15 Things You Didn't Know About The Miz And Daniel Bryan's Feud

Daniel Bryan and The Miz are currently embroiled in an incredible feud on SmackDown Live, a rivalry that has become so compelling, there is actual talk that Bryan could come out of retirement to face The Miz one last time.

The Miz and Daniel Bryan have a lot of history together, with The Miz being named as Bryan's mentor when he made his debut in NXT back in 2010. This was technically Bryan's second WWE run and The Miz was part of his rise to stardom from the beginning.

Over the next year, the duo would have a back and forth rivalry until Bryan came out on top and took The Miz' United States Championship. Bryan was then moved into much bigger feuds, but the duo never decided to make friends and put the past behind them.

This is why their current feud on SmackDown is turning so many heads. These are two men who actually do not like each other. They have stated that many times and they have come to blows backstage before as well.

Given that there are rumors of a match between the fierce rivals at WrestleMania 33, here is a guide to the entire history between Daniel Bryan and The Miz over the past seven years.

15 The Real Reason They Were Put Together


Daniel Bryan and The Miz were paired together on the first ever season of NXT. The Miz became Bryan's mentor and while it is thought that this was a way to begin a feud between them, WWE actually had a legitimately good reason for pairing both The Awesome One and The American Dragon together.

The Miz had come to WWE as a reality TV star, and while it was obvious that he knew how to talk, he didn't know how to wrestle, not the way that Bryan did. Daniel had already been on the Independent Circuit for more than a decade, and knew how to wrestle, but he wasn't as confident when it came to talking, so WWE decided that pairing them together would allow both men to learn from one another.

14 Daniel Bryan's Debut

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Since The Miz was named as Daniel Bryan's mentor it seemed that neither man was happy that this was the deal they had been handed. Bryan made his debut on NXT by pointing out the fact that he hated The Miz. The duo were then part of a promo at the beginning of the show and it seemed that The Miz was not happy about the fact that Bryan had a better response than him when they were talking about catchphrases, so he told Bryan he had already failed before slapping him and walking away.

The Miz took exception to the disrespect that Bryan showed him and after his first match in NXT where he was defeated by Chris Jericho, The Mix then attacked Bryan after the match and proved that there was no way their relationship was going to work out.

13 The Miz As A Mentor

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Given that The Miz was a heel in WWE at this point and even though it was a good idea for WWE to want to put Bryan and The Miz together, it seems that they were never going to be the best of friends.

The Miz' ego was already highly inflated and it became laughable to many of the WWE Universe that a wrestler who had only been in the business for four years and could hardly even lock in the Figure-Four was the mentor of a man who was known as a submission machine and had spent the last decade wrestling all over the world. The logic of WWE was slightly floored on this one, but as already stated, there was a method in their apparent madness and it led to an interesting feud between the two stars.

12 The Miz Forced Bryan To Compete While Injured

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Daniel Bryan had already been defeated by World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho the week before. After that, The Miz came out and attacked him as a way to teach Bryan a lesson about respect and the fact that he was the mentor and Bryan was just a rookie.

Bryan was obviously injured during the match when he took a shot to the kidneys and then refused medical treatment. He was shown backstage with the medical staff receiving treatment but The Miz decided that whether he was injured or not he would compete against Wade Barrett later than night. The Miz then proceeded to hit Bryan in his injured kidneys, and Barrett defeated Bryan by focusing on his injured ribs before Jericho himself became involved and attacked Bryan as well, locking him in the Walls of Jericho.

11 They Didn't Team Together Very Well...

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Despite the fact that they quite obviously didn't get along, The Miz was Daniel Bryan's mentor and he had to be in his corner even when he didn't want to be. This was proved when The Miz and Bryan took on the team of David Otunga and R-Truth on an episode of NXT.

Bryan and The Miz looked like they were getting along fine but then there was an altercation between them and the distraction allowed R-Truth to run in and hit a Heel Kick while the referee's back was turned. Otunga then hit his Spine Buster to win. Later, Bryan and The Miz had another argument backstage about the fact that even though The Miz was the pro, he cost them the match that night. Bryan commented that The Miz had been carried by all of his former tag team partners.

10 1o. Daniel Bryan Eliminates Himself From NXT

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After being part of the NXT roster for more than two months and still being at odds with The Miz, Daniel Bryan had failed to win a single match. He had gone through 10 matches on the show and after failing to win a single one, he was asked who he thought should be eliminated from the show that week.

Bryan was well aware of his poor win/loss record and stated that he should be the one to leave the competition. It seems that NXT agreed with him and the following week Matt Striker announced that Bryan was the rookie who was being sent home from the competition. Luckily, Bryan had made enough of an impact that his time on the first season of NXT still remains a memorable one.

9 The First Time They Ever Faced Each Other

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Given that Daniel Bryan was making a name for himself on the Independent Scene while The Miz was part of reality shows, the two rivals had never faced off in a wrestling match before. And even though Bryan had been eliminated from NXT, Raw guest host Ashton Kutcher decided to make a very popular decision.

It was decided that Daniel Bryan would go one-on-one with The Miz for the first time on Monday Night Raw since he was signed to a one-night-only contract with the company. Bryan won the match after The Miz reversed the Yes Lock and he then reversed it into a pin. The Miz then dragged Bryan over to the announce table to apologize to Michael Cole, whom he had attacked the week before but Bryan instead decided to throw The Miz at him.

8 When Daniel Bryan Replaced The Miz

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The Miz and Daniel Bryan's rivalry was brushed to the side after The Nexus made their WWE debut by destroying both WWE and their ringside area. Bryan was seen choking Justin Roberts at ringside during the attack and was released from his contract after this was deemed 'not within the PG banner.'

The WWE Universe wanted Bryan back and despite the fact that WWE had said that they wouldn't rehire him, he was named as the final man in the SummerSlam match as Team WWE took on Team Nexus. The Miz wanted to be the final man and was livid that he had been replaced by his own rookie. He even attacked Bryan during the match and caused his elimination. Luckily, Team WWE still managed to win, and Bryan had already had a hand in two of the eliminations.

7 The Submission Match

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It's safe to say that The Miz was not happy that he had been replaced by Daniel Bryan and this then led to a deeply personal feud between the two stars on the main roster of WWE. Bryan was signed to a WWE contract following his appearance at SummerSlam and the duo then had a scheduled Submission match on the eve of Night of Champions.

Bryan technically won the match after The Miz forfeited and then sent in Alex Riley instead. Bryan won the match but before he could celebrate The Miz rushed into the ring and attacked Bryan once again ahead of their showdown for the United States Championship at Night of Champions. The Miz wanted to send a message to Bryan but instead, Bryan reversed the Skull Crushing Finale and locked in the No Lock.

6 Night Of Champions 2010

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Bryan was finally given the chance to appear on pay-per-view at Night of Champions 2010 when he faced The Miz for the United States Championship. This match had been building for a long time between them and was the best chance for Daniel Bryan to finally get revenge for everything The Miz had put him through over the past few months.

The match between them was one of the best on the card that night and it saw Bryan lift his first ever championship in WWE as he forced The Miz to tap to the No Lock to become United States Champion. This then led to another few matches between the two, as well as a match at Hell in a Cell two weeks later in a bout that also involved John Morrison. Bryan successfully defended his Championship

5 Time Apart

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Daniel Bryan and The Miz then both went in different directions in WWE after their match at Night of Champions. The Miz stayed mostly in the mid-card for a few years until he main evented WrestleMania with John Cena. Daniel Bryan favored much better, winning the World Championship and then going on to have the best year of his career in 2014.

Bryan was forced to retire from in-ring action in 2016 after the WWE doctors failed to clear him for a return. This led to Daniel being offered the job as the General Manager of SmackDown Live when it was rebranded following the WWE Draft back in July. The Miz was also drafted to SmackDown which meant that Bryan and The Miz could continue something that they had begun seven years ago.

4 Talking Smack

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The WWE Universe had all but forgotten about the history between Daniel Bryan and The Miz until that brutally honest episode of Talking Smack last year. Bryan called The Miz a coward when he talked about the way he defended his championship and it seemed that this awoke something inside The Miz.

The Miz then ranted at Daniel about how he had never been injured or promised to return to the company when he was unable to. If anyone was the coward then it was Daniel Bryan. Obviously, the SmackDown General Manager was upset by these comments and walked off the set, leaving many of the WWE Universe to question whether this was scripted or not. Many online outlets claimed that this was a shoot interview between them that led to a real life fight backstage afterward.

3 Stealing Bryan's Moves/Gestures

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Recently The Miz has taken exception to Daniel Bryan's attitude towards him when it comes to his in-ring skills and has instead begun acting against it by using many of Daniel's moves and gestures in the ring. Most notably The Miz has been doing Daniel's infamous kicks and his even more famous 'Yes' chant.

It has gotten to the point where many of the WWE Universe actually thought The Miz would enter the Royal Rumble this year to Daniel Bryan's music, it now seems that he is of the opinion that since Bryan can no longer wrestle then he can do his moves instead. Daniel himself hasn't had much to say about The Miz' apparent lack of respect, especially since he's the General Manager of SmackDown, but maybe there is something brewing in the future for them?

2 'Not Being Able To Wrestle Has Never Stopped You'

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It is only February but it seems that we may have already heard the insult of the year. Once again The Miz tried to pick a fight with Daniel Bryan in his home state of Washington this past week on SmackDown and after winding Bryan up about Elimination Chamber he stated that he didn't know why Bryan was in a WWE ring because he can not wrestle anymore.

Bryan responded that 'not being able to wrestle has never stopped you from getting into a WWE ring.' The crowd reacted the way they intended and The Miz definitely didn't have a comeback to what was a fantastic quip from Bryan. Luckily many other stars began filing out ahead of a Fatal-Four way match before anything more could happen between the long-time rivals.

1 Daniel Bryan Refuses To Rule Out A One-Off Match

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There was a lot of negativity surrounding the entire angle between Daniel Bryan and The Miz when it first began in September last year because Daniel Bryan is not medically cleared to return to the ring. So there will never be a final blow out between them, or so we thought.

Recently Bryan has refused top rule out a return and was quoted as saying 'never say never' when he was asked if he could have a one-off match. There are many fans who are now speculating that the match could take place at WrestleMania 33 in a few months time. It would be the first time Bryan has been at WrestleMania since he won the Intercontinental Championship two years ago, but it would be the first high-profile match The Miz has been part of in a long time.


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