15 Things You Didn't Know About The Relationships Of The New Day

The New Day have become one of the most popular tag teams in WWE over the past few years and made WE history back in December when they became the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in the history of WWE.

The New Day have become very well known to the WWE Universe and were recently given the honour of hosting WrestleMania, something that has been done by the likes of The Rock and Hulk Hogan in the past.

While The New Day are huge stars on-screen, there isn't a lot known about the personal lives of the stars that the WWE Universe have come to know and love. It seems as though these three stars are in character all the time since they are always seen outside of the company doing The New Day dance and being silly as well.

Despite being household names, Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston all have lives outside of WWE. They may be on the road 300 days a year, but it seems that they all have relationships outside of the business to look forward to as well.

Here is a list of 15 things you didn't know about the personal relationships of The New Day.

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15 Kofi Kingston Attended CM Punk's Wedding

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CM Punk and AJ Lee are two of the biggest rebels in WWE history. Not only did CM Punk walk away from WWE and then get fired by the company a few month's later for breaching his contract, but his wife then retired from the company just days after WrestleMania 31 when it appeared she had grown bored of the backstage politics.

The couple married back in 2014, just months after Punk left WWE and were very private about their wedding day. Kofi and CM Punk are best friends and it seems that even though there were not many WWE stars at the wedding, Kofi was one of them. Punk never leaked any photos of the ceremony either, seemingly because he didn't want to get any of the stars in trouble with WWE for attending the ceremony when they were still mad at him.

14 The New Day Are All Close Friends With Sasha Banks

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Ever Since Sasha Banks made her debut on the main roster as part of Team B.A.D she has been taken under the wing of The New Day and it seems as though she has developed quite a bond with all three members.

There are many photos that Sasha has shared on Instagram and Twitter of her with the three members of the group backstage, and at one point Team B.A.D and The New Day switched clothes, which looked quite funny. Even though the trio and the former Raw Women's Champion haven't been able to appear together on-screen yet, it seems that they still remain a close-knit group backstage. It's nice to see that Sasha has someone fighting her corner backstage, with all the things currently going on with the women in WWE.

13 Big E Is Good Friends With AJ Lee

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Kofi Kingston is close friends with CM Punk and it also seems that Big E has a close relationship with his wife AJ Lee. Big E and AJ Lee were forced to work together when AJ was still part of WWE and when they were both aligned with World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler.

This later turned into Big E siding with AJ Lee and it seems that the duo have remained very close, even after AJ walked away from the company. It is nice that many of AJ's friends like Big E and Paige have continued to keep in touch with the 'crazy Diva' even after she's been away from the company for more than two years. It seems that some relationships were obviously made to last much longer than others.

12 The New Day Have Been Forced To Become Close As A Group

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The New Day were forced together when they first debuted as a trio in WWE. At this point they were not good friends. They knew each other in passing but they didn't actually class each other as friends.

As part of an episode of Table for 3 on the WWE Network, Xavier, Kofi, and Big E all talked about the fact that Kofi and Xavier were already friends but they were not friends with Big E. The trio had an argument about the fact that they had never been in each other's houses or they had never invited each other over for sleepovers before they were put together by WWE. Times seem to have changed a lot over the past few years since all three are now inseparable.

11 The New Day Are Travel Buddies

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It probably doesn't come as that much of a surprise that The New Day have not only become close friends, but they have also become travel buddies when it comes to going across state lines, across ponds, and countries as part of their WWE travelling schedule.

The New Day were in an episode of Ride Along on the WWE Network where it showed just how much chemistry the group has both on and off screen. The trio seems to keep each other focused and do their job of keeping the driver awake after a lengthy day at a WWE live show. It makes sense that the trio travel together too since they rarely ever appear at any WWE event without each other, so they will all always be heading to the same destination.

10 Big E Once Appeared On Total Divas As Natalya's Sister's Date

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Natalya has been on Total Divas since the very beginning, but it was only in the latter seasons that the WWE Universe were introduced to her sister Jennifer. With Jennifer being brought into the show, it seems it was decided that she and Big E would make a good couple because he was then used on the show as well.

Big E and Jenni's relationship only lasted a few dates and two episodes while Jenni was living at Natalya's house and it made the friendship between Big E and Nattie become quite a strained one. Obviously, it didn't work out between Big E and the youngest Neidhart family member even though they did only really go on a couple of dates, but you know what they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

9 Kofi Kingston's Best Friend Is CM Punk

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Travelling with people that you hardly know for more than 300 days a year often means that there are friendships that are formed based on circumstances, but Kofi and CM Punk's friendship is much stronger than any of these.

The duo teamed together during their time in WWE and fast became best friends. CM Punk still lists Kofi as one of his best friends now more than three years after he left the company. It was thought that Kofi would be punished by WWE for being such good friends with CM Punk when he left, but luckily he escaped punishment and later became one of the longest reigning Tag Team Champions. The duo doesn't get to spend as much time together as they did during their time in WWE, but it seems they still find time out of their schedules to catch up.

8 Xavier Woods And Brad Maddox Have A Close Relationship

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Brad Maddox was released from WWE back in 2015. After being brought in as a referee, he was then used as the Raw General Manager and then a wrestler before being released from the company. It didn't seem as though Brad accomplished very much in the short time he was in WWE, but the WWE's Universe's perception has changed in recent weeks.

It seems that Brad was in a relationship with Paige for much of his time with the company and when Paige's Cloud was hacked and all of her videos shared to the world, one of the videos featured both Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox sharing Paige in a sex act. And it was rumoured to have been filmed just after the episode that the trio made of UpUpDownDown was recorded.

7 Big E Is Close Friends With Paige

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Even though Big E isn't currently in a relationship and he has never actually dated any of his work colleagues, it seems that Big E is very good friends with many of WWE's female wrestlers.

One of the best friendships is between Big E and Paige, who were featured on an episode of Total Divas where Big E allowed Paige to continually slap him in the chest because that's what friends do. Paige has also uploaded many pictures of the two friends on Instagram, which shows just how close she is to The New Day member. This is why it came as such a shock to many of the WWE Universe when it was revealed that Xavier Woods was the star who was in her leaked videos and not Big E.

6 Kofi Kingston Is Married

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Kofi Kingston has been in WWE much longer than both Big E and Xavier Woods, who both came up through to WWE after stints in NXT. During his entire run in WWE, Kofi has only ever dated one woman and decided to marry her in 2010.

Kofi married Kori Campfield in a private ceremony back in 2010 which was attended by very few wrestlers and only the family of Kofi and Kori, something that Kofi probably enjoyed giving the fact that he is mobbed by fans wherever he goes these days. Kofi's wife is not a big wrestling fan and doesn't usually attend many WWE shows to support her husband. The couple has been together now for more than a decade and in that time they have welcomed two sons.

5 Xavier Woods And Paige's Relationship Was Recently Revealed

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It seems that even in the world of social media and tracking of cell phones, there are still some things that celebrities are able to do and actually keep a secret. Sadly, in this age, there are also people who feel the need to hack other people's phones and reveal personal information that was never intended to be shared with the public.

Xavier Woods was a victim of this along with his friend Paige, and as part of the hacking, there was a video of the duo and Brad Maddox that is definitely not safe to be viewed on an episode of Raw. It seems that in the time between April 2013 and May 2014 Paige and Xavier were much closer that friends. Luckily, Xavier didn't marry until the following year.

4 Kofi Kingson Has Two Children

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The New Day and their unicorn horns have become very popular with the younger children of the WWE Universe over the past few years, but Kofi is actually the only member of the group who is a father.

Kofi has two children, the first of which he welcomed back in 2013, and WWE announced on air that Kofi had recently become a father and the second he welcomed in 2016. Once again, missing an episode of Raw to be there for the birth of his child. Both of Kofi's children are boys and his youngest named Orion Kingsley Sarkodie-Mensah is the only one that Kofi has allowed the public to see. He was part of an episode of UpUpDownDown when Kofi joined teammate Xavier and the two battled it out over video games.

3 Xavier Woods Is Married

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It probably comes as a surprise given recent events, but Xavier Woods has been married to Jess Watson now since October 2015. The couple remain very private about their relationship with Jess preferring to live out a normal life while Xavier becomes a global star with the other two members of The New Day.

There are not many pictures of the couple online either, but Xavier's wife does have Instagram were she often shares some interesting updates. It is thought that the couple had only been dating for around a year before they decided to marry in the fall of 2015. It seems as though this was one of the relationships where Xavier just knew and he decided to propose to Jess merely months into their relationship. Something that she obviously, didn't mind either.

2 Big E Is Currently Single

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Big E is the only member of The New Day who is not currently in a relationship or set to be a father. The hip-swaying star has been in WWE now for many years and it seems that he would prefer to keep his options open when it comes to relationships as a whole.

Big E has never dated any of the female wrestlers in the locker room either, although he was once revealed to be Kaitlyn's secret admirer during a storyline between AJ Lee and Kaitlyn that Big E was forced into. Big E is the most carefree member of the group and it seems that being on the road 300 plus days a year is one of the main reasons that Big E is now enjoying himself and living the single life instead.

1 Xavier Is Due To Become A Dad Soon

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Xavier Woods has been married now for almost 18 months, and it was announced late last year by his wife Jess Watson on Instagram that the couple is due to welcome their first child in May 2017.

Jess shared a picture of an extra Christmas stocking on the mantelpiece that read "Baby W" just before Xmas with the caption: “So much to be thankful for this holiday season! Baby Boy Watson coming May 2017.” It was already announced at this point that the happy couple are expecting a baby boy, which comes just months after fellow New Day member Kofi Kingston welcomed his second child. It seems as though 2016 was a great year for The New Day. His wife has since removed her Instagram page following the recent scandal with her husband and WWE star Paige.

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