15 Things WWE WON'T Tell You About Triple H

Triple H is undoubtedly one of the most influential personalities in sports entertainment. After starting out slow in his pro wrestling career, he began to emerge as a big-time player in the WWF. His ability to play multiple characters under different gimmicks was a huge part of helping the WWE beat WCW in the Monday Night War.

The 14-time World Champion has had a career like few others in the WWE. Since being married to Stephanie McMahon, The Game has found himself working aplenty in the WWE's office. He and father-in-law Vince McMahon are the two main captains steering the companies ship.Triple H also turned NXT into a powerhouse that has brought up some of the world's top wrestlers over the past few years.

There's no denying Triple H's success in the WWE, but it's hard to forget some of his failures. Here are 15 things about Triple H that the WWE won't ever tell you.


15 Alleged Affair with Christy Hemme?


The Game and Stephanie McMahon tied the knot together in 2003, and they have had an extremely happy and successful marriage which has produced three daughters. However, some rumors are floating out there that Triple H has not been as loyal to Stephanie as it would seem.

2004 Raw diva search Christy Hemme allegedly was let go by WWE for getting a little too close to Triple H. Though it's easy to assume Triple H never actually had an affair with Christy Hemme, the WWE doesn't want you to know that one of their biggest divas was simply let go for acting inappropriately to Triple H.

Then again, it's only speculation that the two were getting a little closer than Stephanie would have liked.

14 The Terror Risin' Gimmick


Like most wrestling legends, Triple H had a relatively slow start to his WWE career. After working independently, he found work in WCW in 1994 after signing with WCW. The Game debuted as a wrestler named...

Terror Risin'. Triple H...err...Terror Risin', beat Keith Cole in his first ever match. He really just looked like a Ric Flair knockoff with his long pink robe and the long, swagger-like blonde hair. Unfortunately, WCW just didn't know where to go with Triple H and they wasted some of the better years of his career.

WWE will never acknowledge Triple H's career in WCW, especially some of these terrible gimmicks he put on. If Terror Risin' didn't make you cringe enough, just keep reading on to see what other gimmicks WCW made The Game don.

13 Controversial Feud with Booker T


During his reign as the leader of Evolution, Triple H faced virtually all of the top wrestlers in the WWE. One of them included Booker T -- who was booked into one of the most controversial storylines of all-time against The Game.

The pair faced off at WrestleMania XIX, with Triple H coming on top. This rivalry faced plenty of criticism, which centered around Triple H simply telling Booker T that "people like him", didn't get to win the world championship. That of course implied nothing but absolute racism. But hey, because it's the son-in-law of the WWE chairman in Vince McMahon, the company got to play this whole rivalry off as if it was no big deal.

12 Booking Himself To His Own Benefit


Triple H basically gets to decide how he wants his matches and storylines to play out. He's essentially half in-charge of the company with Vince McMahon and the two come up with how everything will play out. If The Game simply doesn't like anything Mr. McMahon suggests, we're sure Triple H is capable of putting his foot down.

But oh, how great of Triple H to basically beat Sting for absolutely no reason at WrestleMania 31. Is it okay to assume that The Game didn't even think about letting Sting beat him? And oh, how the part-timer Triple H deserved to headline WrestleMania 32 as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion after winning the 2016 Royal Rumble.

The WWE doesn't want us to know what is said and planned backstage, but it doesn't take a genius to learn how much Triple H values his character more than what's best for the company.

11 French Aristocrat Gimmick


So yeah, the Terror Risin' gimmick was far from the worst gimmick Triple H put on in WCW. Later in 1994, Triple H's real-life name is Paul Levesque, but Eric Bischoff and the creative team wanted to make him a French aristocrat. So what did they do? They turned him into a french character by having him go by Jean-Paul Levesque.

Triple H didn't even speak French in real life, so they had him speak in a terrible accent that would make even the worst of French speakers cringe. On the WWE Network, Triple H mentioned how WCW refused to even give him much direction. They told him to go out as an aristocrat and to be as French as possible.

This gimmick also failed and led to Triple H's departure from WCW.

10 Slow Start in WWE


The WWE found something they liked in Triple H and signed him after one forgettable year in WCW. But Triple H took a long time to establish himself in WWE, thanks to the ridiculous gimmicks they had him work with.

He started out as a 'Connecticut Blueblood', or a nobleman guessed it -- the state of Connecticut! Triple H then started his 'Hunter Hearst Helmsley' gimmick, but it was far from intriguing. His character was all about proper manners, gestures and classiness. That simply does not work in the WWE when it comes to being a performer.

Triple H also had a playboy character go go along with, as a new valet escorted him to his matches every week. The WWE just kept trying and failing with so many of these early gimmicks for Triple H, and they surely don't want you to remember it today.

9 Involvement in Katie Vick Storyline


Sometimes in life, you wonder how things come to fruition. Take the case of the Katie Vick storyline in the WWE a decade-and-a-half ago. You see, Triple H was involved in a feud with Kane -- The Big Red Machine. WWE chose to heighten their rivalry by having The Game try to humiliate Kane.

In storyline, Triple H revealed a secret about how Kane was driving when he got into an accident that killed his girlfriend, Katie Vick. Don't worry, she didn't actually exist at all.

So WWE took it a step further by having Triple H dress up as Kane while wearing his mask. Backstage, a mannequin of "Katie" was in a coffin. The Game, masquerading as Kane, then had sex with the mannequin of Vick -- in an effort to make The Big Red Machine look like a major fool.

WWE really doesn't want you to know that The Game was involved in such a disgusting storyline some years ago, but how can we forget something so gruesome?


8 Losing Record at WrestleMania


For a guy who is helping Vince run the WWE and for a man who has been involved in six WrestleMania main events, you would expect Triple H to have an impressive record on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Like, come on! A guy who gets to headline all those shows has to win most of them.

No sir, not Triple H. The man has just nine wins and 11 losses in his WrestleMania career, and some of those defeats include lackluster world title matches against Batista and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 21 and 32, respectively.

Triple H is one of the most storied and accomplished personalities in WWE history, but simply having a losing record affects his legacy in some ways. There's no doubting the WWE doesn't want you to know that their golden boy doesn't shine when it matters most.

7 Not Believing in Daniel Bryan


As John Cena began to fade in popularity with the WWE Universe, fans were introduced to 5-feet-8 Daniel Bryan and his "YES!" movement. Bryan quickly emerged as the most beloved and idolized star of the 2010s. He made such a huge impact that WWE had to keep changing storylines in order to make him a champion -- such as WrestleMania 30 where he beat Batista and Randy Orton in a Triple-Threat match.

Triple H often referred to Bryan as a B+ player on storyline, playing into beliefs that The Game never believed in Daniel as a true superstar who could carry the company. In his autobiography, Bryan talked about a time where he and Triple H got into a heated argument. The incident? The Game decided to end a match early as Bryan was dealing with an injury. Bryan admitted the two almost got into a legitimate fight, too.

It really seems like Triple H didn't believe in Bryan all that much, and he simply pretended to just to make the WWE Universe happy. Not that the company will tell you that, though.

6 Breaking Vince's Big Rule


Mr. McMahon had an unsurprising but very strict rule that no wrestler in the WWE was to touch his daughter Stephanie nor get close to her. The billion dollar princess was simply off limits for everyone. But Triple H had to break the rule set by the chairman to find the love of his life.

Triple H and Stephanie began a real-life romance in the late '90s while The Game was involved in a relationship with Chyna (more on that later). Before we knew it, the two had fallen in love and were a real-life couple.

Though Triple H and Stephanie have been happily married for 14 years and have three kids together, WWE doesn't want you to know that The Game had to do some rule-breaking to win her over.

5 Being HANDED Championships


The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, is a 16-time World Champion but it won't be long until both John Cena and Triple H break the record. What's bothersome about this whole case is that Triple H has literally had some of those championships given to him on a silver platter. Here is a look at some of those gifted titles...

For one, Chris Jericho (who had gotten over with the crowd insanely quickly), shocked Triple H by pinning him and winning the WWE Championship on an episode of Raw. Triple H forced Earl Hebner to reverse the decision, and he did just that which made no sense. In 2002, Brock Lesnar moved from Raw to SmackDown, taking the WWE Undisputed Championship with him. Raw general manager Eric Bischoff then presented the world title to Triple H.

And oh, let's not forget all those matches where Evolution helped The Game win and defend his titles successfully. Some of these title reigns of the "14-time" world champion are as flawed as it gets.

4 WrestleMania XII Loss to Ultimate Warrior


You know how WWE fans have gotten somewhat bored of seeing Braun Strowman squash these many jobbers in such minutes...or even seconds? You know how Goldberg squashing people since his WCW days has gotten incredibly boring -- especially his recent wins over Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens? Those aren't really fun nor entertaining matches, are they?

Well, Triple H was trying to make a name for himself in the WWE -- and he faced The Ultimate Warrior (who was way over with the crowd at this point), at WrestleMania XII. The match did nothing to help Triple H get the big push he needed. The Ultimate Warrior squashed him in 1:39.

Again, given all Triple H has done in his career, the WWE would absolutely like it if you could go ahead and pretend this loss never affected your views on him. That would be great...

3 Burying Talented Wrestlers


As we said before, it's easy for Triple H to really do whatever he wants when it comes to managing his on-screen character. I'm sure it won't be long until he beats Goldberg, Roman Reigns, Big Show, Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar in a One-on-Five Handicap match.

Unfortunately, Triple H hasn't done what's best for business nor the fans -- but rather what's best for him. He's buried so many wrestlers throughout his career. Beating Sting (who was making his WWE debut), at WrestleMania 31 was one classic example of The Game burying a star.

In the Attitude Era, Stephanie McMahon was to ditch Triple H and align herself with Kurt Angle, but Triple H shut down that idea. Triple H also didn't want to heighten his rivalry with Chris Jericho before or after WrestleMania X8.

He didn't help put talents like Booker T, Rob Van Dam or Scott Steiner, either. All he wanted to do was win and not be a team player for the company.

2 Real Feud with CM Punk


CM Punk was one of the WWE's top Superstars of the modern era. What's sad is that he could have been even bigger -- but Vince McMahon never had him headline a WrestleMania that CM Punk truly deserved. Despite doing so much for the WWE, Vince, Triple H and Stephanie didn't treat Punk properly and screwed him so much that he walked out of the company in 2014.

Talking on the Art of Wrestling podcast (via, Punk admitted he and Triple H never had a strong relationship. He'd question Triple H about being unfairly booked and not getting proper treatment that other superstars got. The Game was never "direct" with them.

Punk was also fired on his wedding day by the WWE, as it appeared that Triple H may have done whatever it took to get him fired. The fans remain frustrated to this day, as the "CM Punk" chants start whenever Stephanie or Triple H cut a promo. Their way of treating Punk was nothing more than childish and a disservice to the fans.

1 1.The Love Triangle with Stephanie and Chyna


The D-Generation X faction was crucial in helping the WWE win the Monday Night War. Triple H, Chyna, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn formed one of the most influential and entertaining factions in the history of professional wrestling. Life was great for Triple H and Chyna -- his wrestling partner and real-life, long-term girlfriend.

However, Triple H began to fall for Stephanie and his relationship with Chyna abruptly ended. It has been reported that The Game left Chyna because she never wanted to have any kids. Nonetheless, Triple H  left Chyna heartbroken after moving on to another woman so quickly.

Chyna was soon out of the WWE and they refused to talk about her or acknowledge her until her tragic and untimely passing in 2016. After losing her boyfriend and job in the WWE (after such an excellent run with the company), Chyna struggled with mental illness, alcohol and drugs.

Yes, Triple H and Stephanie's marriage has had a positive impact on the wrestling world. But their relationship came at the expense of hurting a woman who had great intentions and did so much for the company.


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