15 Things You Didn't Know About Bayley's Current Relationship

Bayley has become one of the most popular female Superstars in WWE over the past few years, and since her call-up to the main roster, she has once again been put in a feud with two of her fellow Horse

Bayley has become one of the most popular female Superstars in WWE over the past few years, and since her call-up to the main roster, she has once again been put in a feud with two of her fellow Horsewomen.

Bayley has always talked about her passion for wrestling and the fact that she has worked hard to get to where she is because it is her dream. Bayley played a part in NXT Breaking Ground back in 2015 where she shared the fact that she wrote a letter to herself about wanting to wrestle for WWE when she was 11-years-old.

This has made Bayley quite popular with the fans, and in turn, Bayley also makes time for them. Bayley is a former NXT Women's Champion and not only had the NXT Match of the Year back in 2015 against Sasha Banks, but she was also one of the first women to be part of a female Ironman match.

Bayley is not your standard female Superstar. She does things a little bit differently and she keeps her personal life away from the TV cameras. Even though Bayley and Finn Balor became very close during their time down in NXT together, Bayley is actually engaged to another professional wrestler called Aaron Solow.

There isn't a lot known about the duo's relationship, but here are 15 things that the WWE Universe needs to know about the couple that could well be WWE's new power couple one day.

15 Bayley And Aaron Are Engaged


Bayley and her boyfriend have been mentioned many times in wrestling circles, but the couple have never been officially mentioned on WWE TV. This is why not many people are aware that The Huggable Superstar is actually engaged.

Aaron and Bayley have been together throughout her career and they have only recently become engaged, back in November 2016. The pair also live together and often spend their days off together when Bayley and Aaron's schedules match up. Aaron also often travels to many WWE events to see Bayley in action and was even at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio and the Royal Rumble this past weekend to support his future wife. You may have noticed Michelle McCool (The Undertaker's wife) sitting ringside at the Rumble but she was not the only one there to support her significant other.

14 Aaron Auditioned For WWE Tough Enough In 2015


Bayley is currently living Aaron's dream and while her future husband is very supportive, he is also working towards being signed to WWE himself. Aaron auditioned for WWE's Network version of Tough Enough back in 2015 with the video being a promo cut outside the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando, Florida. The video can still be viewed on YouTube since he's decided to leave it up there.

Aaron talks about the fact that he wants to be known as more than 'Bayley's Boyfriend' throughout the video, which has got him a lot of negative reaction from the WWE Universe because they see it as him saying that being Bayley's boyfriend isn't enough. Aaron obviously wasn't chosen as a finalist for the show and instead still continues to work on the Independent Circuit.

13 Bayley And Finn Balor Were Rumoured To Be Dating


When Bayley and Finn Balor were down in NXT together, they were both holding gold on the brand and decided to have some fun with it at NXT Live events. When Finn was injured Bayley decided to cheer him up by coming out to his theme and doing his entire entrance. Finn then later returned the favor at a house show and the pair even did the dance from Dirty Dancing.

Fans then started speculation that Finn and Bayley were actually dating in real life until it became obvious that Bayley already had a long term boyfriend. It seems that Finn and Bayley are just the best of friends, so it must have been really exciting for them both when they realized that they were both being put on the Raw roster.

12 Bayley And Aaron Met Back In 2010


Before Bayley signed with WWE back in 2013, she was a huge name on the Independent Circuit. It was during her time wrestling for Independent promotions that she first met Aaron. The couple is said to have met sometime in 2010 and hit it off immediately.

It is likely that the couple bonded over their passion for the business and have been inseparable ever since. Bayley and Aaron have been through thick and thin together over the past six years and finally announced their engagement back in November 2016. There has been no official wedding date announced just yet, but with both of their schedules, this doesn't come as a surprise. Keep an ear out as that announcement should come at some point in the near future.

11 Bayley And Aaron Are San Francisco 49ers Fans


Bayley was brought up to the main roster back in August 2016, which means that her touring and traveling schedule over the past few months has much much crazier than it would have been when she was part of NXT. That being said, she always makes time for Aaron.

It seems that one of the things that the couple likes to do when they have a free day is to go to an NFL game and support their favourite team. Both Aaron and Bayley are San Francisco 49ers fans and have shared pictures online of them attending the events. It's good that they both support the same team, otherwise, there would have been a real life feud between them. At least in a friendly rivalry kind of capacity.

10 1o. Aaron Was An Alternate For The Cruiserweight Classic


When WWE announced the 32 Superstars for their Cruiserweight Classic back in 2016, they decided to include five alternatives as well. This was just in case any of the wrestlers that had been announced to take part either dropped out or were injured.

Aaron was announced as one of these alternates and was given a lot of recognition from WWE. He went and trained with the company for a week ahead of the event but he was sadly never included in the tournament. Being chosen for the event was a big step in the right direction for Aaron though and it could lead to him being offered a contract in the future. If only somebody would have dropped out, Aaron might have been given a chance to shine.

9 Finn Balor Introduced Bayley To His Parents


Remember those rumors about Bayley and Finn Balor? Well, Finn likes to take jokes that one step further. Back in March 2016, Finn shared a photo on Twitter of him introducing Bayley to his parents following an NXT show.

While Bayley and Finn do make quite a cute couple, it seems that they have drifted apart since they joined the main roster and this could be because of Finn's injury and the fact that they are not the two main people in WWE like they were in NXT. It's sad because fans really got behind them, but there is always the option for them to work together again in the future. At this point, Bayley is probably one of the eager fans awaiting Finn's return.

8 Cute Photos


Bayley and Aaron often share pictures on their Instagram of their travels together as a couple and they have some really cute pictures. They are one of the couples in WWE that really takes the time out of their schedules to go out and visit places together because that is what they want to do with their spare time.

They also take some of the most adorable pictures. One of them is of the couple together at Disneyland at Christmas standing in front of the famous Disney Castle. There are also others of them outside restaurants and events that they have chosen to attend and share with the social media world. While this couple is not highly publicized, they are not going out of their way to hide anything.

7 Bayley And Aaron Attended WrestleMania 31 Together


Bayley sadly wasn't part of WrestleMania 31 back in March 2015, but she was still part of the NXT roster at that point and played a part in WrestleMania Axxess which is why she was already in the area and actually attended the event with her fiance Aaron.

Aaron shared a picture of the couple in the crowd together at the event and many of the WWE Universe commented that it would be the last time that Bayley would be watching a WrestleMania event from the audience. Sadly this was wrong since she wasn't part of WrestleMania 32 in 2016 as she was still on the NXT roster. But she could well play a huge part in this year's WrestleMania since she is in a great storyline with Charlotte right now.

6 The Rumoured Child?


Bayley and Aaron have been together for six years and not many of the WWE Universe were aware of the fact that they were together in the first place. But when the couple released a photo on social media back in 2015 that saw Aaron, Bayley, their pet dog, and a little girl, there began rumours that Bayley could be a mother.

Bayley isn't actually a mother as the little girl was a family member who wasn't her daughter. The photo was just a cute Christmas picture of the couple, but given how great Bayley is with kids and how incredible she has been with Izzy (the Bayley super fan), it is obvious that she will make a fantastic mother one day when she decides the time is right.

5 Bayley And Aaron Attend A Yearly Fitness Show Together


If it wasn't already obvious, Aaron and Bayley are really big fans of fitness and nutrition so they do spend a lot of their time outside of wrestling eating healthy and exercising responsibly. But they also visit Europa Orlando every year as well.

Europa Orlando is like a comic con for fitness and it seems that it is something that both the stars enjoy as it allows them to bond over something that they are passionate about. It returns to Orlando in May this year and promotes itself as one of the largest health, sports, and fitness trade shows in the world. Of course, now that Bayley is finally up on the main roster in WWE, she just might have to miss this year's event.

4 Aaron Always Supports Bayley At WWE/NXT Events


Bayley has become a huge star thanks to WWE and as it was already mentioned, she is living her boyfriend's dream as well. Despite this, Aaron is often spotted at NXT Live Events being a supportive partner to his fiance.

One of the main pictures that has been shared of Aaron sees him and Bayley backstage together after she defeated Sasha Banks in one of the best matches of the year back in 2015 to win the NXT Women's Championship. Aaron was there to see Bayley lift gold for the first time, which shows just how cute the couple is and that they are always there to support each other. Surely Aron hopes that the next backstage picture will include Bayley holding the Raw Women's Championship.

3 Aaron Is Good Friends With Many WWE Superstars


Aaron has worked at WWE's Performance Centre before and attended live events to support Bayley in the past. To go along with being a professional wrestler himself, it should come as no surprise that he is good friends with many wrestlers outside of WWE.

Aaron shared a photo on Instagram where he thanked Charlotte for a shirt that was the same sort of energy drink that he likes. He has also shared a photo on Twitter that showed him and his dog with Sasha Banks (both women are close personal friends of Bayley as well). The duo took the photo as a joke for Bayley, who replied with her usual humorous way when she saw the post on Social Media. Even if Aron doesn't make WWE, at least he has made some friends.

2 Bayley And Seth Rollins


The WWE Universe has been matching Superstars up for years and creating names for the couples when they're together. It seems that wrestlers have finally become aware of this and for much of 2016 Sesha Ballins was a huge thing. Seth Rollins and Sasha were aware that they were being grouped as a couple, so Bayley started to fight Sasha for the right to Seth.

The trio took the fight to Social Media where they tried to get the fans to vote for the best friendship while poor Rollins was stuck in the middle of the two women the entire time. It seems that Sasha ended up winning the battle and it hasn't been mentioned on Twitter or online since. So, that was fun while it lasted.

1 Bayley Missed A WWE Event To Watch Aaron Wrestle


Bayley played a key role in the NXT Breaking Ground series back in 2015 and as part of the filming for the show, Bayley was forced to miss an NXT Live Event so that she could be filmed watching her boyfriend wrestle at an independent show instead.

Bayley attended the American Combat Wrestling event and watched her boyfriend at the time compete and then address the crowd. This showed that Bayley is just as supportive of her fiance as he is of her and that when she can find the time, she does go to many of his shows as well. Now that Bayley is touring with the Raw brand, finding the time to attend these independent shows may prove difficult as Bayley is now in high demand.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About Bayley's Current Relationship