15 Things You Didn't Know About Alexa Bliss And Buddy Murphy's Relationship

Alexa Bliss is currently the SmackDown Women's Champion. She is also the first woman to have lifted the championship twice after she managed to defeat Becky Lynch for the title when Naomi was forced to vacate it a few weeks ago.

Alexa has become a favourite of many fans over the past few months after she took on a Harley Quinn persona following the release of Suicide Squad. This pushed her towards her first championship win and made her one of the biggest stars on the SmackDown brand.

Even though Alexa is living it up on SmackDown right, Buddy Murphy, her fiance is currently stuck down on NXT. Following the split of Blake and Murphy, the former Tag Team Champion has had very little to do.

Many fans were unaware that the five-foot star was even in a relationship, so here are 15 more facts about the lives of the two former teammates.


15 Performed Together In NXT



Alexa and Buddy first met when they were placed together in WWE's developmental brand, otherwise known as NXT. Alexa signed with WWE back in 2013 and after a run as a fairy type character, she finally turned heel and joined the team of Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy in May 2014.

Alexa and Buddy began dating after this and officially announced that they were in a relationship not long afterwards. The couple worked together well in NXT and Alexa even helped her team to NXT Tag Team Championship. Known as BAMF, the team were one of the hottest things on NXT for a while, before Alexa decided to walk away. Shockingly Bliss sided with Blake when the group split and walked away from her real-life boyfriend to signify the split.

14 Rumours About The NXT Locker Room



Sadly, even though Alexa stated that these rumours were untrue, they look like they are going to follow the Women's Champion throughout her career. It seems Alexa really annoyed a fellow member of the developmental roster since they decided to state that Alexa was a 'Ring Rat' and that the only reason she was where she was in the company, was because she slept around.

Alexa took exception to this and stated that her mother taught her that her reputation was something she would never grow out of and that it should be one that she's proud of. Alexa was dating Buddy Murphy at the time and as far as many of the WWE Universe are aware, it was a disgruntled employee who was sacked and wanted to take someone down with them.

13 Buddy Says That Alexa Is His Best Friend

It is always a cute moment when a couple describes their other half as their best friend. I mean, isn't that the way a relationship should be? Well, it seems that Buddy Murphy could well be the sensitive and over emotional one in the relationship since he was the one who stated that his girlfriend was in fact, his best friend.

He also stated in the post that Alexa always keeps on smiling. The couple share many photos on their Instagram pages and it shows just how much time they manage to spend together outside of wrestling, even though they don't work together anymore. Alexa hasn't returned the favour and stated that Buddy is her best friend yet, maybe it's something that she thinks but she doesn't want to say out loud.

12 Movie Buffs Together



Alexa has shared many photos of herself and Buddy Murphy at the cinema together on her Instagram page, and it seems that both stars are huge movie buffs. This can be seen by the attire that the couple wore when they were teaming together, including one that was inspired by Freddie Kruger.

The team also had ring attire inspired by Marvel Avenger Ironman and since Alexa was promoted to the main roster a few months ago, her attire has been every similar to the Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn. Alexa herself is a cult horror film fan, meaning that the Nightmare on Elm Street attire was probably her favourite. But it is nice that she is able to share this with Buddy, who often accompanies her to film conventions and movie marathons.

11 They Have Two Dogs Named Izzy and Teddy

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Alexa and Buddy may be concentrating on their wrestling career right now, but even though they are not fully focused on creating a family, it seems that they have already started to create their own little version of a family.

Alexa has shared many photos of the two dogs that they have together named Teddy and Izzy. Alexa often comments on the fact that when she takes time away from home with WWE, she misses her two dogs. Teddy is a Yorkshire Terrier who Alexa often shares photos of after he has been cut or after she has returned home. It is unknown if Buddy and Alexa have a dog each and if they brought them to the relationship when they decided to move in together or if the couple decided to buy the dogs afterwards.

10 The Couple Live Together in Orlando Florida

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The couple have been together now for two years and now they actually live together in Orlando, Florida. This makes sense since the couple were both performing together in NXT when they were training at the Performance Centre, which is located in the same state that they decided to move to. This was also the first time Alexa had lived away from her parents.

Living together also means that they go out shopping together, take care of their dogs, and share some funny videos online. The above one was when the couple went to the store together and Alexa asked Buddy to carry the shopping basket. Evidently, Buddy couldn't be trusted and shows that he would prefer to wear the basket on his head, much to Alexa's amusement.

9 Disneyland Fans

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Alexa Bliss has been a huge Disney fan her entire life. She often shares both Instagram and Twitter updates that talk about her love of Disney, and her family basically call her their Tinker Bell, something that she attempted to recreate when she made her debut in NXT.

She and her family visited Disneyland once a year when she was younger and it was one of the main things that she looked forward to. Since Buddy and Alexa have been together they have visited Disneyland a few times and have basked in the sheer love that Alexa has for Disneyland in both Orlando and Paris. Alexa's parents were recently part of WWE's My Daughter's a WWE Superstar and they also talked about her love of Disney throughout when she was growing up.


8 Alexa Was Promoted Without Buddy



Alexa was pushed through the ranks in NXT and helped a lot by her boyfriend Murphy and his partner Blake when they were put together. After Blake and Murphy were split up, it seems that WWE decided to push Alexa on her own and allow the boys to settle their differences between them.

Alexa was shockingly promoted to the main roster alone back in the Summer of 2016 as part of WWE's Draft episode and has since been one of the main female competitors on the SmackDown brand, and one of their most improved talents. Buddy was left down in NXT, much like how Carmella was left when Big Cass and Enzo were promoted. It is currently unknown when Buddy will make another appearance on a WWE branded show.

7 Cute Couple Photos

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Buddy Murphy and Alexa Bliss share much of their life on their Social Media pages. Alexa's Instagram is full of photos of the couple and the moments of their life they get to spend together outside of WWE. Alexa shares pictures of the couple travelling, going to the cinema, eating, and even posing outside famous places, as a way to allow fans a look inside what seems to be a perfect relationship.

Buddy also shares photos of the couple on his Instagram page and Alexa then decides to repost a lot of the cute couple type pictures when they decide to go out on date night. It seems as though driving pictures and pictures in the cinema are the favoured ones of the couple, as seen above from Alexa's Instagram.

6 The Couple Travelled Together When They Were In NXT



It perhaps comes as no surprise that when Alexa Bliss was still part of the NXT roster and teaming with Blake and Murphy, the couple used to travel to different venues together. The NXT roster regularly performed as one when they travelled outside Full Sail and since Buddy and Alexa were still dating at this point, it would have given them a lot of time to bond and get to know each other.

This came to an end when Alexa was promoted to the SmackDown roster and Buddy then vanished off WWE TV, but the couple still share pictures of themselves travelling around together outside of WWE. Hopefully one day Buddy will be on the SmackDown roster so that the couple can travel to venues together again just like they used to.

5 Buddy Is The Cook In The House

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WWE Superstars do not conform to the usual stereotypes in relationships, why would they? They are already standing out above the rest, and it seems that Alexa and Buddy are exactly the same. It has already been mentioned that the couple live together in Orlando, Florida and Alexa recently revealed that Buddy is the one who does most of the cooking instead of her.

He may not be much help when they decide to go shopping for food, but he more than makes up for this in the kitchen. As wrestlers, the couple has to stick to strict diets and watch the food that they are eating, so it is good to know that Buddy can cook meals that the couple is allowed to eat without ruining their strict diets.

4 Buddy Hasn't Been Seen In NXT For A Number Of Months



Alexa is an ever present fixture on WWE TV now that she is the SmackDown Women's Champion. But it seems that the only place the WWE Universe have seen Buddy Murphy lately is on Alexa's Instagram.

Murphy and Blake split in early 2016 and Murphy hasn't been seen on NXT since before the WWE Draft in the summer. Murphy's last appearance was when he tried to team with Wesley Blake once again in a match against The Hype Bros. The match saw Rhyno make his return, but Murphy hasn't been seen since. It was reported a few months ago that both Blake and Murphy are being repackaged ahead of their return to active competition in the coming months. It will be interesting to see how Buddy fits back into the new look NXT roster.

3 Alexa Is Very Close To Her Mother

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Alexa's parents recently were part of the show entitled 'Our Daughter Is A WWE Superstar' where they talked about the struggles Alexa went through on her way to becoming a WWE Superstar. Including her stints in cheerleading and gymnastics at a much younger age.

Alexa's eating disorder has always been something that she has been outspoken about, but the show proved how close Alexa and her mother really are. Her mother was young at the time that she had Alexa and they have grown up as best friends. Her mother and father moved with her to Orlando when she signed to WWE and judging by the videos that the couple have shared. It seems that her mother also gets along very well with Murphy, which can only mean good things for the couple.

2 Buddy Gets Pedicures with Alexa

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Couples who get pedicures together, stay together! Is that the way the saying goes? No, well obviously Buddy heard it wrong or he has decided that he will do anything to make his fiance happy, even going and getting a pedicure with her.

It seems that Alexa Bliss is a big fan of anything that involves pampering and makeup and as a wrestler Buddy has to look good too. And it seems that he doesn't care if this will bring him a little bit of heat from other wrestlers backstage. This could be the only time the couple were able to spend together at this point and Buddy decided that it was worth it. Either way, this is a couple that is going to have beautiful finger and toenails in the future.

1 Engaged Earlier This Year



Alexa and Buddy have been together now for more than two years and it was officially announced back in January that Murphy had proposed and now the couple had become engaged.

It was a shock to many of the WWE Universe, because couples often suffer when it comes to moving to separate rosters and WWE knows this so sometimes they purposely split couples up to test them, but Murphy and Alexa defied this logic and proved that they are stronger than ever as a couple despite currently being in different places in their wrestling careers. Buddy made the announcement on Instagram when he put a picture on stating that Alexa was now his wife to be, this got the WWE Universe buzzing and it was made official the following day.


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