15 Things You Didn't Know About The Relationships Of The Four Horsewomen

The Four Horsewomen of WWE have been the most talked about women of the current generation. From the minute the foursome made their mark on NXT back in 2013/2014 it was obvious that the Women's Division of WWE would never be the same again.

All four women have now been promoted to the main roster and have continued to make a statement with Charlotte and Sasha Banks currently controlling the Raw brand and Becky Lynch a former SmackDown Women's Champion in her own right.

Bayley was promoted a long time after her friends and WWE are still looking for the best way to push the huggable star on the Raw brand, but it seems that Bayley and Sasha could be heading towards what could be an epic showdown at WrestleMania 33.

These four women are without a doubt the future of WWE, but without any of them being a part of a show like Total Divas, the WWE Universe are unable to find out the ins and outs of Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Charlotte's lives outside of WWE. There are many things that many fans don't know about these women, which includes their personal relationships with many WWE stars and their lives outside of WWE.

The following is a list of 15 things any fan of these four women should know about both their personal lives and current relationship statuses.

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16 Fans Wanted Bayley And Finn Balor To Become A Couple

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It comes as no surprise that when Bayley and Finn Balor were the two biggest champions in NXT, the WWE Universe were convinced that they were actually together in real life. Bayley and Finn became really close during their time in NXT together and now they have both been drafted to the Raw roster where their friendship can now continue both on and off screen.

Bayley was NXT Women's Champion and Finn was NXT Champion and often at house shows the duo would have a lot of fun, which included actually performing each other's entrances in front of each other and then attempting the Dirty Dancing final dance. They made a cute couple but they remain the best of friends with both stars confirming that there is nothing more than friendship between them.

15 Charlotte Has Been Married And Divorced Twice

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It comes as no surprise given that she is the daughter of 'The Nature Boy' and the 'Dirtiest Players in the Game' Ric Flair, but at just 30-years-old Charlotte has already been married and divorced twice.

Charlotte was first married back in 2010 but it seems that married life wasn't for the former gymnast and her first set of pre-nuptials was over before 2013 when she married her second husband, TNA star Bram. This marriage also failed to work out because by October 2015 Charlotte was divorced for the second time. Charlotte has bene following in her father's footsteps in more ways than one as Ric himself has been married and divorced four times.

14 Becky Lynch Is Dating A UFC Fighter

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For a former Women's Champion and a woman that is in the public eye all the time, there is not a lot known about Becky Lynch and her personal life. The Irish 'Lass Kicker' decided a long time ago to keep her personal life away from her professional life and so she is still yet to confirm who she is actually dating.

The rumour mill has been buzzing over the past few months though and given that both Becky and UFC star Luke 'Cool Hands' Saunders have shared many pictures of themselves out on dates on their Instagram pages, it seems that Becky is actually dating the MMA fighter. Becky herself is a performer full of passion so it may not come as a huge surprise that she would be attracted to a real life fighter.

13 Bayley Recently Got Engaged

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That's right boys, Bayley is now off the market after her boyfriend Aaron Solow finally popped the question and Bayley said yes. The couple have been together now for many years and Aaron is one of Bayley's biggest fans.

Bayley has been dating Aaron throughout her run with WWE and he has seen the highs and the lows of the young stars career. It makes sense that Bayley and Aaron have chosen now to decide to become engaged. Bayley is heading towards some huge things in WWE and now she will have the backing of her fiance all the way to the top. On the other side of this engagement, it doesn't seem that Aron Solow will be making his way to WWE any time soon (more on that to follow).

12 CharlotteHad A Fling With Alberto Del Rio


The way that the Mexican star is going, this won't even be a stat anymore. Alberto Del Rio is currently dating Charlotte's former friend Paige, or the couple are technically engaged, except that Del Rio is already married, so it is quite a confusing situation.

Before Del Rio and Paige announced that they were dating, Charlotte and Del Rio are reported to have been friends with some benefits backstage. The couple kept their arrangement a secret but decided to get together following Charlottes divorce in October 2015. Paige and Charlotte are reported to have fallen out over the former World Champion, but now it seems Charlotte got the last laugh since she is the one who is currently running the Raw Women's Division while Paige's future remains uncertain.

11 The WWE Universe Were Convinced That Bayley Was A Mother

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A few years ago, a picture of Bayley was found online and it saw her sat with boyfriend Aaron Solow and a dog while hugging a little girl. So many fans were confused by the picture because it does look like a family photo. Turns out, this was just Bayley and her boyfriend enjoying the company.

The identity of the child and the child in the photo is currently still unknown, but what is known is that Bayley is definitely not a mother. As much as the WWE Universe argued the validity of the photo, it could easily be a family member rather than her daughter. With Bayley on the rise and with her dream of being a WWE Superstar coming true, it is unlikely the former NXT Women's Champion will be having children any time soon.

10 Sasha Is Married To A WWE Costume Designer

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Sasha Banks is also off the market now, but she only recently got married. The three-time Raw Women's Champion and former NXT Women's Champion married WWE costume designer Sarath Ton back in August and in turn broke many young wrestling fans hearts.

Banks is another star who is very private about her personal life and had never talked about her fiance or the fact that she was engaged before the marriage. The only way fans knew that the purple-haired star was married was because photos of the marriage were leaked online and showed off her beautiful wedding dress. Much like Bayley, Sasha will likely avoid having children just yet with her husband and her future is just too bright in WWE to take time off.

9 Charlotte Was Once Arrested Along With Her Boyfriend


Charlotte is now considered to be one of the biggest stars in WWE. She is without a doubt the future of the Women's Division, but there is a lot about Charlotte's past that WWE wants fans to forget. Charlotte is a former NXT Women's Champion and WWE Raw Women's Champion in her own right, but before she was signed by WWE Charlotte was a completely different person.

Charlotte hasn't always been the squeaky clean star she is today. Back when Charlotte was dating her first husband Riki Johnson, she was arrested for assaulting a police officer after a fight involving her boyfriend and her father. She pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was sentenced to 45 days in jail. Unsurprisingly she never went to jail and instead walked away with a $200 fine.


7 Bayley's Fiance Auditioned For WWE Tough Enough

Bayley's fiance is actually a professional wrestler himself. He isn't as famous as his girlfriend, but it seems that he does actually want to be. His Tough Enough audition video can easily be found on Youtube and it shows just how much of his career he has to thank Bayley for in the long run.

Throughout the video, the known wrestling referee name drops his girlfriend a few times as a way to suggest that he is already in WWE's inner circle. Sadly WWE didn't choose to give Aaron a place on the show. Whether it was because of personal connections or because of other reasons, Aaron still awaits the call from WWE. As it stands, it seems that Aron Solow is not a wrestler in high demand so that call may never come.

6 Sasha Has a Crush on Roman Reigns and Likes Seth Rollins As Well

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Sasha made comments during an interview a long time before she was married, and the former NXT Women's Champion was asked who her favourite member of The Shield was.Sasha replied that Roman Reigns was hot but her favourite member is actually Seth Rollins (poor Dean Ambrose is apparently not on Sasha's radar).

Sadly for Sasha and many of the WWE Universe's female population, Roman Reigns is happily married to Galina Joelle Becker and has a young daughter Joelle. Meanwhile Seth Rollins is currently thought to be single after he broke up with his girlfriend Zahra Scheiber back in February more than a year after the controversy that surrounded the break-up between Rollins and his former fiance Leighla Shultz (you know, that one with the naked pictures and broken engagements).

5 Becky Lynch And Finn Balor Were Rumoured To Have Dated

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There is a lot about the younger lives of Finn Balor and Becky Lynch that the WWE Universe don't yet know. This means that many fans create rumours that are sometimes shut down by the stars themselves, but it seems that this rumour is still yet to be denied or clarified.

What is known for certain is that Finn Balor trained Becky Lynch when she was much younger at his wrestling school in Ireland. The two became very close at that point and then it seems that they didn't see each other again until WWE signed them both to NXT back in 2014. They could have dated back in Ireland and as of yet only the pair themselves actually know the truth, which means we may never know for sure.

4 Charlotte Is Currently Single

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It is perhaps the best thing for the former WWE Raw Women's Champion after the chaos that followed her arrangement with Alberto Del Rio and the fact that she is already a two-time divorcee at just 30-years-old.

Charlotte's father has been married and divorced four times already and has recently moved onto his next relationship. Ric is engaged to what will be his fifth wife and his daughter is perhaps hoping that she can avoid the same relationship record of her father. At the moment, Charlotte is believed to be single. This could be a great thing for the Superstar as she can focus solely on becoming the best woman wrestler in WWE history. And this could very well come true as Charlotte has already created quite a legacy.

3 Sasha and Bayley, Fanfiction with Seth Rollins

It was one of the cutest internet segments that has ever been seen in WWE. When the WWE Universe decided that they 'shipped' Sasha and Seth Rollins as a couple and called them 'Sesha' Sasha decided to tell Seth about it in a backstage video.

Rollins didn't fully understand it but laughed about it before Bayley decided to involve herself in the madness and tried to steal Seth away from Sasha. Obviously, Bayley was unsuccessful and the WWE Universe still worships Seth and Sasha together right now, despite the fact that Sasha is happily married. Bayley and Seth Rollins were also given their own fanfiction name 'Hugitect' which doesn't actually seem to be catching on at the moment. So, it seems that the 'Sesha" fanfiction will continue.

2 The Story Behind Bram

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It was probably one of the worst decisions Charlotte ever made, but she was actually married to TNA Star Bram for a little over two years. The two met and married back in 2013 following Charlotte's first divorce, but the marriage failed to work out.

Bram was later arrested following his divorce for domestic violence which was said to have been assault by strangulation and false imprisonment but this apparently wasn't anything to do with Charlotte. The mystery person who made the claims was kept out of many media reports, but it seems that the charges were dropped after Bram served some time in prison. What we can gather from these stories is that Charlotte was lucky avoid spending a lifetime with Bram who seems to be an unstable person.

1 Sasha's Husband Is Also A Professional Wrestler

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Sasha Banks married WWE costume designer Sarath Ton, but the star is known for more than just the costumes he designs for WWE Superstars (who knows how and why Sarath came into this position at WWE).

Before Sarath joined WWE back in 2015 he had already made a name for himself on the Independent scene and even in Ring of Honor and TNA as Mikaze. He also had a brief stint in NXT before it was reported that he was instead given the job as WWE's costume designer. Mikaze managed to make the PWI 500 twice during his wrestling career, which shows just how well his career was going prior to WWE. It remains unclear as to whether or not his in-ring career is over entirely.

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