15 Things You Didn't Know About The Four Horsewomen's Personal Relationships

We have unearthed some interesting facts about the ladies’ relationships and some of these will be shocking to even the most-diehard of fans.

When you think about some of the greatest stables in wrestling history, The Four Horsemen are always in the discussion. Led by Ric Flair, the group dominated the NWA/WCW during the 1980s and 1990s and, rightfully, became the first faction to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. But rarely in the discussion of stables does a group of women wrestlers get brought up…until now!

The Four Horsewomen are arguably the most accomplished women’s wrestling 'faction' in WWE history. Even though the group was short-lived, the members’ individual accomplishments are not. The group has combined for 12 women’s championships dating back to their days in NXT. Led by Flair’s daughter Charlotte, the group also consisted of Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Becky Lynch.

As a group or as individuals, the four women have already made their mark on professional wrestling. The WWE has gone out of their way to protect these young ladies as evident by their exclusion from the Total Divas show. Fans aren’t able to get a behind-the-scenes look at what these women are really like away from the ring so fans are often left to speculate about their personal lives…until now!

We have unearthed some interesting facts about the ladies’ relationships and some of these will be shocking to even the most-diehard of fans. Here are 15 things you didn’t know about the Four Horsewomen's personal relationships.

15 Charlotte Was In A Handicap Match With Her Father Against Her Boyfriend


In 2008 Charlotte had just graduated college and was living in North Carolina. She and her then-boyfriend got into a fight that turned physical. The Nature Boy’s music then hit and he came running down the aisle to assist Charlotte in her fight. After the three were separated, neighbors called the police who must have been dressed in referee’s gear as Charlotte then assaulted them! She would then be charged with assaulting an officer but would plead guilty to a lesser charge of resisting arrest. Ric Flair did not want to press charges against Charlotte’s boyfriend but The Nature Girl would be sentenced to probation and a $200 fine.

Fortunately this incident is behind them and Ric and his daughter are closer than ever, despite what their on-screen relationship may tell you.

14 Bayley’s Fiance Wrestles On The Indy Scene


Aaron Solow has wrestled in the independents since 2010 and it was then when he first met his current fiancé, Bayley. Solow hasn’t made it to the Big Leagues yet, but he was chosen as an alternate by WWE for their Cruiserweight Classic during the summer of 2016. Solow also doubles as a Crossfit athlete, per his Twitter bio and calls Austin, Texas his home. He proposed to Bayley in November 2016, just days after she was one of the last women standing at her elimination match at Survivor Series. No word on if he likes giving hugs as much as his Bayley, but seeing how they are engaged, I’m sure he loves to receive them. It's not known when they'll be married, but you've got to wonder if the officiator will say, 'you may now hug the bride'.

13 Becky Lynch Is Dating A UFC Fighter


Cool Hand Luke isn’t just the name of a Paul Newman movie; it is also the nickname of Becky Lynch’s boyfriend. “Cool Hand” Luke Sanders has been dating Lynch since early 2016. He fights in UFC and won his first 11 fight before losing his first fight at UFC 209 on March 4, 2017. It would be a tough 24 hours for the couple as the next night Lynch was defeated by SmackDown Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss, in a 5-way match for the title. Sanders resides in Nashville, Tennessee which means he and Lynch can go on frequent double dates with the other WWE Nashvillians, Rusev and Lana. The couple has been going out for a while and one has to wonder if they'll ever tie the knot as well.

12 Sasha Banks Is Married To WWE’s Costume Designer


Some fans of the independent circuit may be aware of the wrestler, Kid Mikaze. If not familiar with him, then you definitely know his wife, the one and only Sasha Banks. Mikaze has also appeared in a WWE ring as a jobber on a couple of occasions including in a squash match against Ryback. Outside of the ring, Mikaze is one of the costume designers for the WWE superstars, including his wife. While Banks and Mikaze were wrestling for an indy promotion in New England, they actually wrestled against each other in a four-way match at Beyond Wrestling! That’s something that not even Triple H and Stephanie McMahon can claim to have done!

11 Charlotte Has Been Married Twice And Divorced Twice


Charlotte’s first marriage came to the guy that both she and her father had a fight with, Riki Johnson. The two were married in 2010 but quickly broke up and divorced soon after. Still not confident in her abilities as a singles competitor, Charlotte then met English wrestler Bram and married him in 2013. The two first met when they were together in NXT in 2012 and before Bram was released from his contract after being charged with battery of a police officer. This Charlotte-Bram tag team didn’t last long either as their divorce was finalized in October 2015. Bram apparently had a tag team partner behind Charlotte’s back as he was arrested for domestic battery against his then-girlfriend a couple of months earlier. Bram is currently with TNA/Impact Wrestling but something tells me he won’t be getting a call from the WWE anytime soon.

10 Sasha Has A Thing For 2 Members Of The Shield


During a Facebook Q&A a fan asked Banks who her favorite member of The Shield was. The politically correct, but factually incorrect answer to give would have been Kid Mikaze, her then boyfriend at the time. However, Banks didn’t go that route and she didn’t hold back in her admiration for not one, but two members of the shield:

“Who is my favorite member of The Shield?” Banks asked. “Of course, Roman Reigns is so hot, but my favorite is Seth Rollins.”

No word on if the feelings were reciprocated by those two but Reigns was and still is married while Rollins was dating an NXT talent at the time. Banks and all members of The Shield did spend some time together in NXT before their call-ups but I’m sure that if something went down we would have heard about it by now.

9 Sasha Has A Crush On A Current Soccer Player/Former NXT Wrestler


Banks’ infatuation with Roman Reigns didn’t last long as she then professed her fascination for Hugo Knox. Who is Hugo Knox? That was the wrestling name of Stuart Tomlinson while he appeared in NXT from 2014-2016. Who is Stuart Tomlinson? Tomlinson is a professional soccer player playing in the third tier in England. He also models part-time and has appeared on the cover of Men’s Health. Tomlinson put his soccer career on hold for a couple of years to give the world of wrestling a shot but Hugo Knox didn’t last long and was released from WWE. Tomlinson then went back to England and is still playing soccer today. He never made it to the WWE and he never made it to the English Premier League, but he still has an admirer in Banks.

8 None Of The Four Horsewomen Are Mothers


There are some professions where a woman can hide her pregnancy but wrestling is not one of them. The physical nature of the sport simply isn’t safe for the expecting mother or child, not to mention the midriff-baring outfits aren’t favorable to pregnancies. Like most female wrestlers, Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha, and Becky have decided to put motherhood on hold and focus on their in-ring careers. None of the four ladies are mothers yet and seeing how their careers are going, fans shouldn’t expect them to be anytime soon. We don’t know if there is a Brie Bella among the group, but if there is then social media and the IWC will be all over it. Women in the business tend not to have kids until they hit their 30s. Charlotte is 31 and Becky is 30 and both are in the prime of their careers. They likely won't be mothers anytime soon.

7 Charlotte Is Halfway There To Matching Ric’s Mark


No, she’s not halfway to 16 world championships, but rather she’s halfway to his 4 divorces. Ric’s second divorce came when he was 57 years old while Charlotte hit lucky number 2 before her 30th birthday! Since her second divorce, Charlotte has apparently remained single, or at the very least, she’s not engaged (we think). But I’m sure this phase is temporary because ex-husband number 3 is somewhere out there lurking. With Ric now engaged for the 5th time, the only question remains is who will have their next divorce first: father or daughter?

Oh by the way, we also wouldn't be surprised if Charlotte closes in on her dad's world title mark. She's already won the NXT Women's Championship and she's a four-time champion on the main roster. She's now moved to SmackDown, where she could easily add to her total.

6 There Are Rumors That Finn Balor Dated Bayley


Balor is known as a troll on social media and he had everyone confused recently with a picture he posted on Twitter. Balor’s parents were in town from Ireland for one of his events and were backstage with him. He asked for a picture and he got one with himself, his parents…and Bayley?

The huggable one had a look of happiness, confusion, and nervousness in the picture so she may not have even known what was going on. I know they may have different customs in Ireland than in the States, but how often do you introduce your “friend” to your parents? Balor even added fuel to the fire by tweeting the caption “Meet the parents.” No one is quite sure if this was kayfabe, a shoot, or Balor just messing with us all…and that was probably his intention all along.

5 Sasha And Bayley “Fought” Over Seth Rollins On Twitter


BFFs Sasha and Bayley are like sisters and what do sisters do? They fight over guys of course! The married Sasha and the engaged Bayley had a social media “beef” over Seth Rollins. Just like their battles within the squared circle, this fight was also fake *gasp* as they are both happily involved in other relationships. You would think that the two would have fought over someone besides the guy who was allegedly seeing two different women at the same time which resulted in nudes being leaked, but maybe WWE is behind all of this? We all know how much they love to have “art imitate life” so maybe they pushed for the two ladies to wage a Twitter war over Rollins. Unless there’s a Paige-esque leak on the way, we just have to assume that Sasha and Bayley are just joking around.

4 Charlotte Cast Her Web On Alberto Del Rio


Before there was Alberto Del Rio and Paige, there was Alberto Del Rio and Charlotte. When Del Rio made his return to the WWE late in 2015, Charlotte had just finalized her divorce from Bram. Del Rio was also just getting out of a relationship as he separated from his wife in June 2015. The two second generation superstars would date briefly before Del Rio moved on to Paige. Some matches are made in heaven but this one was clearly dripped in gold as when they were together Charlotte was the Divas Champion and Del Rio was the United States Champion. Their fling would later cause tension between Charlotte and Paige and the WWE tried to take advantage of that by pairing the two women together in a feud.

3 Becky May Have Had A Student/Teacher Crush On Her Trainer, Finn Balor


We know that Balor was one of Lynch’s trainers in Ireland during the early 2000s. At the time Balor was the NWA British Commonwealth Champion while Lynch was still a teenager. Balor would then go on to win championships all over the world before meeting up with Lynch about a dozen years later in NXT. The two obviously had a close relationship, but just how close?

Lynch admits to lying about her age in order to “train” with Balor by saying she was 17 when she was really 15. Seventeen also happens to be the age of consent in Ireland. I can neither confirm nor deny that anything besides “training” went on between the two, but if there was, the two of them have done a good job of keeping it under wraps. Just friends? Friends with benefits? Who knows?

2 Unlike Her Father, Charlotte Dates Inside The Locker Room


Ric Flair has been in the business nearly 50 years and lots (and I do mean LOTS) of women have taken a ride on Space Mountain. However, to the best of our knowledge, none of those women have been female wrestlers, valets, or in to the wrestling industry in any way. None of his four ex-wives were involved in wrestling which makes it somewhat surprising that Charlotte’s beaus have been involved in wrestling. Not much is known about her first husband, but her second husband wrestled in NXT and TNA. Also, she had a fling with Alberto Del Rio so she is clearly a tights-chaser. Obviously a female wrestler has more “options” than a male wrestler in terms of dating-at-work, but it’s still surprising that father and daughter went different paths.

1 Sasha Has Relatives In The Adult Industry


As mentioned on WWE TV, Sasha is a first cousin to rapper Snoop Dogg. In addition to being a rapper, the Doggfather has also produced and guest starred in a couple of adult films. He was the executive producer of “Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle” and “Snoop Dogg’s Hustlaz: Diary of a Pimp.” However, Snoop didn’t “perform” in either of these films, unlike Sasha’s other cousin, Ray-J. Formerly best known as Brandy’s little brother, Ray-J is now best known for starring in a little flick with Kim Kardashian back in the day. Now, Sasha is a married woman and it’s unlikely she would ever be involved in something like that, but if she changes her mind, she has two options just a phone call away. The plot is already there: a costume designer meets a professional wrestler...

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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Four Horsewomen's Personal Relationships