15 Things You Didn’t Know About Vince McMahon’s Relationship With Shane and Stephanie

The McMahon family is one of the most fascinating entities in all of entertainment. Vince McMahon is a unique personality that has raised the wrestling world to new heights. WWE has become a global phenomenon with Vince's vision and has created massive success. Vince's mentality has made him stand out as a cutthroat businessman with many quirks behind the madness of his genus. Both of his children happen to be very different personalities as well that are fascinating to discuss. Vince has seen them both enter the business with drastically different stories getting them to where they are today.

Stephanie McMahon is the Commissioner of Raw and one of the most powerful women in entertainment. Shane McMahon is a bit more relaxed than the rest of his family, but has great passion for the business as well. Fans gravitate towards Shane for his high risk moves in the ring and genuine personality. Stephanie is a great villain due to the fact that viewers buy into her as a corporate mind that lacks the ability to connect with them. Vince’s relationships with both children have seen ups and downs. We’ll look at them all with some facts you may not know about Vince McMahon’s relationships with Shane and Stephanie.

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15 Vince Made Shane Pay His Dues

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Shane McMahon started to become a noteworthy character on WWE television in 1998 as a member of The Corporation. However, Vince McMahon made his son pay his dues long before then with about nine years of work behind the scenes in the WWE. Shane actually was a referee under the name of Shane Stevens in 1989. Other duties like setting up the ring and helping in any capacity needed helped Shane earn the respect of the locker room.

The wrestlers viewed Shane as “one of them” due to his willingness to work in roles that many in his position would refuse. Shane also went the extra mile when he started wrestling by pulling off risky moves and stunts such as diving off the top of the Titantron. Paying dues went a long way for Shane being accepted in the WWE and by the fans.

14 Vince Made Stephanie Pay Her Dues In The office

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Unlike her brother Shane, Stephanie McMahon paid her dues through a different method. Vince McMahon hired Stephanie following her graduating from Boston College to work as an account executive for the WWE sales office in New York City. Stephanie would serve as a receptionist, creative designer and television producer before becoming an on-screen character. Stephanie went on to become a tremendous heel personality for many years.

Her background in the office allowed her to earn more leverage for a larger role in the behind the scenes aspect of the company. Stephanie obviously wanted to succeed Vince as the person running the company. Her background in the fields helped Steph to secure her current position as the Chief Brand Officer of the WWE. Vince likely saw this too requesting she pay her dues in the business world rather than the way Shane did with the wrestlers on the roster.

13 Shane Helped Raise Stephanie In Vince's Absence

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In the early stages of making WWE a worldwide phenomenon, Vince McMahon was working in the office most of the time. Like with anyone in that position, he missed out on a lot of family events and his children were forced to get by without him at home. Shane McMahon was forced to step up in the absence of his father and help raise Stephanie McMahon.

The two were close siblings in their early years. Shane was reportedly very protective of Stephanie when she broke into the WWE world, appearing at the shows on a weekly basis. The relationship between Stephanie and Triple H was not initially approved by Shane due to his protective nature over his younger sister. Shane essentially helping to raise her definitely added to that.

12 Vince Had Stephanie Model in WWE Magazine as a Kid

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Stephanie McMahon’s early work with the WWE saw her do surprising work, as she was doing modelling for WWE as a kid. Various t-shirts and merchandise items were put on display by a young Stephanie for the WWE magazine. Vince McMahon figured it was easier to have Stephanie rock the WWE items rather than finding a child model to pay for the gig.

These were technically Steph's first appearances in the WWE. No one would have predicted that the adorable teenager modeling The British Bulldogs t-shirt would go on to become one of the most ruthless villains in WWE history. Vince was proud of his little girl as always and wanted to show her off in the form of WWE merchandising. Stephanie decided to aim higher than being a model in the WWE as seen with her power today.

11 Vince Didn't Want Shane Hanging Out With Wrestlers

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Shane McMahon working for the WWE led to him forming friendships with many of the wrestlers. The locker room took to Shane and enjoyed his presence. Shane started to hang out with the wrestlers after the shows at the local bars. Naturally, Vince McMahon wasn’t too fond of his son getting drunk with the employees and running amok following the shows.

Raven claimed Vince didn't like him due to the fact he hung out with Shane in the early 90s. Bubba Dudley shared a story on WWE Story Time about Vince expressing frustration with some of the Attitude Era wrestlers for hanging out with Shane. Many of the wrestlers went on to form close relationships with Shane through the years, including Tommy Dreamer, Brock Lesnar and Batista, to name a few.

10 Vince Didn't Want Stephanie Dating Wrestlers

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Much like Vince McMahon didn’t want Shane McMahon socializing with the boys, he definitely didn’t want Stephanie McMahon dating wrestlers. Perhaps he shouldn’t have put her in storylines that revolved around her dating guys on the roster. Stephanie’s first big romantic storyline saw her date Test and plan to marry him live on Raw. Wrestling weddings never work out as planned and Triple H married a drugged Stephanie instead.

This led to Stephanie getting involved in her first legitimate wrestling relationship. Triple H and Stephanie dated in real life, making Vince very unhappy. He refused to give his blessing to the happy couple, but quickly changed his mind. It worked out in the long run but Triple H’s life could have been a living hell if it didn’t. Hell, Triple H would still suffer if the relationship ended today. Vince views Stephanie as his most treasured loved one and most wrestlers after her would not have survived.

9 Vince Hired Mean Street Posse As Favor For Shane

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The Mean Street Posse appeared as Shane McMahon’s spoiled brat friends from Greenwich, Connecticut. Many were not aware that this was also the reality of the situation to an extent. Pete Gas and Rodney were close friends of Shane, and Vince hired them as a favor to Shane. The third member of Mean Street Posse was Joey Abs, an aspiring independent wrestler that got the opportunity.

Mean Street Posse interfered in matches on behalf of Shane and worked as lower level members of The Corporation. They were primarily used as a comedic act that would get destroyed by whoever they were trying to get the better of. Pete Gas is still a close friend of Shane after all these years. Pete and Shane were hanging out ringside for an NXT house show in New York last month.

8 Both Wrestled Vince in Violent Matches

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One of the bizarre rituals in the family business of wrestling is having to face your family members in the ring. Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon have both been forced to wrestle against Vince McMahon on different occasions. The most memorable match between McMahon family members came when Shane defeated Vince in a great match at WrestleMania X-Seven. Shane scored revenge for Vince treating Linda McMahon poorly.

The match between Shane and Vince was definitely going to happen at some point, but the more shocking match saw Vince square off with Stephanie. As the General Manager of SmackDown in 2003, Stephanie stood up to her father bullying various members of the roster. It led to Stephanie facing off against Vince in a match that was difficult to watch. The final visual of Vince using a steel pipe to choke Stephanie out was a bit much.

7 Stephanie Made Horrible 9/11 Comparison in Support Of Her Dad

Stephanie McMahon has a very close relationship with her father. They clearly love each other and are protective when they feel the other is being attacked. Vince McMahon was in for the fight of his life when the federal government came after him for steroid use and other issues in the WWE. Stephanie referenced this as the absolute worst of times.

The first WWE SmackDown episode following the terrorist attacks of 9/11 led to various wrestlers sharing their feelings about the heartbreaking events. Many shared words of support to their fellow Americans, but Stephanie chose to compare the horrifying tragedy to the government going after Vince. In her mind, the government was evil for trying to target her family and America should respond by fighting the way the McMahon’s did. It was extremely tasteless and a low moment for Stephanie.

6 Vince Was Shane's Best Man

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Shane McMahon married Marissa Mazzola-McMahon in 1996 and is still with her twenty years later. The surprising pick for his best man was his father Vince McMahon. Both McMahon men were extremely close during that time period and Shane wanted his dad to have the honor. Jim Norton performed standup comedy at Shane’s bachelor party and revealed on his radio show that Shane and Vince had a loving relationship.

Marissa is one of the rare members of McMahon family to stay away from the television storylines. She did work for the company as an occasional host for the studio show Livewire. The fact that Vince got to be a part of their wedding was a huge testament to the closeness between father and son. Shane didn’t want anyone else as his best man on the biggest night of his life.

5 Best of Both Worlds With Grandchildren

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Everyone dreams of having grandchildren to share their love with. You get to have the enjoyment of loving your young family without the stress of being a parent. Vince McMahon truly has the best of both worlds when it comes to his grandchildren. Shane McMahon has three sons and Stephanie McMahon has three daughters. Vince gets the joy of three grandsons and three granddaughters each.

Shane’s sons are named Declan, Kenny and Rogan. They'll attend the bigger WWE shows that Shane will wrestle at, such as WrestleMania and Survivor Series of this year. Stephanie’s daughters are named Aurora, Murphy and Vaughn. They also attend noteworthy events like the WWE Hall of Fame and WrestleMania. Vince is close with the grandchildren on both sides and has to love having them around at the shows.

4 Vince Wanted To Have An Incest Storyline With Stephanie

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The relationship between Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon is somewhat similar to the one between Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving your daughter with all of your heart. It can get borderline creepy when there’s an obvious fascination there with certain comments crossing the line. Vince definitely crossed the line when pitching a storyline during Stephanie’s pregnancy.

He wanted to the big reveal to show him as the father of Stephanie’s child to start a program against Triple H. Stephanie and Triple H both were strongly against this and turned down the idea. Vince has done many horrible things on air, like introducing the “Kiss My Ass Club” and feuding with God, but the thought of him being revealed as the father of his daughter’s unborn baby somehow topped it all. Stephanie at least shut it down from happening to spare us all.

3 Family Feud

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The relationship between Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon has been touched on as being great for many years. That eventually fell apart with power on the line for one of them to become the successor to Vince McMahon. Both siblings had different outlooks as to how the WWE product should be presented. Stephanie believes in the current formula of television writers working together to put together an episodic television using traditional scripts of promos.

Shane tended to gravitate towards things like the hardcore style, MMA and other alternatives. At one point, it was rumored Shane would get to run ECW on WWE’s website before WWE brought it back on the SciFi Network. The MMA influence is something Shane also wanted more of in WWE, back in the 2006-2008 timeframe. It has never been confirmed by either person but many reports have suggested they clashed over who would win out.

2 Vince Chose Stephanie Over Shane

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Vince McMahon decided Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were more than capable of being groomed to be the future leaders of the WWE. Shane McMahon saw his dreams go up in smoke and it led to him leaving the company in 2009. We went almost seven years without seeing Shane on WWE television due to him wanting to branch out on his own away from the family, running his own business.

Shane went on to run the first ever PPV service in China and it was a huge success. Stephanie continued to become more powerful in the WWE landscape. Vince believed she and Triple H had the vision to make the WWE stronger. They have done just that. Triple H is responsible for signing many of the top stars and has made his NXT project a touring brand. Stephanie is regarded as one of the most successful businesswomen in entertainment. Vince appears to have made a good choice.

1 Vince Wanted Shane Back Badly 

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Shane McMahon's return created headlines in the wrestling world when he appeared to confront Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon. While his departure had to create at least slight hostility in the family, Vince was ecstatic to have him back. Rumors circulated that Vince was overjoyed when Shane made the decision to wrestle The Undertaker. Both Vince and The Undertaker called Shane to ask him respectfully to make the comeback.

Shane’s return was successful enough for the WWE to write him in going forward as the Commissioner of SmackDown Live. Vince loves having his son back in the company and that had to play a role in the brand split. Both Shane and Stephanie get to be the figureheads of their own shows. Considering Shane is now back into the fold with the WWE, you have to wonder if this changes anything backstage and if he has another chance at having a position of power.

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