15 Things You Didn't Know About Randy Orton's Marriage

After making a name for himself as a third-generation Superstar in WWE in the early 200os, Randy Orton went on to marry the women who he considered to be his soulmate, Samantha Speno, back in 2007 and the couple seemed somewhat happy for a number of years.

The couple remained together up until 2013 and even welcomed a daughter during this time. But it wasn't all love and roses for the couple and following his divorce, Randy went on to meet Kim Marie Kessler. The duo seemingly hit it off right away.

Randy has been married to Kim since 2015 and the couple has become one of the cutest that the WWE Universe is aware of after making many public appearances as a family and as a couple and seemingly looking like a picture perfect duo.

Despite being married now for more than two years, there isn't much that the WWE Universe are actually aware of when it comes to the relationship between Kim and Orton.

The following article looks at 15 of the biggest facts about the power couple of WWE that the WWE Universe should know about at this point.

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15 Orton And Kim Once Bullied A Fan On Twitter

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Randy Orton meets fans every day and they often tweet him images of them together and he responds. But one poor fan waere actually the victim of bullying by Orton and his wife Kim back in 2014.

The fan in question Tweeted a photo of herself with Orton before the former World Champion responded by tweeting the picture to his wife and telling her that he had me the Latino Miss Piggy and that he wished she was there to have a laugh with him. The WWE Universe found this quite disrespectful until it was revealed that the fan in question had been harassing Kim for a while and she was forced to block her on Twitter a few months before when she sent a number of graphic messages.

14 A Number Of Factors Led To His First marriage Falling Apart

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Samantha and Randy were married for almost six years and had a daughter together when Sam decided to file for a divorce in 2013. There reportedly being a number of factors leading to her decision to separate from her husband.

As well as Orton having many rumors circulating about him, the main one involving a relationship he could have had with former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly, it seems that another reason was also the fact that he was always from home too much for the couple to ever make their marriage work. Especially if Sam didn't trust him anymore. This could be why Orton has cut down on the number of events he works for WWE now so that he can spend more time with his family this time around.

13 13 Orton And Kim Have Matching Tattoos

Following their marriage back in 2015, Orton and Kim decided to get something much more permanent. Orton is covered in tattoos, mostly of skulls but he often decides to have some ink that has a genuine meaning to him. Orton talked about one of his biggest tattoos on his arm on an episode of Superstar Ink last year when he revealed that it was all for his daughter Alanna.

Orton was willing to go through the same thing again with his wife as the couple got matching tattoos on their fingers to prove their love for each other. Kim posted a picture of their tattoos on Twitter revealing that the process was painful but worth it to have a permanent reminder of her love.

12 Orton Dated JoJo Before He Met Kim

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Randy Orton's divorce may have come from out of nowhere for the WWE Universe, but Orton's backstage antics could have played a huge roll in this. So much so that mere months after his divorce was finalized back in 2013, it was reported that Orton had already moved on and was dating Total Divas star and current Raw ring announcer, JoJo Offerman.

Their relationship didn't last very long and the big age gap between them could have been the biggest problem. But Orton found it quite easy to move on from his first marriage before he met Kim and married her less than two years later. There are many reports of Orton with other women backstage that are yet to be verified as well.

11 Randy And Kim Have A Dog Named Spike

No family is quite complete without a dog and Kim and Randy agree as they adopted one last year and named him Spike. The actual details of Spike becoming a member of the Orton family are much more detailed than this as the couple came across him while hiking in Bora Bora.

Spike was on their trail and wouldn't leave their side so they decided to bring him back home with them after falling in love. The process of taking a dog to another country is lengthy and complicated but the couple fought to have him home with their children, which is where he currently is. The duo easily decided to name him Spike because it was apparently a name that suited him.

10 Randy Has A Daughter From His First Marriage

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Randy Orton and Kim Kessler now have five children between them. Kim has three sons from her first marriage while Orton has a daughter named Alanna Marie, who was born in 2008 as part of his first marriage to Samantha Speno.

Orton adores his daughter and even though he is rarely able to see her when he's on the road, he spends as much time with her as he can and often takes her on family trips with all of his other children so that she feels involved in his family still. It works in Orton's favor that he has managed to remain on good terms with her mother so that he is able to see her whenever he wants to even though Sam is the one with full custody.

9 Orton And His Ex-Wife Samantha Remain Good Friends

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Despite their divorce coming seemingly out of the blue and many fans thinking it was spiteful, Orton and his first wife have easily been able to remain on good terms over the past four years. Their divorce didn't need to become nasty since both parties managed to get what they wanted and now Samantha often allows Orton to see his daughter whenever he wants to since she was the one who was awarded full custody of Alanna.

Samantha even allowed Alana to attend Kim and Orton's marriage so that he could have his whole family there, which is really nice of her. The couple obviously decided that they were much better as friends than they were as husband and wife and it has all worked out well for everyone involved.

8 The Couple Married Back In November 2015

After just over a year of dating, Orton decided to propose to Kim at a candlelit dinner back in July 2015. On the same episode of Unfiltered with Renee Young, Orton revealed that it was always his plan to propose to her that night, but he wanted to wait until they were dancing so he hid the ring under a napkin.

When they got up to dance he realized that he didn't actually have anywhere to put the ring, so he just slid the ring down his pants otherwise he would have dropped it and ruined the whole proposal. Orton also revealed that Kim actually started laughing when he first proposed because she was so shocked by what was happening that all of the emotions hit her at once. The couple married in Las Vegas, Nevada four months later with all of their children in attendance to see their parents marry.

7 Randy Was More Nervous Than Kim When They First Met

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The story of how Kim and Randy first met is quite a cute one and will be revealed in detail further down the list. But it is the fact that Orton revealed that he was more nervous than Kim was when they were first introduced, despite her being the huge fan of him.

Orton shockingly went over to Kim and introduced himself, which isn't the usual way it works with wrestling fans since the fan usually already knows what the wrestler's name is, so fans introduce themselves first. It was different for Randy and Kim. Orton really wanted to speak to her and if he hadn't have made the effort then the couple may not be together now, so in essence, Orton was the master of his own destiny.

6 Kim Believed That Randy Was Her Boyfriend Before She Met Him

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The couple appeared on an episode of Unfiltered with Renee Young on the WWE Network last year where Kim was finally able to talk about her relationship with the 13-time World Champion. Kim told Renee that in her brain, way before she had even met Randy Orton, she believed that he was her boyfriend.

Shockingly, Orton wasn't creeped out by this. Instead, he seemed to realize that Kim was a fan of him and took it as a compliment rather than her stating that she was obsessed with him. Kim has always been open about the fact that she was a huge fan of Orton before they met and fell in love, which shows the kind of person he is and the kind of person Randy is because any other man would have run the other way.

5 Kim And Randy Have A Daughter Together

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Kim and Randy already had four children between them from past relationships when they announced that they were expecting their first child together back in 2016. They then announced the arrival of Kim's first daughter and Orton's second back in November 2016, just a year after the couple were officially married.

Their daughter is named Brooklyn Rose Orton and she seems to be the perfect addition to their family which is growing all the time. Brooklyn already has an older half sister named Alanna and three older brothers so it seems that she will grow up as quite a protected little girl. Not only is her father one of the best-known professional wrestlers of this generation, but she also has the backing of her many older siblings.

4 Kim Already Had Three Children When The Couple Met

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Kim and Randy both have children from their previous relationships. Kim has three boys that Randy adores. The former World Champion is consistently sharing videos of him and her sons hanging out together and he really seems to have taken a shine to her son Anthony who he calls "Anthony the Lady Killer." There are numerous videos of Orton and Anthony online as well as one that went viral as he allowed the smaller child to hit an RKO out of nowhere on him on a bed.

Orton has talked about his relationship with the children in interviews and even revealed that his daughter Alanna has a very good relationship with all of her step brothers. So, the family all get along quite well.

3 Kim And Randy Met At A WWE Live Event

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It has become a well-known story when it comes to the Kim and Randy Orton saga. But the couple first met at a WWE Live Event which Kim attended as a fan when it was in her hometown of New York. It was reported that Orton was actually the one who approached her and introduced himself which kind of shocked her a little bit.

He stated that he was fairly nervous meeting her, which was odd since she was a fan and a huge fan of his. So she should have been much more nervous than he was. The couple obviously hit it off and began dating a few weeks after their original encounter, which goes to show, sometimes life does mimic fairy tales, well from Kim's point of view anyway.

2 It Was Samantha Who Filed For Divorce On Randy

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Even though Orton has managed to easily move on with his life following his divorce, it was actually his wife Sam who filed the papers when she decided that their marriage was “irretrievably broken." The divorce came from out of nowhere and shocked many members of the WWE Universe, who were unaware of the cheating that Orton had been up to during his time on the road with WWE.

Their divorce was fair but it was Samantha who walked away with sole custody of their daughter. Meanwhile, Orton was able to keep possession of his guns and his Bentley as well as all of the rights to his WWE character and money that he makes from it. The settlement was a good one for both parties.

1 Kim Was A Huge Fan Of Randy Orton Before She Met Him

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Kim has revealed that she was a huge WWE fan before she even met Randy Orton, but he was one of her favourite wrestlers. Randy didn't quite believe some of the things that Kim was saying about how obsessed with him she once was until he went back to her house and saw that there was a lot of Randy Orton merchandise and posters.

Orton also revealed that her family has also told him many embarrassing stories about her from when she was younger and just another wrestling fan, which back up a lot of what she was saying about her favorite wrestler. Orton is used to having fans at this point and he must find it quite cute that Kim was really committed to the cause.

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