logic on its head.

The group stated that they were there to change the way that WWE operates and decided to appear and dish out their own brand of justice to whoever they thought deserved it. The Shield initially came into WWE as a heel faction but the Universe grew to like the renegade persona and they were eventually turned face.

Sadly, all of this came to an end in 2014 when Triple H offered Seth Rollins a deal that he couldn't turn down. This then led to an incredible feud between Dean Ambrose and Rollins and allowed Roman Reigns to go after The King of Kings himself, Triple H.

The group dissolved almost three years ago, but it is a group that the WWE Universe refuses to believe won't reform, so just in case a reunion is in the works, here are 15 things WWE wants you to forget about The Shield.

15 They Lost To CM Punk In A Three-on-one Match

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It was perhaps the beginning of the end for CM Punk when he stepped into a Three-on-One Handicap match against The Shield at TLC back in 2013. The WWE Universe were convinced that The Shield were working for Punk before this, but Punk had proved otherwise and wasn't afraid to step in the ring with all three stars.

This was the infamous match where Punk explained that 'You've gotta make Reigns look strong' but shockingly Punk managed to defy the odds and come out on top when Roman inadvertently hit the Spear on Dean Ambrose. Punk left WWE the following month and if the company would have known this ahead of time, they would never have allowed him to have come out on top against all three members of the dominant group.

14 Dean Ambrose Never Appeared In NXT Before The Shield

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It was one of the unanswered questions when it came to the forming of The Shield, but Dean Ambrose never actually appeared in NXT before he made his debut on the main roster. Seth Rollins became the inaugural NXT Champion while he was down in NXT, while Roman Reigns appeared many times in very different attire than the WWE Universe are used to seeing him in.

Michael Cole knew exactly who Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were when they debuted at Survivor Series in 2012, but how did he know who Dean Ambrose was? This was the first time the WWE Universe were seeing the former CZW star. Did WWE forget that? Of course, Ambrose appeared at many WWE Live events and FCW before then, but Michael Cole stated that Ambrose was from NXT when he never actually appeared in NXT until after his main roster debut.

13 The Shield Never Defeated The Wyatt Family On Pay-per-view

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The Shield's feud with The Wyatt Family was easily one of their greatest of the recent era. The Wyatt's stepped up their game and delivered some incredible video packages before what was a Match of the Year candidate between the six men at Elimination Chamber in 2014.

The Shield fought The Wyatt Family many times in six man tag matches, on Raw, at Pay-per-views, and it was only when WWE put The Shield against Bray's family on an episode of Main Event following WrestleMania XXX, that the trio finally prevailed. Dean Ambrose went missing at Elimination Chamber and cost his team the win, while Seth Rollins decided to abandon his teammates the following night during the rematch on Raw. It is no coincidence that The Wyatts are still in WWE in one form or another.

12 Together For Less Than Two Years

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The Shield were an unforgettable team in WWE. The Universe took to the team from the beginning and it seemed that the group had gone through just about everyone in the WWE when it was time for them to split.

Shockingly, though, the group were only actually together for 20 months. From  October 2012 until June 2014, The Shield taught WWE their own brand of justice and swept aside any person that stepped in their way. The Wyatt Family were together for around five years, but they don't seem to have the same feeling about them as The Shield. It is hard to understand that The Shield accomplished as much as they did in just under two years, and easily could have accomplished more if WWE hadn't prematurely pulled the plug on the team.

11 The Shield Injured The Undertaker

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It's something that many WWE fans have been trying to forget about the trio as well, but the facts are all there. The Shield were supposed to feud with The Undertaker following their victory at WrestleMania XXIX and came out to attack The Deadman the night after the event on Raw. Kane and Daniel Bryan saved him that night, but The Shield exacted revenge a few weeks later.

WWE had set out plans for a lengthy feud that also involved his brother Kane. The problem was, when The Shield attacked The Undertaker and Powerbombed him through the announce table, it seems that they caused him an injury that was so severe that it was determined that the plans couldn't go ahead and The Undertaker was then taken off screens until the following year. The feud was never picked back up since The Undertaker then went after Brock Lesnar after he returned.

10 Seth Rollins' Curb-Stomp

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It was a move that won The Shield many matches throughout their run. It was also a move that won Rollins and Reigns many matches as Tag Team Champions, but it is something the WWE Universe are no longer allowed to remember about the former World Champion.

Rollins won the NXT Championship with The Curb Stomp before he was a member of The Shield and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when he Curb Stomped Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31, but Rollins was then banned from doing the move anymore. It's something that WWE have edited out of all the footage and the videos of the show because apparently fans were repeating the move at home and there were some devastating consequences. It seems that this is one move that WWE won't be allowing back anytime soon.

9 Ambrose Went On A Losing Streak After The Shield

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The Shield officially parted ways on June 2, 2014, Dean Ambrose then stepped into a lengthy rivalry with Seth Rollins, following the split, after Rollins made an example out of his former friend with a steel chair.

Ambrose definitely drew the short straw in this one, as many of the WWE Universe have questioned as to why Rollins managed to defeat Ambrose in every pay-per-view match they had. Ambrose didn't win a match on pay-per-view from Payback 2014 to Extreme Rules 2015 when he was finally able to defeat Luke Harper. Of course, he was in a rivalry with Bray Wyatt who 'needed to look strong' to face The Undertaker during that time as well. But it felt as though Dean really was the weakest member coming out of the break-up.

8 Roman Was Never Supposed To Be In The Shield

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There's been a lot of talk about Roman Reigns since The Shield split and how many fans thought it was the plan all along to integrate Roman into the group and then push him to the top of the company because his cousin is The Rock. When in fact, that wasn't the plan at all.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were always pitched as original members of The Shield, while Chris Hero was the one who was supposed to take Roman's place. It was only after months of planning that Roman was brought to the table and WWE decided that The Shield would debut with those three members. At the time Roman was making waves in NXT, so it seemed like the logical way to go, and it all worked out for the best.

7 Roman Reign's When He Fell Over The Top Rope

The WWE Universe loves a good botch. It's something that allows the company to begin trending online and even gets them on Botchamania, but it seems that Roman's botch was a little bit better than your regular match bump.

The Shield were facing Big E, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust at a WWE Live event in Dublin, when Roman decided to try a different kind of entrance. For some reason, Reigns attempted to jump over the top rope and then landed squarely on his bum. The crowd started chanting 'you fell over' and Big E pointed and laughed. It would be interesting to know what Roman was actually attempting because it seemingly went completely wrong. His legs were in the wrong place for him to be able to land on them, so did he actually want to land that way?

6 The Shield Lost The Tag Titles Because Of The Big Show

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That's right, the Big Show has recently become a Superstar that doesn't even know which week he is a face or a heel. But back in 2013, he knew that he wasn't a fan of The Shield.

On of the most dominant tag teams in the history of WWE lost their Tag Team Championship because Big Show landed a Knockout Punch on all three members of The Shield. Rollins and Ambrose were taken out at ringside before Reigns was the one to take the punch through the ropes and was then pinned by Cody Rhodes to win the titles for him and his brother. It's a shame Big Show's dominance didn't continue. It seemed like a cheap way for WWE to force The Shield to drop the titles while also allowing them to still look strong.

5 Seth Rollins' Botch Over The Barricade

Roman Reigns isn't the only Shield member to have managed to botch his entrance. Seth Rollins decided to botch his entrance on an episode of Monday Night Raw, in front of the entire WWE Universe.

Rollins made his entrance famous because he was always the one who rolled over the barricade before heading to the ring. This time, though, the barricade wasn't secured correctly and Rollins went to jump over it. He ended up falling through it and onto the floor at ringside. Ever the professional, Rollins managed to brush it off and continue with his match, but the WWE Universe spotted the botch and it spread like wildfire on Social Media. Just shows that you never can trust those barricades, although this didn't stop Rollins continuing his unique entrance afterwards.

4  4. Ambrose Rarely Defended The US Title In The Shield

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It's one of the main facts that the WWE Universe remember about The Shield. The fact that Dean Ambrose hardly defended the United States Championship after he won it. Why was Ambrose even given the title? He was always in six-man tag matches so the title was obviously not going to be defended at pay-per-views if he always had other matches.

The title gained a lot of prestige after Ambrose dropped it, but since his win, it never really made much sense. Ambrose then lost the title in a Battle Royal that was a form of punishment, but it seemed as though the entire title reign was a complete accident and WWE never actually meant to give him the title in the first place. Even though he was the longest reigning Champion of the modern era, the company rarely mention  it.

3 Those Horrific Jumpers

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The Shield made their debut at Survivor Series back in 2012 when they decided to invade CM Punk's WWE Championship match against John Cena and Ryback. The idea for The Shield wasn't a completely thought out one at this point and so they didn't settle on an actual attire until the weeks that followed what was an explosive main roster debut.

This meant that The Shield made their debut in ugly turtleneck jumpers that didn't do any of them any favours. Luckily, these were then changed to SWAT attire so that they looked more like renegades and less like cheap burglars. The debut is something that many of the WWE Universe remember fondly but the attire is definitely something that WWE and The Shield themselves would rather the all WWE fans forgot about.

2 The Shield Was CM Punk's Idea

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CM Punk has become the Voldemort of WWE over the past few years, even three years after the former World Champion walked away from the company, the fans still chant his name because they know how much WWE Executives hate it.

So, the company definitely won't be ready to admit that it was CM Punk who actually came up with the idea for The Shield, to begin with. Punk admitted on the Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana that he had pitched the entire idea, except for Roman Reigns, he felt that Chris Hero would slot in that position much better. Considering Punk is a name that isn't allowed to be mentioned right now, will WWE really want fans to remember that he created one of the greatest factions in the history of the company?

1 The Shield Were Supposed To Have Actual Shield's

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The Shield didn't get their name from Marvel. No. In fact, it seems that they were called The Shield because they were actually supposed to have Shields. It wasn't metaphoric. They were actually supposed to be a Shield from justice, a nice plastic police standard issue riot shield in fact.

Imagine three men running through the audience holding actual Shield's that they would then have to take to the ringside area and somehow get rid of before matches. The whole concept seems a little stupid and thankfully WWE figured this out before they allowed it to go ahead. This could have spoiled the group before it had even had a chance to flourish. Thank God for common sense and whoever had the backbone to stand up and tell Vince McMahon that it was a bad idea.

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