15 Things You Didn't Know About The New Day's Personal Lives

The New Day have become the biggest tag team in WWE over the past few years and are merely weeks away from breaking Demolition's record as the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history.

Many die hard fans will remember that it hasn't always been this way, The New Day were booed out of arena's when they first debuted in WWE almost two years ago. The New Day are a perfect example of a group of Superstars who have used everything they have within them to turn a bad WWE gimmick into one of the best currently on the show.

Not a lot is actually known about the three men who make up The New Day though. All three men are international stars in their own right and have been a part of the WWE roster now for a number of years, so here are 15 facts about the lives of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E outside of WWE.

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15 Big E was Once Kaitlyn's Admirer in a WWE Storyline

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Big E used to be known as Big E. Langston and when he first made his debut on WWE's main roster, he was World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler's personal bodyguard. As well as helping Ziggler to win matches, he also helped his on-screen girlfriend AJ Lee when she needed help too.

One of the things he helped AJ with was to play mind games with Kaitlyn before their showdown for the Divas Championship at Payback in 2013. Big E pretended to be her secret admirer for weeks before he revealed that he was doing it to help AJ get the upper hand over Kaitlyn before the match. It worked, as AJ walked out with her first Divas Championship and held the title then for 295 days, until she was defeated by Paige the night after WrestleMania XXX the following year.

14 Xavier Was A Cheerleader in High School

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Did you ever wonder why Xavier Woods looks so at home cheering for Big E and Kofi Kingston on Monday Night Raw? Well, it's because he used to be a high school cheerleader. Yes, Xavier tapped into his cheerleader side was back in high school. Which we now can see exclusively on Monday Night Raw.

It seems that Xavier wanted to wrestle in high school but since there was no team for him to wrestle for, he decided to become a cheerleader instead because he thought that the physicality of the sport would help with his budding wrestling career. It seems that he made the right choice since he's now working for the biggest promotion in the world and he occasionally is allowed to become a cheerleader at ringside for his teammates.

13 Kofi Has Been Billed From Two Countries But Is Actually From Another

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Poor Kofi Kingston has had a confusing WWE career. When he first came to WWE he was billed as a Superstar from Jamaica and even put on a fake Jamaican accent for a few years, before it became obvious that the accent was fake and WWE allowed him to talk normally again.

He is currently being billed from Ghana West Africa, which is also incorrect. Kofi is actually originally from a small city on the inside of Ghana but his family moved away from there when he was just three years old. His family decided to emigrate to the United States in 1984 and Kofi actually grew up in Boston (this was addressed during the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view from Boston). Kofi currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

12 Xavier Wants To Work With Autistic Children

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It is perhaps the cutest addition to this list, but when Xavier Woods' wrestling career finally dies down, he wants to go and work with autistic children (which is a nobel thought).

When Xavier Woods was in college he took a seminar where he worked with autistic children and ever since he has aimed his education towards this final outcome. Xavier is currently still studying, as will be explained further down this article and he is hoping that when he finally achieves his Ph.D. he can work towards using it to work with children. Having a goal like this as a wrestler is incredible because he must meet lots of children when traveling with WWE, which would only serve to spur him further on to reaching this goal.

11 Big E Is A Former High School Wrestler

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Big E is not a small guy. It is quite obvious that much like the likes of Jack Swagger, Big E is a former high school wrestler. Not only that, he was good as well.

Big E is a former state champion at Wharton High School and was even named Hillsborough County's Ironman of the Year on one occasion. After he graduated from Wharton, Big E began playing football at college where he was a defensive lineman for Iowa Hawkeyes. Following his graduation from college, Big E turned his attention to Powerlifting where he set a fair few records of his own. And of course, from there, Big E was off to professional wrestling. Definitely a wise choice for his career as big E is now a huge Superstar.

10 Kofi Is Best Friends With CM Punk

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This is perhaps one of the worst kept secrets in WWE, but Kofi Kingston and CM Punk were the best of friends during their time together in WWE and still remain friends since Punk left the company back in 2014.

The duo were once World Tag Team Champions together and created a bond so strong that it has remained throughout. Kofi once went as far as referring to Punk as his 'road wife.' Both men have stated that they are like brothers and that nothing would ever come between them. Hopefully, Punk's exit from WWE didn't harm their relationship in any way, even though Kofi seems to be doing just fine without his 'road wife.' And who knows, maybe, just maybe someday Kofi and Punk will be reunited in WWE.

9 Xavier Once Threw Up During A Match

Before Xavier Woods made a splash in WWE, he was a part of TNA during arguably their most successful sprint in history as Consequences Creed. While he was a part of the TNA roster, he was put into a Five-Way Ladder match that eventually came down to just him and Amazing Red.

It seems that Xavier must have eaten something that didn't agree with him before the match because after Amazing Red hit him with a Hurrcanrana he proceeded to throw his entire dinner at the poor guy. Creed rolled out of the ring following the incident which allowed Amazing Red to then climb the ladder and pick up the contract that then stated that he was the number one contender for the X-Division Championship.

8 Big E Was Best Friends With AJ Lee

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Even though the title says 'was' it is pretty well known that the duo are still quite good friends. As noted earlier AJ and Big E were put together in a sort of stable with Dolph Ziggler when he was World Champion, and Big E even helped AJ win her first Divas Championship.

When AJ and Dolph broke up he took AJ's side and even accidentally punched AJ in the throat during one of his entrance's, which she just laughed off. More recently Big E was unimpressed that WWE allowed Nikki Bella to break AJ's reign record and even tweeted about it by uploading pictures of himself and AJ to the social networking site as a way to remember his time working with the popular female wrestler. Let's hope that they have continued their quirky friendship since she has retired from WWE.

7 Kofi Has Two Children

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The New Day have cut many promos where they have referenced children and at one point even stated that they would 'come to your house and beat up your children' to which Xavier exclaimed 'Kofi, you're a father' and indeed he is. In fact, Kofi is a father to two children.

Kofi Kingston is the only member of The New Day who has children at this moment in time. He is very private about his family but he has two boys, one born in 2013 and his most recent little boy born earlier this year named Orion Kingsley Sarkodie-Mensah. His youngest son made an appearance on an episode of UpUpDownDown with teammate Xavier Woods a few months ago. And who knows, maybe the rest of The New Day will have children of their own soon.

6 Big E Is A Former Power Lifter

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As already mentioned earlier in the article, when Big E left college, he decided to turn his attention to powerlifting and is actually a former USA Powerlifting Champion. Big E became the top powerlifter in Florida and managed to break all four powerlifting records for Florida state in the 275 pounds class.

He set the squat record at 711lbs, the bench press at 529lbs, the deadlift at 799lbs and his total was more than 2,000 pounds. All his national and American Raw records have since been broken, but he had quite the career as a powerlifter before he joined WWE and it is perhaps this career that turned the company's head in the first place. Obviously, the wrestling industry is more lucrative than power lifting,  so Big E is better off.

5 Xavier Is A Huge Fan Of Video Games

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Unless you watch WWE Raw on mute every week, then you will know that Xavier Woods is a huge fan of video games. He has his own YouTube channel called UpUpDownDown and regularly challenges fellow wrestlers to duels.

UpUpDownDown was originally supposed to be a Network show but WWE decided against picking it up and instead it continues on YouTube. Kofi Kingston is also a huge fan of video games, and as shown by much of his ring attire before he joined The New Day, Kofi is a huge fan of Comic Books and the characters involved in them. The New Day truly are "new" and modern and it comes across in their personalities. The trio have been fun to watch since they were allowed to showcase their real life identities on television.

4 Kofi Kingston Is Married

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Yes, ladies Kofi Kingston is taken but the good news is that he is the only member of The New Day who is married. The long reigning Tag Team Champion married Kori Campbell back in 2010, merely four years after he began his wrestling career.

Kofi is one of these Superstars who are able to have a successful wrestling life and find time for his wife as well as his two children. Kofi's second child was born earlier this year and somehow WWE managed to make it so that he could still be there to see his child born despite their hectic schedules for filming Raw and SmackDown. So, while Xavier and Big E remain on the market, Kofi is off and is a happily married man.

3 Xavier Woods Is Working Towards A PH.D.

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There is an old folk tale that states that footballers become footballers because they never listened in school. The same is often used with wrestlers as the example, but Xavier Woods lives to dispute this old claim.

The reigning Tag Team Champion already has a degree and is now working towards his PHD in psychology. Xavier manages to plan his travelling schedule around his school work and actually studies while he's on the road. As already stated, he is working towards a goal of being able to work with children with autism when his wrestling career comes to an end. Of course, this could be a very long time as The New Day continue to succeed and push forward towards tag team history in WWE.

2 Xavier Is Actually A 'Brony'

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It is the strangest addition to this list, but yes after Dolph Ziggler called out all 'Bronies' in 2014, Xavier decided to reveal himself as one. Basically it means that he is a grown man who is a fan of My Little Pony.

The New Day's Unicorn horn is actually based on his obsession with these ponies. The New Day was originally Xavier Woods' idea so it makes sense that WWE are allowing him to incorporate some of this things he likes in real life into their characters. As well as this, many children have brought the Unicorn horns. These horns have become the big thing that The New Day are recognized for, so maybe it isn't such a bad thing. The horns will continue on in WWE.

1 Big E Appeared On Total Divas

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Total Divas has become a phenomenon that even WWE weren't prepared for over the past few years and it's no surprise that they have had many wrestlers as guests on the show.

Big E made an appearance a few seasons ago as a date for Natalya's sister Jenni. The duo hung out for a while at Natalya's house before they then went on a double date with Nattie and Tyson Kidd. It seems this is as far as the relationship went because Big E hasn't appeared on the show since, while Jenni has continued to appear alongside her sister. Kofi and Xavier are still yet to make an appearance on the E! based reality show, but it's obvious that they will be having cameos at some point.

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