15 Things You Didn't Know About Triple H And Vince McMahon's Relationship

WWE is far and away the top dog when it comes to the current landscape of professional wrestling. There are many other popular companies, such as New Japan and Ring of Honor, but even the powers that be at those promotions will reluctantly admit they're fighting for second place. The man atop the WWE pile, Vince McMahon, has worked tirelessly for over 30 years to get WWE to where it is today. There were times like the first ever WrestleMania that Vince quite literally put everything he had on the line in order to make a success of the company. When you think about it like that you can understand why Vince micro manages WWE in the way that he does, and that everything being broadcast on his shows needs to be done exactly how he wants it.

While that is still somewhat true, for the past few years now the chairman has shown tremendous faith in another man, Triple H. The Game is not only the boss's son-in-law but he is also the number two guy in WWE right now. Triple H is married to Vince's daughter, has massive amounts of input when it comes to Raw and SmackDown Live, and has even been rewarded with an entire brand of his own in NXT. Needless to say the relationship between Vince and Triple H is one unlike any Mr. McMahon has ever had before. They're family, they're friends, but perhaps most importantly to Vince McMahon he has finally found somebody worthy and capable of running WWE once he's gone.

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16 Vince Wanted Triple H And Stephanie's Wedding To Air On TV

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We've seen pretty much everything there is to see when it comes to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon airing their dirty laundry live on air, at least in story line anyway. We've seen a passed out Stephanie marry Hunter in a driv-thru, and of course her loving husband turning on her at a ceremony years later. Well it turns out that Vince McMahon wanted to air the real life wedding of his daughter and son-in-law in another attempt to get himself and his family even more screen time. Vince's argument was that the guest list would be long enough to fill an arena, so why not actually have the wedding in an arena and air it on television. Apparently Steph and Triple H thought he was joking at first, then once they realized he was being deadly serious they talked him out of it.

15 They Eat Pre-Prepped Meals Together

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It seems as time progresses Triple H is slowly morphing into Vince McMahon. The two of them effectively run WWE together and The Game's social media accounts would suggest that he also works out during the early hours of the morning like his father-in-law. That's an activity they don't do together, but it appears that they're a lot closer when it comes to food habits. Despite the fact that WWE put on catering for all their employees at shows, Triple H and Vince decide to forgo that luxury and have meals made up for them instead. With the aforementioned workouts the two of them are obviously very body and diet conscious and want only the best food. If true, that doesn't bode well for what they're dishing out in catering for the rest of the Superstars.

14 Standing Ovations

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According to WWE Superstars of the past and present one of the greatest honors that can be bestowed on you following a match is getting a standing ovation when you return to the Gorilla Position. Historically it's Vince McMahon who leads a standing ovation since he's always in Gorilla Position dictating the direction of the show, but apparently in recent years that has changed. There are now two men who decide whether what just happened in the ring is standing ovation worthy, Vince of course and yes you guessed it, Triple H. When Vince eventually gives up the reigns at WWE it looks likely that Triple H will be the one who takes control, and the two top men sharing moments like this only solidifies those rumors.

13 Their Respective Relationships With Pat Patterson

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Triple H may be Vince McMahon's right hand man nowadays, but before the fourteen time World Champion was around the boss's go to guy was Pat Patterson. Vince would go to Pat for everything and many Superstars cite him as being a genius who helped boost their careers. Perhaps Pat's most famous contribution to WWE is the Royal Rumble match, and where would we be today without that? Well turns out Triple H isn't quite as grateful and fond of Patterson as his father-in-law is. In fact in 2004 when The Game was World Champion, Pat made some comments about him maybe being the reason for a drop in ratings. Patterson mysteriously disappeared from the company after that, and while he has since returned it's clear to see who Vince is closer to in the present day despite his and Pat's history.

12 Vince Lets Triple H Run NXT

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I imagine a fair few of you will read the title of this one and, to quote James Ellsworth, think 'well duh'. Whether you know a lot about it or not though, it's a very big deal how much creative control The Game has over a brand that is entirely under the WWE banner. Vince McMahon likes to micro manage his company like nobody else, yet he has allowed his son in law to not only create his own show but turn it into a brand that can almost compete with Raw and SmackDown Live. In fact on many occasions WWE's so called developmental wrestlers have outshone Vince's main roster Superstars, especially during NXT Takeover weekends. That alone leads me to believe that Vince must be fighting the urge to stick his nose in so that he can take some of the credit. As of yet though that hasn't happened, and like the standing ovation entry it goes to show how much faith he has in The Game.

11 The Third In Command

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The further down this list you get, the more you may wonder what it is exactly that Vince McMahon and Triple H bond over, apart from pre-prepped meals that is. Whatever it is it certainly isn't a liking of the same people. The most problematic when it comes to their differing opinions is a man you may not have even heard of, Kevin Dunn. Dunn is the man behind the magic and has been effectively directing WWE television for as long as Vince has been in charge. He is third in command after Vince and The Game. What isn't really a secret if you know the relationship between the three of them is that as soon as Triple H is in charge Dunn will be one of the first out the door. Kevin has been around so long that he's part of the furniture at WWE, but he is one piece of furniture Triple H doesn't share his father-in-law's love for.

10 Vince Wasn't The One Who Wanted Him

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Triple H is one of WWE's most prized possessions and has been now for around 20 years. He has been the World Champion an impressive fourteen times and will likely run the company one day. With all that in mind it might come as a surprise that Vince McMahon wasn't the one who wanted to bring him in all those years ago. Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels and the others in The Kliq - that Hunter would eventually become extremely close with - had seen The Cerebral Assassin's work in WCW. Believing he would be a good fit they approached Vince and advised him to sign the youngster. McMahon took their advice of course and the rest is history.

9 The Connecticut Blueblood

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When Triple H did arrive on the scene in WWE after being brought in with the help of his soon-to-be friends, there was hardly an instant relationship formed between him and the man that would later become his father-in-law. Once Vince McMahon got a load of the gimmick Triple H had been sporting over in WCW much to The Game's dismay, he loved it. Before he was The Cerebral Assassin Triple H was the Connecticut Blueblood. He played a high class aristocrat and allegedly Vince loved it because it reminded him of the kids that he hated as a child. Triple H didn't like it so much, but powered through nevertheless in order to gain some traction with his new boss.

8 Punishment For The Curtain Call

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It was far from an easy ride when it came to earning his father-in-law's approval as well. Despite the technical abilities both in the ring and on the mic that Triple H has demonstrated for almost his entire career, The Game put his foot in it and set his career back some way pretty early on. Vince had seen what Nash and co had told him about The Cerebral Assassin and was seemingly about to strap the rocket to the now fourteen time World Champion. Then came the infamous curtain call. Two of the men who had recommended Triple H come to WWE were heading off to WCW, and to say goodbye the three of them plus Shawn Michaels broke kayfabe and said farewell to each other in the ring in front of an MSG crowd. With Hall and Nash gone and HBK at the top of the card, all of the punishment for the event fell on the shoulders of The Game, and all the credit he had earned with Vince was reset to zero.


6 They Argue An Awful Lot

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While Vince McMahon has always had a few close friends around him at the top of the totem pole in WWE that may question some of his decisions, none would have been on the same level that Triple H is on. The Game would have had an input before NXT but since he was handed the reigns to his very own brand, by all accounts the clashing of heads between father and son-in-law has gone through the roof. It's understandable too. Triple H now spends most of his working life scouting and nurturing talent in developmental so that he can use them in NXT, and NXT, as successful as it may be, is a breeding ground for the main roster. When a Superstar makes the jump and they're misused on Raw and SmackDown Live it must cause a fair amount of heat between The Game and the boss.

5 Their Supposed Mutual Hatred For CM Punk

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It's hard to argue the fact that Triple H and Vince McMahon both played an equal part in running CM Punk out of WWE. The former WWE Champion left the company in 2014 and cited both the boss and his dufus son-in-law, Punk's words not mine, for being the main reasons he couldn't take it any more. Many Superstars have fallen out with the boss over the years, yet more often than not they always seem to come back. Even Bret Hart and The Ultimate Warrior rebuilt bridges that were burned years before. Well allegedly Vince wanted to try and bury the hatchet with Punk and attempt to bring him back into the fold. Triple H on the other hand was not so keen on the idea and clearly managed to convince McMahon to reconsider.

4 Who's Really Pushing Roman Reigns?

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CM Punk isn't the only Superstar who has become a casualty of the relationship between Vince McMahon and Triple H. One of the things the chairman has come under a lot of criticism for in the past couple of years is his unrelenting push of Roman Reigns. Well it turns out that Vince may not be 100% to blame for that. At WrestleMania 31 the main event was Reigns versus The Beast, Brock Lesnar. Although Seth Rollins would famously cash in and steal the title from both men, if Vince had his way The Big Dog wouldn't have even been in the match at all. McMahon's grand plan was to have The Rock take on the then WWE Champion, but Triple H stopped him in his tracks. The Game persuaded Vince to put Roman in that spot instead.

3 Vince Wanted To Father His Own Grandchild

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Okay so the title to this entry may make the situation out to be a little sicker than it actually was. Vince did suggest the above, but all in the realms of a WWE story line. When his daughter, and Triple H's wife, Stephanie was pregnant with her and her husband's first child, Vince's creative juices started flowing. Mr. McMahon thought it would be a great idea to run an angle where the father of Stephanie's child was himself. Pretty messed up that the thought even popped into his head. Of course when he approached Triple H with the idea, the real father of the baby shot it down. Vince's counter suggestion? Stephanie's brother Shane could be the dad. Naturally once again The Game said no, thank God, and it's amazing that he and Stephanie even still have a relationship with Vince following those dark suggestions.

2 Vince Didn't Want His Daughter Dating Triple H

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For the majority of Triple H's career the Cerebral Assassin has been in a relationship with the boss's daughter, Stephanie McMahon. It started off as a story line, dreamt up by Vince McMahon of course, and as is often the case in professional wrestling it manifested into something real. The pair are married to this day and have three daughters together. What's ironic about this whole situation is Vince was very clear about his feelings when it came to his daughter dating wrestlers. Stephanie had voiced her desire about getting into the business so her father clearly knew there was a risk and warned her off of his other employees. It was evidently all in vain though as Steph wound up with The Game and now Vince has a pro wrestler for a son-in-law.

1 Burning And Building Bridges

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Triple H brings an awful lot to the table when it comes to helping Vince McMahon run WWE. We've already covered what he does when it comes to scouting talent and building NXT, and also briefly touched on The Game helping to build bridges between talent that Vince had otherwise chased off from WWE. That bridge building ability may be the father of NXT's greatest asset. There are a number of Superstars who have returned to the WWE fold thanks to The Game, perhaps most notably Bruno Sammamrtino. Bruno wanted nothing to do with the business following the rampant use of steroid abuse that had become part of parcel of pro wrestling, and at the time Vince was thought to be a big part of that. Vince wanted to make amends and induct Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame. It took Triple H keeping regular contact for almost a year with Bruno to get it done, but he did and the former WWE Champion is quite rightly in the Hall of Fame.

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