15 Things You Didn't Know About The Relationships Of The Shield

The Shield were one of the most destructive stables in the history of WWE. Making their debut at Survivor Series back in 2012, the trio then set out on a path that left carnage at every stop.

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns became three of the best-known stars in the WWE and have all had solo success and held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship since the split back in June 2014.

It has been almost three years since these stars decided to go their separate ways. And a lot has changed in three years. All three men have singles matches at WrestleMania this weekend, which is a stark contrast from the WrestleMania where they faced Kane and The New Age Outlaws.

As well as their in-ring personas, their lives outside the WWE ring has changed a lot since then as well. Dean Ambrose is much more open about his personal life now he's on Total Divas. Seth Rollins has gone through a Social Media scandal. And Roman Reigns has become one of the biggest faces in WWE despite being suspended for a violation of the Wellness Policy.

Here are 15 things that the WWE Universe now knows about the personal relationships of three of the biggest stars in WWE right now.

15 Roman Reigns Is Married

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Roman Reigns has been in a relationship with Galina Joelle Becker the whole time that he has been a professional wrestler. Galina and Roman met when they were both in college at the Georgia Institute Of Technology and became engaged onFebruary 26, 2012. Their wedding took place two years later in December 2014.

The wedding took place at Disney's Castaway Clay while Roman was on hiatus from WWE, after he was rushed to the Emergency Room when it was deemed that he was suffering an incarcerated hernia. The couple's wedding song was 'A Whole New World' from Aladdin sticking with the entire Disney theme. Sadly, there wasn't time for Roman's Honeymoon since he returned to WWE a few days later at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs on December 14th.

14 Dean Ambrose's Dating History

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Dean Ambrose is a sketchy character, to say the least. There are many interviews with Ambrose that can be found online, where Ambrose talks about his relationships before he came to WWE, while he was still wrestling on the Independent Circuit and CZW.

Ambrose talks about a woman that he basically refers to as a ring rat that he ended up sleeping with. She was much also older than him. He states that he only did it because everyone else was sleeping with her. He stated that he was 19-years-old at the time and much of the time he didn't even know what he was doing. He referred to her as a crazy ex-girlfriend called Hellena Heavenly. The video can be found on YouTube from when Dean Ambrose was wrestling under the guise of Jon Moxley.

13 Roman Reigns Is A Father

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Roman Reigns and his wife have been married since December 2014, but the couple also have a nine-year-old daughter. Joelle Anoa'i was born back in 2008, four years before her parents decided to become engaged.

Roman and Galina refer to Joelle as JoJo and she played a huge role in their wedding a few years ago. Joelle was also used in a storyline in Monday Night Raw back when Roman was feuding with Bray Wyatt. At that point, Roman had appeared alongside his daughter for an advert about father's being part of their children's lives. A photo from this was then used as part of their storyline and Reigns legitimately stated that he was annoyed that WWE used her photo but they didn't cross the line because it was a photo that had already been made public.

12 Seth Rollins Met His Leighla Schultz When She Was A Waitress

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When Seth Rollins made his WWE debut back in 2012 he was engaged to a girl named Leighla Schultz. Seth Rollins and Leighla looked like the perfect couple from the outside. They went to Halloween parties dressed like hot dogs, looked as though they shared the same sense of humour, and Rollins often shared cute pictures of the couple on his Instagram account.

There were many stories about the couple and how they came together. But the main story is that Rollins met Leighla when she was a waitress and he was working on the Independent Circuit and with Ring of Honor. Leighla and Seth then came through many obstacles together before Rollins was signed to WWE and he even managed to find time between running his school and wrestling for WWE to see her.

11 Dean Ambrose and Renee Young Are Often Stalked By Fans

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In a recent interview Dean Ambrose and Renee Young talked openly about life as WWE's most popular couple; an award they actually won earlier this year. The couple talked about how Renee still receives death threats almost two years after she and Dean went public with their relationship.

Dean talks about how he is often stalked by 15-year-old girls, at hotels, at home, and on the phone. It gets to the point where it's actually quite scary for the couple as Ambrose likened it to 'Single White Female' which is a well known psychological thriller. Although Dean did say he knew he wasn't going to get beaten up and kidnapped by 15-year-olds. Renee stated that she knows that there are many 'Anti-Renee Young' pages out there when her only real crime is dating Dean Ambrose.

10 Seth Rollins Was Once Engaged

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As already stated, Seth Rollins met Leighla Schultz when he was still an up and coming wrestler on the Independent scene. The couple were together for five years before Rollins proposed to his girlfriend at the time back in October 2014.

Leighla had her own career at this point and had studied cosmetology at college. Schultz was a career driven, well-educated girl and was working as a makeup artist in a salon, something she had done for many years before, while Rollins was working for WWE. She was originally from Houston, Texas but she relocated to Davenport, Iowa, which is the city where Rollins was born after the couple became engaged. The couple made the decision to break off their engagement in February 2015 following the public online picture scandal.

9 Dean Ambrose And Renee Young Were Voted Favorite WWE Couple

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Dean And Renee are definitely not classed as a favourite couple when it comes to WWE fans, who often send Renee Young death threats for having the audacity to date Dean Ambrose.

It seems that the hate for the current SmackDown announcer has finally died down now though since the couple were voted as WWE's Favorite Couple earlier this year. The couple shockingly beat out the likes of The Miz and Maryse, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H and current wrestling power couple Nikki Bella and John Cena. WWE did finally allow the couple to go public with their relationship on WWE TV as part of a storyline with The Miz and Maryse on SmackDown late last year, so that could have had an impact on the voting here, or the WWE Universe could finally be coming round.

8 Roman Reigns And His Wife Went To College Together

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Roman and Galina met while they were both studying at the Georgia Institute Of Technology. Reigns was playing football at the time and Galina was on the track and field team, while they were also both studying and majoring in Management at the same time.

Both Roman and Galina have a background in athletics and Galina even once ran the 100-metre hurdles while she was at Georgia Tech. Even though they have this in common, it seems they were both Majoring in management in college as well. Roman stated that when he first began dating Galina it was so much easier because they didn't have a care in the world and just had fun, but it's much harder now because he's a grown up and the couple now have grown up responsibilities.

7 Renee Young Was Once Scared That Dean Ambrose Wasn't Good Enough For Her Parents

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Renee and Dean have recently come into Total Divas and in one of the episodes, despite the fact that they had been dating for more than three years at this point, Renee invited her parents to town so that they could meet Dean.

She didn't think he was good enough for her parents the way he was so she began attempting to change him. The way he dressed, acted, and at one point, God forbid, she tried to force him to brush his hair. It turned out that Dean was actually perfect and Renee's mom loved him. She just didn't understand why Renee was so stressed about the situation, because she was the one who was causing the problems for Dean. It was basically an episode of Total Divas with a moral...Imagine that.

6 Seth Rollins' Leaked Pictures

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Recently the WWE Universe has found out just how easy it is to hack a WWE Superstar, and Seth Rollins found that out first hand when he was hacked back in February 2015. It seems that someone hacked Rollins' Instagram account and uploaded a nude photo of NXT star Zahra Schreiber.

Rollins' fiance thought that he was cheating and later stated that she didn't even think of the possibility that he was hacked, so in retaliation, she then tweeted personal photos of Seth Rollins on her own Twitter page for the world to see. Rollins and Schultz later apologized for a domestic that they decided to have in public and Leighla then set her Facebook relationship to Single, stating that the couple had decided to part ways after the incident.

5 Renee Young And Dean Ambrose Are Currently Living Together In Las Vegas

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Dean Ambrose and Renee Young have been dating now for more than three years. The duo have recently become a part of Total Divas in the latest series. Renee and Dean began dating in October 2013 but didn't go public with their relationship until May 2015.

The couple currently reside in Las Vegas together, which is where many of their scenes from Total Divas are filmed. Renee stated that she and Dean don't really have any friends in Las Vegas, but because they spend a lot of time travelling and on the road, this isn't that much of a big deal. Renee and Dean were both drafted to SmackDown Live during the draft last Summer, which means that they are able to travel to different cities together and spend a lot of time together whilst they are at work.

4 Seth Rollins And Zahra Schreiber

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Seth Rollins broke off his engagement to Leighla Schultz after the photos of Zahra Schreiber surfaced online. The NXT star wasn't well known to the WWE Universe and was yet to appear on WWE TV, but this scandal thrust her into the spotlight.

Following the online picture scandal, Rollins decided to continue dating Zahra and the couple were often pictured together at his Black and Brave training school and even at NXT events. Following Rollins' injury in November 2015 and the fact that Zahra was released from her NXT contract after fans found Nazi-sympathizing pictures on her Instagram account. It seems that her relationship with Rollins his a rough patch and the couple decided to go their separate ways in February 2016. Rollins has since moved on and found a new girlfriend.

3 Dean Ambrose Isn't A Fan Of Travelling Outside Of WWE

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Renee is good friends with The Bella Twins and often joins them whenever they decide to go on vacations or just drives to places in Total Divas. Dean has often talked about the fact that he thinks his girlfriend spends too much time with The Bella Twins, which could be why he doesn't usually travel with them.

Outside of WWE, Ambrose seems like he's the kind of guy who likes to chill and enjoy his time outside of a car for a while. Since he spends the better part of his life driving around or travelling around with Renee, Roman and sometimes other Superstars. Dean did once surprise Renee with a trip to Big Surf though, perhaps because she had bugged him about it so much that he decided he had to do it.

2 Roman Reigns Wants More Children

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Many of the WWE Universe have commented about how cute Roman Reigns and his daughter Joelle are together. Roman seems like he is a naturally good father so it comes as no surprise that he wants to have more children in the future.

Reigns was born into a Samoan family where they traditionally have many children, so it seems he wants to follow in his families footsteps. In an episode of Unfiltered with Renee Young, Roman stated that he was looking forward to retiring from wrestling so that he can spend more time at home with his wife and their children. Life on the road is hard for Roman, but he always manages to spend time with his daughter, no matter how tired he is, which can be seen on his Twitter page.

1 Seth Rollins And His New Girlfriend?

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It has been rumoured online recently that Seth Rollins has began dating someone new. The former Shield member certainly has a type, since his new girlfriend is also a brunette. Rollins uploaded pictures of himself with Sarah on vacation back in December.

Rollins put pictures on his Instagram account from his vacation in Mexico that showed Sarah from the back. It was reported that she works in a nightclub in Chicago and is a friend of Independent wrestler Scarlett Bordeux. After the reception the first pictures were given, by many of the WWE Universe it is probably wise that Rollins hasn't mentioned his new girlfriend in any of his Instagram updates since. Rollins has recently been out injured, which means that the couple has had plenty of time together over the past few months.

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