15 Things You Didn't Know About The Undertaker's Marriages

The Undertaker is one of the best-known Superstars in WWE history. He had an undefeated streak at WrestleMania for more that two decades and has remained in WWE now for more than 26 years. The Unde

The Undertaker is one of the best-known Superstars in WWE history. He had an undefeated streak at WrestleMania for more that two decades and has remained in WWE now for more than 26 years.

The Undertaker is the only Superstar who has lasted as an active member of the WWE roster for this long and still remains part of the company fabric.

Even though The Undertaker has been known to the WWE Universe for the past three decades, there isn't a lot known about his life outside of WWE. Now his personal life has become public because of the internet and the fact that he's married to a former WWE Superstar, but throughout his WWE career, he has remained a mystery to many of his fans.

The Undertaker has been married three times over the past twenty years and has become a father to four children. Somehow 'The Phenom' has managed to maintain a healthy WWE career and also an incredibly busy personal life while he was a part of the company.

The following are 15 facts about The Undertaker's failed marriage's and his personal relationships that many of the WWE Universe are currently unaware of.

17 Sara Was Used In WWE As Part of Storylines


WWE rarely use real life family members in personal storylines anymore, because it is so much easier for them to pay actors instead of training people who are not familiar with the wrestling world. This wasn't the case back in 2001 when they decided to include The Undertaker's real wife in the storylines.

Sara was used as part of the feud between Diamond Dallas Page and The Undertaker throughout the year and it was well known at the time that she was The Undertaker's real life wife. Brock Lesnar even went to The Undertaker's house at one point and after taking 'Taker down with a steel chair, he went on to threaten Sara and her unborn baby. Nowadays, the closest you will see to such a scene involves Seth Rollins only threatening to show up at Triple H's door.

16 The Sara Tattoo


It has become a known act when you love someone to have their name tattooed on you for all to see so that the entire world knows how much they mean to you. The Undertaker decided to do this with his second wife Sara. In fact, it was quite hard for the WWE Universe to not see that The Undertaker was in a relationship because he had her name tattooed across his throat, which must have been incredibly painful.

The name was there for many years and was even included on many of his action figures at that point. But when Sara and The Undertaker divorced back in 2007, the WWE legend decided it was time to have the tattoo covered up. He now has a chain design around his neck that covers the place where the tattoo used to be.

15 The Undertaker Is Currently Married To Michelle McCool


The Undertaker divorced Sara back in 2007 and it was then made public knowledge that he was dating Michelle McCool. Michelle had always been known as a beautiful, athletic WWE Diva and it seemed like a mismatched couple, especially when The Undertaker's WWE character is taken into account. But outside of the company, he is thought to be the complete opposite of this.

It was unknown at the time how long the couple had been together before they allowed their relationship to become public knowledge, but they continued to date for another few years before they decided to marry. Since then they have welcomed their first daughter together, whom they named Kaia Faith, who was not The Undertaker's first child (more on that to follow).

14 The Undertaker's Current Wife Is A Former WWE Diva


It's is strange how many couples WWE have managed to create over the past few decades, just by throwing together a number of people and forcing them to work, travel, and almost live together for 300 days a year. On SmackDown Live alone there is John Cena and Nikki Bella, The Miz and Maryse, Dean Ambrose and Renee Young, and jimmy Uso and Naomi.

It seems The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are another couple on this list. The couple met when McCool was brought back into WWE's main picture in 2006 and it seems that is when they truly began to get closer. There are a number of different reports about this couple and not that much is truly known about how and when The Undertaker and Michelle first got together. They married in 2010.

13 Dating Michelle While Still Married?


This was a huge rumour that started backstage back in 2006 when it was reported that The Undertaker and Sara had split and he was now getting cosy with former Divas Champion Michelle McCool.

It is unknown what actually split The Undertaker and Sara up in the end, but it is thought that when Michelle McCool made her WWE return in 2006, the couple were already getting closer. The Undertaker wasn't divorced until 2007 and then he and Michelle McCool were already said to be dating. The timeline of this suggests that Sara perhaps found out about The Undertaker's extracurricular activities. Even though they were on the rocks, it must have bene difficult for Sara to find out that The Undertaker had moved on to someone else.

12 Michelle McCool Divorced Her First Husband In 2006


That's right, the plot thickens. Michelle McCool married her high school sweetheart before she made her WWE debut back in 2004. She was seemingly happy throughout her early run in WWE but when she made her WWE return in 2006, she was already going through a divorce with her husband.

Both Michelle and The Undertaker divorced their partners within months of each other before they then went on to announce that they were dating each other. Even though they did decide to date for quite a while before they remarried, with the couple finally exchanging vows in 2010. It is thought that there could easily be more to the story, but the WWE Universe may never know for sure and given how private The Undertaker is, probably never will.

11 Michelle Dated Undertaker To Help Her Position In WWE?


It was one of the more harsh rumours that the WWE Universe came up with, but it was thought that Michelle McCool managed to become such a big star in the WWE Women's Division during her final years with the company, because she was married to The Undertaker.

Obviously, The Undertaker would have thought that it was because of much bigger reasons, but it seems that the WWE Universe want to believe that Michelle did what she did to get ahead. The four-time Champion herself explained that she had nothing to hide and despite many people backstage in WWE backing these rumours, the couple continues to live together happily seven years after their marriage, which says all it needs to say to all of her doubters.

10 The Undertaker Married His First Wife In 1989


The Undertaker married his first wife Jodi Lynn back in 1989, just before he made his WWE debut. They seemed like the perfect couple. The Undertaker didn't allow his wife to be involved in his wrestling life and she instead would stay at home while he was on the road with the company.

Jodi and The Undertaker had a son who was born four years after they married, named Gunner. Sadly their marriage didn't work out and after being together for more than a decade, the pair decided to file for divorce in 1999. Their divorce was finalized in May 1999, just two days after their son's sixth birthday. And of course, as you are coming to learn, The Undertaker's married life would not end there.

9 Michelle Was Recently Diagnosed With Skin Cancer

Michelle has been out of the WWE spotlight for a number of years and has instead decided to focus on raising her family out of the spotlight. She does still have Social Media accounts so that the world can follow her exploits and back in the Summer of 2016, she sent out a message to all girls to cover up in the sun.

She put on her Instagram page that she hadn't worn enough sun protection cream and was now being forced to have holes cut out of her skin in order to save her life. It seems that she is still recovering from these procedures right now, but it did serve as a good warning to the current generation when it comes to sun protection.

8 The Undertaker Once Forced Stephanie McMahon To Marry Him - In WWE


The Undertaker has one of the best characters that any wrestler has ever portrayed in WWE. The fact that he was able to not only kidnap Stephanie McMahon at Backlash in 1999 but then force her to marry him, says how much faith WWE had in his character.

It was one of the strangest WWE storylines at that time, which says a lot of the Attitude Era. Even though Stone Cold Steve Austin came in to save Stephanie, the marriage had already been made official. So in the realm of WWE, is The Undertaker still married to Stephanie, or have the couple had their "union of darkness" annulled? (Yes, we know this is not a real marriage but this article is meant to cover ALL of The Undertaker's marital exploits; real or fake.)

7 The Undertaker/Jodi Lynn/Brian Lee


The Undertaker was very close to Brian Lee during his early years in WWE, and in turn, Brian was very close to his wife Jodi. The problem was that Brian thought that they could get closer. While The Undertaker was out on the road with the company, Brian and Jodi had an affair.

The affair was eventually found out and The Undertaker obviously divorced his wife of ten years. Brian Lee was then chased out of WWE for his actions and The Undertaker remains there to this day. This is one of the lesser known wrestling love triangles (certainly not in the realm of the Edge/Lita/Matt Hardy situation), but it still one that managed to change the entire personal life of one of WWE's biggest stars.

6 The Undertaker Married His Second Wife In 2000


The Undertaker married Sara back in 2000, just a year after his divorce to Jodi Lynn was finalized. It isn't known when he first met Sara, but it is thought that The Undertaker's first marriage was over before the divorce made it official.

Sara was said to have been the love of his life and the complete opposite of Jodi. The Undertaker brought her into WWE with him and even got the craziest tattoo of her name, before it was deemed that the couple couldn't work out their differences and they decided to divorce in 2007. This was after just seven years of marriage and the couple had welcomed two daughters in that time frame. And for The Undertaker, it was on to the next wife.


4 The Undertaker And Sara Started A Charity Together


The Undertaker and Sara were once thought to have been the perfect couple. She seemed OK with his touring schedule, something that his former wife obviously wasn't and at one point was even given the opportunity to be part of the company.

They decided the create a project outside of WWE while they were together, and this was a Save the Animals Fund at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. This was then established as a way to help pay for life saving treatments for much larger breeds of dogs. This is something that both Sara and The Undertaker completely agreed with and the charity is thought to still be functional to this day.


2 The Undertaker Has Four Children From His Marriages


The Undertaker has been through three different marriages and two divorces over the past few years, but out of that mess of a personal life, he has managed to welcome four children into the world.

The Undertaker's first son Gunner was born in 1993, to his first wife Jodi Lynn and is now almost 24 years old. The Undertaker then went on to have two daughters with his second wife Sara, Chasey who was born in November 2002 and Gracie who was born in May 2005. The Undertaker's fourth child was born a few years ago, back in 2012, and is the only child he has had with current wife Michelle McCool. Kaia Faith Calaway was the latest addition to the brood in August 2012.

1 Ringside Wife

These days, The Undertaker is seen less and less on WWE television and pay-per-view but when The Deadman does return, Michelle and their child are sitting ringside to cheer on Hubby/Daddy.

Michelle recently posted a pictured from Monday Night Raw where Bayley greeted their daughter at ringside in loving manner, making the experience all that more special for The Undertaker's young daughter. More recently, at the Royal Rumble kickoff show, Shawn Michaels was seen exiting the ring and embracing Michelle who was once again seated ringside before heading to the back to enjoy the event. It seems that Michelle does not want her daughter to miss out on any of her father's final big matches in WWE. And as we all know, there are not many left.


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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Undertaker's Marriages