15 Things You Didn't Know About These Lesser-Known Wrestling WAGs

It has become very well documented that many of the Superstars and Divas who make up the WWE locker room have ended up in relationships together. It's human nature that when you're stuck with someone for a long period of time, at some point you will either like each other or hate each other.

But there are many couples who have managed to find relationships outside of the company. Some met in high school, some met through different promotions, and one even met at a WWE live event.

There are many wives and girlfriends of current WWE Superstars that the WWE Universe are unaware of because they are not employed by the WWE.

The following list looks at the lesser-known women who are a huge part of the lives of many WWE Superstars and the facts that prove that they are so much more that just a pretty face on the arm of a WWE wrestler.

15 Jessica Lockhart Missed Chris Jericho's Undisputed Championship Win

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Chris Jericho has been married to Jessica Lockhart throughout almost his entire WWE career. Jericho and Jessica married back in 2000 and have since welcomed three children together. Even though Jericho and Jessica have been married now for 17 years, she still remains quite an unknown quantity to the WWE Universe.

Jessica was married to Jericho back in 2001 when he went on to become the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion, something he often reminds the WWE Universe of. This has become one of the biggest wins of Jericho's career, but his wife wasn't in attendance to see it live. This is because Jericho didn't find out about the fact that he was winning the match until the day of the show and because of this it was too late to bring his wife down.

14 Thea Trinidad has already appeared In WWE

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Austin Aries is currently engaged to former TNA star Rosita. The couple met and worked together in Ring of Honor and then TNA, before Aries made the switch over to WWE. Thea was recently in the news after she was chosen to play AJ Lee in WWE Studio's new film about former Divas Champion Paige and her family.

Even though Thea has become known to the WWE Universe as Rosita, she has actually already appeared in WWE under her real name. Thea is currently a favourite to be included in the WWE Women's Tournament that will air on the WWE Network in the summer after she appeared on an episode of NXT back in October and was defeated by NXT Women's Champion Asuka. Despite the loss, it is thought that Thea made a great impression.

13 Amy Polinsky Is The Vice President Of Stay Down Inc.

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Corey Graves has been married to Amy Polinsky since 2009, and even though Corey stated a few years ago that he was looking at the prospect of being unemployed when his WWE career ended, it seems that he isn't the only breadwinner in his house.

Amy and Corey have three children together, a boy and two girls and obviously juggle family life well, since his wife is also the vice president COO of a personal fitness company, while Corey is a commentator for WWE. Stay Down Inc. is a company that is mostly online that focuses on online fitness classes, personal training, promotional modelling, and fitness apparel. Amy is able to do this whilst also juggling three small children and dealing with her husband always being on the road, which is incredible!

12 Jess Watson Removed Her Instagram After Paige's Hacking Scandal

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Xavier Woods and Jess Watson have been married since October 2015. It is unknown when the couple officially began dating, but it is thought that it was definitely after the beginning of 2014, because that is when Paige's videos are thought to have been made.

Xavier Woods was obviously in one of those videos and it seems that because of the leaks, Jess became a target for online trolls. Jessica had quite a presence on Instagram before the hacking scandal came to light and she did update many images of her and Xavier as a couple and even announced that they are set to become parents on there. But she was forced to delete her entire online presence when the video first surfaced and hasn't decided to return online since.

11 Shaul Guerrero Battled An Eating Disorder

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Aiden English and Shaul Guererro met while they were both positioned together down in NXT. The couple married back in January 2016 after Shaul was released by the company. Shaul is the eldest daughter of Vickie and Eddie Guerrero and decided she wanted to be a professional wrestler from a young age.

Shaul had a brief run in NXT back in 2012 where she was known as Raquel Diaz. Her run was quite sketchy and WWE granted her a lengthy leave of absence to attend school until she returned in 2013. WWE went on to release Shaul in April 2014 given the fact that she hadn't appeared on WWE TV for more than six months. It was later reported that Shaul had asked for her release and the company had granted it after it was made apparent that Shaul was suffering with an eating disorder.

10 Sarah Backman Is An Eight-Time Arm Wrestling Champion

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Bo Dallas married Sarah Backman back in 2014. It seems that the couple met when Sarah and Bo were both part of NXT together. Bo is a former NXT Champion and Sarah was positioned at the developmental part of the WWE ladder back in March 2013.

Sarah never got to the point where she made her WWE debut because she was granted her release from the company after she requested it in 2014. It isn't her WWE career that makes her stand out though. Sarah started arm wrestling at the age of 14 and has since become one of the most decorated women's arm wrestlers in the world. She is an eight-time World Arm Wrestling Champion, eight-time European Arm Wrestling Champion, and 11-time Swedish Arm Wrestling Champion, she retired from arm wrestling to pursue a career in wrestling, but instead has recently been reported to have started a career as a real estate broker.

9 Karina Steen Removed Her Instagram Account After Bullies Targeted Her Son

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Kevin Owens is a devoted family man. His wife and two kids are often referenced during his WWE promos and he has stated many times how much he loves his wife because she loved him when he had nothing. That being said, his wife is often left at home while Owens is travelling, so she puts videos online of his son Owen watching his WWE matches.

There was a video online a few months ago, showing Owen's reaction to his father's Universal Championship win back in August. ESPN Radio's Amin Elhassan replied to the video. She posetd, "Until someone told him it was scripted." There was a lot of backlash after this and Elhassan was forced to publicly apologize to both Owens and his family, but Karina still removed her Instagram and made all of her previous posts private after the whole ordeal.

8 Taylor Matheny was a finalist on WWE Tough Enough

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Brian Kendrick and Taylor Matheny have been happily married since 2008. Matheny was a finalist on one of the earlier seasons of WWE Tough Enough and came fourth alongside Nidia Guenard. Following the end of the competition, Taylor ended up on the Independent wrestling scene. This was from 2001 until 2003 when it was reported that she grew tired of the wrestling business and decided to retire.

Taylor later made an appearance with Brian Kendrick back in 2006 but has since stayed away from the wrestling business. It was later reported that Taylor is now pursuing a career as a Hollywood makeup artist and worked on the 2005 movie The Last Will. Taylor also made a brief appearance alongside her husband on Total Divas, whilst he was training Eva Marie.

7 Chelsea Green Was Used On WWE TV Before

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Zack Ryder and Emma recently announced that they had amicably split, and merely months later, Ryder has been seen with his new girlfriend, Chelsea Green.

Green has been plying her trade in TNA over the past few months after she was a finalist on WWE's Network version of classic show Tough Enough. Before she was chosen to be a finalist, Chelsea was used on WWE TV as part of the feud between Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon when she was revealed to be Bryan's physical therapist Megan Miller. It was then stated that Bryan had been having an affair with her, causing Brie to confront Megan and slap her. Chelsea wasn't signed to WWE after this or the Tough Enough competition so she has instead been working in TNA as Laurel Van Ness.

6 Stephanie Slater Started A GoFundMe Page For Victims Of The West Virginia flood

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Heath Slater recently was part of a WWE storyline where he talked about the fact that he needed the job because he had kids. His wife then was part of a segment, but it wasn't his real wife, it was an actress. Heath's real wife is called Stephanie Miller and together the couple has two children.

Heath and Stephanie are philanthropists and following the West Virginia Floods back in 2016 Heath did everything he could to help his home state to recover from the natural disaster that took the lives of 20 people. Heath and his wife even set up a GoFundMe page to help many of the victims with costs of repairing their homes and rebuilding their lives. Heath even travelled down to Clay County to help the victims in a much more personal way.

5 Galina Becker Was A Field And Track Athlete In College

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Roman Reigns met his wife Galina Becker when he was in college. Roman was on the football team and Galina was on the track and field team. Galina lettered in track for three different seasons while at Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose, California. She also won regional titles during her sophomore and junior years there. She continued this when she then went to Georgia Tech, where she met Roman. The couple both come from an athletic background and studied Business as their major at the same time as well.

The couple waited until after Roman had signed with WWE to finally get married, but they already have an eight-year-old daughter named Joelle together. While Joelle has made a few appearances on WWE TV with her father, it seems Roman's wife has shied away from the spotlight and prefers to admire her husband's occupation from a distance.

4 Kim Marie Kessler Was a Huge Fan Of Randy Orton Before They Began Dating

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Randy Orton has a sketchy dating background, to say the least. He has already been married once, but he has recently become married to Kim Marie Kessler. The couple has also recently welcomed their first child together and their fifth overall.

Before Randy and Kim officially began dating, it is reported that Kim was a huge Randy Orton fan girl. She stated that she has posters and figures of him all over the house and even her parents backed up how obsessed with Orton she was a few years ago. It was actually Orton who introduced himself to Kessler at a WWE Live Event in her home state of New York. He also revealed that he was quite nervous to meet her and to ask her name, even though she was the fan.

3 Ashley Clement Is a Former NXT Star

Tyler Breeze was down in NXT for much longer than any other superstar in this history of the company. While many fans felt bad that The Prince of Pretty had not been called up to the main roster much sooner and didn't win gold while he was down there, it seems that he has more than just memories to remember from his time in NXT.

Breeze met his wife Ashley while they were positioned together in NXT. Ashley was in NXT from 2012-13 before she returned to the Independent circuit. Ashley hasn't made as much impact on the Independent Scene as she would have liked, but she and Tyler Breeze decided to marry in 2016, two years after her WWE release. Tyler is still with WWE working on their SmackDown brand alongside Fandango.

2 Beth Britt Met Her Future Husband In A Bar

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It seems that WWE Superstars are the same as most ordinary people, and often they will be found hanging out in bars. Jeff and Matt Hardy decided to head over to a bar in North Carolina just after they won the Tag Team Championship back in 1998. It is reported that this is where Jeff Hardy and his future wife Beth Britt originally met.

Beth and Jeff remained together until he left WWE in 2009 and then finally decided to tie the knot. They have since welcomed their first child together and it is reported that Beth helped Jeff become sober again after their daughter was born because Hardy felt like he needed to do it for his family. A family that have stood beside him now for almost two decades.

1 Wendy Jones Is A School Teacher

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AJ Styles is currently married and has four children with Wendy Jones. But it seems that AJ may not be the busiest person in his household since it is reported that his wife is currently working as a school teacher.

Wendy was still in college when AJ was offered a contract with TNA and AJ stated in an interview that at the time he was the sole provider for his household because his wife was studying to become a teacher and he didn't want her to move back in with her parents. Wendy has since become a qualified teacher and followed her husband's career all over the world while also looking after their three young boys and recently born little girl. Wendy is just as career driven as AJ, which is obviously why their marriage has lasted so long.

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