15 Things You Forgot About These WWE Women

The women of WWE had very interesting things leak about their lives... 15 things you forgot about these WWE women.

Hidden gems in the WWE, are the beautiful Divas that rise to the stage week in and week out. The most popular wrestlers in the game are usually are men, but these Divas carry a good workload in making the WWE interesting. These Divas are required to do things to make the game as sexual as possible, as well as fun to watch. These Divas may have to do some of the most exotic things in order to boost up views, and get some of these fans even more excited about the sport.

Many fans concentrate on the bodies and beauty of these female wrestlers, and forget that there is so much to know about them. These females have many interesting life stories, or did some pretty amazing things in the ring. Most fans seem to look past these interesting stories as they focus on who’s the champions of the WWE and which matches are the most interesting.

We have seen so many amazing WWE Divas enter the ring since wrestling first debuted, but a lot of the most interesting stories have come since 2000. Since then we have seen some incredible things done by these WWE Divas, some things that fans may never have even expected to ever happen in the history of wrestling.

15 Nikki Bella Was Married For 3 Years

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Before there was a John Cena in the life of Nikki Bella, there was another man in her life who she was married to who remains anonymous. The two were high school sweethearts, graduated from Chaparral High School in Arizona. There is very little information known about the marriage, his name and pictures of the two have never been released publicly.

Bella explains how the marriage was random, and not something that was really planned. She explains how one day they randomly decided to go to Las Vegas, where they got married. Three years later the two started meeting other people, when they decided to get a divorce. Many WWE fans may not be aware of the fact that Bella had another husband due to the recent news that John Cena and Nikki Bella got engaged. The marriage that Nikki Bella was once a part of, has been a hidden piece of information about the life of one of the most popular WWE figures and would only be known if you watched or followed Total Divas.

14 Stacy Keibler Was Part Owner Of ABA Team


Back in 2006, a group of celebrities created a new American Basketball Association team called the Hollywood Fame. One of the celebrities that was a part owner of the team, was former WWE Diva, Stacy Keibler. Keibler was known for her good looks, as well as her awesome entertaining in the sport. Many don’t know that outside of wrestling, she has been very active. One of her accomplishments is being part of this ABA team.

The Hollywood Fame no longer exists, but it was a team that she took part in forming. The team was an expansion team, and didn’t last very long. The team wasn’t popular at all, as it didn’t seem to work out. However, where some former WWE Divas don’t accomplish much, Keibler has done so much outside of being a WWE Diva. Even years after wrestling, Keibler still manages to stay relevant.

13 AJ Lee Grew Up Living Out Of Motels


AJ Lee is one of those athletes that you just look up to because of how incredible their story is. Lee, who in real life is named April Mendez Brooks, grew up with very little money, having to live in and out of motel rooms. It’s not a common thing to hear that someone had to live out of motel rooms their whole life. Lee claims that her and her sister would try to get through the hard times when they were younger by joking about it, claiming that it would be a great story to tell when they are older. Well here we are in the future, and Lee’s story is just as planned, or maybe even better than expected.

Lee’s crazy character in the WWE became a hit, as she instantly grabbed the attention of viewers. After all the struggles Lee faced throughout her life, it all resulted in her becoming a professional wrestler.

12 Torrie Wilson Launched Her Own Clothing Line


Torrie Wilson, and her boyfriend Nick Mitchell, decided that they needed to get away from wrestling after their careers came to an end. In November 2007, they decided to open up their own clothing store, called Jaded. Wilson claimed that it was a dream of hers to be part of the fashion industry, which she got to live her dream after her wrestling days were over. Instead of participated in Wet n’ Wild matches, she had to deal with customers coming into the shop and providing what they would like. The store is located in Woodlands, Texas.

The store is to provide clothing for all types of people, no matter what the age is. The plan for the store was to be in a big-name city, but instead she realized this town needed a store, and that’s exactly what the town got. Instead of having fans cheer her on while she’s in the ring, they scream for her to get the clothing they need.

11 Paige Proposed To Alberto Del Rio


In today’s society, what seems to be the “normal” would be a man proposing to a woman to marry her, if they are heterosexuals. It’s usually when a woman and a woman are planning to get married, where you see a woman propose. But WWE star, Paige, decided to change things up a bit.

In May 2016, Paige decided to propose to the President of the Mexico MMA promotion Combate Americas, Alberto Del Rio. Just months after dealing with a break up, Paige easily fell in love with Del Rio, and was definitely not afraid to go public about it. At the WWC Anniversario 43, Paige surprised Del Rio in the ring, and got down on one knee proposing to him. Not wanting to embarrass Paige on stage, Del Rio said yes. However, Del Rio still needed to complete his divorce papers with his ex-wife, before moving on with the WWE star.

10 Rosa Mendes Had A Crush On Paige


Paige has lived one spontaneous life, and that’s why she’s back on this list. Except this time, it was for another WWE Diva having a crush on her. Rosa Mendes showed publicly her attraction for Paige. Shot on camera, fans saw what many may say was an awkward kiss between the two Divas. Paige has said publicly that she would be interested in being with another woman, but it didn’t seem that the woman she would be interested in would be Mendes.

It’s been claimed that even after times on television, the two have been seen out together. Even after all the crazy things that have happened between though, it’s said that they have been able to maintain a close relationship even after what may have been an awkward start to a friendship.

9 Kelly Kelly Was Featured In A Music Video


Throwback to the time when Timbaland was making America dancing to his hits. Well, once of those hits actually had a few WWE Divas like Kelly Kelly and Torrie Wilson both premiered in Timbaland and The Hives’ song, “Throw It On Me.” The music video showed the popping song created by the two, as well as exposed the sexiness of these WWE Divas. It’s a different type of song, that shows Divas strutting down the street to at one point even being in an altercation. It’s hard to tell that WWE Divas are even in the video, which may be why many fans forget or may not even know that Divas such as Kelly Kelly performed in this video. With mostly black, white and red, it makes it hard to distinguish the ladies in the video. However, WWE Diva Kelly Kelly is one of the performers in this music video.

8 Rumors Of Trish Stratus And Lillian Garcia Being 'More Than Friends'


Rumors happen a lot, but this rumor got the attention of many. This rumor included one of the most popular WWE Divas to ever wrestle, Trish Stratus, supposedly having feelings for Lillian Garcia. Both Garcia and Stratus grew into the WWE together, which may have led to this conclusion coming forth. Years on years, fans claimed that Garcia and Stratus were more than just friends. Some have said that their friendship may have been “too close” which led them to believe that they were lesbians. Nothing has ever been confirmed, but the rumor was so great that it spread quickly. Some may say that because they share hotel rooms that they may do things that many may not expect after hours. The truth may never be told, but neither Diva has come forward and ever claimed if the rumor was just a lie spread by a fan, or the truth.

7 Sable Sued The WWE


Going back to the early 2000s, Sable actually sued the WWE. She began her career in 1996, but continued through the 2000s. Before she returned to the WWE, she actually sued the company for sexual harassment. Sable seemed to wear less and less clothes as her time in the WWE continued, which led to much of her popularity. What made her become so popular in the first place, actually led to her suing the company. The lawsuit was worth $110 million. She claimed the lawsuit came after she refused to go topless on television.

That same year, she actually was in two Playboy magazines. Sable actually ended up going back to wrestling, before her career with the company completed in 2004. It seemed that the drama never ended between the McMahons and Sable, which led to the end of her WWE career, and a two-year stint with the New Japan Pro Wrestling.

6 Stephanie McMahon Denied Incest Storyline


Stephanie McMahon may be considered one of the most popular women in the WWE. Continuing the family role, Stephanie McMahon is currently the Chief Brand Officer of the WWE. Stephanie has not just sat back and watched the entertainment go down, as she has been part of the entertainment. We have seen many crazy things happen with Stephanie on stage, but this rumor was something that was legitimate.

Lucky enough, because of the McMahons, this storyline was never publicized all over pro wrestling articles. The idea is highly disturbing, and would have fans going crazy just the thought of the two, actually having a baby together. The thought of incest may not please many, but it may be even more irritating knowing it was between the McMahons. Many claimed that when Stephanie was pregnant, that Vince was the father. Stephanie did shut that idea down, refusing to allow it to reach headlines.

5 Trish Stratus Denied Opportunities With Playboy


While many WWE Divas have been on the cover of Playboy magazine, one of the most popular Divas has actually declined to partake in the magazine multiple times. That’s right, Trish Stratus has denied her opportunity to be in a Playboy magazine, quite a few times. Many would have expected her to take the big opportunity considering she was not afraid to show off her body in the WWE, but it seemed that would only happen in the WWE.

In an interview with Stratus, she made it clear that she would rather aim to be the best wrestler she could be, rather than be known on Playboy. Stratus accomplished what she wanted; she is now known as one of the best female wrestlers to ever participate in the business.

4 Paige Was Once Pregnant and May Not Be Able To Have Children


Going back to the whole Paige/Rosa Mendes relationship mentioned earlier, there was an episode on Total Divas where Rosa was having her baby shower and throughout the episode, Paige didn't exactly come across as a friend who was happy for her friend. Paige revealed why she was acting that way to Rosa. It turns out that Paige had once been pregnant when she was really young and ended up having a miscarriage. She also revealed that due to some surgery she had to undergo, that she may not be able to ever have children again, so the whole idea of a baby shower just made her depressed. It certainly was sad to hear and particularly surprising for a show that's usually very lighthearted.

3 Summer Rae And Fandango Tried Dating


This is one of those things where you wonder whether it actually happened or if it was just to form a storyline for Total Divas. Nonetheless, in one episode Summer Rae was complaining about how tough it was to be single and to find a good guy. Her friends suggested she try dating Fandango and in the episode, the two wound up going on a date, and tested the waters with a kiss. However, given that the two were on-screen dance partners at the time, a close friendship had already been formed and Summer felt it was way to awkward to look at Fandango that way. They eventually agreed to just keep being friends and it was largely forgotten about soon after.

2 WWE Wanted Maryse To Play An Evil Lesbian


One of the hottest WWE Divas to ever enter the business, WWE wanted the French Canadian beauty to play an incredible role in the business. Even with her looks, Maryse struggled to gain attraction when she first appeared on SmackDown. The French Diva didn’t have anything spectacular to appeal to fans, which led to the WWE coming up with an idea to help build up her fan base. The WWE wanted Maryse to play as an evil lesbian. What may be attractive to many men, would form an outstanding fan base for the Diva.

It was planned that Maryse’s job was to stalk her female opponents, becoming an evil, yet sexual lesbian. The plan never went through as the WWE felt that it was too much for families to watch while experiencing the WWE. The plan was thought to be great, but at the time with the company gearing towards families, it didn’t go well with what the WWE was aiming for. It probably would have happened had Maryse come around a few years earlier.

1 Michelle McCool Caught Eye Of WWE As A Teacher


Those who have ever had to interview Michelle McCool for a job after her time in the WWE may be a bit confused. McCool actually was a school teacher before she started her career as a wrestler. Her time in the WWE began, when WWE Universe saw her mimicking a sexy teacher. After WWE Universe caught eye of the incredible job she did, she was offered a job. Surprisingly, McCool wasn’t one of those wrestlers who constantly were half naked when performing in the ring. She was a talented wrestler, and eventually her career finished when she lost to her performer partner, Layla.

The Diva is married to another star wrestler, The Undertaker. What began as a sexual story, turned into a sad one. In 2016, McCool was diagnosed with skin cancer. McCool did great things in the ring, and now has the time to recover and spend time with family. Thankfully, she seems to be on the road to recovery.

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