15 Things You Didn't Know About John Cena And Nikki Bella's Relationship

John Cena is the undisputed face of WWE. He has become one of the most popular and well-known Superstars in WWE history over the past decade and it's only right that Nikki Bella has followed suit since she began dating the former World Champion.

Nikki herself is a former Divas Champion but she had been fired from WWE along with her sister Brie just before she began dating Cena and her sister began dating Daniel Bryan. WWE then rehired the twin sisters and over the past few years the duo have gone on to become the faces of the WWE Women's Division.

John and Nikki's relationship is one that has been made public since 2012 and so many fans feel the need to voice their opinions on the real lives of their favourite WWE Superstars. Nikki and John made their relationship much more public when they began appearing together on Total Divas and will continue to do so by starring in Total Bella's.

Thanks to the E! Network show, the WWE Universe have been able to see the lives of Nikki and Cena outside of a WWE ring and grown to love them as a couple. As a duo they have become known as WWE's power couple given Nikki's Divas Championship record and Cena's World title record.

The fans of this couple pride themselves on knowing the ins and outs of their relationship, but the following are 15 facts that even the most hardcore of fans may not have been aware of.

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15 The Duo Have Been Dating Since 2012

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Nikki wasn't even signed to a WWE contract when she began dating John Cena in 2012. The company had allowed her and her sister Brie to leave the year before and then made the decision to bring the twins back to TV when they found out that they were dating two of WWE's biggest stars.

Cena had just split up from his wife and was in a tough position in his personal life, but it seems that Nikki was the perfect solution. She was brought back to WWE TV and the company began building the Divas Division around her and allowed her to become the face of the 2015 Divas Revolution. It pays to be dating one of the biggest stars in the company, that's for sure.

14 Nikki Used to Date Dolph Ziggler

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Every WWE Superstar has a past and Nikki is no different. Before she met John Cena she was in a long-term relationship with Nick Nemeth, more commonly known in WWE as Dolph Zigger.

The two were in a committed relationship for a long time throughout Nikki's first run with WWE and in recent episodes of Total Divas, Nick has made it obvious that he wanted to get back together with Nikki and that he would be able to give her the marriage and children that John Cena won't. Obviously, this was just dramatized for the show because Dolph Ziggler is currently dating fellow WWE Superstar Dana Brooke and has been since the beginning of 2016. While obviously staged, we have to wonder just how John Cena truly feels about Dolph Ziggler.

13 Nikki Signed a Co-Inhabitation Agreement Before Moving in with Cena

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Nikki and John Cena decided to make the decision to move in together just a year into their relationship but Cena sprung a co-inhabitation agreement on Nikki before he would allow her to move in with him.

Nikki was visibly shocked by the fact that Cena was forcing her to sign a contract that meant that she would have to adhere to all of the rules of his home. This was made public on an episode of Total Divas and Nikki walked away from Cena after he explained that she would need to sign it. The following episode Cena made it clear that it wasn't because of her that he was forcing her to sign it, but it was because of the way his previous wife had left him. Nikki understood and signed the contract.

12 Nikki Has Been Married Before

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Nikki Bella is 32-years-old so it shouldn't come as a shock that she has already been married. The former model had many other jobs before she joined the WWE roster and travelled all over the world, but she met her husband in high school and the duo decided to head off and get married in secret.

Nikki revealed this to her family and to John Cena on an episode of Total Divas because she had managed to keep her three-year marriage a secret from her own family for that long. She stated that the wedding was annulled after the three years and the pair then went their separate ways. John didn't take the news too well either since he thought that it meant Nikki had been lying to him for their entire relationship.

11 They Schedule A Weekly Date Night

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John Cena has to be one of the busiest Superstars currently employed by WWE. From starring in movies to presenting award show. Making media appearances to then filming the new season of American Grit and still being able to make it back to WWE for a few shows at a time, his schedule is quite hectic.

Add that to the fact that Nikki is contracted to WWE to tour all over the world with them and can be in any given state or city at any given time. This means that the couple have to take time out of their schedules to spend time together and they manage to for one night a week. No matter where they are they find the time to meet up and discuss their weekly adventures over a bottle of wine.

10 John Cena Has Been Married Before

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It has already been stated that Nikki was married before, but the entire WWE Universe should be aware that John was also married to his longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Huberdeau. The couple announced their engagement in 2009 and then married later the same year.

In May 2012 Cena then filed for divorce. This was then finalized in July, and it was stated that Elizabeth had found out about John Cena cheating on her through Kenny Dykstra's social media updates. She then instantly decided to end the marriage. She then took Cena to court to prove his infidelity. Cena doesn't speak publicly about the reasons for the breakdown of his marriage but this is the reason he has been so hard on Nikki throughout their current relationship.

9 John Cena Doesn't Want Kids

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Many current WWE Superstars are parents, and many manage to continue to do their jobs while also being loving parents outside of the ring, but it seems that lifestyle isn't for Cena.

The former World Champion has stated many times that he doesn't want kids. He said that his life is to hectic right now and with both him and Nikki barely finding time to see each other each week, it would be harsh to put a child in that mix. Nikki has always said that she wanted a big family, something that she told Cena and her own family regularly on Total Divas. It doesn't help that her sister Brie has left WWE now in the hope that she and her husband Daniel Bryan can start a family of their own in the near future, while Nikki still waits on a proposal.

8 Nikki was Going to Freeze Her Eggs

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As already stated, Nikki is 32-years-old, so when John told her that he didn't want kids, she then decided that she would have to freeze her eggs now or she wouldn't be able to have kids later in life when she had finally decided the time was right.

She hid the fact that she was freezing her eggs from John until he found out himself when he saw her syringes lying around. He then confronted her and she was forced to tell the truth. Cena understood because he doesn't want kids and she might want them in the future with someone else. So he said that she could continue doing it, but he didn't understand why she felt the need to lie to him in the first place.

7 Both Star in Total Divas and Total Bellas

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When Nikki and Brie were brought back into the WWE in 2012 it was because WWE wanted to build the Women's Division around them, and that included making them THE stars of Total Divas. The WWE officials were unsure of how the show would be received by the WWE audience but knew that it would be worth the gamble since Daniel Bryan and John Cena would also be on the show.

After how big a hit Total Divas has become, WWE has made the decision to begin a series called Total Bellas. This will be focused around Nikki and Brie and their entire family, and nothing else. It will also star Bryan, Cena, and former Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis who is currently married to the twins mother Kathy. There have been rumors that the show will have a marriage and a birth which will leave fans wondering who will be a part of what.

6 Nikki Moved to SmackDown to be with Cena

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When WWE decided that they would split their roster back into two different brands, Nikki Bella was still out recovering from neck surgery. At that point, she was unsure as to whether or not she would wrestle again so she remained undrafted as part of the show.

Nikki made her return at WWE SummerSlam, and showed that she had already made her choice to join SmackDown Live while filling in for the suspended Eva Marie It was made public that Nikki Bella had decided to join SmackDown so that she could be close to John Cena and then travel with him. The ironic thing here is the fact that the night she returned was the night Cena left to take some time away from the company.

5 In Total Bella's They All live Together in Cena's House

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It's the epitome of a reality show: put a lot of egos in one room and at some point, there will be enough drama worth watching. WWE decided it was a good idea to put the entire family in Cena's house so that they can prepare for the show.

The show will feature the birth of Nikki and Brie's brother Jay Jay's first child as well as the wedding of John Laurinaitis and Kathy Colace. It premieres on the E! Network next month and already seems like it could be a hit with the WWE Universe following the success of Total Divas. As with many spin-off shows, this one won't include the full cast of Total Divas as it will be solely focus on the lives of the Bella Twins and their immediate family.

4 John Cena Doesn't Want To Marry Again

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Given that Cena was only married for three years and his wife then took him to court to prove that he had been unfaithful to her while they were married.

Cena has been very outspoken about the fact that he doesn't want to marry again whenever Nikki raises the idea on Total Divas. Nikki is a hopeless romantic and she wants to have a family one day but John has always been against the idea. Many thought that Cena would finally crack and propose to Nikki on the season finale of Total Divas but he didn't. It doesn't help the fact that Nikki has had to watch her sister get engaged and then married and now attempt to begin a family while she is still in the same place.

3 They've Lived Together Since 2013

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Even though Cena has a problem with doing any normal relationship things like getting engaged, married or even having children. Although he did prove in the first season of Total Divas that he has no problem with Nikki moving into his house with him.

The duo moved in together so that they could spend more time doing couple type things away from WWE when they did finally have days off or when they weren't concentrating on other projects. Nikki is a qualified real estate agent so she knows a good house when she sees one and Cena's is worth around $750,000. Cena has had his house renovated over the past few years and now it has an outside and inside pool as well as gym rooms and it's own boat dock.

2 Cena Dated Mickie James, Victoria, and Maria Before Nikki

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"Dated" would be a strong word but it would also be the best word to describe the relations that Cena had with many of the WWE Divas locker room before he finally settled down with his wife. Cena was a free agent before he was married, but that doesn't give him an excuse to have a dating history that reads like a rap sheet.

Cena had a storyline with Maria back in 2006 that led to a brief fling between the two before he then moved on to Victoria, but it was his relationship with Mickie James that caused him the most problems because Mickie was engaged to Kenny Dykstra at the time. The former cheerleader found out his fiance was cheating and shared it on Social Media. This then forced Dykstra to be moved to Raw and the duo continued their romance on the SmackDown brand, but when Cena broke up with Mickie in favour of his marriage, Mickie was not best impressed.

1 Cena Was The Reason Nikki Became The Longest Reigning Divas Champion

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It's perhaps one of the worst kept secrets in WWE, but there is a lot of speculation suggesting that Nikki was supposed to lose the Divas Championship many weeks before she actually did. But Cena wasn't happy about this so he spoke to officials backstage and had the script changed so that Nikki could remain Champion and break AJ Lee's record.

If this is true then it makes sense because some of the ending's to the title defences were shocking. Cena has a lot of leverage backstage and if he wanted to ensure his girlfriend remained as Champion then he definitely could. For WWE to have two record-breaking reigns after each other like that did seem quite odd but it never really pieced together until the Cena story was finally told.

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