15 Things You Didn't Know About Kurt Angle's Marriage

Kurt Angle recently returned to WWE after an 11-year hiatus to be inducted into the Hall of Fame back in April. It was then revealed that since Mick Foley needed to leave to undergo hip surgery, 2017's Hall of Fame headliner would be taking his place as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

Angle hasn't been seen in a WWE ring since 2006 and even though he's been wrestling for TNA almost the entire time he's been away from the company, Kurt has had a lot of inner demons of his to destroy and the problems in his personal life haven't helped him very much either.

Kurt's first marriage had a very public ending since TNA thought it was a good idea to turn it into a storyline, a successful one, but still, one that seemed a little bit too personal. Much like the Matt Hardy and Edge one was, in WWE a few years before.

Kurt has managed to move on with his life following this and now he's got a whole new family, and here is everything you need to know about the new woman in Kurt Angle's life.

15 Kurt's Wife Is Named Giovanna Yannotti

The new woman in Kurt Angle's life is named Giovanna Yannotti. The couple met back in 2009 and even though Giovanna is almost twenty years younger than Kurt, it hasn't bothered the couple. In Kurt Angle's recent "Homecoming" documentary on the WWE Network, Angle and Yannotti both claimed that it was love straight away.

Kurt had already been through a lot of stress in his personal life, but Giovanna was completely different than his first wife Karen. She's half Mexican and half-Italian. She has a background in both acting and modelling and ever since the couple met and decided to settle down, Giovanna has been the support system that Kurt Angle has needed in his life for a number of years.

14 The First Marriage

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Kurt Angle's first marriage has been well-documented over the past few years. Even though it was a personal matter, Karen Angle did ask for a divorce and then did go on to marry Jeff Jarrett instead, which should really have cost Jeff his job.

The couple was already divorced and back in a good place when it was decided that they would turn the real life drama into a storyline for Impact Wrestling. At the time Kurt was struggling with drug dependency and it really probably wasn't the easiest thing for him to do. Kurt loves wrestling, so to him it was just the chance to continue wrestling and the storyline was a by product. But given his mental state around this time, it was a harsh thing for the company to ask of him, given that they knew he was released from WWE because he was struggling with pain killers.

13 Giovanna Has A Background In Acting

Giovanni has been acting for a number of years, with many of her most credited film being released in 2009. Yannotti appeared in the likes of My Bloody Valentine 3D, Sorority Row, and The Twilight Saga: New Moon all in 2009 before moving on to film like Justified and Shelter the following year. The final film that Giovanna was credited in was in 2012 when she played Consuelo in Death From Above.

Giovanna wanted to pursue a career in acting before she met Kurt and her life obviously then took a drastic turn. Most of Giovanna's acting credits were only small roles in films up until 2012 when she finally had a named character in a movie. But this was the year she decided to step away from acting, which is sad because she seems to have had quite a passion for it.

12 Kurt And Giovanna Met While Making A Film

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Giovanna's background in acting is the reason that she met Kurt back in 2009 when the duo were both part of The End Game. Kurt had a main role in the film and Giovanna played an extra as a customer in a restaurant after she was called in by a family friend because they really needed someone to fill the role at the last minute.

Yannotti has claimed that it was fate that the couple met that way. She said she was sitting in the restaurant when Kurt came in and she thought he was so handsome with his big blue eyes and said that she wanted him. The couple appeared alongside each other once again in the 2012 film Death from Above. Giovanna had a much bigger role in this film though.

11 Giovanna Always Shares Just How Much She Supports Her Husband

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Unlike the spouses of many of WWE's biggest wrestlers, Giovanna is very active on Social Media and has a strong following on Instagram and Twitter. Giovanna uses this platform to share some of the cute moments she has with her family when Kurt is home, but she also uses it as a way to show that she supports her husband in everything that she does.

Giovanna recently retweeted a number of other tweets about her husband's role as a downloadable character in WWE2K18, before Tweeting: "2017 WWE Hall of Famer, Raw GM, wwek18 Pre order bonus character, WWE 24 documentary... So proud of you!!" Giovanna was the support system that Kurt always needed and she seems to still be proud of everything he does to this day.

10 Kurt Has Two Children From His First Marriage

Angle was married to his first wife Karen for ten years, between 1998 and 2008. It was reported that Karen filed for divorce from Kurt in September 2008. The couple have two children together though. Kurt's oldest daughter is named Kyra, who was born in 2002. Kurt's only son is named Kody and he was born back in 2006, just before Angle left WWE.

Despite the fact that Angle and Karen's divorce became a messy affair, they were able to become civil with each other after the storyline was played out on Impact Wrestling in front of viewers. Kurt is still able to see his two oldest children all the time. Giovanna often updates pictures of Kurt with all his children on Instagram.

9 The Couple Have Two Dogs Named Lola And Dee Dee

Our birthday girl Dee Dee!!! 😍😍

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The couple have lived together now for a number of years, having married back in 2012. They are the perfect kind of family and even have two golden retriever's together named Lola and Dee Dee.

Nothing says family better than owning a pet together. Giovanna updates pictures of Lola and Dee Dee on her Instagram page, and it appears that the couple have had them for a while since Lola was four years old on her last birthday back in May. Giovanna even dressed her up with a birthday hat to show that she really is treated as a member of the family. She perhaps gives Giovanna someone else to talk to when Kurt is away on the road. Who doesn't love having two dogs to watch TV with while your husband is out of town?

8 Giovanna Was Able To Attend The Hall Of Fame Ceremony This Year

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Giovanna and Kurt have only been officially together since 2009 so she was never able to experience Kurt as a star when he was in WWE. The past few months for her have been pretty amazing. She was able to dress up and "feel like a princess" while she watched her husband being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in April.

She was the allowed to attend WrestleMania just two days later and this was seen on the same "Homecoming" documentary about Kurt that was released to the WWE through the Network on Monday Night. Kurt's schedule with TNA was much less gruelling than the one he will have with WWE, so this would all be new to Giovanna, who wasn't around to see Kurt's first run in WWE that ended back in 2006.

7 Giovanna Is The Only Real Family Kurt Has Left

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Kurt explained on his "Homecoming" documentary that he lost his father at a young age and he then saw Vince McMahon as the kind of role model and father figure that he needed in his life at the time. While he was struggling with his addictions he was lying to his mother and pretending that everything was OK, because his sister had passed away following a heroin overdose back in 2003.

Angle then sadly lost his mother just two years ago as well, after a long battle with cancer. Kurt tried to keep his mother in the dark most of the time when it came to the problems he was suffering from his inner demons because he didn't want to worry her. Giovanna has been the person for Kurt to lean on through all this.

6 The Couple Went To Applebee's On Their First Date

With my Birthday boy!!!!! Love you!! @therealkurtangle

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Giovanna isn't very well-known to the WWE Universe yet. The first that the WWE fans have seen of Kurt's new wife is her appearance on his documentary this week, where she revealed how she met Kurt and how their relationship finally came together.

She stated that Kurt took her to Applebee's on their first date, which isn't a fancy restaurant that most women would be wanting so that they could make judgements on the guy as a first date should allow. Applebee's is a bar and grill but Giovanna was completely at home in this place and as Kurt stated, it was love, he just knew right away. Maybe it was because he was able to take her to a grill on their first date, maybe that's when he knew for sure.

5 Giovanna Threatened To Leave Kurt If He Didn't Go To Rehab

Giovanna knew what she was signing up for when she got into a relationship with Kurt, but she didn't realize just how bad his addiction would become. After he left WWE and made the switch over to TNA, his problems got much worse and he refused to go to rehab despite being pushed by the likes of Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter over the years.

Giovanna was forced to give him an ultimatum that she would leave him if he didn't go to rehab and he didn't sort his life out. Kurt was brought down to Earth by this and ended up going to rehab for 30 days. It finally allowed him to see the problems his addiction was causing for his family and this allowed him to fight to become healthy again.

4 He Has Three Daughters With Giovanna

Angle came into the relationship with Giovanna with two children from his marriage to Karen because the couple were together for almost a decade. But Kurt wanted to create the perfect family with Giovanna as well and now the couple have three daughters together having only been together for eight years.

Their first daughter, Giuliana Marie Angle was born in January 2011, just two years after the couple first met. She was closely followed by Sophia Laine Angle in December 2012 before their final addition to the family, Nikoletta Sky Angle was born in November 2016, just months before it was announced that Angle was set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Kurt and Giovanna have created a perfect little family together.

3 Giovanna And Kurt Are Huge Supernatural Fans

Every couple has something that they have in common. And wrestling is not the thing that Kurt and Giovanna have in common, even though she does support Kurt through whatever it is he is pushed towards in his wrestling career. The thing that Kurt and Giovanna have in common is their love of Supernatural.

The couple is seemingly obsessed with the TV series Supernatural about the two Winchester brothers. Giovanna shared pictures of the couple recently attending a Comic-Con and marking out about the fact that they were able to touch the car that is used in the series and even dress as the two iconic brothers from the show. It's nice that even when Kurt is a guest at comic con event, he is still able to have some fun with his wife.

2 The Couple Married in 2012

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Giovanna and Kurt met back in 2009 and it was then reported that the couple had become engaged back in 2010. Their first daughter was born back in January 2011 and when it was revealed that Giovanna was pregnant with their second child, the time was the right time for the couple to finally get married.

The couple officially tied the knot on July 20, 2012, just months before their second daughter was born, in December. Kurt has remarked many times about how he thought it was so easy for him and Giovanna. The couple seem to have been able to overcome so much together and now Kurt has been able to return to doing what he does best, he has the perfect support network by his side.

1 Giovanna Had No Idea Who Kurt Was When They First Met

Giovanna revealed recently that when she first met Kurt she had no idea who he was. Yannotti hadn't grown up watching wrestling and wasn't familiar with any of the stars of the shows, she was simply just drawn to him and his "beautiful blue eyes."

Kurt and Giovanna become friends first. Kurt was recovering from various injuries at the time and she would go over to his house to check on him and they would watch movies and just hang out together. Giovanna stated that she never wanted to leave when the couple would spend time together, and it was only after a number of months doing this that Kurt finally asked her out on a date. The couple then realized that they had a lot in common after they had been to Applebee's on their first date.

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