15It’s A Tough Life

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Becoming a WWE superstar is the dream of almost every indie wrestler and loads and loads of fans that never end up getting off their couch, but how many of them realize how hard the grind actually is. Wrestling multiple times every week of the year, aside from the occasional

request for time off that some believe is a risky career move, you may have the money to buy a home but you’ll barely be there. Expected to show up at work if you’re ill, unless it is severe enough that it is clearly impossible, if you want to work for the WWE you might as well become used to the idea of sickness not mattering.

If you do manage to actually get a day off then congrats but when you work for Vince McMahon and are popular, even when you’re not supposed to be working you can expect to have to make appearances. Whether that means waking up early to call into a radio station in a town that the company is going to soon or if your casual lunch is inundated with fans, the point is your time is always company time. Wake up, eat, work out, drive for hours on end or take a flight, go to the arena, wrestle, shower, meet with management, find somewhere to eat, try to relax and do it again becomes your entire existence.

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