15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige And Her Family

Paige has become quite a well-known star over the past few months since her relationship with former World Champion Alberto Del Rio was made public. Paige was then the victim of a hacking scandal that saw many private videos and pictures realized into the public domain.

The former Divas Champion and Inaugural NXT Women's Champion is currently on hiatus from WWE after she underwent career-threatening neck surgery at the end of last year; surgery that WWE didn't actually agree with.

It is unknown when Paige will be making her return to WWE, or if the company will even welcome the youngest ever Divas Champion back after the scandals she has caused in the last few months, including being suspended twice for violating WWE's Wellness Policy in the Summer of 2016.

Paige is currently making the most of her time off and spending it with her family, who are a well-known British wrestling family called The Knights. There is a lot about Paige and her family that the WWE Universe are currently unaware of, but here is a list of 15 facts to bring you up to speed with one of the most controversial female wrestlers of the current generation.

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15 Paige's Mother Has Appeared Alongside Paige On Total Divas

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Paige has been a main cast member on the E! reality show Total Divas for the past few years and this was where the WWE Universe has really managed to learn a lot about Paige and the person she is outside of WWE.

Paige's mother Saraya even appeared with her on an episode of the show when Paige was trying to decide whether or not she wanted to be engaged to her boyfriend Brad. Her mother seemingly gave her the advice she needed to go on and end the relationship. That was the first time WWE have allowed Paige's family to be part of the show and it hasn't happened since. Paige was recently removed from the show ahead of the new season, reportedly because WWE doesn't want Alberto Del Rio to be part of the show in the future.

14 Paige's Brothers Are Both Professional Wrestlers

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Paige has always stated that wrestling is in her blood. So it comes as no surprise that she isn't the only member of the family who is making a name for herself in the wrestling world. Roy Knight and Zak Frary are currently part of the British Wrestling scene and are known as The UK Hooligans.

Both brothers have wrestled all over the UK and abroad and currently help run the family wrestling promotion known as World Association of Wrestling (WAW) which is situated in Norwich. The show is thought to be one of the biggest promotions in the UK and has been running since 1994 with many British Wrestling fans giving their shows positive reviews. Zak and Roy often appear and wrestle on the show alongside their mother Saraya.

13 Paige's Parent's Have Supported Her Through The Suspensions

Paige's parents have always been outspoken and supportive when it comes to their daughter. Saraya and Ricky have stated how proud they are of Paige for getting as far in her career as she has. But over the past year, Paige has really needed their support, and they have been there for her.

Both Saraya and Ricky have updated their social media in support of their daughter stating that her WWE suspensions were not warranted and were even there for her when she was the victim of that hacking scandal earlier this year. Obviously Paige has the kind of support network at home that would be needed to help her through this hard time. So she should be back wrestling in next to no time.

12 Paige's Debut Only Happened Because A Wrestler No Showed

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Paige made her wrestling debut when she was very young and that usually isn't allowed in professional wrestling for insurance purposes so promoters instead put wrestlers under masks until they are old enough to officially debut.

It seems that there wasn't time for this to happen when Paige made her debut at just 14-years-old. A wrestler no-showed an event and Paige was there helping her family on the event. When her father was desperate to fill the spot, Paige was the only one who could step in at short notice. She did a good job and said herself that she caught the bug after that and hasn't given up on it ever since. Paige's first official match wasn't recorded until a while later.

11 Paige's Mother Still Wrestled While She Was Pregnant

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It's a story that WWE likes to pride themselves on when it comes to Paige and the fact that apparently she's been wrestling ever since she was in the womb. This was because her mother didn't actually know that she was pregnant until much later in the actual pregnancy, so she continued to wrestle while Paige was growing inside her.

Paige wasn't that interested in wrestling until she was given her chance in the ring and she then decided that she could push it into a career. As a child, she was always surrounded by wrestling because her family are trainers and promoters and were all involved in the business in some way. It must have been hard for Paige to avoid wrestling when everyone she knew was a part of the business.

10 Paige Could Have Been Fired From WWE Last Year

It comes as no surprise that there were rumours that WWE were going to fire Paige after what was a horrendous year for her. Not only was she suspended from WWE twice for violating the Wellness Policy but she also underwent neck surgery without WWE's permission. She then appeared at a rival wrestling promotion in order to propose to her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio.

WWE was not happy with this and the only reason Paige wasn't given her marching orders was because there was a film being made about the former Divas Champion that had already had $17.5 Million dollars invested in it. There was also the fact that Paige was injured at the time and WWE didn't want the stigma that came with firing an injured Superstar.

9 Paige And Del Rio Are Currently Buying A House

Paige and Alberto Del Rio confirmed that they were dating in the spring of 2016. Since then there have been a lot of rumours about Del Rio and his ex-wife Angie as well as the fact that Del Rio also had relations with former Women's Champion Charlotte before he went public with his relationship with Paige.

The couple are said to currently be happy and Paige has been seen updating pictures of herself and her fiance Del Rio on Instagram as they begin shopping for a house. As seen above, Paige saw a house and fell in love and now she's decided that she wants to wait and have a house designed instead of buying one that is already built. Del Rio, much like many other men obviously has no say in the matter.

8 WWE Are Currently Making A Movie About Paige's Life

Paige's life is obviously one that is worth reading about and now, WWE has decided to make a film about her life called "Fighting With My Family." The Rock has been seen as part of the film as well has producing it alongside director Steven Merchant. Lena Headley from Game of Thrones is also part of the cast alongside TNA star and recent WWE signing Thea Trinidad.

The movie hasn't been given an official release date yet but it is thought that it could make it's way to theatres in 2018. The WWE Universe became aware of the film when WWE decided to shoot the scene where Paige made her main roster debut and won the Divas Championship from AJ Lee following an episode of Monday Night Raw.

7 Paige's Brother Zak Tried Out For WWE With Paige

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Paige actually tried out for WWE more than once. She actually had a tryout when she was just 18 in 2010 and instead of embracing who she was, she dyed her hair, took out her piercings, and tried to be a clone of a WWE Diva, which WWE told her they weren't looking for at the time.

Paige later decided that it was the fact that she was different that should count and three years later she was signed to the company at her second tryout. But Paige wasn't the only Knight family member at that tryout. Her brother Zak also tried out alongside his sister but unfortunately WWE were not interested in her brother at that time. Zak has since continued to try out for WWE over the past few years.

6 Paige's Family Runs WAW

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WWE recently began running shows in the UK and their latest one back in May was in Norwich which is the hometown of Paige and the Knight family. This is where they run WAW from. The promotion itself has become quite popular since it was introduced in 1994 and at the time it was only one of very few promotions in the UK.

Their first show was a sellout and the British Wrestling fans loved it because they have continued to pack out the show ever since. Alberto Del Rio made his first appearance outside of WWE at the Norwich-based promotion last year after he was talked into appearing by Paige and her family. Paige was in the crowd to see her boyfriend make his WAW debut.

5 Saraya Worked In  A Restaurant Before Paige's Father Introduced Her To Wrestling

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Saraya Knight may well be one of the most feared females in British Wrestling currently after raising three Champions in the sport, but it seems that Wrestling wasn't always in Saraya's blood. It wasn't until she met Ricky when she was working in a summer camp restaurant in Norfolk.

Ricky was already wrestling at the time having started his career a few years prior to meeting Saraya and she then stated that she fell in love with Ricky and the wrestling business and hasn't looked back since. The couple married in May 1990 before teaming up with Johnny Ocean to begin running WAW in 1994. Jimmy left the promotion a year later but the couple has remained loyal and seen it grow from strength to strength over the past decade.

4 Paige's Mother Runs Her Own Wrestling Promotion


Saraya is a fantastic female wrestler. As being a trainer for many of the biggest female wrestlers in the country, Saraya is also the owner of Bellatrix Female Warriors which is a female only promotion that she runs, books, and promotes herself using some of the talents which she trains on a weekly basis.

Saraya is one of the only female's in the UK that runs her own wrestling promotion and it continues to be one of the most popular all-female promotions in the UK. Paige has actually appeared alongside her mother as part of the promotion where they once tagged as a mother and daughter team. One of the only mother and daughter teams in the world. It is thought that Paige will return and become a trainer like her mother when her career comes to a close.

3 Paige And Saraya Once Worked As A Tag Team

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Even though Paige's official debut was a singles match where she filled in at the last minute, her official wrestling debut is recorded as a match where she tagged with her mother. Paige and Saraya are former champions as a team and were once managed by fellow WWE Star Becky Lunch when they appeared at Shimmer Wrestling in America.

Paige and her mother have always been close and Saraya was able to help train Paige while they were working together before Paige decided to branch out on her own and then tryout for WWE. Paige has wrestled all over the world, where she was once known as Britani Knight alongside her mother who shares her real name as her ring name Sweet Saraya. Saraya's real name is actually Julie.

2 Paige And Del Rio Have Postponed Their Wedding Twice Already

Paige and Alberto Del Rio shockingly became engaged last year in what was considered a whirlwind romance. Since then there have been reports that Paige and Del Rio were married in March. Their official wedding date was set to be March 29, but there were problems with this and instead, it was set for sometime in June.

The couple are said to have had a huge fight backstage at a recent TNA tapings before Paige's engagement ring was stolen from her hotel room. And apparently, the couple have continued to have problems. Their wedding is now reportedly on track to take place at some point in July. Third time could well be a charm for the controversial couple. Del Rio is currently contracted to TNA while Paige remains a member of WWE roster.

1 Paige's Father Doesn't Like Alberto Del Rio


The WWE Universe didn't react well to the news that Paige was dating Alberto Del Rio, who is much older than the 24-year-old. And apparently, Paige's fans were not the only ones who voiced their dislike of the fact that his daughter was dating the former World Champion.

Paige's father Ricky was vocal about his dislike of Del Rio on his Facebook Paige when he stated that he was completely against Paige marrying Del Rio when the couple had become engaged. Especially when it was revealed that Alberto was actually still married to his first wife. It seems that Ricky has managed to warm to Del Rio since and the couple now plan to marry within the next few months, as long as another argument doesn't derail these plans.

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