15 Things You Didn't Know About Matt Hardy And Reby Sky's Relationship

Matt Hardy and Rebecca (Reby) Sky have become one of the biggest power couples in TNA over the past few months. But it seems the likes of Cody Rhodes and Eden and Mike Bennett and Maria have brought much more excitement to the husband and wife couples in the promotion.

Matt Hardy is a former WWE Superstar while his wife Reby has been wrestling on the Independent Circuit for the past few years as well. Matt and his brother Jeff took the tag team wrestling scene by storm in the early 2000s along with Hardy's real-life girlfriend Lita.

Following Jeff's release from the company in 2009, both he and Matt made the switch over to TNA where both men have been two of the biggest stars in the company for the past few years.

Matt and Reby themselves have become huge stars in TNA over the past few months and have even brought their son Maxel into the storyline with them. While the couple are regular features on TNA TV, not much is known about them, so here are 15 facts about TNA's power couple to bring you up to date.

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15 Reby Is A Seasoned Wrestler In Her Own Right

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While Matt Hardy is the one who grabs all the headlines in this relationship given the recent feud with his brother Jeff Hardy that culminated in the epic Final Deletion, Reby Sky is also a trained wrestler herself. Before Reby began dating Matt she was a prominent feature on the American Independent Circuit and has made many appearances for TNA since.

There are many of her previous matches on YouTube as well for the TNA fan base to freely view. These show that Reby has the ability to be a hard hitter in the TNA Knockouts Division if TNA were looking for another competitor. This also shows that wrestling ability is not a one-sided thing in this relationship as Reby Sky like Mat Hardy can hold her own.

14 Restraining Orders

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Matt Hardy and Reby Sky got into an altercation back in 2014, that will be written about in-depth in another entry. But as part of this entry we must let you know that the duo both obtained restraining orders against each other following the ordeal.

This could have definitely left the duo with a problem continuing to date if they are both legally unable to approach one another. Thankfully Reby decided to forgive her husband for the assault that took place on New Year's Day and since then the duo has welcomed a son and managed to fix up their marriage in the process. What says love more than filing for restraining orders and then retracting them because you cannot be away from each other?

13 The Final Deletion

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It was perhaps the biggest thing to happen in TNA in many years. But when it came to the finale of the feud between real-life brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy, the pair knew that they would have to pull out something huge to end with.

The Final Deletion was born, it was filmed at Matt's house, and saw his wife and son as well as Senior Benjamen. The fight between the siblings went all around the gardens of the property before Jeff was finally deleted and then he became one of Matt's followers as well. It was such an incredible display that WWE attempted to copy the showdown with their own version: The Wyatt versus The New Day. Of course, nobody within WWE will admit to finding the inspiration for this from The Final Deletion.

12 Reby was Tasered by Matt and Jeff

It was perhaps one of the craziest things that have been shared by a wrestler on YouTube, but Matt Hardy decided to upload a video of his wife being tasered by both he and his brother Jeff as a form of a joke.

The video was not seen as funny by many of Matt's YouTube followers and was taken down merely hours later because it had attracted many more negative comments than they had positive ones. This was back in 2011 and obviously, since then the couple have grown up and matured a little, married, and had a child. So hopefully this means that they no longer decide to taser each other as a means of entertainment. On a side note: Jeff appears to be under the influence throughout the video.

11 Problems with Jeff Hardy?

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The Hardy brothers have always been one of the biggest tag teams in the whole of professional wrestling. They began their career together and when Jeff was released from WWE, his brother decided to follow him not long afterward (of course, Matt was dealing with his own problems).

They have been part of some of the best sibling rivalries that both WWE and TNA have ever produced and more recently they have been in a huge rivalry that included Matt's entire family. Jeff blamed Reby Sky for most of the problems between the two of them. Jeff referred to Reby as a witch who had cast her spell on Matt while Reby herself had some strong words for Jeff that she said came from her husband.

10 Lawsuit From Eric Bishoff


Matt Hardy has always been an outspoken and passionate professional wrestler, which comes out when he is forced to defend anything to do with the professional wrestling industry. So it comes as no surprise that when he made a speech regarding the way Eric Bishoff 'raped and pillaged' Impact Wrestling, the former WCW President and WWE personality threatened to issue a lawsuit.

Reby came to his aid when Bishoff tweeted about the incident and even told the former TNA star to sue her next. She claimed that Bishoff could only dish it out and didn't known how to actually take it. Such a beautiful couple. It's great when husband and wife can support each other in all things. Even when the husband makes ridiculous statements that includes metaphorical rape.

9 Backstage Incident with Awesome Kong

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Awesome Kong was released from TNA back in January after a backstage altercation with Matt Hardy's wife Reby Sky. Many current stars commented that the duo had problems between them for a while but when Kong became physical, it seems it had gone too far.

Kong was reported to have lifted Sky up by the throat while also shouting at her but the deciding point of this entire altercation was the fact that Reby's son Maxel was merely inches away when the incident occurred. This turned out to be one of the things that swayed the company to decide to release Kong. Plus the fact that this wasn't the first time that Kong had caused this kind of problem. Never fight in front of the kids. That's not cool.

8 Social Media Accounts

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Matt Hardy has his own Youtube Channel and he uses it to share videos about not only his wrestling career but his family life as well. Hardy often uses this as well as his Twitter page to share his family life with the watching TNA/WWE Universe. Hardy is very active with his accounts.

There are many pictures of the duo online as well. They have to be one of the cutest couples currently in wrestling. They share some of the most perfectly shot images of their beautiful family on both Twitter and Instagram for the world to see. The couple both use their social media accounts to share little snippets of their personal lives and many of their fans enjoy the insight into their lives behind the scenes.

7 Began Dating in 2011

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Matt has dated many professional wrestlers during his time in the spotlight, including Ashley Massaro, who was the 2005 Raw Diva Search winner. So when it was announced that Hardy was dating another female wrestler, the WWE Universe thought nothing of it.

Reby was an Independent wrestler and Hardy was fighting on the TNA circuit, so it made sense that the duo had begun dating. Things looked perfect between the couple for a few years before they then announced that they were engaged and finally the WWE/TNA Universe realized that this was something that had become much more than just a fling. And through think and thin Matt and Reby have managed to remain together as a couple, not only in life but in wrestling as well.

6 Married in 2013

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Matt and Reby proved that they were serious about their relationship when they decided to get married in October 2013. The following year Reby became a permanent fixture next to her husband on TNA TV and then the duo announced later that year that they were expecting their first child. What a great string of events for this couple.

Many couples would find it hard to be both an on-screen and an off-screen couple. The likes of The Miz and Maryse and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make it look easy, but Reby and Matt have managed to make it work as well somehow with very little issues when performing together over the past two years. Perhaps Matt and Reby will go down as one of wrestling's greatest couples.

5 Matt's Body Betrayed Him And Deleted His First Love

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Unless you are too young to remember or were not watching wrestling at that time, then you will definitely know that Matt Hardy and Lita used to be a couple. These two were the cutest couple in WWE at the time. They would perform on WWE TV together and along with Jeff Hardy they became known as Team Extreme.

When Matt suffered an injury, Lita was paired with Edge and one thing led to another. It seems that Lita began cheating on Matt  and when he learned of the affair he and didn't take it too well. He was released from WWE not long after, but the WWE Universe already knew about the affair and the company decided to rehire Matt so that he and Edge could handle their problems in a WWE ring. It must have been hard for Matt Hardy to move on forward from this. Luckily he found Reby.

4 Son Named Maxel

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He is perhaps one of the best-known children from a professional wrestling family in TNA right now, but Maxel Hardy has become a star in his own right. At just two years old Maxel has made a lot of appearances for TNA and has become one of the main factors in feuds involving his parents.

During the feud between The Decay and The Hardy's it was mostly about Maxel. Why?Because Decay was trying to kidnap him. Luckily they didn't actually manage to. Maxel occasionally makes appearances with his mother when she is cheering on her husband at ringside. Children are not usually used on TV when it comes to wrestling, but Maxel seems to be holding his own when it comes to being a star.

3 Appearing Together on TNA TV

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Ever since 2014, Reby has appeared alongside Matt and was one of the main parts of his feud with Jeff Hardy. She and Maxel, as mentioned above come to the ring along with Matt as well as Jeff now since the duo have recently reformed.

Reby doesn't actually wrestle as much as she used to, but as a presence, she seems to give her husband confidence whenever he knows that she is with him. Many fans dislike Reby and the fact that she is an added distraction for Hardy's opponents. As well as the fact that they don't feel that she adds anything to the scenario. Hardy obviously enjoys having his wife there to support him, which is quite cute. And at this point, the Hardy family are the best thing about TNA anyway.

2 Couple Was Arrested in 2014

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Back in 2014 less than a year after Reby and Matt got married, the duo got into an altercation at their home and the police were then called. It was New Year's Day 2014. It appeared as though a fight between the two became physical as both were then arrested following the incident.

The couple both then applied for restraining orders and seemingly went their separate ways for a while. Obviously, they were both still married at the time and it was only a few months following this that Reby confirmed that she was having Hardy's baby. So luckily it seems that the duo patched things up and haven't had problems like this since. AT least not one that has been made available to the public.

1 Reby and Maxel Were There for Matt's World Championship Win

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Matt Hardy fought for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound For Glory in 2015 in his home state of North Carolina. The event took place in October 2015, merely months after Reby and Matt had welcomed Maxel into the world. Their only son was just four months old when he was able to watch his father lift the Heavyweight Championship.

Reby and Maxel made their way to the ring following Matt's victory and all three then celebrated together. It seemed like the picture perfect family all celebrating Matt's title win as a trio. Sadly Matt didn't hold on to the title for very long, but TNA gave the family the perfect celebration in Hardy's home state with his entire family. Matt has since gone into much more personal feuds since then, but this will always be remembered as one of the biggest nights and moments of his entire career.

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