15 Things You Didn't Know About Sasha Banks' Current Relationship

Sasha Banks has risen through the ranks in WWE over the past few years and is currently playing a main role in the Raw Women's Division. Sasha has only been on the main roster for the past 18 months and already WWE has allowed the young star to create history by being involved in the first ever female Hell in a Cell match and the first ever female Ironman match on the main roster.

Sasha was also part of the first ever female Ironwoman match when she was down in NXT against Bayley. She is the self-proclaimed Boss of WWE and has proved this many times on her guest to be the best.

Right now Sasha is a former Raw Women's Champion and she has already been part of some of the best female matches of the past few years, including a Match of the Year winner against Bayley at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn in the summer of 2015.

Even though Sasha has risen to fame quite quickly over the past few years, she has always had the same person by her side. The man who would later become her husband. While Sasha enjoys the spotlight, it seems that her husband is happy to shy away from it and live vicariously through her instead.

Sasha is quite protective of her personal life and her husband, but it seems there is still a lot of interesting facts about Sasha's marriage and here are 15 of them.

15 She Was Married Back In August 2016

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Sasha broke a lot of hearts back in the Summer of 2016 when it was announced online that the former NXT Women's Champion had married her long time boyfriend and fiance Sarath Ton. The couple officially married on the 4th of August 2016. This was the same week that Sasha won her first ever main roster Women's Championship.

It was a small ceremony that not many WWE stars attended and it was one that many of the WWE Universe were completely unaware of until a picture leaked online of the couple and what looked like Sasha wearing a wedding dress. It was later confirmed that she had finally tied the knot and many of the WWE Universe were broken hearted when they realized that Sasha was now off the market.

14 Her Husband Is A Former NXT Star

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Sarath Ton is a former NXT star and a current independent Superstar in his own right. Sarath became known on the Independent Circuit as a high-flying superstar known as Kid Mikaze. He's had stints in Ring of Honor, TNA, and even NXT throughout his lengthy career after he made his wrestling debut in September  2001.

He is a former Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. The  very promotion where he and Sasha both wrestled at the same time back in early 2010-2012. And he was also ranked in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated annual 500 at number 383 in 2007 and 432 in 2011. Sarath has a storied wrestling career over the past 14 years but currently, works for WWE as a seamstress, a job that Sasha originally helped her boyfriend at the time to land.

13 Her Husband Designs All Of Her Ring Attire

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As seen on Total Divas over the past few seasons, it was veteran seamstress Sandra Gray who made many of the WWE's original attires up until 2015. When she retired almost two years ago WWE decided to replace her with Sasha's fiance Sarath Ton.

Sarath joined WWE's NXT promotion and after gaining much attention from designing his own attire and Sasha's, he then began getting requests from many other WWE Superstars. Sarath then took over from Sandra and now is the creative influence behind many WWE designs for both their male and female talent. Sarath also designed Paige's first ever main roster ring attire. The purple in-ring gear that she won her first Divas Championship with on her first night, that was later made into her first ever WWE figure.

12 Sesha Ballins

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Sasha Banks and Seth Rollins have been on the Raw roster together now for many months and it seems a few months ago that Sasha discovered that she and Seth were being 'shipped' online.

This means that the WWE Universe want the couple to get together outside of WWE and so they create fan-fiction and stories about the couple. Sasha decided to play along with this and made many videos of herself and Seth backstage until Bayley found out and decided that she would fight Sasha for Seth. In the end, it was Sasha that won, but it seems that the couple has calmed down on the fan-fiction front now. Although there is always the casual mention on Twitter whenever they feel that the WWE Universe has forgotten about them as a couple.

11 Sarath Once Appeared on An Episode Of Raw

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As already mentioned, Sarath has had a decent wrestling career over the past decade and a half and it seems that his biggest moment was when he was chosen to wrestle on an episode of Monday Night Raw.

Back in June 2012, Ryback was at his destructive best and Ton was chosen along with another local competitor to go up against The Big Guy in a Handicap match. Before the match, the duo cut a promo about how they were about the defeat The Big Guy but instead, they were absolutely destroyed in record time. This just goes to show, that you probably shouldn't make your competition angry before you step in the ring with them, even if there are two of you, especially when it's Ryback and he's on a good run.

10 Sarath Hasn't Wrestled For NXT Since May 2015

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Sarath was signed as part of the NXT roster back in 2015 and even though he never properly appeared for the promotion, he did make an appearance at just one NXT live event.

Sadly, this didn't go well for the former Ring of Honor star and his wrestling career came to an end in 2015 when he suffered an injury in a Tag Team match against The Vaudevillians as he teamed up with Jason Jordan Ton was kicked in the head after he bounced off the ropes and it was then that it all seemed to go wrong for Sarath as the referee called off the match when Sarath was said to have looked limp. The current WWE costume designer went on to later pick himself up and leave the ring and then declared that he was fine.

9 A Familiar WWE Star Officiated Sasha's Wedding

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Sasha's wedding may have come as a shock to many of the WWE Universe since it was out of nowhere and there were no plans leaked online beforehand. But it seems that the ceremony itself was actually very well put together by the two stars, who have incredibly busy day jobs.

Fellow WWE star and Ascension tag team member Konnor was the one who officiated the wedding, being one of the few WWE stars who actually attended Sasha's private wedding ceremony. It was said to have been the beautiful small affair that both of the stars craved. They didn't want the huge ceremony that many of the female stars have had on Total Divas. Instead, Sasha wanted a small ceremony that would allow her to continue with her hectic wrestling schedule at the same time.

8 Sasha and Sarath Suffered Injuries At The Same Time

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Sasha and her husband were both injured around the same time. Sarath was injured during an NXT live show when he teamed up with Jason Jordan against The Vaudevillians while Sasha was said to have been suffering from a neck or shoulder injury following her NXT Women's Championship defense against Becky Lynch at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable.

Whilst Sasha's injury was never fully revealed, it is thought that The Boss missed many NXT events that weekend so that she would be with her husband, who, at the time was traveling with WWE's main roster as their seamstress whilst she still waited for her call up from NXT. It wasn't long after that Sasha finally received the call, though, and was one of the main stars of WWE's Divas Revolution in the summer of 2015.

7 There Aren't Many Photos Of The Couple

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As already mentioned, Sasha likes to keep her private life private and allow fans to instead remember her as the character she portrays in a WWE ring, this is why there are not many photos online of the couple.

Sasha rarely shares photos of her with her husband on her Instagram, which always leaves fans guessing, which may be why the wedding announcement came as such a shock. She is a big fan of always remaining inside 'Kayfabe' which allows her to have a life outside of WWE. Many fans have commented on how Sasha dislikes fans approaching her outside of WWE events as well, so maybe this is why. Maybe she just likes to be normal when she's not wrestling and allows herself to have two separate lives, one which she likes to keep private.

6 Sasha Got Married Just Days After Winning The Women's Championship

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It was an absolutely fantastic week for Sasha Banks. Back in August 2016 she decided to tie the knot with her long-time boyfriend just days after she won her first Raw Women's Championship.

Sasha defeated Charlotte after what had been a lengthy title reign on Monday Night Raw before planning to marry Sarath just days later. Sasha, of course, went on to lose the title not long afterward, but it still would have been a great week for The Boss, who couldn't have planned that week any better if she had known about the title win. Much like Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella when they decided to tie the knot just days after WrestleMania XXX, when he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of the show.

5 Sasha and Sarath Met On The Independent Circuit

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Sarath and Sasha have been friends for many years and actually met when Sasha first started wrestling on the Independent Circuit. Sasha began wrestling under the name Mercedes KV and moved around from promotion to promotion for many years.

Sarath and Sasha were at Chaotic Wrestling together back in 2011-12 before Sasha was signed to WWE in 2012 and it is thought that the couple hit it off right away and began dating afterward. They obviously both share a passion for wrestling, so it is thought that this is how they first bonded and this then became a relationship. The couple has remained strong throughout what has been a lengthy few years in WWE and Sarath has always been supported of his wife's blossoming career, much like she has with his.

4 Sarath Has Been Making Sasha's Attire Since Day One

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It's such a cute story. Sarath pointed out in a recent interview that he was there from the very beginning of Sasha's career and he made it aware that she knew she needed ring attire and that he was there for her if she wanted him to make it. Sasha obviously jumped at the chance of having custom ring gear made and that is how the couple first bonded.

Obviously, he went on to make her attire and has now been making it the entire time they have been together. He also made the purple attire that Paige made famous during her time in NXT and Emma's recent ring attires as well. It seems that his costume designing job keeps him busy and also means that he is able to travel around with his wife.

3 The WWE Universe Reacted Negatively To Sasha's Twitter War With Bayley

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When Sasha posted the video online of her and Seth Rollins and the fact that the WWE Universe were shipping them as a couple, Bayley reacted and decided to try to steal Seth away. It was considered harmless fun by many of the WWE Universe, but there were many people who thought it was disrespectful to her husband.

Sasha was having some fun with one of the people that she works with and it seems that many of the WWE Universe didn't see it as a joke and were asking why Sasha thinks it's OK to do something like that when she would react negatively if Sarath did the same. I suppose it is a reasonable question, but Sarath hasn't mentioned it, which means that he obviously fully trusts his wife and allows her the freedom to express herself however she wants.

2 The Couple Often Travel Together

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One of the great things about Sarath working for WWE backstage as a seamstress is the fact that he can now travel with WWE wherever they go. This means that a lot of the time Sasha and Sarath are able to travel from city to city together because he is needed to help backstage whilst she is part of the main show.

It would have been just as easy if Sarath had been given the opportunity to become a WWE Superstar, but instead, the couple has found a way to remain together, continue to travel together and so maintain a healthy relationship while on the road. Maybe one day WWE will give Sarath another chance in a WWE ring, but until then it seems that the couple has found a happy medium.

1 Sasha and Sarath Have Actually Wrestled Each Other

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Like many couples who are both in wrestling, Sarath and Sasha have actually been in the ring together. Former NXT Tag Team Champion Johnny Gargano and his wife Candice LeRae made a career out of fighting each other and it seems that in their early days, Sasha and Sarath decided to test their metal against each other too.

Sasha wrestled her future husband in a Fatal Four-Way match in Massachusetts just months before she was signed to WWE. It is thought that during her early career Sasha enjoyed being pitted against male Superstars and actually stated in a recent interview that she would love to be able to fight the men on the main roster at some point. Something that Triple H recently mentioned that he would love to incorporate back into WWE at some point.


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