15 Things You Didn't Know About The Bellas' Relationships

The Bella Twins are huge stars that continue to make money for WWE despite being away from the ring. Total Divas is a huge hit reality show for WWE with Brie and Nikki being the main reasons why. The other women contribute, but it's obvious that the Bellas are the main stars. They were even given their own spin off series Total Bellas to chronicle their relationships. Brie’s relationship with Daniel Bryan and Nikki’s relationship with John Cena changed all four of their lives in ways they likely never imagined when getting together.

Both couples are among the most high profile romantic pairings in all of entertainment, let alone professional wrestling. Wrestling fans care about all four due to their importance on the WWE program. Fans of Total Divas literally watch the show for the real life escapades of the couples. Brie and Nikki both have highly entertaining and interesting relationships that help showcase who they are as human beings along the way. There are many stories about their love lives that have slipped under the radar in the very public world. We'll take a look at fifteen things that the wrestling fan may not know about the Bellas’ relationships.

15 Kept Relationships Hidden Until Total Divas

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It's very difficult to keep relationships quiet in the world of WWE. You would have assumed the love lives of top WWE stars John Cena and Daniel Bryan would have been exposed since dating the Bella Twins. Both couples found a way to keep their relationships quiet until it was announced that Total Divas was in production with the two Bella romances being front and center.

Bryan is a very private person in real life and his relationship with Brie was completely hidden aside from the two hanging out on Brie’s Instagram posts when they were working together. There were slight rumors out about Cena and Nikki, but no one confirmed it until it was part of the reality series. You have to commend both couples for keeping it quiet in a difficult industry to have privacy.

14 Everyone Knew About Cena's Proposal But Nikki

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The recent WrestleMania 33 moment of John Cena proposing to Nikki Bella came as no surprise to anyone that paid attention to the storyline. Miz and Maryse continuously insulting Nikki because Cena refused to marry her made it obvious that the proposal would take place on the biggest stage. All of the rumors and speculation indicated fans were predicting it weeks before the show.

Nikki remained insistent she did not believe Cena would propose in front of the world. The fact that both Cena’s parents and Nikki’s parents were seated ringside for the moment showed even they were at least somewhat aware something big was happening. Cena’s mother rarely attends wrestling shows but she showed up for the big moment in her son’s life. Nikki said she was shocked Cena actually made her dreams come true and it was a welcomed surprise.

13 Brie's "First Date" With Bryan Took Place On WWE TV

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The friendship between Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella started on television in a storyline. Both Brie and Nikki Bella became the love interests of Bryan as they both attempted to bed him first in their bet. The majority of the angle was horrible, but one entertaining segment featured the unofficial first date of Bryan and Brie.

An episode of NXT showed the comedic backstage skit of Bryan and his protégé Derrick Bateman on a double date with the Bellas. It showcased Bryan’s personality but most importantly it helped him meet his future wife. The bond between Bryan and Brie grew as the two went on to start dating outside of the ring due to getting to know each other on the job. They’ll always have video evidence of their first date being a comedic skit on television.

12 Cena & Nikki Attended Couples Therapy

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A very surprising fact about the relationship of Nikki Bella and John Cena is they actually attended couples therapy at one point. Most are aware that Cena remained adamant that he had no desires to ever marry Nikki or have children with her. Nikki wanted both of those things in her future but remained with Cena because she viewed him as “the one” despite the different desires.

The conflict in what they wanted from their relationship landed the couple in therapy sessions to discuss their issues. It didn’t change Cena’s mind right away, but it may have impacted the future proposal that happened at WrestleMania 33. Cena and Nikki are getting married in the near future. We still don’t know if Cena has changed his mind on the topic of children, but Nikki is getting all of her wishes after the long therapy sessions.

11 Both Bella Love Interests Can't Stand Maryse

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The personal rift between the Bella Twins and Maryse played out with the inception of Total Divas. Reports leaked at the time that Maryse, Maria Kanellis and Kelly Kelly were all blocked from getting contracts to be a part of Total Divas due to the Bellas using their power. Maryse ended her friendship with both Nikki and Brie over it.

The return of Maryse to WWE has opened the real stories in various fields. Brie revealed to Maryse on Total Divas that Daniel Bryan always hated Maryse for treating Brie poorly and often insulting her. John Cena tore into Maryse during a promo on SmackDown Live that crossed the line from scripted to real. Both love interests of the Bellas clearly dislike the way Maryse treated their significant others.

10 Bryan & Cena Helped The Bellas Improve As Wrestlers

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Nikki and Brie Bella both struggled to perform competently in the ring during their first stint in WWE. A return would see the Bellas improve dramatically thanks to their new coaches. Daniel Bryan often times helped both Brie and Nikki before shows with personal training. The commitment of the Bellas saw them show up many hours beforehand to work at getting better.

John Cena also helped Nikki in their personal time with frequent advice and tips on how to become a bigger star. Nikki went on to achieve huge success as one of the top stars in the Women’s Division. Brie stepped it up as well to become a big name. The work of Brie impressed enough to land a high profile match with Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam in 2014.

9 Nikki Signed An Actual 75 Page Contract To Live With Cena

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The Miz has referenced John Cena forcing Nikki Bella to sign a contract of house rules before moving in during his recent promos. Many people believe this is a huge joke due to Cena’s robotic mindset to life, but it was actually a real thing that happened. Cena made Nikki sign a 75 page contract agreeing to his rules before she could officially move in with him.

This was all revealed in the recent season of Total Bellas with Cena comparing it to buying a handgun. It was a sense of security he wanted and Nikki apparently didn’t think twice about it. There are many bizarre facets of the relationship between Cena and Nikki with this being one of the major ones that gives an insight into their lives.

8 Bellas Have Dated Other Famous Names Before Bryan & Cena

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The high profile relationships with Daniel Bryan and John Cena are definitely the biggest romances of their lives. However, Brie and Nikki have both been involved with other notable names in the past. Brie dated guitarist Richie Kotzen of the band Poison years before she started seeing Bryan. The relationship with the older musician is apparently a regret of Brie’s younger life.

Nikki’s famous ex is actually from the wrestling world. The early years of her time in WWE saw her enter a relationship with Dolph Ziggler before either achieved their success on television. Total Divas referenced the past love of Nikki with Ziggler attempting to convince her to leave John Cena. Nikki turned down Ziggler and slapped him in the face confirming the past is completely the past.

7 Cena Demands Time Away From Nikki's Total Divas Stories

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One of the more interesting tidbits about Total Divas and Total Bellas is realizing Nikki Bella spends as much time on camera with Brie and Daniel Bryan rather than John Cena. Nikki often hangs out at Brie’s house and is a big part of their life. Cena does not like to be involved in too many Total Divas segments as it interrupts with his everyday life.

We usually only see Cena involved in Nikki’s life a handful of times per Total Divas season. The star power of Cena allows him to escape the full-time job of the cameras following him every day. Bryan is typically always involved in Brie’s life, but Cena uses his position to avoid the cameras aside from a couple of episodes each year.

6 Bryan's Retirement Depression Impacted Brie's Retirement

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Retirement was a very tough decision for Daniel Bryan to make when WWE refused to clear him. Bryan made the announcement on Raw and went into a downward spiral shortly after. The retirement led to Bryan battling depression for a few months after the event. It helped influence Brie’s decision to join him in retirement as she stepped away from the ring just two months after her husband at WrestleMania 32.

The couple wanted to begin the next chapter of their lives starting a family. Brie was already considering taking time off in an attempt to get pregnant. Bryan’s personal struggles influenced Brie to take off faster than expected to spend more time to help improve his mental health. Both Bryan and Brie appear to be in a great space now one year later with Brie expected to give birth to their first child soon.

5 Brie's Care For Bryan's Health Impacted His Retirement

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The initial decision from Daniel Bryan to retire came as a huge surprise. Bryan was adamant publicly about wanting to continue wrestling despite WWE not feeling comfortable clearing him due to the concussion issues. As time goes on, Bryan still teases about returning to the ring outside of WWE when his contract ends in 2018.

Bryan likely would have never retired at all if not for having a concerned wife. The attitude and passion of Bryan usually takes him wherever he wants to go, but Brie Bella’s worrying of his health played the biggest role in him accepting retirement for the time being. Bryan has no problem risking his own health. Brie however may very well stop her husband and the father of her future children from shortening his life for the love of wrestling.

4 Cena Made Sure Nikki Broke The Divas Championship Record

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Nikki Bella ending AJ Lee’s record as the longest reigning Divas Champion felt forced and kind of pointless. Rumors circulated that Nikki was supposed to drop the title to Charlotte Flair just a few days short of breaking the record. Instead, Nikki retained by DQ on Raw before losing the title the following week on PPV. WWE specifically waited to give Nikki the record.

The reports indicated that John Cena used his political power as the biggest star in WWE to let his girlfriend break the record. It meant a lot to Nikki in getting that accomplishment and Cena made sure it happened. WWE going out of their way to give Nikki the record definitely had an odd vibe to it. Cena preventing the original idea of Nikki falling just short makes a lot of sense in the context of the storyline.

3 Sheamus Sabotaged Bryan & Brie's First Night Together

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One of the more humorous stories in the Bellas love life actually involves Sheamus. Daniel Bryan shared the tale in his book regarding his first night together with Brie Bella. Bryan and Brie attempted to get intimate in their hotel room, but Bryan made the big mistake of leaving the door unlocked. The drunken pair of Sheamus and Ted DiBiase Jr. entered the room to interrupt the big moment.

Sheamus hopped on the bed and refused to leave as a rib on his friend Bryan. Wrestling fans always view Sheamus as the guy that ruins everything, but Bryan actually witnessed his first night with his gorgeous girlfriend ruined by the Irish Superstar. If Bryan doesn’t hate Sheamus for this, we all have to lighten up regarding our dislike of the villain.

2 Both Nikki & Cena Have Been Married Before

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The upcoming marriage of John Cena and Nikki Bella will be a huge moment in their lives, but it won’t be either of their first weddings. Nikki actually had a wedding and marriage that no one knew about aside from Brie. Total Divas revealed Nikki admitting it to her family for the first time. The marriage took place at a young age with Nikki falsely believing it would have prevented her military boyfriend from being drafted.

Cena was also married in the past. Elizabeth Huberdeau was the high school sweetheart of Cena and they tied the knot back in 2009. The marriage only lasted three years before Cena filed for divorce. Many of Cena’s stances against marriage and children stemmed from the relationship with his ex-wife ending poorly.

1 Both Couples Are Polar Opposites

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Wrestling fans used to struggle to tell Brie and Nikki Bella apart during their early days in WWE. Aside from being identical twins, WWE presented them as complete equals with no signs of their personalities. Total Divas and their relationships showed just how different they truly were. Brie’s relationship with Daniel Bryan shows her personality as lower key and private with passions for the environment and sustainable living.

Nikki is the complete opposite loving the finer things in life. John Cena’s mansion and expensive cars suit the lifestyle Nikki has always wanted on her end of things. Total Divas and Total Bellas often tell the story of both couples struggling to find common ground. Everyone now knows the differences between Nikki and Brie due to their love lives being shown on national television.

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