15 Things You Didn't Know About Evolution's Personal Relationships

It should go without saying that there are pros and cons to having an impressive dating resume, as members of Evolution will no doubt let you know...

According to Motörhead, Evolution is a mystery, full of changes no one can see. As it would turn out, a number women who dated or married Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Batista, not to mention a famous ex of group leader Triple H, are all very likely to share this opinion. For all the men managed to accomplish in the ring, the members of Evolution don’t have the best track record with romance, the sole exception looking to be Triple H’s relationship with Stephanie McMahon. On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who considers quantity of relationships over quality, the group more than lives up to their reputation as elite.

It should go without saying that there are pros and cons to having an impressive dating resume. Even amongst the most allegedly evolved people, relationships tend to only fall apart when at least one party is at fault, and serial daters are almost always the people responsible for their own relationships failing. Of course, if a person is dating the caliber of women the Evolution members found themselves surrounded by, maybe they were happy simply experiencing as many flings as they possibly could. To get all the juicy details, keep reading to learn 15 things you didn’t know about Evolution’s personal relationships.

15 Triple H Was Cheating On Chyna When He Started Dating Stephanie


Anyone who has watched WWE in the past 17 years is likely aware that Triple H is married to Stephanie McMahon, daughter of company owner Vince McMahon. Most fans are probably also aware Triple H’s last girlfriend prior to getting involved with his wife was legendary female wrestler Chyna. What people may not realize is how close this two relationships overlapped, which is to say Triple H cheated on Chyna with the woman who would become his wife. The fact Triple H and Stephanie eventually wed is probably a sign the relationship with Chyna wasn’t meant to be, and HHH was making the right choice by moving on, but he still could have handled the situation better. It was bad enough that Chyna lost her boyfriend, not to mention that they were living together at the time, and things would only get worse from there when she left WWE the next year in part due to lingering bad feelings over the situation.

14 Ric Flair Has Spent Millions On Past Divorces


Triple H may have been the leader of Evolution, and his lackeys most certainly followed in his footsteps with their careers, but given his age and experience, Ric Flair was always considered the true mentor of the group. While any wrestler would be happy to emulate the Nature Boy in their careers, his love life is probably something they should try hard to avoid. Sure, there are benefits to having countless women on your arm every night, but they go away fast if you also have a wife who doesn’t approve, a situation Flair has thus far found himself in four times. He first married Leslie Goodman in 1971, only to get divorced in 1983. Almost immediately after his divorce, Flair was remarried to Elizabeth Harrell, who he stayed with for another 12-year stretch. Next up was Tiffany VanDemark in 2006, this time ending a mere three years later. Flair instantly remarried again, to Jacqueline Beems, who he then divorced not five years later. Altogether, Flair’s divorces have cost him millions, and yet he looks ready to get married again soon.

13 Randy Orton Has A Much Better Divorce Attorney Than The Nature Boy


Killing his own legend as a ladies man, Randy Orton has emulated Ric Flair both in his many World Championships and the fact he’s gone through at least one high profile divorce. Luckily for Orton, things went much smoother for him than they did for Flair, with TMZ reporting their divorce settlement was shockingly fair. Orton married Samantha Speno in 2007, and the couple separated in 2012, officially getting divorced the next year. Unlike the usual celebrity fare when an angry ex attempts to steal everything they can from their famous former spouse, Speno was completely reasonable in the settlement, allowing Orton to keep the majority of his assets while paying child support that could be considered pretty modest given his enormous salary. Of course, Orton is still young and Speno was wife number one, so if he keeps following Flair’s example things could get worse. That said, he seems happy with his second wife, who this list will cover as it continues.

12 Batista Is Still Close With His Ex-Wife


Continuing his reputation as the missing link between Flair and Orton, Batista finds himself in the middle of their situations by having two ex-wives. The details of his two divorce settlements aren’t public knowledge, but what we do know is that Batista remains good friends and business partners with his second wife, Angie. His first wife, Glenda, is more mysterious, aside from the fact they have two children and divorced in the early-‘90s. Batista’s relationship with Angie ended in 2006, yet the two have continued working together on a number of charitable efforts. Angie herself is a cancer survivor, having battled ovarian cancer that has been in remission for several years. Unfortunately, when her disease was still active, it caused great stress in their relationship and seems to have been a major cause in their marital problems, which doesn’t exactly make Batista look like the nicest guy in the world.

11 Triple H And Stephanie Are Poised To Inherit The WWE Universe


Given their status as the most visible couple in WWE today, there’s not much about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s marriage that would surprise or shock fans. They two started dating in early-2000, were married in 2003, and today remain together as the proud parents of three daughters. In addition to their seemingly idyllic personal lives, Triple H and Stephanie are also set for life career-wise as the heirs apparent to WWE if and when Vince McMahon ever decides to step down. For a long time, conventional wisdom assumed Vince’s son Shane would be the one to take the reigns, but that assumption has largely dissipated over time. Shane-O-Mac’s seven-year absence from the company especially didn’t help. Stephanie, on the other hand, has been extremely loyal and ambitious, as has her husband, if not more so. The result is industry insiders now believing HHH and Steph will one day be the owners of wrestling’s biggest empire, with time being the only thing standing in their way.

10 Which Former Valet Is Ric Flair Currently Engaged To?


Most men and women would look at Ric Flair’s various alimony payments and take them as a reminder marriage is a risky venture, and yet the Nature Boy himself continues to dive head first into the idea. In July of 2016, he proposed to the woman who will become his fifth wife, former WCW valet Fifi, real name Wendy Barlow. Flair first met Fifi while still married to his second wife, Beth, hiring her to be his valet and maid during his A Flair For The Gold talk show segments. More recently, Fifi has also accompanied Flair as he made appearances on the independent scene. According to court reports filed in relation to Flair’s latest divorce, he took a page out of Triple H’s book by beginning his relationship with Fifi before his last marriage ended. Of course, that was nothing new for the Nature Boy, so maybe it was HHH copying his idol yet again.

9 Randy Orton Acted Like A Child With Rochelle Loewen

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The world may never know the full story about what happened between Randy Orton and Rochelle Loewen, a woman who very briefly became a WWE Diva for a few months in 2004. Orton has been quiet on the subject, and Loewen’s own account was just a little bit ego-driven, so it’s hard to say if was actually trying to flirt with her, hit on her, or anything of that nature when the two crossed paths. Because of this, we can’t necessary their interaction has anything to do with Orton’s romantic life, but it still says a lot about how he treats women. Backing up a bit, Loewen met Orton backstage on her first day with the company, and made the mistake of asking him who he was when he approached her. Instead of simply telling her his name, Orton ran to Loewen’s locker room and allegedly poured baby oil over all her belongings, completely destroying them. Whether this was Orton responding to rejection or simply being a jerk is unclear, but either way, it’s kind of surprising this guy has had two wives and still gets adored by women.

8 Batista Cheated On His Ex-Wife With Multiple Divas


Batista and his ex-wife Angie are in a unique enough situation to have remained friends after their divorce, and the simple fact they used to be married is only the tip of the iceberg as to why. In addition to going through an emotionally painful divorce related to Angie’s struggles with cancer, Batista has admitted to almost constantly cheating on her this time with numerous female WWE superstars as his partners in adultery. Plenty of former co-workers have been alleged to get involved with Big Dave, the man himself naming at least Melina Perez, Rosa Mendes, and Kelly Kelly as past flings. The relationship with Melina was definitely the highest-profile of them all, starting shortly before his divorce was finalized and leading to an onscreen angle with Melina’s actual on-and-off boyfriend, MNM’s John Morrison.

7 Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Are The Only Couple To Concurrently Reign As WWE Champions


History is written by the winners, and that goes double if they get to write it as it happens. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been writing their own legacy for 17 years now, and they’ve been abusing their power in storyline from the very start. A mere three months into the McMahon-Helmsley Regime, the couple made history as the only couple to concurrently hold the WWE Championship and Women’s Championship. On this accomplishment alone, it would be easy to call them the most dominant power couple in pro wrestling history, and practically everything they’ve gone on to accomplish since has been more than confirming this theory. The downside of this particular piece of their history is that Stephanie almost never defended her belt, damaging the prestige it held immensely. Were it any other couple, one might think WWE would use this as a reason to give the concept a better redo, but that would take away an achievement from the Billion Dollar Princess, so it isn’t very likely.

6 Ric Flair Once Swapped Wives With Roddy Piper For ABC


It would take a pretty confident man to let his wife go out on a date with the Nature Boy, but then again, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Ric Flair have fought about practically everything else, so they may have well added some wife swapping to the mix. Things were actually completely amicable when they appeared with their significant others on Celebrity Wife Swap, Piper with his wife Kitty and Flair alongside Fifi. As is the premise of the show, Piper spent a week with Fifi while Flair bunked with the Piper clan, and they exchanged thoughts and advice at the end of the show. Ultimately, Kitty Piper thought Flair needed to give up the playboy lifestyle and focus on family, while Fifi believed Roddy could use to spend a little money now and again. In other words, they were very different people, and nothing made that clearer than the women they spend their time with.

5 Batista’s Current Wife Is An Expert Pole Dancer


How could Batista possibly move on after divorcing the so-called love of his life and then dating a virtual harem of the most gorgeous women WWE had to offer? Apparently, the answer was doing his best T-Pain impression and falling in love with a stripper. Maybe that isn’t entirely accurate, as his third wife Sarah Jade is much more than your average topless dancer. Jade doesn’t necessarily bare it all, either, given her actual occupation is “competitive pole dancer”—and she’s damn good at it, too. In fact, Jade is so good at pole dancing that she was named the first ever Miss Pole Dance America in 2016, something that makes her husband is incredibly and understandably proud. The self-taught dancer has been practicing her craft since she turned 18, and has won a number of regional tournaments en route to winning her landmark crown.

4 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Started A Charity Together


Although they’ve spent the majority of their careers being the most hated people in the WWE Universe, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are far kinder at heart than their reputation would imply. As fans are well aware, WWE in general has long been renowned for their incredible charitable efforts, specifically with the Make A Wish Foundation and Susan G. Komen For the Cure. What they may not realize is that Triple H and Stephanie also started a charity of their own, called Connor’s Cure, in tribute to WWE Hall of Fame Warrior Award winner Connor Michalek. Since it was founded in 2014, Connor’s Cure has thus far raised nearly $1 million for cancer research, later teaming with The V Foundation to enhance their potential to find a cure. On the downside, this charity has been criticized due to Stephanie McMahon’s questionable public opinion that charity is merely a form of marketing, but it’s still noble that they’ve helped hundreds of family, regardless of why they chose to do so.

3 Jim Crockett Was The Best Man At Ric Flair’s Second Wedding


Nowadays, Ric Flair tends to cite Triple H as his best friend, and while nothing is clear, it could be easy to imagine him or either of the other Evolution members as his best man during his impending nuptials with Fifi. However, back in the early-1980s when he married his second wife, Flair had yet to even form the Four Horsemen, and thus he had to look elsewhere when deciding who to give the most important job at his wedding as his best man. The person Flair chose happened to be his boss, Jim Crockett, the long-time NWA promoter who came to fame for selling his stock in the company to Ted Turner and leading to the creation of WCW. At the time, it was extremely rare for wrestling promoters to be seen with their talents, let alone have a public presence whatsoever, which really says it all about how valued an athlete Flair was to Crockett.

2 Randy Orton’s Second Wife Was A Huge Fan Before They Even Met


Considering Randy Orton’s great physique and the amount of time he’s spent on top of the WWE Universe, it would be a fair bet that dozens of women around the globe call him their favorite wrestler. Only one of these ladies was lucky enough to meet him and have all her dreams come true through marriage, and her name is Kimberly Kessler. Chances are Orton’s first wife was at least aware of his fame before they met, but Samantha Speno had nothing on Kessler’s obsessive fandom. During an interview on the WWE Network after they wed, Kessler admitted to having regularly fantasized about Orton being her boyfriend before they even met, adding that she covered her house in his memorabilia. While some guys might see this as a warning sign, a self-serving sort like Orton would view it as a reason to immediately fall in love, especially once he learned she wasn’t exaggerating in the slightest.

1 Triple H Loves Stephanie’s Family As Much As He Loves Her


Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s make it clear that headline isn’t meant to imply Triple H doesn’t love his wife. Rumors have long existed that may be the case, but that’s not what we’re going for here. All we’re saying is that in stark contrast to the cliché of a brutish stepson entering a posh upper-class family, Triple H appears equally proud of being a member of the McMahon family as he is in love with his wife. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it also looks like the love between him and Stephanie is genuine. The fact remains, however, that were Triple H forced to choose between discussing business with his father-in-law while they worked out and spending a day on the beach with the wife and kids, it would be almost impossible to predict which scenario The Game would prefer. Of course, since we have no idea how the other Evolutionary wrestlers felt about their in-laws, maybe this is part of what keeps HHH and Stephanie together while the other relationships tended to fall apart.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About Evolution's Personal Relationships