15 Things You Need To Know About CM Punk's Diva Hookups

CM Punk is perhaps one of the most controversial WWE Superstars of all time. When he walked away from WWE back in 2014, his story made wrestling worldwide news and he has been stuck in the spotlight ever since.

Punk married former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee back in 2014, merely months before the former Diva of the Year followed her husband through WWE's exit door. This then left WWE with a gap in their Women's Division but proved AJ's loyalty to her new partner.

That being said, AJ's loyalty has never been in question. But it seems that CM Punk is the one that has the relationship problems. His various relationships with a big part of the WWE's female roster has given him a reputation backstage and has also lead to many fans thinking that the marriage between himself and AJ is not going to last.

The couple looks perfect from the outside, but there have been many stories about them behind closed doors and many stories about CM Punk's personal life that give these rumours a lot more credibility. It seems that Punk's personal life has become one of the most talked about topics in WWE.

Here are 15 stories about the self-proclaimed 'Best in The World' that may have not yet been confirmed, but could well be true when it comes to the women he has allegedly 'hooked-up' with.

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15 Beth Phoenix

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Beth Phoenix is a former WWE Women's and Divas Champion and widely considered to have been one of the most dominant female wrestlers of all time. While Beth is currently married to WWE Hall of Famer Edge and the duo have two children together, there are reports that Beth and Punk were once together as well.

It seems that the duo had a short fling while they were both travelling with WWE but it wasn't one that lasted very long or proved to have any kind of mark on the lives of these former WWE employees. But CM Punk being CM Punk would talk time to publicly blast an ex-girlfriend who was presumed to be Beth Phoenix. They have since moved forward and married other people.

14 Kelly Kelly

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This was perhaps one of CM Punk's most famous relationships. When the duo debuted in ECW together, there was a storyline involving the pair that saw Kelly Kelly attempting to gain Punk's attention while already being in a relationship with Mike Knox.

This didn't work out for the pair and instead, they embarked on a real-life romance that much like many of Punk's previous romantic links, didn't last very long at all. Kelly had a reputation in WWE (one that was certainly unflattering for the young Diva) and is thought to have been in relationships with a number of WWE wrestlers. And it seems CM Punk has just become another name on that list. (Kelly is now married to former professional hockey player, Sheldon Souray.)

13 Marital problems with AJ Lee?

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AJ Lee and CM Punk have to be one of the best known couples to have come out of the modern WWE locker room. The duo have just taken part in CM Punk's UFC documentary, AJ has her new book coming out soon, and Punk obviously recently made his UFC debut.

The couple spends a lot of their life in the limelight and so when they have problems in their relationship, then they always end up being reported on the internet. Back in March 2015 it surfaced that the couple may have been having a few problems when they unfollowed each other on Twitter and Punk then updated a vague status. This seemed to blow over quickly and the couple re-followed each other not long after.

12 Maria

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Maria and CM Punk both hailed from Chicago, Illinois and it could have been their love of their hometown that brought them together because the duo have also been in a relationship. Maria, much like Kelly Kelly has been known to have 'hooked up' with many WWE wrestlers, most notably John Cena (these are the rumours).

The couple are one that has been most notably mentioned by many of the WWE Universe. Maria has since gone on to become the 'First Lady' of both Ring of Honor and TNA along with her husband 'The Miracle,' Mike Bennett, but she has mentioned that she still keeps up with CM Punk's affairs when she can. So, while this didn't work out, it appears as though there isn't any bad blood.

11 Lita

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Lita holds the great statistic on this list. She is the only Hall of Famer that CM Punk has slept with. The former Women's Champion dated Punk twice after the couple broke up and then got back together in both 2009 and 2013.

Punk was in a relationship with Lita when he was in a storyline romance with AJ Lee and Punk then ended up leaving the former Team Extreme member for the woman who once idolized Lita and wanted to be just like her when she grew up. This is one of the most ironic things that has ever happened in any WWE relationship. Lita and Punk looked like the perfect couple when they were together, but it seems that Punk preferred the protege to the real thing.

10 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee is currently CM Punk's wife and the only woman on a long list of relationships that the serial dater has had that he apparently took seriously. She left WWE for a life with CM Punk in 2015, following her victory at WrestleMania 31. The former longest reigning Divas Champion married Punk back in 2014 and retired from WWE after it was thought that there was a lot of heat on her backstage because of the way the Punk left the company.

Ironically, AJ Lee once proposed to CM Punk in the middle of the WWE ring as part of a WWE storyline and he declined. Maybe he was scared that she would react the same way when he finally popped the question to her in real life.

9 Mickie James

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Mickie James made a name for herself long before she joined WWE and spent a lot of her career on the Independent Circuit. While she was in TNA she joined a group with CM Punk and it is believed that Punk and Mickie were then set to debut in WWE together.

There was a plan to have the real life couple bring their chemistry onto WWE TV until Vince McMahon (as we all know, Vince knows best when it comes to relationships, right?) decided to pull the plug on the whole plan because he didn't think that they actually made a good couple. Maybe real life partnerships don't always make good working relationships? Which makes sense when you consider the time involved, personally and professionally.

8 Daffney

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Daffney is the first woman on this list that didn't work for WWE (it seems as though the company was never quite interested in the alternative wrestler) . Instead, Daffney was one of the most famous wrestlers of her time when she was in WCW. Daffney has also worked for TNA and much like CM Punk, she is considered to be a serial dater in her own right.

As well as Punk, Daffney has been linked with Shannon Moore and Stevie Richards. She has adopted many different personas during her wrestling career, but Daffney was her most famous and the one she will be remembered best for portraying. It is thought that her relationship with Punk didn't last very long, but was a seemingly beneficial one for both parties.

7 Maria And The WWE Ring

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Maria was obviously a sexually provocative WWE Diva. She was signed to WWE following the 2004 Diva Search and then posed for Playboy magazine not long after.

During an interview with Playboy following the release of the magazine cover, Maria stated that she would love to have sex in the middle of the WWE ring following one of the matches. Punk was believed to have been Maria's boyfriend at the time, so it can be assumed that Maria was hoping that Punk would also play a part in this if her fantasy was ever to become a reality. Maria was very forward in this interview and talked openly about her sex life, which is something that Playboy often pride themselves on with many of their features.

6 Daffney/Traci Brookes Love Triangle

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Every WWE fan loves a love triangle and it seems that Punk has been involved in a few. Back when Punk was an Independent wrestler, he was involved in a cheating scandal between two women from two different promotions (that's right, even the Independent scene has had their share of relationship drama).

Punk was cheeky enough to have been able to date both women at once because they never met each other, but when Daffney was released from the promotion she was working for at the time and was looking to head back to the Independent Circuit with Traci Brooks, Punk knew that his number was up and decided to break up with her. It appears that Punk playing both sides could no longer last.

5 AJ And Punk Dated After WWE Storyline

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AJ Lee and CM Punk were involved in a WWE storyline a long time before they were ever dating in real life. AJ was romantically linked with many WWE Superstars over the course of her WWE career and once ever main evented Monday Night Raw as part of the storyline with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

AJ, Bryan, and Punk were part of a love triangle and AJ even proposed to Punk as part of this (in storyline, AJ would then become engaged to Daniel Bryan). Punk turned her down so AJ decided to push him through a table. And even though they were meant to look as though they didn't like each other any more on TV the couple still managed to date in real life and then get married back in 2014.

4 Lita And CM Punk Heat

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When Lita and CM Punk broke up and he then began dating AJ Lee, it seems that the reaction backstage at WWE was definitely an awkward one. Lita still had to work for WWE after she had broken up with Punk (dating in the workplace danger) and she would often run into Punk and AJ in the hallway.

Lita was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the same year that Punk left WWE and her induction was announced just two weeks after Punk walked away. It is thought that if Punk was still with WWE then Lita would never have gone into the Hall of Fame because it would have been awkward for Lita to come back to WWE while Punk was still there.

3 CM Punk And The Break Up With Maria

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CM Punk and Maria were together for two years and both remained a part of WWE following their split as well. It seems that Maria took the break-up much harder than CM Punk though and has proclaimed that Punk actually broke her heart.

She stated that it was hard to see him everyday and then see him move on with his life without her. She said that she would always love him and that the pain she felt from that break up actually inspired her entire Seven Sins album. It helped her to put her emotions into a song and then move forward with her own life. Maria has since moved on to join TNA and married Mike Bennett, so both star's lives have improved somewhat.

2 Beth and Lita Had Problems Because Of Punk?

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It is thought that while Beth Phoenix was dating CM Punk, she was particularly jealous of the relationship that he still had with his ex Lita. The duo had been dating before and then began dating again after he broke up with Beth and at one point the former Women's Champion unfollowed both Lita and Punk on Twitter.

Lita and CM Punk dated in 2009 and then after a few other relationships they found themselves back together in 2013, which means that Beth was probably right to be jealous of Lita back in 2011 because Punk ended up back with her after their fling (this probably made Beth feel low). Lita and Punk only lasted until 2014 when it was reported that Punk was dating AJ Lee.

1 Punk Cheated On Lita With AJ

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This is one of the rumours that has circled around WWE for the past few years. It is yet to be officially confirmed, but it seems that AJ Lee and CM Punk were actually romantically involved before Punk had broken up with Lita.

That means that Punk actually cheated on the WWE Hall of Famer with one of her biggest fans and then broke up with her so that he could go on to marry her. This didn't go down well backstage and gave both AJ and Punk a lot of heat, something that could have led to the duo walking away from the company. AJ Lee was reported to have tweeted a message that linked herself to Punk while Lita and 'The Straight Edge Superstar' were still together, which caused a lot of controversy that was picked up on by the WWE Universe.

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