15They Met While Working For Randy's Dad

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Even though they entered WWE as a couple, Randy and Elizabeth can still credit the wrestling industry for bringing them together. Elizabeth graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in communications, leading her to a job at a local TV station that happened to broadcast International Championship Wrestling.

Angelo Poffo owned the company, and he also happened to be the Macho Man’s father. As is often the case in the wrestling industry, Poffo’s two biggest stars were his own children, Randy Savage and Lanny Poffo. Elizabeth started with ICW as a camera operator, although she soon proved to have a significant knowledge of the wrestling industry in addition to her stunning looks, so the Poffo family decided to make her the lead announcer of their programming. It wasn’t long until ICW’s lead announcer and the top star hit it off and though ICW closed almost at the same time, the two lovebirds would find wild success as their relationship took them out of Kentucky.

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