15 Things You Didn't Know About Big Cass And Carmella's Relationship

Big Cass and Carmella are another couple of young WWE Superstars who have taken advantage of the fact that they are working together and decided to embark on a relationship.

Together the duo was part of a group with Enzo Amore in NXT and as a trio, they managed to grasp the audience's attention and really make the WWE officials backstage turn their heads and notice the talent that they had.

The couple is yet to reveal their relationship on WWE TV, but they have talked about being together and touring together as part of the WWE Roster when they were on WWE Breaking Ground.

The show looked at the lives of many developmental superstars in WWE and how they were coping with their lives as professional wrestlers for the first time. This was where the WWE Universe finally saw Cass and Carmella as a couple and allowed them to speak freely as part of the show.

Even though they have been dating now for the past few years, the WWE Universe doesn't actually know a lot about them as individuals or as a couple. So the following are 15 quick facts about Big Cass and Carmella and their current relationship.


15 Negative Reactions To Carmella And James Ellsworth

It is perhaps one of the strangest couples that WWE has put together over the past few weeks, but when James Ellsworth was taken out of the main event picture with A.J. Styles and Dean Ambrose back in December, he has instead been put in a storyline with Carmella.

Carmella has been on a good run in WWE recently and has just come out of a really good feud with Nikki Bella. The former NXT star and James are still in the early stages of their friendship and James has been helping her win matches while she has been teaching him how to dress and taking him shopping, which seems like the perfect relationship. Many fans have reacted negatively to the relationship though, because Carmella is getting much less in-ring time.

14 Their Relationship Was Made Public on WWE Breaking Ground


WWE debuted Breaking Ground back in October 2015 as a way for the WWE Universe to get to know some of the Superstars who made up the NXT roster. The show focused on the public and private lives of Adam Rose, Tyler Breeze, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Enzo Amore, and Colin Cassidy amongst many others.

On the show, it was finally made public that Cass and Carmella were in a relationship. They were shown working, living, and traveling together while talking about how much they enjoy each other's company. The show was one of the Network's best and it was thought that it would be coming back for a second season, but it hasn't yet, which means that WWE has probably made the decision to not allow it to make a return.

13 They Were Drafted To Opposite Rosters


WWE made the decision to split their roster back into two and in turn, have a Raw and a SmackDown roster that are both completely unique. When the company made this decision they knew that they would be splitting up many real life WWE couples. Paige and Alberto Del Rio were purposely split up. Meanwhile, the likes of Dana Brooke and Dolph Ziggler and Emma and Zack Ryder were ones that were just a by-product of the creative process.

Big Cass and Carmella were also part of this since Cass was drafted over to Raw with Enzo Amore and Carmella was drafted over to SmackDown along with many other NXT female talents. Carmella and Cass had been on different rosters the whole time before while he was on Raw and she was on NXT, so the couple could easily make it work.

12 Does WWE Support Their Relationship?


There have been several rumors surrounding the couple recently and the backing that they have from the company. They were drafted to opposite rosters back in July and it is thought that this wasn't an accident.

Vince McMahon doesn't have a fantastic reputation when it comes to couples and how much he tries to break them up, but it was thought that these two were put together quite well. One of the reasons fans have put together is that with Cass moving so far up the company and looking to be one of the bigger stars in the future, they feel that he can do better than Carmella, which is quite harsh. Carmella has also been put in an on-screen relationship with James Ellsworth, which is quite a shocking match, especially considering how well she was doing on SmackDown before.

11 The Couple Met When They Were In NXT


Carmella made her debut in NXT alongside Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy when they were already established as a tag team. Carmella came in as a love interest of The Certified G Enzo Amore and it seems that she was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Not only was Carmella helpful for Enzo and Cass, but the tag team also helped Carmella as she began to climb the ranks in what was widely considered to be the best Women's Division in WWE. It seems that all three managed to help each other out and Cass and Carmella began dating a few months after WWE put them together in the group. It seems that their chemistry was undeniable since the group became the most popular team whilst they were in NXT, but WWE still decided to split them up.

10 Carmella Was Once The Manager Of Enzo and Cass


You may have noticed that there have been recent "How You Doin" chants aimed at Carmella when she's cutting a promo on SmackDown, this isn't a hint at the fact that the fans know she is in a relationship with Big Cass, it is because she is the former manager of the duo.

Carmella, Enzo, and Cass became one of the most popular tag teams in NXT at that time and even though they didn't end up winning the NXT Tag Team titles whilst they were down in developmental, they have gone on to make quite the impact on the main roster, even though they are creating waves apart, with a rumored WWE Draft set to take place later in the year, this could be the chance WWE needs to allow all three members of the team to get back together.

9 Triple H Promoted Enzo And Cass Without Carmella


It was shown on one of the final episodes of Breaking Ground last year that Triple H had decided that he wanted to send Enzo and Cass up to the main roster, but he didn't want Carmella to go up with them.

Instead, he stated that he thought Carmella had so much more to learn and to put into the Women's Division on NXT. He then worked on preparing her to then head over to SmackDown after the WWE Draft. It was upsetting for Carmella to see her team called up without her, but she stated that she wished them luck and was really proud that they were given that opportunity. Carmella then on to prove Triple H right and created waves down in NXT on her own before she was called up to the main roster a few months later.


8 The Couple Currently Live Together In Orlando Florida


It isn't really a shock that a couple that has been dating now for three years are actually living together. Dean Ambrose and Renee Young live together, as do many other WWE couples and Cass and Carmella confirmed this as part of their appearance on Breaking Ground back in 2015.

Cass stated that he was the one that did a lot of the cooking and that he seemingly looked after Carmella whilst they were living together and it looked like it was a fully functioning relationship between both of the stars. Living together also helps them to soend time together since they are not on opposite rosters and often performing in different cities on different nights, at least they manage to spend some time together when they are away from work.

7 Many People Thought Carmella And Enzo Were Dating



On the mic, Carmella is very similar to Enzo and her character is like the female version of him. She was brought into the group to be a love interest for Enzo and to eventually begin managing the team, so it comes as no surprise that the WWE Universe thought Enzo and Carmella were dating.

In reality, Enzo is actually dating current NXT female wrestler Liv Morgan, who many of the WWE Universe have realized, looks a little like Carmella. Cass and Carmella have been dating for the past three years, ever since they were paired together in NXT. And even though Carmella and Enzo are similar, sometimes it's opposites that attract. It seems that is what has happened with this WWE couple and many other WWE couples for that matter.

6 They Share The Cutest Instagram Posts


When it comes to cute WWE couples, Cass and Carmella have it completely down. They may not be allowed to appear together on WWE TV since they are on separate rosters and most of the time they are in separate states. But this doesn't mean that the couple can't spend time together, though, which has been seen from her Instagram account. Most of the time now Carmella updates about how much she is missing Cass since they were separated.

There are many cute posts on Carmella's Instagram about the couple that sees them out having dinner or just posing for cute updates. But these have been few and far between since she began her partnership with James Ellsworth. It seems WWE would have asked her to continue the storyline online so that the WWE Universe would accept it.

5 Their Relationship Has Never Been Mentioned On WWE TV



When it comes to real life WWE relationships, it comes as no surprise that other than Breaking Ground, WWE hasn't mentioned the relationship between Big Cass and Carmella on any episodes of their live weekly content. Nikki Bella and John Cena have been together since 2012 and have only just been able to bring their relationship to WWE TV. And look how long it took for Stephanie and Triple H to be a  real couple in front of the WWE Universe.

Even though it hasn't been mentioned, the WWE Universe are aware that the couple is together and often chant 'How You Doin' at Carmella during in-ring promos. This could be the main reason that they are less accepting of the relationship that is blossoming between Carmella and James Ellsworth on SmackDown Live.

4 They Shared Some Funny Online Videos In NXT


Carmella, Enzo and Cass made many cute videos as a trio together when they were in NXT together. Some of them were used as a way to show that Carmella was made part of the team because it was made obvious that Enzo was attracted to her.

Even though this was the main point of the video, they were also used to show that as a trio there was a lot of chemistry between them and this could be one of the main reasons why they had so much success in NXT in the first place. It seemed as though they could be themselves around each other and looked comfortable doing it. Many of the videos were used on NXT but many were just uploaded online and can be viewed on YouTube.

3 They Appeared On The Main Roster Together Once



Despite the fact that WWE has tried to keep Cass and Carmella apart in order for both of their careers to flourish, they did allow them to appear on the main roster together once. This was back in March last year when the trio was given the opportunity to appear at a WWE Network special event (Roadblock) while they were still part of NXT.

Enzo and Cass were joined by Carmella in Toronto and even picked up the win over The Revival, a team that has since gone on to dominate the NXT Tag Team Division. This was the last time that the trio appeared together. Enzo and Cass were brought up to the main roster the following month after WrestleMania 32 while Carmella was held back and continued to appear in NXT.

2 The Couple Regularly Tweet Each Other Supportive Messages


WWE may not allow them to work together anymore or even appear on the same roster, but that doesn't mean that this couple doesn't know how to support each other in their own way. Carmella hasn't been able to mention Cass on Twitter or Instagram for a while, but they still Tweet each other to state how proud they are when they achieve something huge.

When Carmella was drafted to the main roster Big Cass tweeted his girlfriend and told her how proud of her he was. And when Cass was named as one of the men fighting for the Universal Championship last summer on an episode of Raw, Carmella tweeted just how proud she was of Big Cass and how far he had come in WWE. It's so cute!

1 They Used To Be Travel Buddies


Cass and Carmella not only live together and used to appear together on NXT but for a long time, they were also travel buddies. Much like Dean Ambrose and Renee Young confessed that when you live and work with someone, it's so much fun to also travel with them, because sometimes you are able to find time together when you least expect it.

Obviously, Cass and Carmella can't travel as much together anymore because they are on separate rosters and they are performing on different shows in different states all the time. But that doesn't mean that they can't travel at all. When they go to different countries they still try and travel together and spend as much time as they can as a couple before they head back to their separate rosters.


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