15 Things You Didn't Know About Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella's Relationship

The romance of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella completely changed both the careers and lives of each wrestler. Their relationship became very public with the inception of Total Divas on the E! Network. The Bella Twins are the primary stars of the show and Brie’s relationship with Bryan hooked in a lot of viewers to help make the show a success. Bryan and Brie continued to fall in love even deeper and the cameras followed them every step of the way, even showing their wedding. This all culminated in the spin-off reality series of Total Bellas, a show specifically about the Bella family.

No one would have ever expected the unlikely pairing of Bryan and Brie to get together outside of the ring considering their presences on different spectrums of the wrestling world. They’ve proved everyone wrong and are stronger than ever with their first child on the way. Brie is expected to give birth to a daughter in the spring.

Bryan and Brie have also both retired from the wrestling ring for different reasons. Despite the very public aspect to their personal and professional lives, there are still some secrets you didn't about them. We’ll look at it all with the top fifteen things you probably didn’t know about Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s relationship.

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15 Relationship Started With A Horrible TV Storyline

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Many real life wrestling relationships begin with a romantic storyline on television. The Bella Twins aligned with Daniel Bryan in one of the worst storylines of Bryan’s career. Brie and Nicole misheard Bryan talk about being a vegan and assumed it meant he was a virgin. They both accompanied Bryan to the ring and had a backstage bet to see who would sleep with him first.

The reveal saw Bryan want neither of them. Gail Kim came out as his girlfriend, but the story really went nowhere and professionally helped no one. Brie and Bryan did benefit from the poor writing. They became friends and started to realize they had a lot in common. This eventually led to Bryan and Brie developing feelings to begin a legitimate relationship together. The rest is history.

14 Their First Date Took Place On NXT

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Their first date came before they even were a couple. WWE’s storyline of the Bella Twins being aligned with Bryan led to a comical double date segment on NXT. This isn’t the current NXT you know for incredible wrestling, but the past project of rookies competing under the tutelage of a main roster star.

Bryan was named the pro for Derrick Bateman (currently known as Ethan Carter III in TNA) and the two had a double date with Brie and Nikki. As expected with a date on WWE television, it turned into a mess with the intent of being comedic. The first real life date between Bryan and Brie had to have gone better, but they’ll always have to remember their first date being a comedic segment for the WWE.

13 Bryan Hates "Brie Mode"

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WWE uses the term “Brie Mode” as a great catch phrase and it sells an impressive amounts of merchandise to fans all over the world. Despite it being known as Bella’s rallying cry in the ring, the term actually originated on Total Divas from her partying days. Brie Mode is what happens when Brie drinks too much and gets a little wild.

An episode of the reality show featured Daniel Bryan being annoyed with Brie interrupting his sleep while in Brie Mode. Bryan does not drink alcohol and finds no joy in his loved ones being drunk. It makes for awkward television any time Brie indulges and Bryan is around. Brie has refrained from hitting Brie Mode following her marriage. Next time you’re wearing your Brie Mode shirt, remember Bryan likely hates the association of the slogan.

12 They Only Eat At Local Restaurants

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The lifestyle of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella sees them have unique viewpoints. Bryan and Brie both made sure to only eat at local restaurants when on the road together. National chains typically dominate the revenue from the restaurant industry, but everyone’s favorite hippie wrestling couple chooses to support the local mom and pop shops trying to survive against the competition.

Bryan and Brie both prefer vegan or vegetarian meals which also makes them lean towards the local spots that cook to their desires. The hunt for hidden gems in various cities all over the country created a fun aspect to life on the road. It can be hectic trying to keep your sanity when traveling with WWE. Bryan and Brie were able to spend their time together and going to charming local restaurants gave them a good way to add some fun into their road life.

11 They Helped Get Nigel McGuinness' Documentary Funded Online

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Daniel Bryan is most famous for his WWE tenure and his rise to the top of the wrestling industry. However, many would argue the best matches of his career actually took place in Ring of Honor. Bryan’s best opponent in ROH was Nigel McGuinness. The two had a legendary rivalry and actually were both signed to the WWE at the same time.

McGuiness unfortunately endured bad luck by having health issues take away his WWE contract and ultimately end his career. With his in-ring career ending, McGuinness filmed a documentary and went to Kickstarter for online funding. The very popular Bella Twins Twitter account randomly tweeted support for it shocking everyone. That was until it was revealed Brie was dating Bryan and Daniel was a close friend of Nigel. You know it’s true love when she uses her massive social media following to help fund your friend’s project.

10 Eco-Friendly Power Couple

One of the common interests that brought Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella together was their love for nature. Both wrestlers cared about the environment and it brought them together in the early stages of their relationship. Bryan and Brie factor the environment and any potential negative impact on it with their purchases of "green-cars" and other important items.

The happy couple is lovingly teased for being hippies in wrestling circles for good reason. Bryan and Brie support various charities with eco-friendly intentions. Their passion for sustainable living has been a huge topic on Total Divas with Bryan often taking it a little too far. At one point, Bryan tried to make Brie and the rest of the Bella family use a composting toilet. Too far Daniel.... too far.

9 Sheamus Ruined Their First "Intimate" Night Together

The first night of intimacy between two partners is meant to be a special and memorable moment. It was both of those things for Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, but not in the way they expected. Bryan and Brie decided to take the next step in a hotel following one of their WWE shows on the road. Unfortunately, they didn’t lock the doors in their room and it haunted them.

Sheamus and Ted DiBiase Jr. invaded Bryan’s room after having a few drinks and decided to rib Bryan. The moment was ruined. Can you imagine the horror of trying to make love to your significant other for the first time and a drunken Sheamus destroying the moment? Hopefully Bryan delivered his kicks in a stiffer manner in his following bouts with Sheamus for some measure of revenge.

8 Brie Has Dated Celebrities Before

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The high profile romantic life of dating a celebrity is nothing new for Brie Bella. Before her relationship with Daniel Bryan, Brie was involved with Richie Kotzen. The former guitarist of the band Poison apparently "wowed" Brie enough for the two to have a relationship for a short time period. Brie rarely discusses the relationship and it's viewed as just a forgettable romance.

Kotzen is 14 years older than Brie. That likely added differences that made the relationship a tough sell to last into the future. Brie and Bryan are only two years apart and the closer age gap is a plus for them. The relationship change definitely benefited the entertainment of wrestling fans. Total Divas would be a far less enjoyable show if Bryan was replaced with Kotzen.

7 Bryan's First Stint With Public Love Life

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Unlike Brie Bella, this is Daniel Bryan’s first and only time involved in a high profile romance. Bryan had the reputation of being one of the most private wrestlers in the industry. The talented grappler always kept his personal life rather quiet and most of us were unaware of the details of his down time that remained a mystery until he met Brie.

Adjusting to the life of a celebrity has been rather difficult for Bryan, especially with the reality show cameras around him at all times for Total Bellas and Total Divas respectively. Bryan's ideal life would feature him and Brie living off the grid in a small home away from the rest of the world. Bryan having a great deal of fame, multiple reality shows and a high profile relationship is very humorous knowing his feelings on all of those.

6 They Have Awkward Double Dates With John Cena and Nikki Bella

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The original selling point of Total Divas being made was the interest in the personal lives of The Bella Twins. Brie Bella dating Daniel Bryan was fascinating enough to bring in viewers, but Nikki Bella also had a relationship of her own with John Cena. The two couples have been on various double dates. The ones filmed for the reality series always provide an awkward atmosphere.

Anyone can decipher that both couples are polar opposites of each other. Cena and Nikki live an extravagant lifestyle in a mansion and go for the finer things in life. Bryan and Brie live more modestly with a smaller home. The most compelling aspect of Total Bellas is seeing all four parties interact and the awkward nature involved due to the differences in philosophies.

5 Bryan Stopped Burglary In Their Home

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A terrifying moment in the personal lives of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella featured a couple of burglars trying to steal from their home. The pair of criminals tried to run away when Bryan and Brie arrived to the home after they broke in. Bryan had a real life superhero moment chasing them down and eventually catching one of them before locking in a rare naked choke until police arrived.

The motivation of Bryan to catch the burglar was not to get his possessions or money back. Bryan feared was that they tried to take his beloved dog, Josie. Luckily, Josie remained safely in the house, but Bryan made any future burglars think twice about breaking into his home. The kicker is Bryan and Brie’s home barely had any expensive items in it as they live a simple life.

4 WWE Didn't Want Brie To Celebrate With Bryan At WM XXX

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The greatest moment of Daniel Bryan’s wrestling career saw him win the WWE World Championship in the main event of WrestleMania XXX. Every fan of Bryan remembers where they were when he defeated Randy Orton and Batista to reach the top of the mountain. WWE did a great job setting up pyro and confetti for his celebration with the fans.

One person missing from the celebration was Bryan’s soon to be wife, Brie Bella. WWE told Brie not to go ringside and wait until he came backstage to embrace him. No reason was given for why WWE prevented Brie from heading to the ring. Bryan did say her presence was the only thing missing from the moment being perfect. WWE likely wanted Bryan to be on his own for the footage to be shown for many more years discussing the great WrestleMania moment.

3 Bryan Doesn't Watch Total Divas

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella have both witnessed their fan bases grow into new sects with the success of Total Divas. Wrestling fans already spotted them in public and asked for photos or autographs. That just grew with more women knowing them due to the Total Divas demographic. Despite the show playing such a big role in his life, Bryan has stated he doesn’t actually watch Total Divas.

The reputation of Bryan is his honesty follows him everywhere. Part of the reason for his success is realizing how genuine he is when talking about just about anything. Bryan doesn’t enjoy watching television and spent many years without owning a TV set. The addition of a television hasn’t added to his interest in his own reality shows. Bryan doesn’t go out of his way to watch the show and has no desire to change that.

2 Brie Is The Main Influence Of Bryan's Retirement

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The retirement of Daniel Bryan is still a controversial topic after he ended his in-ring career in February of 2016. Bryan remained argumentative that WWE doctors were wrong and his actual medic believed his brain was healthy enough to continue wrestling. WWE still refused to clear him. Following an outside opinion suggesting Bryan no longer wrestle, the legend retired with an epic speech that put a tear in every wrestling fan’s eyes.

Bryan still believes he is healthy enough to wrestle and multiple doctors would clear him. His plans were to head New Japan, Ring of Honor and various other promotions to continue his in-ring career. Brie Bella did not want to risk her husband suffering an even worse injury that could negatively impact their lives. Bryan’s desire to have children and his love for Brie were the main factors in him leaving the ring for good.

1 Brie Plans To Return To The Ring

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The in-ring career of Daniel Bryan is likely over, but the same can’t be said for Brie Bella. WrestleMania 32 featured a wonderful moment of Brie picking up a win for her team and leaving the company in the best manner. Brie decided to retire for the successful plans of getting pregnant. Bryan and Brie are seeing their dreams come true with Brie currently pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Brie has stated that WrestleMania 32 was her last match for a while, but not her last match ever. Following the birth of her child and the early stages of motherhood, she hopes to return to the WWE for some more matches. There are many variables in play. However, Brie does believe she will once again appear in the squared circle. Don’t give away those Brie Mode t-shirts just yet folks.

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