15 Things You Didn't Know About The Current NXT Women's Roster

NXT has a new core of women attempting to create an impact similar to their predecessors.

NXT has created many new stars for the WWE's main roster. The women’s division thrived in the NXT environment enough to create change in a major way. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon showed the NXT success off to Vince McMahon and the company finally committed to putting together credible female divisions on Raw and SmackDown Live. Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley were known as The Four Horsewomen for being the top four women that fans wanted to see as much, if not more, than the men on the same roster.

All of the top women’s wrestlers from that era were called up with Raw and SmackDown Live both having credible divisions. NXT has a new core of women attempting to create an impact similar to their predecessors. Asuka is currently the face of the division as a dominant champion. Nikki Cross, Ember Moon, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay and Liv Morgan are fixtures of NXT TV hoping to take the next step forward. The potential of Mandy Rose, Daria Berenato and Aliyah have them on the radar as well, with them hoping to become part of the storylines. We'll look at the lives of the NXT women’s roster and deliver fifteen facts you may not know about them.

15 Nikki Cross Was On TNA British Boot Camp


TNA came up with their own reality series, British Boot Camp, as their own way to find the next big star from the United Kingdom. Nikki Cross found her way on to the second season as a highly accomplished independent wrestler. Many viewed her as the favorite to win the contest and she looked impressive, advancing to the second stage of the competition.

14 Asuka Was Best Women's Wrestler in the World Before WWE


The average fan has no idea about Asuka’s past before WWE, but she was always a tremendous talent. Asuka dominated the Japanese women’s wrestling scene. The few fans that sought out the promotions she worked for have raved about the incredible matches she delivered on a consistent basis under the name of Kana.

13 WWE Supported Aliyah Through Social Media Controversy


Social media has become an important part of the wrestling business. The tool can be used to further create a relationship with fans or it can be a negative. Aliyah found out the latter when old tweets surfaced using offensive language and racist comments years before she signed. Considering her young age, most assumed she made the regrettable tweets out of immaturity.

12 Daria Has A Legit MMA Background


NXT utilizes Daria Berenato as a credible fighter with a background in various forms of MMA. This is not just a character but the real life background of Daria. WWE found her in the Tough Enough competition based off her athletic background. While she did not win the contest, WWE still offered a contract to train at the Performance Center.

11 Booker T Helped Train Ember Moon

Ember Moon has the best chance of competing with Asuka for the top spot in the women’s division on NXT. The athletically gifted Ember was a big star on the independent wrestling scene, creating buzz with impressive matches. Moon started training in 2007 with Skandor Akbar before changing schools. The legendary Booker T opened his Pro Wrestling Alliance School and Ember decided to train there.

10 Lance Storm Helped Train Peyton Royce


Ember Moon isn’t the only NXT woman that sought out training from a respected veteran. Peyton Royce made the drastic decision to move from Australia to Canada specifically to train with Lance Storm. The Storm Wrestling Academy is arguably the most credible wrestling school in the industry and Royce wanted to learn from the best. Much like fellow WWE stars Emma and Tyler Breeze, Storm taught her all the tools to get a spot on the NXT roster.

9 Billie Kay Was A Very Talented Basketball Player

Billie Kay is one of the taller women in NXT and it worked to her advantage when she played basketball in her younger years. Naturally, her athletic talent translated to the hardwood. Kay was a member of the Bankstown Bruins in New South Wale’s Waratah League. The team won four consecutive championships thanks to the play of Billie.

8 Asuka Is A Huge Gamer


One of Asuka’s passions outside of the wrestling ring is her love for video games. Asuka has revealed that she likes to spend her rare off time playing games. Many of her social media posts are about various video games she has a fondness for or new games she's trying out. Asuka actually has written articles published in Xbox Magazine that showcased her opinions on the gaming world.

7 Aliyah's Circus Training


Everyone has a different background before coming to WWE. Most wrestled on the independent level or worked in other sports. Aliyah had an odd path before joining the company. Her teenage years were spent circus training. She claims that working on trapezes helped improve her flexibility and body movement. You have to believe the years of learning how to be an entertainer added to her wrestling career as well.

6 Mandy Rose a Huge Fitness Star

The look, athletic background and star potential of Mandy Rose made her a must-sign for WWE after she finished second in the Tough Enough competition back in 2015. Rose has a background in the fitness world and there have been comparisons to Trish Stratus based off both having similar looks and similar backgrounds as fitness models before joining WWE.

5 Liv Morgan Is Dating Enzo Amore


There are many couples in WWE right now, as there are more wrestlers choosing to date each other than any other prior period. It used to be something the talent was encouraged to stay away from, but WWE doesn’t want to police adults from living their own lives. One of the more surprising couples is NXT’s Liv Morgan dating Raw star Enzo Amore.

4 Daria Came Out 


Darren Young coming out as gay a few years ago made huge news, as one of the first instances of a wrestler revealing this publicly. Homophobia and the fear of it impacting their job forced many past gay wrestlers to hide it from coming out. Times have thankfully changed and WWE is very adamant about creating an environment without any bigotry in the locker room.

3 Peyton Royce & Billie Kay Went To The Same High School


A shocking and cool fact about the current team is the fact that Peyton Royce and Billie Kay legitimately have known each other for many years, dating back to high school. Both Aussies went to the same high school, but they were not friends. Billie was three years ahead of Peyton in school, so they didn’t have the same classes and friends.

2 Ember Moon Got Engaged In Wrestling Ring

Everyone reading this likely loves professional wrestling, but very few can match Ember Moon's love for the industry. The landmark of getting engaged is a special moment in anyone’s life. It was fitting that Moon was proposed to live in a wrestling ring during a show. Ember’s significant other, Matthew Palmer, was a fellow independent wrestler at the time and decided to pop the question at an Anarchy Championship Wrestling show.

1 Asuka Close To Making WWE History


Asuka's dominance is obvious, but it's understated just how impressive her record is. As of this writing, Asuka is 155-0 in WWE matches, never having been pinned or submitted. Bill Goldberg’s undefeated streak in WCW is recognized as the most dominant in wrestling history, when he started his career at 173-0 before losing to Kevin Nash.

Asuka is approaching Goldberg's record, with only a few more months of dominance needed to make history in the WWE Universe. Her upcoming title defense against Ember Moon at TakeOver: Orlando will be a tough test, but it'll likely be smooth sailing to history if she gets that win. Asuka truly has captured magic in NXT as a special performer that is credible enough to dominate the entire roster.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Current NXT Women's Roster