15 Things You Probably Forgot About The Undertaker

The Undertaker has to be one of the biggest stars that WWE has ever had. Rather than taking the fame he received in WWE and moving on to appearing on TV and in films, The Undertaker has remained loyal

The Undertaker has to be one of the biggest stars that WWE has ever had. Rather than taking the fame he received in WWE and moving on to appearing on TV and in films, The Undertaker has remained loyal to the WWE Universe and has been appearing for the company now for more than 26 years.

With a career that long there are obviously going to be things that the WWE Universe have forgotten about The Undertaker over the past two decades. Things that make sense to his career or to his life outside of the WWE.

He is a multi-time World Champion and the holder of the longest undefeated streak at WrestleMania, one that spanned 21 matches. Fans pride themselves on knowing everything there is to know about The Deadman, but here is a list of 15 things that you may have forgotten over the years.

15 He's Been Married Three Times


It seems that The Undertaker isn't just a huge star in WWE, but he is also a big hit with the ladies. The former World Champion has now been married three times during his lengthy career.

The Undertaker married his first wife Jodi Lynn back in 1989, merely months before he made his WWE debut. The marriage lasted almost a decade when they filed for divorce in 1999. Although The Undertaker does have a son named Gunner from this marriage, he was born in 1993. The Undertaker then married his second wife Sara Frank in 2000 and the couple had two daughters together before they were also divorced in 2007. The Undertaker then married former WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool in 2010 and the couple welcomed their first daughter in 2012.

14 He Was Once Managed By Brother Love


Yes, that's right. Many of you may think that Paul Bearer and The Undertaker have spent the past two decades running riot all over WWE with the help of his 'brother' Kane, but in actual fact, it was Brother Love who brought The Undertaker to the WWE back in 1990.

The union between the red faced Preacher and The Undertaker did not fit well at all. It seemed that both men lacked chemistry together and it was really hurting The Undertaker as a character. Luckily Vince McMahon saw the error of his ways and aligned The Undertaker with Paul Bearer, a man better suited to lead a so called " dead man" down the aisle for his matches. And that really was, a match made in Hell.

13 He Is A Real Estate Investor


Every WWE Superstar has a backup plan for what they will do after their wrestling career calm's down (or at least they definitely should). It seems The Undertaker's backup plan is to work in real estate. At 51 year's old it appears as though that The Undertaker's career could be coming to a close in the coming years so it's good to see that he has a plan to support himself afterwards.

The Undertaker has a business partner named Scott Everhart and together the duo constructed a $2.7 million building in Loveland, Colorada which they then called the CalaHart. This label is a combined term for both of their names (you probably figured that out anyway). 'TheDeadman' and real estate? Selling/flipping houses is truly a human activity.

12 He Is A Locker Room Leader


Given that The Undertaker has been in WWE now for two and a half decades, it makes sense that he spent a huge portion of his career being considered the leader of the WWE locker room.

The Undertaker is a towering figure in real life and if any of the WWE Superstars got into a real fight with him then he would definitely do them some damage. This is why it seems that he was the one who kept Superstars in line for a good number of years. There are stories that tHE Undertaker forced Vince McMahon to apologize to Bret Hart after the Montreal Screwjob. Chris Jericho mentioned in his autobiography that he had also stood toe-to-toe with The Undertaker backstage on many occasions, when he was unhappy with some of the creative decision making.

11 His Run In WCW


Mean Mark Callous had some minor success in WCW before he made the move over to WWE (his success obviously reached new heights with the new company). Even though his real name is Mark Callaway, someone made the decision to call him Callous instead and shockingly it worked out well for him.

Mark spent a large portion of his career in WCW coming through the ranks before he was prepared to make the switch to WWE and begin being The Deadman that the WWE Universe has known and loved for the past 26 years. Every wrestler has to begin somewhere, right? Callaway's ring name also used to be The Punisher, which shows which kind of persona he was aiming for at the beginning of his career.

10 His Feud With The Shield


So, WWE brought in The Shield to rid the company of all the evil who didn't deserve to be in main title pictures or something like that. But then the trio of hitmen decided to target The Undertaker. After WrestleMania XXIX, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns actually put him through the announce table on SmackDown.

The Undertaker was then taken off TV until the following year when he decided to go after Brock Lesnar. And then 'The Beast' ended The Undefeated Streak at WrestleMania. So, The Shield attacked his 'brother' many times and then put The Undertaker through an announce table and out of action for a number of months and there was no revenge afterwards? WWE just decided to move on without mentioning it again. Odd.

9 He Botched His Entrance But Recovered Like A Pro


One very brave member of WWE's creative team must have turned up to work one day and decided that The Deadman should become a motorcycle riding badass instead of the embalmer of dead people. Obviously, this idea was given the go ahead and when he made his return from injury back in 2000, he became a very different character.

The Undertaker's new entrance saw him drive to the ring on a motorcycle, and obviously, whenever technology is involved, there is room for error. So when he went tried to drive down to the ring his motorbike stalled and left him sitting on the entrance ramp for a good few minutes before he decided that it wasn't going to move. He then walked down to the ring instead. It was hardly even noticeable...Honest.

8 His Promo Back in 1998

If you were lucky enough to have been watching WWE back in the 1990s, you would know all about the lengthy feud they had with WCW. And in order to keep the ratings high on WWE TV, the creative team came up with some of the most insane storylines in WWE history.

Now, The Undertaker's wasn't that insane, it was just plain stupid. He came out to the ring dressed in workout attire and addressed the WWE audience in a way that CM Punk became famous for. If he had cut that promo now then it definitely would have been called a "Pipe Bomb." He talked about how Vince didn't want him as WWE Champion and that's why his reigns were so short before jumping back into kayfabe to talk about fighting his brother. It was a mess and even though WWE won the war with WCW, they should still be ashamed.

7 His Feud With The Great Khali


Perhaps you don't remember this because you have bene suppressing it from your memory for some time now. But, hey, it happened.

Who remembers when The Great Khali was the 'greatest force' that WWE had and only The Undertaker could stop him? (Shockingly, after that, Khali was turned into a comedy act in WWE). The Undertaker and The Giant had a back and forth rivalry that saw Khali actually defeat The Deadman at Judgement Day back in 2006.

It was one of the biggest shocks in wrestling at the time, especially after he was pinned from a big boot. Khali did go on to hold the World Championship though and The Undertaker got his revenge in a Last Man Standing Match. Those were the days!

6 He Actually Missed Two WrestleMania Events


The Undertaker's Undefeated Streak actually began on The Deadman's Birthday back in 1991 and even though he managed to remain undefeated at WrestleMania for 21 matches, in that time he missed two WrestleMania events.

Back in 1994 he was badly defeated by Yokozuna at the Royal Rumble and was then kept off TV until SummerSlam when he made his triumphant return. This meant that he missed WrestleMania X (a solid event, especially when we consider to fiasco of WrestleMania IX). A few year's later The Undertaker also missed out on WrestleMania 2000 when he tore a pectoral muscle and was out of action for eight months. He returned to action merely weeks after WrestleMania. This means that Brock Lesnar could have been "the one in 23 and one."

5 He 'Murdered' Paul Bearer


That's right, more than a decade ago wrestling was a little more graphic than it is in the PG/New Era. And back in 2004 The Undertaker decided to 'murder' Paul Bearer (you may have suppressed this as well).

Well, technically The Dudley Boys and Paul Heyman kidnapped him and then buried him up to his neck in concrete with the threat of burying him alive if tHE Undertaker didn't 'do the right thing.' Luckily tHE Undertaker won the match at The Great American Bash and seemingly saved his friend and long time companion. But then, The Undertaker shockingly decided to put the lever and bury him anyway. All of this happened while The Undertaker was still a babyface. It was incredible viewing, but it really didn't make any sense because Bearer survived somehow.

4 His UFC Inspired Move Set


Recently there have been many links made between WWE and UFC, but wrestlers like The Undertaker have always been involved with the MMA based promotion. The Undertaker has been in attendance at many UFC events and even had a confrontation with Brock Lesnar when he was still fighting for Dana White's company (this sparked the rumors of Lesnar return to WWE).

He is a huge fan of MMA, so much so that his Hell Gate submission finisher was actually inspired by it. It is a triangle choke that is often used to finish UFC matches, but The Undertaker modified it a little and brought it into WWE as one of his incredible finishers. He also wears MMA striking gloves to the ring as well as part of his wrestling attire.

3 He May Love Fire More Than Kane Does


You may remember that when Kane first came into WWE, he was The Undertaker's arch rival. It was said that The Undertaker's parents were 'accidentally' killed in a fire at the funeral home and it was thought that Kane was also deceased. But Paul Bearer would inform The Undertaker that his brother was still alive.

This gave The Undertaker the babyface reaction that the WWE wanted, but then they decided to put a spin on it and make The Undertaker admit that it was him who caused the fire. He admitted that he had killed their parents on purpose in one of the most straightforward murder confessions wrestling has ever seen. He told Kane that he did it because his brother was weak and only the strong shall survive, whatever that meant.

2 His Relationship With Jenna Jameson


The Undertaker made his WWE debut when he was 25-years-old. This means that he still had a lot of growing up to do, but he was about to become one of the most famous wrestlers in the world. During this time, The Undertaker align himself with someone who would become known as the world's most famous adult film star.

Jenna Jameson mentioned The Undertaker in her book, 'How to Make Love Like a Porn Star' and stated that they both used to hang around in the same circles and were good friends. Jenna stated that she was a big fan of his but he was actually scared of her. It was when The Undertaker told her that he was going to hit her boyfriend and kidnap her that she decided enough was enough and hasn't seen him since.

1 He Choked Out Kurt Angle For Real


Every wrestling fan knows that there will always be that one person who will tell you how scripted WWE is and how you shouldn't watch it because of it. But sometimes things actually happen in WWE that aren't scripted, and these are where the real stories lie.

Kurt Angle explained in his 'It's True, It's True' autobiography that he and Vince McMahon used to play a game where they would attempt to take watch other down when the other wasn't fully prepared. This then happened on a plane ride to Europe and when The Undertaker awoke and saw Vince being beaten up by Kurt he decided to interject and save him by locking Kurt in a chokehold. The Boss quickly had to explain it was a prank before Angle was knocked unconscious, but at least the trio did actually manage to laugh about the whole affair afterwards.

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15 Things You Probably Forgot About The Undertaker