15 Things You Didn't Know About The Relationships Of The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family has been something that has swapped and changed a lot over the past few years. The group debuted as a trio back in 2013 which included Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan.

After a few years of domination, Braun Strowman, an ex Rosebud was brought into WWE as the fourth member of the faction. Since then there has been many problems between members of the group and that has seen Rowan and Harper feud on and off for a while.

Braun Strowman was also drafted to Raw back in the Summer of 2016 which meant that The Wyatt Family was split up. In fact for a short time Daniel Bryan was a member of The Wyatt Family as well.

Since 2016, Bray has seen Rowan injured so he has instead been rejoined by Harper and Randy Orton, who decided to join the group as a way of turning on Wyatt from within. Rowan has also recently returned from injury while Harper has turned on his former leader when he took Orton's side over his.

It has been a strange few months with this family feud storyline taking the main event level for SmackDown Live, which lead to the showdown between Orton and Wyatt at WrestleMania, where Orton came out on top.

While the WWE Universe knows all about the character of The Wyatt Family on-screen, they are Superstars who are quite private about their personal lives and relationships, but here are some things that are known about the personal lives of these five men.

15 Braun Strowman Is Friends With A Lot Of Stars Backstage

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Braun Strowman has a personality on WWE TV where he is portrayed as a monster, and his nickname is 'The Monster Among Men.' It seems that this is only his character on-screen since Braun is well liked by many people backstage.

Alicia Fox and Paige commented on how much they like Braun on an episode of Ride Along when they were playing their version of Kiss, Marry, Push off a cliff with The Wyatt Family members. Braun is said to be completely different from his character when he's backstage and being a former Rosebud, it is easy to see that he has a fun loving personality underneath all the muscle and monster-like qualities. It isn't just the female wrestlers that Braun gets along with either, he is reportedly a welcomed face backstage, with not many wrestlers having a bad word to say about him.

14 Alberto Del Rio Lists Bray Wyatt As One Of His Closest Friends

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Alberto Del Rio's time with WWE came to an abrupt end last October when he decided not to resign with WWE after a year in the company. But it seems that Del Rio made long lasting friendships while he was working for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

Bray and Alberto Del Rio worked together many times, and Del Rio stated that Bray is one of his closest friends in WWE. When it comes to wrestling friends it seems that both Del Rio and Bray were drawn to each other and managed to put on some fantastic matches together, which can only mean that to two former heel stars have some incredible chemistry between them. Bray also states that Del Rio is one of his closest friends. It's a friendship that many of the WWE Universe wouldn't have been able to guess.

13 Randy Orton Used To Date Many Other Female Wrestlers

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Randy Orton has quite the dating resume when it comes to female wrestlers. Orton has been linked to the likes of Kelly Kelly and JoJo Offerman, who are both currently signed to WWE along with The Viper.

Orton and Kelly Kelly had a short fling while Orton was still married back in 2008. And it was reported that he and JoJo were also together for a few months after she joined the company in 2013. Orton obviously went on to meet Kim Kessler in 2014 and it seems that ever since then he has only had eyes for her. Orton seems to have become a much better-behaved person since he met Kim and many think that she has been the positive influence that The Apex Preditor has needed.

12 Luke Harper And Cesaro Have Been Friends For Years

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Luke Harper had an entire career on the Independent Circuit before he was signed by WWE. While he was wrestling in school gyms and nightclubs, Harper had matches against the likes of Cesaro and Dean Ambrose.

It seems that Cesaro and Harper have remained good friends ever since and have been able to continue their friendship since they were both signed to WWE. Both Harper and Cesaro are two of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE right now. Promo ability could come into the reasoning as to why these two are not already considered to be main event calibre stars. They don't seem like the kind of people who would have anything but wrestling in common, but it seems that their friendship has already lasted for many years. So there is a definite link between them.

11 Erick Rowan and Baron Corbin Are Friends Backstage


Baron Corbin is known as The Lone Wolf in WWE and prides himself on not having any friends backstage or anywhere within the company. Of course, this is just the character that Baron plays. In actual fact, he has many friends backstage and one of these is Erick Rowan.

Corbin and Rowan are an odd couple to think about hanging around backstage or even just going to pick coffee up together, but it's nice to see that the fact that they have been put together in NXT and SmackDown has led to a real life friendship. Wrestling does often throw out many strange friendships, but this is one of the oddest that has been reported. The Lone Wolf and the man in a sheep mask, maybe there is a strange link?

10 Bo Dallas Is Bray Wyatt's Younger Brother

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Bray Wyatt comes from a family of former and current professional wrestlers. And even though WWE hasn't allowed Bray and Bo to have any interaction on WWE TV together yet, the Universe are well aware of the fact that the duo are brothers.

Bray is a former WWE Champion, while Bo is a former NXT Champion. The duo have seen their careers run side by side, but it seems that recently Bo's has gone off the deep end while Bray has finally been given the push he has deserved for a number of years. Both brothers are talented wrestlers and there were once rumours that Bo could be joining Bray in The Wyatt Family. But these rumours are still yet to lead to anything substantial for Bo and his main roster career

9 Randy Orton And Kim Kessler Have Five Children Between Them

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Randy Orton has been married twice now and his latest wife Kim Kessler brought three children into her relationship with Orton. Randy himself already had a six-year-old daughter from his marriage to Samantha Speno and the couple recently announced the arrival of their first child together, back in November.

This means that between them the couple have five children, three boys and two girls. Orton is said to have taken Kim's three sons on as his own and loves being a father to a large brood. Sam allowed Alanna to attend Orton's wedding to Kessler. Meanwhile, Alanna has ben able to bond with her step brothers and the family has been reported to have become quite close in the almost two years that Orton and Kessler have been married.

8 Braun Strowman Is Best Friends With Mark Henry

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Being a former Strongman himself, it makes sense that both Mark Henry and Braun Strowman have become good friends. Henry was crowned The World's Strongest Man back in 2002 and Strowman revealed that Henry came to see him at the 2010 Arnold Classic and introduced WWE's talent development people to him.

Strowman had been a fan of Henry for most of his wrestling career when it comes to his feats of strength and considered it an honour that Henry was endorsing him and that he thought he would make a good wrestler. Strowman was obviously signed to the company after this and the duo have remained good friends ever since. Henry and Strowman have worked together on WWE TV many times and their chemistry is undeniable. WWE could easily make them a tag team someday.

7 Luke Harper Is Married To A Former Wrestler

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Luke Harper is reportedly married. The former intercontinental Champion is married to a fellow professional wrestler named Synndy. Even though Synndy only ever wrestled on the Independent Circuit before she retired from the business in 2009, it is thought that she was an incredibly gifted wrestler.

It is also thought that she met Luke Harper while he was wrestling as Brodie Lee on the Independent Circuit as well. Synndy only wrestled from 2003 until 2009 and when Harper headed to FCW it seems that she decided it was time to explore new adventures after six years in the wrestling world. Synndy was reported to have been the first ever female Cruiserweight Champion in her training school, which proved that she had a lot of promise as an up and coming star, something she was never able to equalise on.

6 Bray Wyatt Is Married To Samantha Rotunda

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Bray Wyatt is a third generation professional wrestler in WWE, and it seems that he has much more than just his wrestling family as support. Wyatt married Samantha Rotunda back in 2005, and she has supported Bray throughout the past few years that have led him all the way to the WWE Championship and the WrestleMania main event.

Wyatt spends more than 300 days a year on the road with WWE, which must be a strain on his family and his two young daughters. The fact that Bray comes from a wrestling family means that his parents and grandparents will be aware of how tough personal lives can be while on the road as a wrestler. So it seems that they all play their part in ensuring that Bray has the freedom to become the wrestler he has always wanted to be.

5 Randy Orton Has Been Married More Than Once

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Randy Orton's first marriage was to a woman named Samantha Speno. The couple were together for almost six years when their divorce was finalized in 2013 after it was filed in 2012. Together Samantha and Randy have a daughter called Alanna Marie, whom Samantha was awarded full custody of in the divorce.

Orton and Sam were said to have met at school and married in 2007. They were the perfect couple when they were younger, something that didn't continue into adulthood. It was Samantha who actually filed for the divorce when she stated that their marriage was "irretrievably broken." Randy Orton gained a lot from the divorce, but Sam gained sole custody of Alanna and Orton is now forced to pay $4,500 a month in child support for his eight-year-old daughter.

4 Erick Rowan Is Married With Two Children

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Eric Rowan is one of the strangest members of The Wyatt Family, which can be seen from the sheep mask that he often wears to the ring. Rowan does keep everything about his life outside of WWE private and while it is known that Rowan is married and has two children, their names are currently unknown.

There are many photos around social media much like the one above that shows Erick Rowan, his wife, and his son and daughter, but Rowan never talks about his family in interviews and prefers to remain in character at all times. Rowan is one of very few WWE stars who has managed to keep an air of mystery about him and kept his family firmly out of the public spotlight for the past few years.

3 Luke Harper Has A Son Named Brodie

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Luke Harper is another member of The Wyatt Family who tries to keep his personal life as private as possible. Harper is rarely seen outside of WWE, but unlike Bray, he has been known to break character.

Harper has a son named Brodie and tells the story that his wife loved the name when he used to use it on the Independent Circuit. Harper was known as Brodie Lee before he was signed to WWE, and he was given this opportunity a few days after his son was born. Harper said that he didn't want to be a mark and call his child Brodie but he made a deal with his wife that if he was signed then he would never use the name again and they could then give it to their child, which they did.

2 Bray Wyatt Has Two Children

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Bray Wyatt is a Superstar who is rarely ever seen out of character. He likes to portray Bray Wyatt whenever he is seen outside of WWE, which makes it hard for the WWE Universe to predict what Wyatt is like outside of WWE. Even in interviews with other companies, Wyatt is always portraying his character, not himself.

What is known about Wyatt though is that he has two daughters, Cadyn Rotunda and Kendyl Rotunda. Wyatt is from a wrestling based family, but it is thought that his daughters will not be following in his footsteps. Wyatt's children rarely come to WWE Live events to support him because he likes to remain in character at all times, which means that the WWE Universe have never seen Wyatt's wife or children live on TV alongside him.

1 Randy Orton Married A WWE Fan

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Randy Orton's personal life has been well documented over the past few years, from WWE Diva to WWE Diva, but finally, it seems that Orton has found happiness with Kim Marie Kessler, whom he married back in 2015.

The couple met at a WWE Live event in New York, and Kim has admitted to Randy that she was quite obsessed with him before they met, claims that her parents have since backed up. It was Orton who introduced himself to Kim, even though she was the fan going to meet him and it seems that the couple hit it off straight away. Kim seems to have brought out something new in Randy and has been a good influence on him when it comes to life and his current WWE career.

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