15 Things You Didn't Know About Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan's Break-up

Enzo Amore has become one of the most talked about stars in WWE over the past few months. Following the break-up of Enzo and Big Cass, it seems that Enzo hasn't had his former partner to protect him from a lot of the heat he has with other superstars backstage and it has become public knowledge that Enzo is not well liked by his fellow WWE superstars.

Enzo has worked his way up in WWE through their NXT promotion ever since he was signed back in 2012 after WWE saw his potential on the mic. Enzo had no prior wrestling experience when he was signed to WWE, but has managed to learn the ropes fairly quickly over the past few years as he has been pushed up to the main roster alongside Big Cass.

Enzo Amore and NXT Superstar Liv Morgan made their relationship public back in 2016 and it seems that there have been a number of problems between the duo over the past year and it is now thought that the couple has gone their separate ways in the last couple of weeks.

The following list is the 15 known facts about Enzo and Liv Morgan's relationship and where it started going downhill.

15 Enzo And Liv Once Worked Together At Hooters

It is well-known that Enzo has a number of jobs before he was hired by WWE and it seems that one of these jobs was as manager of a local Hooters. Liv Morgan worked as a cheerleader and model before she was introduced to the business and began training at the Performance Centre.

Liv was said to have worked at a Hooters as well before she became famous in WWE and it is thought that this is where Enzo and Liv first met, beginning a friendship that would last years. Liv and Enzo are also said to share a love of hip-hop and Liv Morgan's character in WWE is loosely based on this even though many of the WWE Universe have likened it to that of Enzo's former valet and current Miss Money in the Bank Carmella.

14 Enzo Got Liv A Try-out With WWE

Enzo and Liv may not be on the best of terms right now, but it seems that Liv does owe a lot to Enzo since it is reported that it was the Certified G that got Liv a tryout with WWE, to begin with.

It seems that when Enzo was signed to the company he obviously thought that Liv would be able to make a living working for the company as well and managed to get her a tryout. Liv earned herself a contract with the company when she worked hard in the tryout and has since begun making a name for herself on the NXT brand, despite being knocked out by Asuka in 28 seconds. Regardless, it is still nice that Enzo managed to do something like this for his friend.

13 Liv Spent Some Time On The Main Roster With Enzo Earlier This Year

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Liv was seen as one of the most promising female wrestlers that wasn't included in major storylines in NXT earlier this year and it seems that WWE instead made the decision to include her in a number of Live Event shows on the main roster. This was just weeks after Liv and Enzo's relationship was made public and it seems it allowed the couple to spend more time together.

Liv teamed with Sasha Banks and Bayley, who both also came through the ranks in NXT a few years ago. The trio took on the team of Charlotte, Dana Brooke and Nia Jax while the likes of Emma, Summer Rae and Paige were all out injured so it seems that Liv was the best option. She hasn't been used on the main roster since, so it is unknown what the plans are for the superstar from New Jersey.

12 Enzo Was Said To Have Been On A Date With Halle Berry Earlier This Year

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Despite it being well-known that Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan had been dating for a number of months back in June, Enzo still posted the following update on his Instagram account where he was said to have been having dinner with Hollywood star and former Bond girl Halle Berry.

Many of the WWE Universe commented on the fact that Enzo had a girlfriend and it was unfair for him to be posting pictures of him having dinner with other women, but it wasn't something that Enzo thought was wrong. This was where the cracks in Liv and Enzo's relationship finally began to show and they haven't been the same cute WWE couple since this update, with Enzo and Cass's break up coming shortly afterwards and Liv and Enzo's following after that.

11 Enzo Has An Obvious Problem With Strippers

Enzo Amore plays a character on WWE TV, one that is a smack talking, sky walking star and one that can destroy any star with his quick witted promos, but it seems that sadly this character that Enzo plays on Monday Night Raw each week isn't actually a character.

Enzo is said to be this character in his day to day life and he seemingly annoys a lot of people backstage with it. He also seems to have an obsession with hanging out at strip clubs in many of the cities that the WWE travels to when Enzo is performing. Enzo often throws his cash around in strip clubs and tries to make the impression that he is a big deal and as you will see further down this list, this has since caused Enzo a lot of problems.

10 Enzo Was Kicked Off The WWE Tour Bus Earlier This Year

Ever since Enzo and Cass split earlier this year, it has been reported that the duo has been having a number of problems backstage. Cass's main problem seems to be the fact that he is an outspoken Donald Trump supporter and this has annoyed a number of other superstars.

Enzo's problems with many stars mainly come down to the fact that he is himself. He is as annoying off-screen as he is on-screen and it was reported earlier this year that it was former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns who had had enough of the Certified G and actually kicked him off the tour bus back in July because Enzo was apparently talking really loudly on the phone and bragging about how much money he was making in WWE.

9 Liv Has Apparently Replaced Enzo With "Piggles"

The downfall of Enzo and Liv's relationship came around the end of July following Enzo's infamous trip to the strip club in Buffalo, that will be discussed in detail further down this list. It seems that many women who have broken up with someone or cut someone out of their lives decide to buy a pet to fill the void.

Liv is obviously among these women and posted the above image on her Instagram at the end of July. Meet Piggles the micro pig Liv has decided to use to fill the void that was once occupied by Enzo. TJ Perkins of 205 Live fame also has two pet micro pigs called Cupcake and Pudsey, so it seems to be a common pet for many WWE stars nowadays.

8 Enzo Is Said To Be Heavily Disliked Backstage

A number of WWE superstars have commented on the "nuclear heat" that Enzo Amore apparently has backstage in WWE right now.  Many of the stars who are forced to work alongside Enzo don't actually like him that much, mostly because he's loud, annoying and never out of character.

The heat on Enzo could easily have come back on Liv, who is currently fighting to get to the top in NXT, which will be much harder since the Mae Young Classic will now bring more women into NXT to fight for the vacant title. Liv is in the most promising stages of her career right now and time away from Enzo and the controversy that follows him around could well be a good thing for Liv.

7 Enzo Was Moved To 205 Live Because Of His Heat Backstage


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As explained in the entry above, there could have been a number of reasons why Enzo was moved over to 205 Live, maybe it was because he's small enough to compete and finally put some eyes on a show that is floundering on the Network, or maybe WWE had nothing for Enzo to do after his former partner Big Cass was injured and put out of action for a number of months.

Another cause could be how disliked he is by the Raw locker room, making WWE instead decide to move him to 205 Live and allow him to work with a number of different stars that he hasn't rubbed the wrong way yet. Enzo seems to be quite happy on 205 Live and he is definitely getting eyes on the product.

6 Enzo Is Apparently Hated Because Of How He Throws His Money Around


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Enzo Amore plays a character on TV who thinks he's a Certified G, but in real life he tries to follow this up on his act. A few weeks ago Enzo managed to annoy a number of WWE superstars backstage when he paid $10,000 for a ticket to see Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor in Las Vegas.

Kevin Owens even tweeted what was seen as an insult to Enzo about how silly he is with money. Many other stars seem to think that Enzo doesn't think about what he is doing with the money that he is earning and it is putting negative attention on the WWE that many stars don't want. Many fans think that Enzo must get paid too much money to be able to spend that much on a fight ticket.

5 Corey Graves Stated That "Enzo Cheated On His Girlfriend"

This week on Monday Night Raw Enzo Amore continued his current storyline that saw him cheating to win matches in what could eventually lead to a heel turn by the former NXT star when Corey Graves made a comment that was picked up by a number of members of the WWE Universe.

Graves was on commentary on Monday Night and stated that "Enzo cheats to win matches, he cheated on his girlfriend" following his team's win in six man Cruiserweight tag team action. This has led to many of the WWE Universe airing their opinions on Twitter and actually questioning whether or not Graves was telling the truth about why Enzo and Liv have gone their separate ways. It seems there may still be much more to be revealed about this story.

4 Enzo Was Said To Have Brought A Number of "Questionable" Guests Backstage


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Enzo seems to know a lot of famous people and this comment could be taken a number of different ways. It seems that there are many reports that Enzo has been rubbing people the wrong way backstage because he has been bringing "questionable guests" backstage with him during shows.

This could mean that Enzo is bringing some of the strippers that he has been hanging out with in a number of different cities backstage with him, or it could mean that some of the people he hangs around with are seen as shady and many of the stars who work in WWE don't like having to rub shoulders with people like that. This is another in a long list of reasons why Enzo doesn't have any friends in WWE.

3 A Stripper Almost Got Enzo Fired

Back in July, it seems that Enzo made a huge mistake when he decided to go into a Buffalo strip club and talk to one of the strippers who was in there. Enzo apparently bragged about who he was even though she had never heard of him and said that he had a lot of money even though he only tipped her $10 all night.

This dancer/stripper then went on to rant about Enzo on Facebook and Twitter and revealed that not only was Enzo high the entire time, but he was also bragging about the fact that he doesn't care if he fails the Wellness Policy Test because he would only be fined $25000. WWE can't have been too happy with Enzo after this latest addition to his recent run of bad luck.

2 Enzo Apparently Almost Cheated On Liv With A Stripper


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The same stripper/dancer from the list entry above apparently was the one that Enzo almost nearly cheated on Liv with, although given Corey Graves' recent comments, there could have been much more to the story here.

It appears that Enzo has a long history of visiting strip clubs and that this was the final straw when the stripper/dancer decided to share the details of what Enzo was up to at the club with her all night. Most of the things that were actually claimed weren't so bad for his relationship, they would perhaps have got him into more trouble with WWE given that he was bragging about money and wellness policy rules. But it seems that whatever happened following this night, Liv and Enzo went their separate ways at the end of July.

1 The Couple Are No Longer Following Each Other On Instagram

Enzo and Liv never actually announced that they were in a relationship. Instead the WWE Universe has been following their story in a number of Instagram posts over the past 10 months that all started with the above photo back in November 2016.

The couple went on to spend New Year's Eve together before they then went on holiday, but these images have now been removed from Instagram and it seems that the romance is now officially over as Liv has stopped following Enzo on Instagram and he has done the same to her. It seems that this is the modern day version of deleting someone's number from your phone, which means that there is definitely a rift between the duo following those publicly leaked comments a few months ago.

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