15 Things You Didn't Know About Dean Ambrose And Renee Young's Relationship

There are many relationships that have been made because of the WWE's daunting travel schedule and the fact that many wrestlers and WWE employees are in each other's company for long periods of time,

There are many relationships that have been made because of the WWE's daunting travel schedule and the fact that many wrestlers and WWE employees are in each other's company for long periods of time, on a daily basis.

One of these relationships sees former WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose currently dating interviewer and kick off show host Renee Young.

The couple is the most private wrestling couple currently in the company which makes it incredibly difficult to make a list of all the facts that need to be known about their lengthy romance.

Dean Ambrose is an enigma, he doesn't have any kind of social media account and doesn't conduct interviews out of character so there isn't much known about Ambrose as a person outside of WWE.

Luckily, Renee Young has all social media accounts and she often shares pictures of the couple to ensure that fans are aware that they are still together and going strong.

15 Went Public In March 2015


The couple is very private about anything that doesn't play a part in their WWE life. There were rumors online that the couple had been spotted traveling together and eating together for a while before they decided to announce that they were dating in March 2015.

The duo has officially been together for more than 18 months now and despite the fact that they spend a lot of time together traveling and being part of WWE programming, it seems that they are still going strong and will continue to do so throughout their stint on Total Divas. What will be most interesting about this season will be watching Ambrose in front of the reality television cameras and how he handles the transition into the world.

14 Brand Divide


WWE attempted to split up Paige and Alberto Del Rio as part of the WWE Draft back in July when they placed Paige on Raw and Del Rio on SmackDown. Obviously this didn't work since Del Rio left the company and the couple remained together, but another couple that was split up during the draft was Renee and Dean.

Renee is the host of all the Raw pre-shows and the Raw kick-off shows ahead of their pay-per-view events. She also often interviews on Monday Night Raw, but WWE has their own interviewers for SmackDown now, which is where Dean Ambrose is currently plying his trade. Renee does host Talking Smack as well as Kickoff Shows for SmackDown events too, but she is more consistently used on Raw.

13 Relationship Of Circumstance?


It's genuinely like a fairytale in real life, but if Renee had never joined WWE a few years ago then it is entirely possible that she may never have met Dean Ambrose. The former Sportscaster didn't actually want to go into sports, she wanted to be a stand up comedian and work in comedy but then made the switch when WWE offered her the job.

Renee knew very little about wrestling when she was hired after her only contract with WWE prior to the job opportunity was a few shows that she attended as a child. It's crazy how different her life could have been if comedy really was the thing that she wanted to go and pursue. Her life may have been a lot different than it is now.

12 Lack Of Photos


One thing that is painful as a Dean Ambrose/Renee Young fan is the fact that as a couple they rarely ever share pictures together. They have some cute photos but not as many as other WWE couples. Renee makes a point of sharing some on her Instagram account, but because Ambrose doesn't have an internet presence, it seems he doesn't like his content shared.

Ambrose reacted badly to film crews following him around ahead of the premiere of Total Divas, so it is thought that he definitely wouldn't react very well if Renee decided to ask him to take a selfie in the middle of dinner. Ambrose obviously doesn't like cameras so it's a good thing that right now he isn't a worldwide star isn't it.

11 Unfiltered


The couple is never mentioned together on WWE TV and much like many other WWE couples, WWE has not officially decided to declare the duo as an item on their weekly shows. This means that fans rarely get to see the couple perform together, but Renee did have Dean as a guest on Unfiltered back in July.

The couple remained professional throughout and obviously didn't even hint towards the fact that they are dating. The chemistry was there throughout the interview with Renee calling Ambrose adorable at one point, but they still managed to stay professional until a dog arrived in the backstage area and everything broke down. Renee and Dean also appeared together on an episode of Swerved, when they were trying to trick fans as part of a game show.

10 The Big Reveal


It was perhaps the cutest reveal of a relationship that the world has ever seen, but Renee Young finally revealed that she was dating Dean Ambrose and stated that they were very much in love back in March 2015.

It is unknown how long they had been dating at that point but Renee made a point of stating that the duo was not going to be one of those couples that put everything on Social Media or share private photos to the WWE Universe. She said she was a believer that your private life should remain private. Dean Ambrose is a so much different in real life than he is on WWE TV which obviously contributes to the couple keeping quiet about their relationship ... until they are exposed on Total Divas of course.

9 Fan Abuse


It was inevitable that when Dean Ambrose finally revealed who he was dating, the entire female population of Tumblr would simultaneously break down in tears. The Dean Ambrose fangirls are a force to be reckoned with and poor Renee Young has to deal with the abuse on a daily basis.

So much so that back in 2015 Renee decided to bite back and tell the fangirls to basically move along. Summer Rae and Eden Stiles even came to Renee's defence when the online trolls became too much for the on-air personality to fight off herself. But it seems that dating a WWE heartthrob obviously comes with it's downfalls as well. Think of someone like Nikki Bella and the backlash she must face from the John Cena fangirls.

8 Rags to Riches


Dean Ambrose doesn't have a presence on Social Media because he doesn't know how to use the internet. The Cincinnati native was born and raised in the poor section of the city and was never introduced to the internet so he has never attempted to use it.

Ambrose rarely talks about his upbringing or anything that is related to his personal life, but he has commented on what it was like to grow up in that side of the city.

He said: "Every day was a struggle. For instance, there were times that I would have to cave in and do something like sell somebody’s drugs, just so I wouldn’t get beaten half to death. But then there were other times where dudes would catch me walking by and try to push me around, and I had to draw a line, even if I was gonna get pulverized. I ended up earning respect that way — not that I cared, I just wanted out.”

7 A Different Kind Of Woman


As already stated, Dean Ambrose rarely shares his private life with the WWE Universe. This may be for a number of reasons. He may enjoy being a private person, or it may be the fact that he has already had his own fair share of drama in his personal life.

Ambrose once opened up about what he referred to as his 'crazy ex girlfriend' in an interview that was conducted before he joined WWE. Ambrose dated Hellena Heavenly when he was 19-years-old, a red-headed Nevada based wrestler who Dean met when he was coming through the ranks of professional wrestling. There is a lengthy video on Youtube of Jon Moxley (name prior to joining WWE) talking about his ex-girlfriend with some very colourful language attached to it.

6 Social Media


Social media has become a huge tool for WWE as they attempt to bring the company into the 21st Century. Every WWE superstar has a social media account and often update and talk to fans as a way to bring the WWE Universe closer to their favourite wrestlers.

Renee Young uses her Twitter account regularly and often updates about Dean Ambrose. She commented on how happy she was when he won the biggest title in WWE back at Money in the Bank, but obviously Dean didn't reply because he doesn't know how to use Social Media. Ambrose has an account, but his bio reads "They made me get a twitter.....Fine....Enjoy." Dean joined Twitter in March 2012, more than eight months before he made his main roster debut. Since then he has only retweeted one tweet in more than four years.

5 Ambrose Does Not React Well To Cameras


When it was announced that Dean Ambrose and Renee Young would be part of the main cast for the upcoming season of Total Divas, many fans of the former Shield member were shocked that he would allow such an invasion into his personal life.

Ambrose is a deeply private person and so it comes as no surprise that he has not reacted well to the cameras following him around on a daily basis. Renee was asked about how Dean has adapted to this, and she said: "He's handling it pretty much the exact way that you'd imagine Dean Ambrose would handle it." She continued: "There's been a lot of loud yelling, not wanting anyone in his face too much, so we will see how that unfolds over time. But it should be interesting, to say the least."

4 Their Hashtag


That's right, we live in 2016 and when you are a celebrity and you decide to begin dating, the WWE Universe will give you a cute nickname. This nickname also comes with a hashtag and Dean and Renee's hashtag is #Deanee, which is a combination of both WWE Superstar's names (This is way too common now among couples).

Many fans often write fan fiction about this couple as well and use the hashtag to ensure that other fans are able to see this as well. Look at the hashtag on Twitter and you will see for yourself how much the WWE Universe truly love this painfully personal couple. Many WWE fans are eagerly awaiting the first episode of Total Divas because they have been #Deanee deprived for so long.

3 The Real Dean Ambrose


WWE Superstars are experts at playing a character. Which means it's hard for the WWE Universe to know when their favourite stars are portraying a character or if they are being themselves. Dean Ambrose is an expert at this as well and there are very few interviews that exist where Ambrose has allowed himself to break character.

Renee Young has revealed that her boyfriend of 19 months is a completely different person to his in-ring alter-ego. She said: "I can’t give away too much because we are very private about our relationship,” she continued “But he’s very nice, and he’s adorable. People wouldn’t assume that. He’s definitely a lot different than people would know.” Looks like these two could well be the most perfect WWE couple.

2 'Most Beautiful Girl in the World'


Six months after going public with their relationship, Dean Ambrose was interviewed by British newspaper The Sun about Renee and how he felt the relationship was going. As already mentioned, Dean doesn't talk about his personal life very often in interviews and this is the only time he has ever answered that question.

He said: "I wouldn't be with anything less than the optimal, most beautiful, most tremendous girl in the world, The bottom line is, she's far too good for me. But it's far too late and I've got my claws stuck into her now, she can't go anywhere now." That is perhaps the cutest thing I have ever read. This is one couple that do not throw things in your face and when they do mention each other, it comes out like this.

1 Total Divas


Later this month, Renee and Dean will finally allow WWE camera's into their personal life as they make their debut as a couple on Total Divas. Renee and Dean were guests on Total Divas episodes last season, but now Renee has become a regular cast member.

Dean is a notoriously private person when it comes to his personal life, so this is the most the WWE Universe has ever been able to see Dean Ambrose out of character. The former Shield member doesn't have any kind of social media to connect with his fans, so it will be interesting to see the sort of person he is around Renee and outside of WWE. As fans, all we can do now is tune in and see if we can figure out more about this couple.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About Dean Ambrose And Renee Young's Relationship