15 Things You Didn't Know About Goldberg's Personal Life

Bill Goldberg made his impressive in-ring return to WWE back in November when he defeated 'The Beas't Brock Lesnar in less than two minutes. Up until this point Lesnar had been undefeated in WWE for more than three years and given that Goldberg hadn't wrestled in more than a decade, this was considered a huge upset.

Goldberg was only supposed to return to WWE for the one match to hype up WWE2K17. But his return went so well that WWE  added him to Royal Rumble match, are giving him a match at Fastlane, and a spot on the WrestleMania card.

Many die hard wrestling fans remember Goldberg for his time in WCW and his infamous undefeated streak, a streak that now reads that Goldberg has only been defeated five times in his entire career.

Despite the fact that Goldberg has been out of the spotlight for a decade, he has still been able to step back into the WWE world and hasn't missed a beat. Goldberg has been away from the sport for a long time, which means that there are many things about Goldberg that diehard fans won't know or simply won't remember.

Here are 15 facts about the  former WCW star that every fan of Goldberg should know.

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15 Podcast

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It is the age of social media and it seems that many of the WWE Universe enjoy listening to 'old school' wrestlers talk about their careers on their own Podcasts. Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, and Stone Cold Steve Austin are all wrestlers that now have their own podcasts as well. In fact, Austin's podcast is often used as a follow up to Monday Night Raw where Stone Cold interviews the biggest Superstars of WWE, past and present.

Goldberg's 'Who's Next With Bill Goldberg' won the 2015 Slammy Award for the best show. Unlike many other podcasts, Goldberg's is mostly about his career, fan phone-ins, and celebrity conversations. Goldberg has stated that his podcast is only for sports people and only ever advertises sports based guests.

14 Animal Advocate

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Goldberg has made it clear many times that he believes in animal rights and that this is because he is a lover of all animals. He is particularly fond of kittens and there are many amusing images of him holding kittens, some of which are his own.

Goldberg owns three cats Larry, Curly, and Moe. He also surprisingly has a pet named Goatberg. He is also an advocate and spokesperson for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. He was made the Chairman of the ASPCA and managed to bring some light on the illegal use of animals in fighting rings in the USA. It may come as a surprise that such a big, scary man has such a soft spot for animals.

13 Jewish Heritage

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Goldberg was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and had a Bar Mitzvah when he turned of age in the city. He has always been proud of his Jewish heritage and he has never tried to hide it throughout his career. He even refused to wrestle on Yom Kippur in the past which is a true sign of his commitment.

Goldberg comes from a family where his mother was a classical violinist and his father was an obstetrician and gynaecologist. His parents later divorced. His father died back in 2006 and his mother then began breeding flowers and created an award winning Orchid hybrid that she then named Goldberg. If anything else, it is nice to know that Goldberg remains true to his roots and hold these values close to his heart.

12 Football Career

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Like many wrestlers, Goldberg began his life as a huge fan of football. This would lead to a professional football career. Goldberg played Defensive Tackle for both the Georgia Bulldogs and the Los Angeles Rams.

He then moved to the Atlanta Falcons before ending his career at the Carolina Panthers. Goldberg then tore his lower abdomen from his pelvis and decided it was time to give up on his NFL career. This was when Goldberg found wrestling as he then turned his extra time into training for a wrestling career and had an incredible run in WCW before his most recent WWE return. If Goldberg had not bene injured on the football field, then WCW would of never introduced such a monster of a man to the wrestling world.

11 Real Life Heat With Chris Jericho

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Wrestling was different back in the 1990s. Wrestling was the land of the giants and it was the giants who were at the top of the business. This means that when WWE wanted Goldberg to have a feud with Chris Jericho, the much bigger star stated that he was unhappy with this decision because he didn't think it would be believable since Jericho is much smaller than him.

He claimed that in reality, he would easily knock him out so how could anyone believe that they could have a 10-15 minute match? As with most problems between wrestlers, this came to a head and there was a backstage fight between the duo back in 2003. The facts about the fight are still unknown, but it seems that they've settled their problems and moved forward since.

10 Vegetarian?

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Goldberg is an animal activist and a lover of all Gods creatures, and rumors have stated that Goldberg is also vegetarian. If this is true, Goldberg has managed to maintain an incredible physique despite not eating meat, which would mean that he doesn't gain protein the same way that many wrestlers do. Of course, with the look of Goldberg, this could be hard for fans to believe.

There are pictures on the internet to support the argument that Goldberg is NOT a vegetarian. But what can really stop internet rumors? Whether or not Goldberg is or was a vegetarian at some point debated but either way, Goldberg has maintained a great physical condition over the years. It is possible that due to his heritage Goldberg simply doesn't eat pork.

9 Car Collection

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When wrestlers reach the height of their fame, they are earning a lot of money and sometimes this allows wrestlers to begin collecting or buying things that they have always wanted. It seems that Goldberg had always wanted to collect cars. He now owns more than 25 vintage cars that are worth a fortune combined.

His cars include  a Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible, Shelby Cobra 427, and a Mustang Boss 429 "Lawman." The Lawman was one of just two cars used in the Vietnam War to entertain the United States Army. Goldberg is an avid collector of cars, as are many wrestlers, including John Cena who also has a huge collection of classic cars to call his own. Who knew Goldberg and Cena had sometime in common.

8 Bouncer

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Goldberg has had a passion for NFL his entire life. He has followed the sport from a young age and even had a semi-successful professional career he joined WWE. It was only because he was injured badly that he had to give up the game and make the switch over the the world of wrestling.

In what could be considered preparation for a career on the gridiron, Goldberg would find a job as a bouncer at the age of sixteen. It is believed that Goldberg lied about his age in order to obtain the position. From working doors, to crushing bodies on the field, to life inside of a wrestling ring, Goldberg has always been a psychical force. Even now is middle age, the man remains tough as nails.

7 Covered In Scars

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Goldberg has had a long career in professional sports so it comes as no surprise that he has a lot of scars to show for his time in the spotlight. He has a scar on the right side of his torso from an injury he suffered back in his college football days that required surgery to repair.

He also has a scar from his abdomen injury that cost him his football career as well as a scar on his right forearm from the infamous altercation that occurred back in WCW when Goldberg took it upon himself to punch out a limousine. Goldberg has had his own fair share of injuries like many other wrestlers and they've kept him out of action for a good few months of his wrestling career.

6 Actor

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It probably comes as no surprise given the amount of time he spent in the spotlight when he was a full-time wrestler, but Goldberg has actually become an accomplished actor. Goldberg began being cast in films in 1999 and has starred in films such as Ready to Rumble, Santa's Slay, and Looney Tunes back in Action.

He went on to star in films like Half Past Dead 2, Kill Speed, Nine Legends, and American Satan. Goldberg focused more on his acting career after he left WWE and has even starred in many TV shows as well over the past two decades. Goldberg has even participated on The Celebrity Apprentice. Obviously Goldberg has not been The Rock in terms of Hollywood success but he has still managed to piece together a string of roles.

5 Businessman 

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Goldberg co-owns and operates his own Extreme Power Gym Muay Thai and amateur boxing training facility in his home state of California. It seems that Goldberg's lifestyle has been something of a debate over the past few decades, especially given that he has managed to achieve it free of any enhancements.

Goldberg has also been obsessed with fitness over the past few years and it seems that his obsession has allowed him to go on to open his own gym and then share his knowledge of fitness with other fans of the sport. Goldberg wouldn't be able to do as much with the gym now that he has signed up for many WWE appearances, but it is thought that he will go back to his day job following WrestleMania.

4 Commentator For MMA

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It has been made obvious that Goldberg is always up for a fight. He is a star who loves to fight and it seems that this comes through into his real life as well since he has made some appearances as a colour commentator for Mixed Martial Arts promotion World Fighting Alliance's King of the Streets pay-per-view in Los Angeles back in 2006.

He went on to commentate on many other shows in 2006 and 2007 and when asked about whether or not he would like to join UFC or any MMA based company, he stated that he would if he was younger because a lot of the guys have a lot of experience over him. But never say never, because you never know what the future holds. He also said that he would join if it didn't mean giving up the career that he had already had.

3 The Longest Yard

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The Longest Yard is an Adam Sandler based comedy movie but it is also thought of as a wrestling cult film. The movie is about American Football, something that Goldberg has a lot of experience working with. It seems that even though Goldberg can no longer hold down a football career because of his injuries, at least he has the opportunity to do so in movies where the risks are a lot easier to overcome.

As well as Goldberg, The Great Khali, Kevin Nash, and Stone Cold Steve Austin were also part of the movie. It was a critically acclaimed film and it turned out to be one of the ones that Goldberg is best remembered for when it comes to his hit and miss acting career.

2 Married Man

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Unlike many wrestlers from the early 1990s, Goldberg has only been married once. He met his wife on the set of Santa's Slay while he was making the film back in 2004. Goldberg played the main role in the movie that was then released around Christmas in 2005 and his wife was a stunt-double for the same Christmas film.

Goldberg and Wanda Ferraton married on April 10, 2005 after being together for less than a year. Goldberg's wife was at Survivor Series back in November when he defeated Brock Lesnar in record time, along with his son Gage. Having his family at ringside has proven to be an important factor in Goldberg's return to action in the WWE. Especially when it comes to his son who had never seen his father perform live.

1 Proud Father

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Goldberg's son Gage has played a huge role in the WCW Legend's return to WWE over the past few months and this is because Goldberg wanted his son to see him wrestle in reality. His son is a huge part of the reason why Goldberg came back to WWE because he is a huge wrestling fan.

Even though Gage is a huge wrestling fan, Goldberg himself has stated that he will not allow his son to sign with WWE. This could be  because of the issues he has had with the company in the early years or whether it is because he doesn't want his son to make the same mistakes that he has, but he is adamant that his son will not be joining WWE.

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