15 Things You Didn't Know About Eddie And Vickie Guerrero's Relationship

Eddie Guerrero was one of the most popular WWE Superstars on the entire roster before his untimely death back in 2005. He had finally climbed to the top of the company and lifted the WWE Championship at No Way Out 2004, but in the fall of the following year, he was gone.

Eddie left behind a wife and two children, who were as shocked by his demise as the rest of the WWE Universe. WWE stepped in and offered support to his remaining family members and Vickie then gained a regular spot on WWE TV.

Vickie became a well-known heel on the when she was given a job as General Manager and stayed with the company for many years before her departure last year. She said she loved working with the WWE but it was time for her to move on. This was also after her daughter was released from NXT, so it made sense that all family members left together.

Vickie and Eddie became a popular couple in WWE before his death when she appeared as part of a long-running feud between Eddie and Rey Mysterio. WWE then found it easy to integrate Vickie in the company afterwards. Even though this is one of the WWE Universe's favourite couples, there is so much that fans don't know about them, so here is your chance to find out.

15 They Met On A Blind Date

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Vickie rarely talks openly about her life before she met Eddie Guerrero, but she has spoken about how much he changed it when he finally became a part of it many times. Vickie mentioned the fact that she hadn't dated for a long time and so when her friends set her up on a blind date, she was unsure of what she was getting herself into.

Vickie and Eddie then met in a nightclub and she stated that she had decided on a nightclub because she knew that if she didn't like him then she could easily go off and dance with someone else. She did also say that this obviously didn't happen because she didn't leave Eddie's side the entire night. This was only the beginning.

14 They Dated For Three Years

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When Vickie and Eddie first got together, they had both been single for a long time and they decided to have fun with it before they got into anything serious. Vickie and Eddie then ended up dating for three years before they finally tied the knot, which seems to have been a joint decision.

Vickie was always happy to stay at home while  Eddie was on the road and at that point he was working the Independent scene quite a lot, which is why it took so long for the couple to finally settle down. But it seems that Vickie's father also had a lot to do with them finally becoming married as well, so maybe it would have taken a lot longer if he didn't step in.

13 Vickie's Father Pushed Them To Get Married When She Got Pregnant

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Eddie and Vickie had been together for more than three years when they announced to their family and friends that they were expecting their first child together. Vickie came from a well-respected family and her father then pushed the couple to marry before the baby was born out of wedlock.

Eddie and Vickie finally married in April 1990 and Shaul was later born in October the same year. It seems that Eddie and Vickie managed to arrange the wedding fast enough that she wasn't even showing at the time of the ceremony. The couple then went on to have another daughter but waited another five years before Sherilyn was born in 1995. It seems as though, Vickie's side of the family were set in traditional ways.

12 Vickie Became A Fan Of Wrestling When She Met Eddie

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Vickie has mentioned in many WWE interviews that as a girl growing up she was never really a fan of wrestling. She had four younger brothers and they were the ones who controlled the TV in her house so even if she wanted to watch wrestling, she probably would have been unable.

When she later met Eddie and the couple began dating, Eddie was already well-known in wrestling circles and Vickie began to understand the form of sports entertainment a lot more. In fact, she actually began to enjoy it. She has mentioned before that it was Eddie that opened her eyes when it came to wrestling, otherwise, she would never have become involved in it. And like it or not, her role in WWE was impactful in its own right.

11 When Eddie Passed Away Vickie Began Working For WWE

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Eddie's untimely passing was announced to the WWE Universe on November 13, 2005. Eddie was found unconscious in a hotel room by his nephew and fellow WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero. He attempted CPR but Eddie was pronounced dead when the paramedics arrived.

Vickie recalled that Eddie had looked quite ill in the week leading up to his death, but Chavo said that he was in peak physical condition and had begun cardio and weight training exercises on a daily basis. Vickie then began appearing on WWE TV much more following her husband's death and was properly reintroduced to the WWE Universe during the 2006 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony when Eddie (while this happened years too soon) took his rightful place among the legends of professional wrestling.

10 Vickie And Her Daughters Appeared In WWE Before Eddie's Death

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Vickie and her two daughters were already known to the WWE Universe before Eddie's passing because the company had decided that it would make a great personal angle for the storyline that included Rey Mysterio and his real life wife Angie and son Dominik.

Eddie was stating that Dominik was his real son and that Rey was only taking care of him because he was a result of Eddie's extramarital activities in his wilder days. Rey took exception to this and the feud eventually brought in all of Eddie and Rey's family members. This was easily one of the best feuds that year. Vickie confessed that she was very proud of her daughters and the way they acted throughout that rivalry. She said that the girls weren't even nervous the first time they were on Live TV.

9 They Have Two Daughters

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Eddie and Vickie were together for 15 years before the former WWE Champion passed away and in that time they welcomed two daughters. Vickie became pregnant with her first daughter before she was married to Eddie in 1990. Shaul Marie arrived just months after the ceremony in October 1990.

Eddie and Vickie then waited almost five years before they welcomed their second daughter Sherilyn Amber in 1995. Eddie's two daughters played a key role in their father's feud with Rey Mysterio and made various appearances for WWE following their father's death to support their mother.

8 Eddie Has Another Daughter From A Previous Relationship


Eddie and Vickie on the outside look like they were in a happy relationship, that was until early 2002 when Eddie and Vickie separated for two years. The former WWE Superstar then began a relationship with a woman named Tara Mahoney. Tara and Eddie welcomed a daughter named Kaylie Marie in the short time they were together.

Eddie and Vickie then patched things up and decided to get back together but Eddie was worried about Kaylie. Vickie said that they would work things out and get them back to the way they used to be and Kaylie would be part of the family because she would accept everything about Eddie. This was obviously a mature decision made by Vickie while patching up her problems with Eddie.

7 They Renewed Their Wedding Vows In 2004

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Following a two-year separation, Eddie and Vickie decided to reconcile and try to make their marriage work again. Eddie had been in a relationship with another woman and fathered a third daughter, but Vickie was accepting of this and was willing to look past their separation and move forward.

The couple decided to renew their wedding vows and moved back in together. The couple fixed things up and Vickie said that her vows meant so much more to her that year than they did when they first married fourteen years before. Shaul talked about how happy her parents were during their second wedding and how happy she was to be part of the day. They would remain together this time until Eddie tragically and suddenly passed away back in 2005.

6 Their Daughter Shaul Is Married To Aiden English

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Eddie's oldest daughter Shaul has decided to follow in her father's footsteps and become a professional wrestler as well. Shaul has wrestled for a few years and was training in FCW ahead of her NXT debut. Shaul didn't make many appearances for NXT and she left the company just months before her mother back in 2014 due to an ongoing eating disorder.

WWE may not have been the place for Eddie's oldest daughter, but she did manage to meet her future husband Aiden English while she was part of their developmental roster. The couple became engaged in 2014 before marrying in January 2016. Aiden remains part of WWE programming on their SmackDown Live roster as one half of The Vaudevillains tag team alongside partner Simon Gotch.

5 Vickie Has Remarried Since Eddie's Death

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Eddie passed away more than a decade ago and Vickie has since been a major part of WWE programming. Vickie has had to put up with a lot of abuse from the WWE Universe for some of the storylines she was part of while in WWE, but it seems that since she left the company, Vickie has managed to find happiness once again.

Vickie left WWE back in 2014 and has since announced that she has remarried Kris Benson. Vickie stated that when she left WWE it would be to begin a career in medical administration, Vickie did make a brief return to WWE in the summer of 2016, but she has since looked towards settling down with her new husband away from the company.

4 Many Fans Thought Vickie's Storylines In WWE Disrespected Eddie

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Vickie joined WWE following Eddie's death when it was made apparent that she was now solely responsible for her family. Vickie began with the storyline with her nephew Chavo Guerrero surrounding Rey Mysterio as World Heavyweight Champion. This then branched out into storylines for Vickie alone and other relationships in WWE.

Vickie was aligned with both Dolph Ziggler and Edge during her time in WWE. It was the relationship with Edge and the fact that they married in a storyline that many fans were disappointed with because there was no actual need for it. While it was only for the cameras, some fans simply could not picture Vickie with anybody else aside from Eddie. 'Latino Heat' meant so much to so many so it is an understandable situation.

3 Vickie Accepted Eddie's Hall Of Fame Induction

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Despite the fact that the Guerrero family are one of the most decorated in WWE history, Eddie is the only member who is currently in the Hall of Fame. Merely months after his passing, WWE announced that Eddie would take his place amongst wrestling's elite in the 2006 Hall of Fame class.

Eddie was then inducted by Chris Benoit, Chavo Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio who all emotionally shared stories of their long time friend. Vickie then accepted the induction on behalf of her late husband. Vickie was also appearing on WWE TV much more at that point as well, so it made sense for her to accept her husband's posthumous induction. There was no reason to wait upon Eddie's induction as it was only fitting to place him directly into the Hall of Fame.

2 Vickie Guerrero's Final Moment In WWE Saw Her Pay Tribute To Eddie

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Vickie made a decision back in 2013 that she wanted to walk away from WWE. She not only had a daughter who was battling an eating disorder, but she wanted to move on with her life and explore other avenues of employment.

She finally left the company back in June 2014 and her final match was against Stephanie McMahon. She lost the Pudding match after interference from many other Divas and was fired, but she ultimately won the war when she threw Stephanie back into the pudding. She then mouthed 'I love you' before performing Eddie's signature shoulder shuffle taunt before walking away from the company. It was a touching tribute to her late husband although the whole angle could have gone without the pudding.

1 Vickie Appeared At WrestleMania 22 To Congratulate Rey On His Win For Eddie

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Vickie was present throughout Rey Mysterio's rise to the main event picture in WWE. From his performance in the Royal Rumble, that he dedicated to his fallen friend, to his inclusion in the Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship, Vickie seemed like she was behind Rey.

Rey won the World Championship at WrestleMania 22 and celebrated with Chavo and Vickie at the top of the entrance ramp following arguably the biggest win of his career. Sadly, merely months later it was Vickie and Chavo who cost Rey the title and embarked on a deeply personal rivalry with the Master of the 619. This would be the turn that would lead to Vickie becoming one of the biggest heels in WWE during that time.

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