15 Things You Didn’t Know About The WWE’s Headquarters In Stamford

For many things, the WWE is a pretty open book. YouTube videos, WWE Network documentaries, and a constant presence on social media reveals a lot of behind the scenes action within the company. Even wi

For many things, the WWE is a pretty open book. YouTube videos, WWE Network documentaries, and a constant presence on social media reveals a lot of behind the scenes action within the company. Even with all of these revelations, there is one thing that is kept hidden from fans – the WWE headquarters. The enigmatic, black building may stand tall in Stamford, Connecticut, but very few fans have gotten a peek inside.

Thanks to rare footage, Superstar footage, and exclusive looks, a number of secrets have been released about the headquarters through the years. Learning about these secrets can give you a better look into the daily life of Vince McMahon and WWE as a whole. Learn about these secrets and see what revelations you can learn about the WWE. Who knows, maybe one day the building will be open to the public for paid tours and visits.

For now, you can read and learn about classic WWE props, Vince McMahon's office, and ways that Triple H stays connected to the entire WWE empire. These facts will make you look at the headquarters in an entirely new light.

15 Vince McMahon's Jurassic Office


As the proud owner of the WWE, you know that Vince McMahon has a massive office inside the headquarters. The only way to fill the massive office is with massive decorations. This is why Vince McMahon has a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil displayed in his office. The T-Rex represents Vince's massive appetite for life, according to a tweet from the boss.

The fossil actually came to Vince as a gift from his son-in-law Triple H. While filming the movie The Chaperone, Triple H felt inspired by the dinosaur fossils used in the film. Vince must have really appreciated the gift, as Vince often uses it for a backdrop while posing for images in the office. If things keep going in the right direction for the WWE, Vince may even get the rest of the dinosaur built up. We're quite sure the office has room for it.

14 The Massive Video Vault


WWE has spent years capturing all types of video. Along with WWE Pay Per Views, episodes of Raw, and even B-shows like Superstars, there are years and years worth of footage available. Every last second of recorded footage is available in the massive video vault located nearby the WWE headquarters. Looking like something out of Indiana Jones, the entrance to the vault is impressive enough as it is, but it only gets better once you get inside.

The vault includes wall-to-wall videos. Not only does this include the WWE, but footage libraries have been purchased from many other wrestling companies like WCW. All of the footage is meticulously organized and much of it has been digitized for use on YouTube, DVD releases, and the WWE Network.

13 Performance Center Live Feed


As Triple H moved up the corporate ladder, he took on a lot of the responsibility at the WWE Performance Center and NXT. Constantly traveling from Stamford, Connecticut to Orlando, Florida can consume a lot of time. To help keep a tab on things while in Connecticut, Triple H has exclusive access to a live video feed from the Performance Center. This allows him to watch recruits, give suggestions, and see how things are going on a daily basis.

This is a huge improvement that has allowed Triple H to maintain as much control as possible. He's not just getting reports, he's seeing everything first-hand. If only the WWE Network would allow fans to watch the same feed. It can be like a version of Big Brother; NXT Edition.

12 Minutes Away from Greenwich


The Stamford, Connecticut location of WWE Headquarters may seem random, but there are numerous benefits. One of the more obvious reasons is how close the headquarters are to New York City. This makes it a lot easier for Superstars to travel from huge events and back to the headquarters. MetLife Stadium and Madison Square Garden are less than an hour away.

One of the other big advantages is that the headquarters is located just minutes away from Greenwich, Connecticut. Greenwich is the extremely rich town that Vince McMahon calls home. Not only does Vince McMahon live there, but so do Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. When the family actually gets a chance to travel home, they can easily stop by the headquarters any time they need to.

11 The WWE Warehouse


One look at the storage facilities around the headquarters and it's easy to tell; Vince McMahon is a hoarder. Think of a landmark WWE prop and it's likely to be stored in the warehouse. Vince has kept some crazy things in the warehouse over the years. This includes the original ring used for the first WrestleMania, the huge SmackDown fist, and a racecar that was sponsored by the WWE.

The warehouse is filled with thousands of items that will one day create an amazing WWE museum. Fans would flock to get close to these items and relive some of the greatest moments in WWE history. Not only are all of these items kept in the warehouse, but they are maintained well and kept in nearly mint condition.

10 The Flag Flying High


Stamford, Connecticut is filled with a lot of high-rise buildings. The only way that the WWE headquarters stands out is because of the flags that fly high on the roof. An American flag waves along with the WWE flag. One of the easiest ways to witness any new logo changes is to check out the flags on top of the building. These flags are often changed quickly to reflect the new logos that premiere.

When the WWE Network debuted, they added a third flag to the roof. This flag represented the $9.99 price tag for the network. This flag flew directly underneath the WWE logo and was a fun way to promote the new Network and monthly fee. The flags can be seen from multiple directions and are a great representation of the WWE brand.

9 A Hall of Fame Lobby


When you first enter the WWE headquarters, you are treated to a small version of the WWE Hall of Fame. Two huge statues are displayed in the lobby. The first statue is of WWE Hall of Fame inductee Andre the Giant. The life-size cast showcases the Superstar's massive frame and towering arms.

Just a few feet away from the Andre the Giant statue is a bronze statue of The Ultimate Warrior. After the Warrior's untimely passing, the WWE debuted a special statue in the name of the wrestler. The statue features The Warrior in his trademark ring gear and face paint. Both statues really set the mood for the headquarters and are a huge highlight of the HQ. During an episode of WWE Swerved, Big Show actually dressed up as a bronze statue and posed between the other two statues, causing quite the moment.

8 The WWE Graveyard


One of the creepiest parts of the warehouse at the headquarters is the collection of items that rivals most graveyards. Thanks to The Undertaker, the WWE warehouse is home to more than a dozen different caskets and coffins. These containers were used in classic matches pitting The Undertaker against the likes of Shawn Michaels, Kamala, and Yokozuna.

Along with the caskets, the warehouse also features headstones that were custom-created for all of the Buried Alive Matches. This includes The Undertaker's buried alive matches against Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind, and Kane among others. During Halloween, it would be awesome to see all of these props on display in some sort of WWE Graveyard or haunted house attraction. Just add in The Boogeyman and they would have a huge hit on your hands.

7 Awesome Elevators


As a multi-million dollar company, you know that the headquarters has to be decked out with some of the nicest designs. This also includes extra details in the elevators as well. Some sets of elevators in the headquarters include large television screens that are constantly streaming content. This includes live WWE shows as they air content that is showing on the WWE Network.

A good look at these elevators can be seen in a special prank video that was taped at the headquarters. This prank included The Boogeyman hiding in elevators and then popping out at the last moment to scare unsuspecting employees. Along with televisions, you can view the engraved sections of the elevators. These sections showcase a message about the WWE Universe and its global mission.

6 The Conference Room


Writing for the WWE seems like a never-ending job. Planning out storylines includes long-term plans, weekly plans, and special plans for events like WrestleMania. To help stay organized and keep everyone on the same page, the WWE headquarters features a massive conference room for writers. More than twenty writers can fit in this room at the same time. It features multiple computers, white boards, and other types of technology equipment.

These are the huge rooms that have helped plan out epic feuds, great comebacks, and the rise of several Superstars like John Cena, Randy Orton, and The Rock. While a number of writers travel on the road, there is a large group that creates constant content in the headquarters. It would be great to a see doc-series that follows the life of a WWE writer.

5 First-Look Promos


The walls of WWE headquarters are constantly filled with posters and promotions of upcoming events. The main lobby is a great place to view some of these posters. For example, the first WrestleMania poster is often revealed in the lobby. Giant versions of the posters are often printed and displayed between the Andre the Giant and The Ultimate Warrior bronze statues.

The WWE graphics team has created some pretty spectacular posters through the years, and it must be awesome to walk down the halls and see them all in their glory. Along with the posters, there are a number of framed still shots featuring iconic wrestlers and matches. The iconic wrestling images often have small engraved plaques with dates and WWE event names printed on them.

4 The Assistant's Floor


The massive WWE writing crew needs a dedicated group of assistants to help with tasks, planning, and organization. To help keep the flow going at the WWE headquarters, they have dedicated a whole floor to these assistants. The assistants each get their own cubicle where they are fast at work completing tasks and helping develop all types of stories.

A great glimpse of this floor was seen on the WWE Network reality show Holy Foley. On the show, Mick Foley helped his son get a job as a writer's assistant. Fans are treated to a glimpse of this floor and the working life for Mick's son. It was a unique look at some of the dedicated work force for the WWE. Hopefully more footage showcases this floor and other employees with the company.

3 The Fitness Gym


The WWE headquarters is not all business. The building is home to a massive fitness gym that is available for both employees and WWE Superstars. The gym has all types of state of the art equipment used to build muscle, stay in shape, and rehab old injuries. Imagine getting a chance to workout right next to Vince McMahon or Triple H. The gym is open 24 hours a day and also has a huge locker room to change in.

The headquarters' gym made a lot of headlines in 2016 when it was revealed to be an official gym for the Pokemon Go! App. Vince McMahon even tweeted about it being an official gym that players could go and visit. While the gym is only allowed for employees, many of them decided to capture and train Pokemons in the gym.

2 No Guests Allowed


One of the worst parts of the WWE headquarters is that no visitors are allowed. The doors are locked all day long and the only way to enter is if you are an employee or if you have a scheduled visit. WWE Superstars and staff that are going to the headquarters actually have their own separate entrance.

While many people would love to go visit the headquarters, you cannot even go up the entrance without having security on your back. The closest fans ever got was for a charity raffle. The winner of the raffle got a personal tour of the headquarters. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that has not been offered again. Hopefully, something similar is made available in the future. They could even provide a special open house to the public. Group tours could make a lot of money on an annual basis.

1 A Living Museum


While the WWE has no official museum, you can pretty much count the headquarters as one. Not only are there a constant rotation of official WWE props on display, but past and present Superstars are always visiting. With the warehouse, video vault, statues, and photographic memories, the headquarters is more like a museum than an actual place of business.

There has to be millions of dollars worth of merchandise in the building alone. This includes WWE action figures, DVDs, and ring-worn gear from your favorite Superstars. There's only one way to get close to this and experience the ultimate WWE experience is to fill out a job application and cross your fingers in hopes of getting a position with the company. New openings are constantly being posted on their corporate website. Just be ready to work long hours and relocate to the Stamford, Connecticut area.

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About The WWE’s Headquarters In Stamford