15 Things You Didn't Know About The Undertaker And Michelle McCool's Relationship

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are perhaps one of WWE's most mismatched couples. Michelle is a former WWE Divas and Women's Champion was one of the stand out females on WWE's roster in the late 20

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are perhaps one of WWE's most mismatched couples. Michelle is a former WWE Divas and Women's Champion was one of the stand out females on WWE's roster in the late 2000s but decided to leave the company in 2011.

The Undertaker is the longest tenured WWE Superstar since he celebrated 25 years in WWE at last year's Survivor Series and still remains a member of the WWE roster to this day. He was the holder of the longest undefeated streak at WrestleMania at 21 years, a record that started on The Undertaker's Birthday at WrestleMania VII.

Despite the fact that there are glaring differences between these two as WWE superstars, it seems that they have managed to make a marriage work. Being one of the oddest pairings in WWE does really take some doing, but Michelle and Mark Calaway (real name) have to be thought of as one of the strangest. They must have met during their time together in WWE and just clicked somehow.

Either way, this couple is a deeply private one and the facts about them together are definitely few and far between, but here are 15 of the best-known facts about The Undertaker and Michelle McCool as a couple.

15 Fifteen Year Age Gap


There was a big fuss made about the fact that there is a fourteen year age gap between Paige and Alberto Del Rio and the fact that the relationship would never work out because of this. Well, The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are proving that age really is just a number.

'The Deadman' and his bride have continued to have a successful marriage since they tied the knot in 2010 despite the fact that there is a fifteen year age gap between the two WWE stars. Michelle is just 36-years-old while The Undertaker celebrated his 51st Birthday earlier this year. Even though that is a change in generations, these two don't seem that bothered by the striking difference in age. Maybe the saying is true and these two could be proving everyone wrong.

14 The Undertaker Has Been Married Three Times


The Undertaker looks like the kind of person who is quiet when he is out of character but he has still managed to be married three times and divorced twice. Obviously, at the age of 51, Michelle knew that she was marrying a man who would have a past but The Undertaker's is much more packed than many others.

The Undertaker married his first wife called Jodi Lynn back in 1989 and the couple had a son named Gunner Vincent who was born just four years later. The marriage was then ended in 1999 and Undertaker went on to marry Sara just a year later in 2000. The couple had two daughters together before they filed for divorce in 2006. The Deadman then went on to marry Michelle McCool just four years later.

13 The Couple Has One Child Together


Michelle and The Undertaker's shock revelation that they were dating, was a big surprise to WWE fans, but the couple has gone on to prove all of the doubters wrong and remain just as happy as they were when they first met.

The couple announced that they were expecting their first child together back in 2012 and welcomed a little girl whom they named Kaia Faith Calaway in August 2012. She is the first child for Michelle McCool but the fourth for The Undertaker. Michelle became the stepmother to Undertaker's other three children when they were married back in 2010 while Michelle herself didn't have any children before her relationship with The Undertaker. The Undertaker and Michelle may not have a traditional family but it sure seems like a happy one.

12 Michelle Has Been Married Before


The Undertaker's marriage record has already been shared earlier in this article, but he isn't the only one in this relationship that has a past. At 36-years-old Michelle was also going to have had her own history.

Michelle married her high school sweetheart Jeremy Louis Alexander when she was much younger and remained married to him for much of her professional wrestling career. The couple's divorce was then finalized the same year that The Undertaker and Sara's was, in 2006. From there, Michelle was then free to begin dating The Undertaker, whom she went on to marry four years later. Oftentimes, it takes a few tries to get it right as is evident with The Undertaker and Michelle McCool's relationship. Luckily, they found each other.

11 The Couple Has Been Married For Six Years


For a couple that was quite a shocking pairing for the WWE Universe to accept, they have really proved all of the doubters wrong. The couple met when they were both full-time wrestlers for WWE back in the early 2000s. Michelle returned to WWE TV in 2006 following her divorce and while it is unknown when the couple officially began dating, it is thought that it was around this time period.

They then made their relationship public and married four years later in 2010 and welcomed a daughter in 2012. They have been together now for six years and are seemingly going strong. But since they are such a private couple, problems within their marriage would probably not make it to the public at this point anyway.

10 Retirement Hints When Michelle Was Ill

A few months ago Michelle was diagnosed with skin cancer after it was revealed that a few moles that she had on her back were cancerous. The inaugural Divas Champion seems to have been recovering well since the official diagnosis but there were rumors that TheUndertaker was thinking of retiring from WWE to help the former Superstar recover from her illness.

Michelle is the mother of The Undertaker's youngest child and it would make sense for him to want to spend more time at home to look after her, but it seems that given her progress, Undertaker will still be making his return to WWE as part of the 'Road to WrestleMania' next year since a match with John Cena has already been heavily rumoured over the past few weeks.

9 Michelle Was In Attendance When The Streak Was Broken


Couples that stick together during the hardest times are the ones who stay together apparently and Michelle and The Undertaker have been through some properly hard times. The Undertaker's undefeated streak came to an end at WrestleMania XX back in 2014 when he was defeated by Brock Lesnar in what was considered to be an incredibly emotional match.

After the match The Undertaker was taken to the hospital after he collapsed backstage. He was released the following day and his wife was by his side the entire time. Michelle must have found the match incredibly emotional as well since she wasn't told that he was going to lose prior to the event. What a night for The Undertaker and his wife. The emotions must have been at an all time high.

8 The Undertaker's Ex-Wife Was Employed By WWE


WWE often uses the families of their WWE Superstars when they can because there is already chemistry between the two because they have a personal history. The Undertaker's real life wife was brought into WWE during a feud between Diamond Dallas Page and her real life husband.

She was acknowledged to have been The Undertaker's wife throughout and despite not having any prior wrestling experience, she managed to pull off her role really well and has become a lasting figure when many of the WWE Universe think of The Undertaker and his former wife. The initial storyline would have Sara play the role of a stalker victim when DDP was looking to make a name for himself in WWE. And what better way than picking a fight with The Undertaker by terrorizing his wife.

7 The Undertaker Has Four Children


As already mentioned, The Undertaker has a past. He has been married three times and divorced twice, and he has four children from all the relationships added together. The Undertaker's first child was born back in 1993 from his first marriage to Jodi Lynn. Gunner Vincent is now 23 years old but doesn't seem to be following in his father's footsteps.

The Undertaker also has two daughters from his second marriage named Chasey and Gracie who were born in 2002 and 2005 respectively. His first daughter with Michelle McCool was born earlier this year and is named Kaia Faith. Michelle became the step-mother to all three of these children of The Undertaker's when they married in 2010. The role of stepmother is never easy but it appears as though Michelle is up to the challenge.

6 Rare Public Appearances


The Undertaker is one of the most iconic Superstars in the history of WWE. If you ask any non-wrestling fan to name a wrestler that they know they will always name The Undertaker. This is because of the impact he has had on wrestling over the past 25 years and because of this he and Michelle rarely make public appearances together.

There are not many photos of The Undertaker online that fans have taken because he seems to hide out away from the fans. Recently he was at an NBA game in full wrestling gear and many news websites covered this because it was such a shocking occurrence. So, from now on, keep your eyes locked while attending games. Who knows, The Undertaker may show up some day.

5 Michelle Once Had To Confirm That Undertaker Wasn't Dead


Social Media can be both a hindrance and a helpful tool when it comes to WWE and Superstars because sometimes rumors start that should never really be shared on the internet.

Death hoaxes have been going around Social Media for the last few years, with many personalities being thought to have been dead when they are alive and well. Back in 2014, Michelle McCool herself had to confirm that The Undertaker was still alive after a fan started a rumor that The Deadman was just that. Michelle stated that she didn't know where it had started but he was very much alive and well. Something tells us that this will not be the last time Michelle will have to clear up such rumors. The Undertaker is looking rough these days.

4 Instagram Posts

Michelle shares a lot of information about her relationship with The Undertaker on Instagram. Fans rarely manage to find The Undertaker so that they can share photos of him, but Michelle often shares enough for all of the WWE Universe.

Her Instagram post shows how in love the couple are and tells the entire story of their relationship. The Deadman looks a lot different when he's seen with his family rather than when he's in the WWE dressed up as his alter-ego. If you have a spare few minutes you can always head over and look at their relationship and see what you're missing. At the end of the day, this is simply a regular couple who enjoy doing regular couple things like going to games and weddings.

3 Performed on The Same WrestleMania Card Twice After Their Marriage


The Undertaker and Michelle McCool married back in June 2010 when they were both part of the WWE roster. Obviously, Michelle has made the decision to leave WWE since then and start a family with the WWE legend but before she left in 2011, she and The Undertaker were part of two WrestleMania's together.

Michelle was a part of Team Vickie Guerrero and they defeated Team Beth Phoenix at WrestleMania XXVI while The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels in his final WWE match. The duo both wrestled at WrestleMania XXVII as well. The Undertaker defeated Triple H and LayCool and Dolph Ziggler were defeated by the team of Trish Stratus, John Morrison, and Snooki. The Undertaker has returned to WWE many times since then for matches at WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Hell in a Cell, and Survivor Series.

2 Rumoured Returns To WWE


The Undertaker has returned to WWE every year for a WrestleMania match since he has been labeled as a part-time Superstar, but his wife has been rumored to be returning to WWE many times since she left in 2011. But still is yet to return to the company where she found fame.

Michelle was said to be returning back in 2013 when The Undertaker was feuding with CM Punk as a way to make the feud much more personal. It seems that this never happened though and it is unknown as to whether or not Michelle turned down a return or if WWE never approached her or if these were simply just internet-based rumors. Either way, the WWE Universe still awaits the return of the first ever Divas Champion, as the Women's Revolution begins to pick up some momentum.

1 Clash of Religions


Michelle is a Christian while it's obvious that The Undertaker play's a character on WWE TV that could be referred to as a devil worshipper. Michelle has shown many times that she is a devout Christian and even went as far as incorporating the cross symbol into all of her wrestling attire and then named her finishing move The Faith Breaker.

The Undertaker doesn't follow the same religion, which may cause a few problems in the Calaway household since he often publicly appears on WWE TV as The Deadman who is quite obviously not a follower of God or Jesus. It is great to see that these two never let their religious differences get in their way though and still manage to maintain a healthy marriage.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Undertaker And Michelle McCool's Relationship