15 Things You Never Knew About Noelle Foley

Mick Foley is one of the greatest wrestling stars of all-time, a highly respected author and a philanthropist. It is only fitting that he's becoming known to new generations as the father of his really attractive daughter. Noelle Foley is starting to gain fame for both her looks and being the daughter of a wrestling icon. WWE Network features Noelle along with Mick and the rest of the Foley family in the reality series Holy Foley. The show is essentially centered on Noelle’s relationship with her father, with smaller stories involving the rest of the members of the Foley household.

Noelle continues to see her popularity grow on social media and at live shows. The super fan that loved wrestling has turned into an influential face that people care about. Noelle’s social media pages get a ton of support and many fans treat her like a celebrity at shows. This has led to her brand expanding with the hopes of becoming a personality in the world of wrestling somehow. We are going to look at everything related to the only daughter of the Foley family and her life. These are fifteen interesting tidbits about Noelle Foley that you may not have known.

15 She Has Already Appeared On WWE Raw


Noelle Foley has aspirations to become a professional wrestler for the WWE, but she’s already made her unofficial debut. Mick Foley appeared on an episode of Raw in 2015 playing Santa Claus for a WWE Shop segment. One of Mick’s passions is dressing up as Santa Claus during the holiday season and he was allowed to show it off on Raw.

14 Mick's Christmas Love Inspired Her Name


As mentioned before, Mick Foley absolutely loves Christmas. The positive energy and festive spirit makes Foley a happy man and it has transferred over to his children. It would only be fitting that Mick went all the way with his appreciation of Christmas by finding a name like Noelle to tie his daughter to his holiday spirit.

13 Cult Internet Celebrity

Noelle Foley has become an internet celebrity in recent years, as more people continue to discover her. The second generation Foley has over a half million followers on Instagram and 150,000 followers on Twitter. People want to get access to Noelle’s commentary on wrestling and, of course, the jaw-dropping pictures she posts quite frequently. Many opportunities have come Noelle’s way primarily due to the name value she has gained online.

12 Attends More Wrestling Shows Than The Average Superfan


Noelle Foley truly does love the wrestling business and shows it by traveling to many shows each year. Living in Long Island, Noelle typically attends every WWE show in the tri-state area. Noelle also frequents shows in Chicago with her boyfriend and tries to make it to all of the bigger WWE shows in different states that require more traveling. She has even been spotted at lower tier independent shows to get more of the live experience.

11 Loving Sister


Mick Foley has three sons, but Noelle is the only daughter of the Foley family. Noelle has close relationships with all three of her brothers. Dewey Foley is currently a writing assistant on the WWE writing team. Noelle’s aspiration to eventually become a WWE wrestler has set up the dream of them working together one day in the future. The Holy Foley show revealed the two are close, as they're in the same age range compared to their younger brothers.

10 Dolph Ziggler Hit On Her Before She Turned 18


A good looking young woman in a wrestling environment is usually a recipe for disaster. Luckily, having one of the toughest wrestlers of all-time as your father will help keep the creeps away. Noelle Foley still has dealt with wrestlers hitting on her. Mick Foley revealed he specifically had to shut down one wrestler that tried flirting with her when she was still a teenager.

9 Interviews Wrestlers

One of the wrestling related jobs Noelle Foley has come by is interviewing wrestlers for a YouTube channel. The Ringside Collectibles brand hired Noelle to appear at conventions or events that are primarily about action figure releases. Noelle shows up to the events and interviews any stars she may encounter. Some of the bigger stars interviewed by Noelle have been Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Kevin Nash.

8 Modeling Career


Another possible career option for Noelle Foley is becoming a model. Noelle takes professional photo shoots to create a portfolio for any potential modeling opportunities that come her way. Mick’s wife and Noelle’s mother, Collette, was a model and hoped Noelle would follow her career choice, which she initially started to pursue. Naturally, Noelle chose wrestling over modeling due to having a genuine passion for it.

7 Gets More Fans At Wrestling Conventions Than Actual Wrestlers


Wrestling conventions have started to reach out to Noelle Foley, bringing her in to take pictures and sign autographs. The attention and popularity of Noelle has led to people wanting to see her. Many reports suggest Noelle typically gets a huge crowd of fans wanting to show support and chat with her. Mick Foley often joins his daughter in doing a combination appearance that has fans getting pictures or autographs from both of them.

6 Struggling At Wrestling Training


Noelle Foley’s love of wrestling has culminated in her looking to follow her father’s path by training to become an actual wrestler. The road for Noelle is an uphill battle. Despite her last name giving her opportunities, Noelle lacks a lot of the natural athletic ability and charisma to excel at wrestling. The training has not gone well, as seen on Holy Foley.

5 Was Shown Crying As A Child In Beyond the Mat


One of the earliest stints of Noelle Foley’s life on camera came at an unfortunate moment. The documentary film Beyond the Mat followed Mick Foley along with other wrestlers to get a grasp of the wrestling business. Unfortunately, the timing came at the 1999 Royal Rumble event, which featured a graphic I Quit Match between Mick and The Rock.

4 Legit Dating Frank The Clown


The most shocking facet of Noelle Foley’s life is realizing that she's dating a wrestling fan that travels to many WWE shows to sit in television view and dress as a clown. Noelle is extremely attractive and has become an internet celebrity. Frank is often ridiculed by fans, wrestlers and just about anyone to witness him in the clown paint.

3 Friend Of Wrestlers


Many wrestling fan celebrities or relatives of wrestlers entering the business get a cold shoulder from the performers. That isn’t the case with Noelle Foley as she has shown enough respect to the business. Noelle has become friends with many current WWE wrestlers. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch helping train her on the Holy Foley show seemed a bit convenient, but they're actually legit friends. They all sat together for the main event at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II in 2016.

2 Strong Relationship With Mick


Holy Foley is definitely a bit scripted at times, but some things are clearly real. The close relationship between Mick and Noelle Foley happens to be the most realistic aspect of the show. Noelle and Mick have stated they view each other as close friends in addition to the father-daughter relationship. They claim they have only had three total fights, which is a rare feat for any parent and child.

1 Vince McMahon Loves Her Star Potential


The idea of Holy Foley is something Vince McMahon loved. Most of the WWE Network shows go through other departments, but McMahon specifically talked to Mick about having his family featured on a reality show. A major factor for that was Vince seeing Noelle Foley as a potential star. Noelle’s look is obviously marketable, along with her history in wrestling giving her an extra in.

McMahon bringing Mick back into the WWE family started with him wanting to have a reality show involving Noelle. The support of Vince could provide a viable road for Noelle to get into the WWE. If she can progress in her wrestling training, she will have the most valuable backer in her corner. Noelle already has figured out the most difficult task in all of wrestling – getting Vince McMahon to like her.

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15 Things You Never Knew About Noelle Foley