15 Things You Didn't Know About The Relationships Of The Hardys

Matt and Jeff Hardy shocked the world a few weeks ago when they made their WWE return at WrestleMania 33 and won the Raw Tag Team Championship. The Hardys have been known on the professional wrestling circuit now for more than two decades and it seems that a lot has changed since they were last in WWE.

Matt and Jeff were once part of Team Extreme along with Lita, something that helped to kick start their career in the early 2000s.

Matt and Jeff later branched off into singles wrestling and while Jeff lifted the WWE Championship, Matt was the one who was left in WWE after Jeff was forced for the drug issues that have dictated most of his life.

While The Hardys have been on WWE TV and even Impact TV over the past two decades, they have both had various relationships, some were more high profile than others. The Hardys have finally settled down and have found a point in their life where they could return to the company where they first found fame, but there are still a lot of things that the WWE Universe don't know about the relationships of The Hardys.

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15 Matt And Jeff Have Remained Good Friends With Many Former WWE Stars

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Matt and Jeff Hardy may have left WWE back in 2009 and have since gone on to make names for themselves on the Independent Circuit, in Ring of Honor and also as part of Impact Wrestling, but that doesn't mean that they have forgotten the superstars that they came through the ranks with in WWE.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are reported to still be good friends with Shannon Moore, Joey Mercury, and Gregory Helms. All five men were once part of WWE's Cruiserweight Division and despite all going their separate ways over the past decade, it is reported that they are all still considered to be close friends. Joey Mercury still works for WWE and has been working as part of their backstage team for the past few years, after J and J security's storyline came to an end.

14 Beth Britt Was Once Caught Up In A Matt Hardy Suicide Hoax

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Back in 2009 Matt Hardy was going through some life changing things and decided to upload a video to YouTube that was seemingly considered to have been a suicide note. Hardy obviously didn't attempt suicide but fans who watched the video panicked and sent police to the wrong house.

Police instead showed up at his brother Jeff's Hardy's house in North Carolina which obviously then annoyed his wife Beth Britt enough that she took to Twitter to call out Matt Hardy for once again looking for a reason to get attention. She stated that he had finally got what he wanted because everyone was talking about him but as ever it wasn't in a good way. Matt obviously didn't respond to her comments, but the WWE Universe backed up Beth's response.

13 Matt And Reby Were Once Arrested For Domestic Abuse

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Matt Hardy and Reby Sky have a strange relationship, to say the least. They were never a couple that the WWE Universe thought would last and their instincts were backed up in 2014 when Matt Hardy was arrested following an altercation with his wife in a motel room in Virginia.

Reby was also arrested and the pair were charged with assault and battery after an employee at the motel called 911 after overhearing their alleged brawl. The duo really fought one another as their mugshots showed scratches all over both of their faces. Reby seemed to come off much worse of the two though as she sported what looked like a fat lip and a black eye on hers. Luckily the couple later managed to move past this brief issue.

12 Jeff Hardy's Wife Had To Talk Him Out Of Taking Drugs

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Jeff Hardy has had a drug problem for the best part of his career. It was one of the reasons why he was released from WWE back in 2009. It is also reported that these problems continued into his Impact Wrestling career when it was made obvious that Jeff was high during his match against Sting at Victory Road.

The match was over in a matter of minutes and it is one that has defined Hardy's career over the past few years. His wife Beth had to step in at one point and convince Jeff of the problems that his drug addiction was causing his family. At this time Jeff had a daughter and this was enough to convince him to sort his life out for her so that he would be able to see her grow.

11 Matt Hardy Is Married To Reby Sky

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Matt Hardy and Reby Sky announced that they were dating back in 2011. It was just months after Hardy had joined TNA and the couple seemed quite mismatched. Despite their differences, the couple married in October 2013 and have happily been appearing together on Impact TV ever since.

Reby is also a wrestler and even though she played more of a role with her husband's storylines than she did in the Women's Division in Impact, she is considered to be a talented wrestler amongst many fans. Reby hasn't been seen on the wrestling circuit since The Hardys decided to make the switch from Impact Wrestling to WWE but she has had a lot to say online about the Broken lawsuit that she is currently fighting Impact for the rights of.

10 Jeff Hardy Is Married To Beth Britt

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Jeff Hardy hasn't been as active on the dating circuit as his brother. He has been dating Beth Britt since 2011 but the couple dated for more than twelve years before they decided to marry. Beth was by Hardy's side throughout his WWE career after they met in 1999 and she has been through all the bad times and the good times with the former World Champion.

Unlike Matt's girlfriend, Beth isn't a wrestler and didn't have anything to do with the wrestling business at the time when they met. Even though Hardy has had his drug problems and his issues with being arrested Beth has always been the constant fixture that he has needed in his life and it seems that he has finally got to the point he was working towards for years. He's finally considered clean and able to sign a full-time contract with WWE.

9 There Could Be Plans To Bring Reby To WWE

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Ever since The Hardys made their shock return to WWE at WrestleMania a month ago, there has been a plan in action for The Broken Matt Hardy character to make his way over to the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and hopefully open up a feud with Bray Wyatt.

Along with Matt Hardy, Senior Benjamin and Reby Sky would have to be involved in the process since they were huge parts of the gimmick when it became such a huge hit in TNA. Reby hasn't been seen on any TV for a while, but she seems to be working hard behind the scenes to find a way of bringing the gimmick and character over to WWE and her reward could be the chance to work with her husband again.

8 Jeff Hardy Met His Wife In A Bar

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Jeff Hardy has never been a superstar who allowed his personal life to become public knowledge, like his brother Matt who was caught up in one of the most public love triangles of all time.

Hardy met his wife Beth in a club in Southern Pines, North Carolina, the brothers had decided to go out to celebrate winning the WWF Tag Team Championships for the first time in 1999 and that was when he first met Beth. Someone that he has been in a relationship with ever since that day. The couple waited an incredible twelve years before they finally tied the knot in October 2011, but it seems that the couple never needed a wedding ring or even a marriage certificate to prove that they knew what they already had.

7 Reby Met Matt When He Came To TNA

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Reby Sky and Matt Hardy are considered to be one of the most well-known couples in wrestling at the moment. But back in 2011 before they confirmed that they were dating, they were just another male and female wrestler in TNA.

They never looked like two people who had anything other than wrestling in common, but it seems that Hardy and Reby just clicked and a few months later it was announced that they were engaged. Two years after that they were married. It's been a long road for Matt when it comes to his personal life, but it seems that he has finally found someone who is on the same level that he is, which is all he needed all along and what he needed to get him past his previous problems.

6 Matt Hardy Has A Son

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Throughout the personal facts about Reby and Matt on this list, there has been one factor missing and that is the fact that the couple welcomed a son in June 2015. Maxel has been one of the biggest factors in getting The Broken Hardy gimmick over with the wrestling crowds wherever Matt has gone because it's a family affair.

Jeff Hardy, Reby Sky, and Maxel were all part of the gimmick with Matt and somehow Maxel always managed to remember where he was supposed to be and what he was supposed to do. Even when he was just a baby he was part of storylines and was once part of Decay's plan to defeat The Hardys by kidnapping him. Luckily, he wasn't kidnapped, and Decay were defeated and obviously deleted by The Hardys.

5 There Is A Huge Age Gap Between Matt And Reby Sky

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You might be wondering why Matt and Reby's relationship has had so many ups and downs. Well, that's probably because there's a twelve year age gap between Matt and Reby. When they met in 2011 she was just 24 years old and Matt was 36.

It seems that despite being from different generations and Reby being obviously much younger, the couple have still managed to figure things out and get back on the same page for the sake of their son. Maxel could be an added person in the WWE locker room if WWE decides to pick up The Broken Gimmick in full, which will also allow Matt and Reby to work together again. Reby Sky could even be part of the WWE Women's Division at some point as well.

4 Jeff Hardy Has Two Daughters

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Jeff Hardy has returned to WWE as a much more grown up Superstar who hopefully doesn't take as many risks in the ring as he used to. Jeff wasn't even married when he left WWE back in 2009 but not he returns as a married man with two children.

Ruby Clair Hardy was born in October 2010. Jeff then adjusted well to life as a father and married Beth the following year in March 2011. The couple then announced the arrival of their second daughter Nera Quinn Hardy born in December 2015. Hardy has been a devoted dad for the past few years and it has been his children that have been the driving force in allowing him to come away from the drugs and be able to get his wrestling career back on track.

3 Matt Hardy Once Dated Ashley Massaro

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Following his very public split with Lita, Matt Hardy went on to date 2005 Raw Diva Search winner Ashley. Matt and Ashley were not together for very long at all since Ashley was later put into a storyline with Paul London and Brian Kendrick and she was then said to have been in a relationship with London without ever announcing her break-up with Matt.

This caused a huge rift between London and Hardy that then boiled over online and saw the duo exchanging some nasty messages. It seems that Hardy has never been lucky when it comes to women, so at least he has finally found someone like Reby that is on the same page as him. Ashley later left WWE and London also headed to the Independent Cicruit as well.

2 Jeff Hardy Once Dated Mickie James

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Jeff Hardy may have always been in a relationship with Beth Britt, but it seems that at some point during his career when he was in WWE, he was actually in a relationship with Mickie James. The former Women's Champion was part of the company for many years and had relations with many wrestlers during her time there. It is reported that Hardy was one of them.

Both Jeff Hardy and Mickie have recently returned to WWE and are now together on the Raw brand. Both stars also headed over to TNA after they left the company and have had lengthy careers in the Impact Zone. It's as though their careers have always been entwined despite the fact that they are both married with children at this point in their lives.

1 The Lita/Edge Triangle Ruined Matt's Perception Of Women

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Matt Hardy's love triangle with Edge and Lita was one of the biggest stories in WWE in 2005. It was a real life personal drama that saw poor Matt as the victim. He was even fired from the company at one point before it was deemed too harsh and WWE instead used the real life situation to their advantage.

Matt obviously found it hard in his personal life after Lita because the couple dated for six years and it was something that he became complacent with. His relationship with Ashley a few years later didn't end well either, so Matt was then stuck in a strange position afterward until he then met Reby Sky. She obviously managed to change Matt's perception of women and allow him to move forward with his life.

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