15 Things You Didn't Know About The Undertaker And Kane's Relationship

The Undertaker and Kane were once one of the most dominant if not the most dominant tag team in WWE history. It is thought that The Brothers of Destruction were so dominant that they were forced to split because nobody could actually defeat them.

As well as teaming together as an unstoppable force, Kane and The Undertaker have had their run-ins over the years as details of their messed up past and their upbringing as brothers were finally revealed piece by piece to the WWE Universe. It was declared that Kane was the bad brother and that was when The Undertaker finally began to form the character that the WWE Universe has grown to love.

Of course, The Undertaker and Kane are not actually brothers in real-life, but it's one of the storylines that WWE has managed to create that is so real, fans still question the details today. Despite both men now being very close to retirement and being able to move on to a life without wrestling for the first time.

Whether they were together or apart, Kane and The Undertaker have become well-known figures in WWE over the past three decades but there is still a lot that the WWE Universe don't know about the relationship between these two friends and one time brothers.

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15 Real Life Friends

It would be hard for two men to have careers side by side for two decades and not become close friends. Both inside and outside the WWE ring both Kane and The Undertaker have a lot of respect for each other.

Two decades ago they were just two men trying to make it in one of the biggest wrestling companies in the world, now they are two men looking back on the careers that they had whilst also looking forward to the future and where that might take them and their families. It's been a long road for two of the best-known wrestlers that WWE has ever created and it seems that they are taking much more than just good memories away from their time in WWE.

14 Grown Up Together In Wrestling

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When The Undertaker and Kane started their WWE careers they were very different men. The Undertaker was married to a woman named Jodi Lynn, while Kane was married to his current wife Crystal.

Over the past few decades, The Undertaker and Kane have grown up side by side and are now the fathers of two quite big families. Their families know each other very well as The Undertaker and his four children and Kane with his three daughters often visit each other and find the time to see their old rivals outside of WWE. The WWE Universe only see a tiny part of the lives of WWE Superstars for the 20 minutes they are in the WWE ring each night, but the rivals they face in that ring, often become best friends for life.

13 Was Kane One Of The Undertaker's Fiercest Rivals?

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There are only a few men who can say that they faced The Undertaker at WrestleMania twice and unsurprisingly Kane is one of them. It would have been quite beautiful if it was Kane who finally ended The Streak a few years ago, but seemingly that wasn't the way the script was written.

Many of the WWE Universe wanted The Undertaker up against Kane one last time before Survivor Series back in 2015, but instead they were given the gift of The Brothers of Destruction once again reuniting and showing that age is just a number. When people think of The Undertaker they will remember The Streak. They will remember Brock Lesnar. But more than anything they will remember the incredible rivalry between two men that were easily mistaken for brothers for many years.

12 Careers Outside Of WWE

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Kane and The Undertaker have now reached the point in their WWE careers where they are looking at options outside of wrestling. As fathers and husbands, they need to make the decision to step into a less physical career now they've reached an age where it is now longer feasible to be on the road for 300 days a year.

Even outside of WW,E somehow the former 'brothers' have moved in similar directions when it comes to their jobs. Kane works as an insurer and along with his wife he runs an Allstate agency in Knoxville, Tennessee, while The Undertaker invests in real estate along with his business partner Scott Everhart. Kane also announced that he would be running for the mayoral seat of Knox County as a Republican in 2018.

11 Issac Yankem Vs. The Undertaker

WWE signed Kane two years before Paul Bearer finally revealed him as The Undertaker's brother Kane in 1997. During these two years, Kane was used as a jobber for many of WWE's upcoming stars.

Kane was known as Issac Yankem and was even involved in the 1996 Royal Rumble. In fact, he even had a match against the man who would later become his brother The Undertaker. As can be seen from the video above, both men had great chemistry in the ring and Kane was the first man to be able to match The Undertaker size for size. After Kane had already been used as a jobber in WWE for two years, the company knew that they couldn't just bring him out to face The Undertaker, which is where the fire and the mask came in, which is incredibly creative.

10 Smoky Mountain Wrestling

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The Undertaker and Kane may have only appeared in WWE as 'brothers' but while they were contracted to WWE, they were also allowed to appear for Smoky Mountain Wrestling in the late 1990s.

Kane is a former SMW Tag Team Champion with Al Snow and was known as Unabomb until he was taken to WWE in 1995. The Undertaker also made several appearances for the company while he was already making appearances for WWE because WWE was on good terms with the promoters and was open to allowing their talent to appear for them when needed. The Undertaker had some good matches for the promotion before it was finally shut down in 1995 after just four years, much of their roster moved on to be signed by the likes of WWE and WCW.

9 The Undertaker Vs. Kane - Before WWE

This was once one of the biggest rivalries on WWE TV. But the company actually gave the match away for free before Kane had even made his WWE debut. Kane and The Undertaker actually met in a one-on-one match as part of Smoky Mountain Wrestling back in 1995.

Kane was known as Unabomb at the time so many of the WWE Universe haven't made the link, but WWE now owns the entire Smoky Mountain Wrestling library and all matches are available on the WWE Network for hardcore fans of The Brothers of Destruction who want to see where the two allies and enemies first collided. Smokey Mountain Wrestling was once a fantastic promotion but the inability to gain a TV deal meant that it was unable to continue to run the way it had been for four years before its demise.

8 Relationship With Vince McMahon

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A good or bad relationship with Vince McMahon can make or break your career when it comes to WWE. Both The Undertaker and Kane were very much aware of this from the beginning and both have a great relationship with the boss.

The Undertaker and Vince McMahon actually discussed the end of the streak together back at WrestleMania XXX and it was Vince who allowed Undertaker to decide whether to end it or not, which is not an option that many stars are given, especially at WrestleMania. Kane and McMahon are also reportedly close and is one of the reasons why Kane was given a main event push against Seth Rollins back in 2015. The Undertaker and Kane are both a lot smarter than they have been given credit for.

7 The Undertaker Was Actually Once Known As Kane

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When The Undertaker made his debut as the mystery partner at the 1990 Survivor Series event, Ted DiBiase announced him as The Undertaker, but later when replays of the event were shown on national TV he was referred to as Kane "The Undertaker." So, his name was Kane with an undertaker profession.

WWE later dropped the name Kane and allowed him to be known simply as just The Undertaker. Many fans have considered this to have been foreshadowing of the fact that The Undertaker had a brother, who was later revealed by Paul Bearer and became known as Kane. Does this mean that WWE knew that Kane was coming into WWE as early as when The Undertaker made his debut? That's some incredibly lengthy planning ahead if they did.

6 The Undertaker Brought Kane To WWE

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Kane was brought to WWE because The Undertaker needed an opponent that could finally stand up to him in a way that no one in WWE ever had. Paul Bearer then brought in a man who was set to become his biggest rival and closest friend in the coming years and it seems that it was all The Undertaker's idea.

Kane stated that The Undertaker had seen him as a potential opponent before he came to WWE and has often talked about how much The Undertaker has done for him. So, it is believed that The Undertaker actually asked for Kane. The Undertaker wasn't in the WWE for long before Kane arrived, but it is thought that he had a substantial amount of pull backstage throughout his career and could easily have set something like this up.

5 Was Masked Kane Really The Undertaker?

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When Kane made his return to WWE in the Summer of 2011, he came with a new mask and a new look and one that the WWE Universe was sure didn't suit him. Instead, there were many theories floating around that The Undertaker had made his return and instead stole his brother's gimmick.

In fact, this was just conspiracy theorists at work as they tried to point out the similarities between two men who were once thought to have been brothers. The facial hair, the mask, the former name of The Undertaker, it all added up but at the same time. It was later revealed that it was in fact Kane under there, which led many of the WWE Universe to believe that the old Kane had been replaced by someone new.

4 Kane Described Their Story As Like "Greek Mythology"

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The Undertaker made his return to WWE in 2015 and it was like a farewell year to the man that the WWE Universe had always most associated with wrestling. In the build up to the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker's debut at Survivor Series, Kane and The Undertaker were able to partner together one more time.

Kane rarely gives interviews, but when talking about his final run with The Undertaker and the fact that he was able to have that, he stated that their entire storyline over the past two decades had been like Greek Mythology. It was storytelling at its very best with all the back stories from both of the characters and the moving parts that included Paul Bearer and many years of creativity that the WWE Universe will never forget.

3 The Undertaker And Kane Knew Each Other Before The Were Brothers

Kane revealed in an interview back in 2015 that he and The Undertaker actually knew each other before he was brought into WWE. Obviously, the Independent Scene in wrestling wasn't as big as it is right now, which means that many wrestlers would have known of each other. But it's a shock that these two men actually knew each other before they were thrown together having once gone one-on-one at Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

Kane stated that The Undertaker picked him as a potential opponent and that seems to have been the reason why they managed to work together so well for so many years as both brothers, friends and enemies. Kane also said that he owes a lot to The Undertaker because as a person outside of WWE, he has also done a lot for him, which shows the kind of man The Undertaker actually is outside of the ring.

2 The Undertaker Was Once A Mentor To Kane

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Kane came into WWE when he was still quite young and at that point. The Undertaker had already been in WWE for a while. With many of the new Superstars that were brought to WWE around that time, The Undertaker took Kane under his wing and began to share his expertise with him.

Kane mentioned that he isn't the only one that The Undertaker tried to help backstage and that he had the kind of presence that people would listen to. He said that he was a stabilizing force backstage and that he was always happy to pass on his knowledge to the younger generation. This obviously would have helped Kane and The Undertaker become much closer friends, which in turn helped when they were put into a feud against each other.

1 Kane Spoke Out Following The Undertaker's WrestleMania 33 Loss

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The WWE Universe were not the only ones who were left heartbroken when Roman Reigns defeated The Undertaker in the main event of WrestleMania 33 this year. The Undertaker left his entrance attire in the ring as he exited the Camping World Stadium in Orlando Florida and hasn't been seen on WWE TV ever since.

Kane spoke from Dubai after the events of WrestleMania unfolded and stated: "We all knew at some point that was inevitable, but nevertheless, it’s sad because for me it’s like a chapter has closed, and I think a lot of WWE fans feel the same way.” Kane was seemingly just as emotional as the rest of the WWE Universe following The Undertaker's exit. It is still unknown as to whether or not The Undertaker will be making a return to WWE or if that was his final bow.

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