15 Things You Didn't Know About Finn Balor's Personal Life

Finn Balor has become one of the most popular Superstars in WWE over the past few years, and it's easy to see why. The Demon King and the leader of the Balor Club has brought his own style and skill to WWE and it seems that one day he could finally be the future of the business.

Balor joined WWE in 2014 in a debut that shocked many of the NXT regulars as he teamed with Hideo Itami and is still the longest reigning NXT Champion in the history of the developmental brand.

Finn helped NXT become the phenomenon that it is today and that is why WWE decided to make him one of their headline draft picks in the Summer of 2016.

Balor made his debut on Raw and shocked the world when he pinned Roman Reigns on his first night. He then went on to main event SummerSlam alongside Seth Rollins and become the first ever Universal Champion before he was forced to relinquish the Championship due to injury.

Despite knowing so much about Balor's life as a wrestler, not that much is common knowledge about his personal life, so here are 15 facts that every member of the Balor Club should know about their leader.


15 Finn Loves Lego


Finn Balor is a unique Superstar. While other wrestlers go to the gym or unwind by going to nightclubs and getting drunk, Finn claims that the only thing that keeps him sane when he's on the road for months at a time and unable to see his family, is Lego.

He says that some of his earliest memories are of sitting in front of the TV watching WWE SummerSlam 1995 and playing with his Lego set. It's something that he has grown up with and he refuses to grow out of. It makes him one of the most unique Superstars. Everyone has their own way to unwind and it seems that Finn will never be able to get into trouble in the real world if he's busy building a lego battleship.

14 Karl Anderson Is His Best Friend


Finn made the decision to move to Japan when he was 24-years-old. He decided that he needed to step out of his comfort zone and expand on his wrestling knowledge. It was his time in Japan that got him noticed by WWE, but it seems that Finn picked up a lot more that this from his time in Japan.

Karl Anderson stated that he didn't like Finn at all when he first met him at NJPW, but about a year later they were invited out for drinks by a mutual friend and they hit it off right away. The duo has been friends ever since and now are both on Monday Night Raw together, which means they can spend much more time together moving forward, as long as both men avoid injury.

13 He Used To Collect Power Slam Magazine When He Was Younger


Finn appeared in an episode of 'My Son is a WWE Superstar' earlier this year and talked about his time growing up in a small village in Ireland. Finn was an avid wrestling fan and used to deliver the moves on his two brothers while his sister played look out to check that they wouldn't get caught by their parents.

Finn stated that it was a time where WWE and wrestling news as a whole wasn't easy to come by, so he would run down to his local shop once a month when PowerSlam magazine came out and would read it cover to cover. He stated that it was like his bible and it was what he looked forward to every month. He still has all of the copies of the magazine that he collected under his bed in his old room in his parents home in Bray County Wicklow Ireland.

12 Seth Rollins And Balor Ppent Valentines Day 2017 Together

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Seth Rollins faced Finn Balor in the main event of SummerSlam back in 2016. Finn was injured in the match and forced to undergo surgery, which resulted in him needing a lot of rehabilitation before he could wrestle again. While he was there at the beginning of 2017 Seth Rollins was forced to rehab his knee injury at the same place.

Rollins had torn his MCL and needed to ensure he could wrestle at WrestleMania. This gave the duo time to properly get to know each other and allowed Finn to reassure Seth that he didn't blame him for his injury. The duo even spent Valentines Day 2017 together, as Seth shared the about picture on Instagram, much to the frustration of most of the female demographic of the WWE Universe.

11 He Supports Tottenham Hotspur


Growing up in Ireland, Finn would obviously have been brought up as a football fan. But rather than support an Irish team, it seems that Finn became a huge fan of Premier League outfit Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs play their home games at White Hart Lane in London and are considered the main rivals of Arsenal, their fellow North London friends. The team themselves are not one of the top four, or five teams in the UK, like their neighbours' Arsenal, but they are considered to be an established Premier League team. It is unknown how Finn managed to become a Spurs fan, but he would definitely be happy with their progress this season and the fact that they came very close to winning the Premier League title for the first time.

10 He Has A Black Belt In Submission Wrestling


As well as being one of the most sought after professional wrestlers in the world, it seems that Finn also has many other skills that he could easily bring into his WWE persona. Finn has never been seen as much of a technical wrestler. Much of his offence is by using his feet, so it comes as a quite a big surprise that he has a first degree Black Belt in IBF Submission Wrestling.

This is a combat sport that is contested in Japan that Finn would have picked up during his time there. The sport is a mix of martial arts, Jujitsu, Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu and Greco-Roman wrestling and would have taught Finn a lot of valuable moves and skills that have helped him throughout his career ever since.

9 He Played Football Before He Started Wrestling


When Finn was growing up, wrestling wasn't as big as it is right now in the UK and Ireland and so like many young boys, Finn began his younger years by playing football, or soccer as it's referred by many association football players in America.

Finn also had a stint of playing Gaelic football, which is an entirely different game altogether. It is an Irish sport that is played on a rectangular pitch with 15 players on either team, much like Rugby. In fact, the scoring system is very similar to Rugby as well. Gaelic football is one of four other sports that make up the Gaelic gGames. It seems that Finn has been an athletic person all his life and even if he didn't get into wrestling, he obviously had a future in sport.


8 He Is A Huge Comic Book Fan


Finn, like many other wrestlers in WWE right now, is a huge fan of comic books. Unlike Alexa Bliss, Finn can't dress up and cosplay the characters on WWE TV but he did used to be able to, for many years, which showed the love he has for comic book characters.

Finn uses his body paint to dress up as characters like The Joker, Venom, Spiderman, The Punisher, and many others during his time on the Independent Circuit. It was his way of expressing himself before WWE settled on a permanent idea and paint scheme for Finn's Demon character, which doesn't allow him to adapt it as much anymore. At TakeOver: London Finn was allowed to use a Jack The Ripper Inspired paint design, which went down quite well in front of the British fans.

7 He Is Rarely Able To Go Home

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WWE Superstars have incredibly hectic schedules. Sometimes they are forced to do more than one show each night and famously spend more than 300 days a year on the road unless they suffer an injury and are forced onto the sidelines.

When Finn was injured following SummerSlam last year, he was finally able to go home for more than just a fleeting visit. This was the first time Finn had been back home properly in 12 years since he first left to kickstart his career in Japan. Finn has said many times that he misses his quiet country style home when he's away but he's accepted that he's living his dream and that's all that matters. Even though he does dislike the traffic and noise in the city because it is something he isn't used to.

6 He Doesn't Like Living In The City


Finn was forced to move to America when he was signed by WWE and has since been forced to live in the city and travel through lots of traffic all the time when he's heading to a live event or TV taping.

Growing up in a picture perfect village right but the sea is what Finn is used to seeing. He loved the quiet and he loves being able to go back home and visit the place he took for granted when he was growing up. It seems that Finn really is a country boy at heart, but he has adapted well to not only the high level of traffic in America but the level of traffic that he used to have to fight through to get to shows in Japan as well.

5 He Is Very Close To His Parents


Finn has always been close to his parents. He told them when he was quite young that he wanted to be a professional wrestler and they have always allowed him to follow his dream. They even admitted to his school that they knew he wanted to be a wrestler when the school called and told them what he had decided that he wanted to be.

Finn's parents have been ringside for some of the biggest matches of his career and were even ringside when he was injured at SummerSlam last year. Following his surgery, his mother and father decided to stay with him in America for two weeks to ensure that he was recovering properly before he decided to head back to Ireland with the for a few weeks as well.

4 Finn Has Three Brothers And A Sister


Finn is close to his parents, but that doesn't mean he's an only child. Shockingly Finn has three brothers and a sister. His sister Anna-Marie is pictured on her wedding day above with her brothers Eoin, Ciaran, and Finn.

Finn is also very close to his siblings and has shared many stories about their lives growing up and the way they helped him to become a much better wrestler. He has stated how all his brothers allowed him to Powerbomb them on the couch or even wrestle them on mats in the garden while their parents were in a different room because they didn't all that sort of thing in the house. Anna-Marie was always the look out and ensured that thepwy never got caught because she never wanted to wrestle herself.

3 Finn Had Quite The Reputation In Japan


Finn decided to make the move to Japan when he was only 24-years-old. It seems that even though he comes across as quite a shy person when he's outside of a WWE ring, that isn't the kind of person he was when he was in Japan.

Karl Anderson was his best friend at the time and he tweeted many things about his adventures with Fergal. He stated that "If you knew how much Vag Fergal was slaying then you could too sweet him too" on a Twitter post that he has since deleted. Finn was known as "The Vag Slayer" throughout his Japan career, but it seems that he has tried to get away from this and Anderson's bad influence since signing with WWE because none of these stories have been able to translate across the pond.

2 He Trained Becky Lynch When She First Wanted To Become A Wrestler


Finn and Becky Lynch come from around the same close-knit area in Ireland. So it's no surprise that at one point Finn and Becky trained together. Not only did they train together, but Finn actually trained Becky when she began attending the Fight Factory; a facility that Finn helped to put together and where he helped to train aspiring wrestlers.

Finn left for Japan not long after, but he remembered Becky when the duo met again in WWE and they have once again become good friends. Becky recently admitted that she actually lied about her age at the time so that she could train at the school. Becky, Finn, and Sheamus are currently flying the flag for Ireland in the WWE, with Jordan Devlin a recent signing following the WWE UK Tournament at the beginning of this year.

1 Dating Cathy Kelley?


While nothing has bene made official, a recent pictured has surfaced of Finn Balor and Cathy Kelley holding hands on in the streets. As the rumors continue to swirl, many of the WWE Universe has come to believe that Finn is no longer single.

This will obviously upset the Finn fangirls around the world who long for The Demon King. But it appears as this moment, Finn and Cathy have found each other. This likely occurred while Finn was on tour with the NXT brand.


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