15 Things You Probably Forgot About Triple H

Triple H has had a long and storied career in WWE. He's accomplished everything that there possibly is to accomplish. Triple H is a fourteen-time World Champion, a five-time Intercontinental Champion, a two-time European Champion, and a three-time Tag Team Champion. He has also won the Royal Rumble on two occasions as well as the King of the Ring. He was trained by the late, great Killer Kowalski in Massachusetts. Triple H is a member of the infamous stable known as The Kliq who would run professional wrestling in the mid-to-late '90s. He created NXT which has grown a great fan base among wrestling fans. With all these Triple H facts, it must be hard to believe that there are 15 things you may not have known about Triple H. You would have to be a hardcore Triple H fan to know each and every one of these facts. Some of these facts may come off as bizarre and hard to believe. Others may fit Triple H's persona perfectly. Some may be completely random and hilarious.

Here are 15 things you may have forgotten about Triple H.

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15 He Wrestled with a Crushed Larynx

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Triple H's toughness can never be denied. Never. He wrestled and finished matches with a torn quadriceps twice. His toughness was put on display at Survivor Series 2002. During the first Elimination Chamber Match, Triple H and Rob Van Dam were the first two entrants. Rob Van Dam rose to the top of one of the pods and delivered a Five Star Frog Splash off of the pod and landed on top of Triple H. The only issue was that Van Dam's knee landed in the throat of Triple H, crushing his larynx. After the move you can see Triple H writhing in pain as anyone else would. Yet, he was still able to finish the match, losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Shawn Michaels.

14 He Teamed with William Regal in WCW

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As we all should know as wrestling fans, Triple H wrestled for WCW (while his run was less than epic, we should still know this). He wrestled under the name of Terra Ryzing (terrorizing). Then Jean Paul Levesque as a french aristocrat. Ryzing began as a singles competitor before they placed him in a team with William Regal as the two were doing similar gimmicks. The two were known as The Blue Bloods. Triple H left as WCW wanted to break up the tandem. Little did we know that this would be one of the most important things to ever happen in wrestling. It is obvious that both Regal and Triple H remain friends to this day as Triple H hired Regal as the head trainer in NXT.

13 Vince McMahon didn't Want him With Stephanie McMahon

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As we all know, Triple H is married to Vince McMahon's daughter Stephanie. Vince and Triple H have obviously gotten close since the marriage as Triple H is a higher-up in the company. However, Vince did not always approve of the couple being together. Triple H and Stephanie had to keep their relationship a secret for a while before informing Vince that they were together. After he found out, he forbade the two from being together (although that might be difficult since the two were an on-screen couple). Linda McMahon talked Vince out of his ways and the two were married in 2003 (they have seemingly remained happy ever since). Whether or not this was a good thing or a bad thing I'm not sure.

12 He Said Very Racist Comments Towards Booker T

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In 2003, Triple H was the World Heavyweight Champion. He was set to face Booker T at WrestleMania XXIX. Booker T was over like none other during this period and seemed as if he was going to get the title. Leading up to this feud, Triple H made some very odd comments directed towards Booker T. He would repeatedly call him boy and said, "people like you don't get to be World Heavyweight Champion." After those comments the most sensible thing to do would be to give Booker T the title but no, Triple H pinned Booker T after he waited 20 seconds following a Pedigree (no real reason why). Booker would never come close to the title for the rest of the year after this match

11 He was The Kliq's Car Driver

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Wrestling in the 1990s had a much more different backstage feel. Wrestlers were partying a lot more and the use of drugs among the talent was a common thing. This was no different with the members of The Kliq. Except Triple H. Yes, even Shawn Michaels before he was born-again was a man who enjoyed these substances. Triple H was clean. According to Kevin Nash, Triple H didn't drink or take pills. Therefore that would make him the perfect driver. The Kliq's drug stories are wild. One story includes Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall taking over 30 Somas at one time. Thankfully, Nash no longer had to drive while under the influence when Triple H came to WWE, leaving the rest of the group to continue with their drug intake.

10 He Used to Hate The Miz

The Miz has reinvented perfectly in the year of 2016. He paid all his dues and is now in a deserved spot as WWE Intercontinental Champion. And that's great for him. However, prior to this year, The Miz was not liked by many people. That list of people included JBL, CM Punk, and the man this list is about, Triple H. There is footage of The Miz walking backstage after winning the WWE Championship on Raw against Randy Orton. Triple H left The Miz hanging before reluctantly shaking his hand. Triple H also yelled at The Miz for not catching R-Truth on a dive on an episode of Raw. So it is safe to say there used to be bad blood between the two.

9 The Ultimate Warrior Buried Him

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The Ultimate Warrior left the WWE on bad terms in 1992. He would do little to nothing until his return in 1996. Warrior returned on the "grandest stage of them all" in 1996 at WrestleMania XII (despite the internet not being what it is today, there were plenty of rumors and speculation going around about Warrior). He faced an up-and-coming Triple H. In what should have been a competitive match with Warrior coming out on top, we got something totally different. Warrior defeated Triple H in match that went under two minutes. Warrior would once again leave in a few months thus making this match meaningless. Maybe Triple H picked up his burying ways from Warrior. Who knows?

8 The New Age Outlaws Hated Him

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The New Age Outlaws were part of Triple H's new D-Generation X after Shawn Michaels went down with a rehabilitating back injury. The stable would be together for much of Attitude Era. But both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn did not leave the company on the best of terms and would end up heading over to TNA. They would reform their tag team under the team name of The James Gang and later the Voodoo Kin Mafia, a play on the initials of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Each and every week the two would cut scathing promos on Triple H and WWE in general. Luckily, the two would eventually return to WWE and would have backstage jobs until Gunn was fired for using steroids.

7 Managed by Mr. Hughes

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Mr. Curtis Hughes was a wrestler for multiple promotions during the 1990s. These promotions included the big three at the time, WWE, WCW, and ECW. He rejoined WWE in 1997 as the bodyguard of Triple H. Prior to this, Triple H had many managers. He was with Sable, Mr. Perfect, and random Playboy Playmates. The company even wanted to pair Triple H with The Honky Tonk Man at one point as they struggled to find a place for the future World Champion. Mr. Hughes was only his manager for a very short a period and Triple H would then have his future girlfriend Chyna as his manager. Hughes returned to the WWE once more in 1999 as the manager for Chris Jericho. Jericho would eventually turn on him and he was gone from the company not too long after.

6 His First WWE Gimmick and WCW Gimmick are the Same

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As I previously mentioned, Triple H's WCW names were Terra Ryzing (bad pun, I know) and Jean Paul Levesque. He was a blue blood aristocrat who was very snobby and looked down at the other wrestlers. When he left for WWE, he was a blue blood aristocrat who often looked down at his opponents and was looked at as if he was royalty. Sound similar? That's cause they are. This an example of WWE biting off WCW or the writers just being lazy and telling him to do the same thing he did in WCW. To give him credit, he was very good at performing that character. He ditched the character in late 1997 when D-Generation X was created and Triple H was allowed to showcase more of his real life personality on screen.

5 He and Shane McMahon may Dislike Each Other 

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Triple H is going to eventually have full and total control over WWE. It will be the first time since it's creation that the last name McMahon won't be associated with WWE. Shane McMahon who is Vince's actual son was supposed to get the company after his Dad decides to retire. But instead he chose his son-in-law Triple H. Many believe this is the reason as to why Shane left in 2009 and didn't return until this year. Maybe this is the reason why over the course of that period of time Shane was rarely in any McMahon Family pictures. During an interview with Mick Foley, Shane said their was no bad blood in a very awkward segment. It is more than likely that he was not being truthful.

4 Steve Austin Refused to Drop the Title to him at SummerSlam 1999

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During 1999, the Triple H heel singles character was finally coming into it's own. He was massively over as a heel and well on his way to becoming one of the best of all time. Everything seemed primed and ready for him to get a push with the WWE Championship The perfect scene was SummerSlam 1999. It was a Triple Threat Match with Jesse Ventura as the the special guest referee. Everything was perfect. The only issue was that Steve Austin who was champion didn't want to drop the title to Triple H and instead lost it to Mankind. This may be the only time that Austin lost clean while at the top of the company. Luckily for Triple H, Mankind would drop the title to Triple H on Raw the next night.

3 He Held Down Everyone on Raw for Three Years

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Triple H was the poster boy for the Raw brand up until John Cena joined the Red Team in 2005. During this period, Triple H went over everyone. He talked Vince McMahon out of giving the World Heavyweight Championship to Rob Van Dam, he almost ruined Booker T's career, he made Goldberg do the job at SummerSlam 2003, and he took the title from Randy Orton while he was red hot. This period is often called the "Reign of Terror." Not to mention, he had a 45-minute Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels that dragged as well as a boring Hell in a Cell match with Kevin Nash. Thankfully, Triple H's tyranny ended at WrestleMania 21 when he lost the title to Batista.

2 He was Supposed to win the 1996 King of the Ring

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Triple H in 1996 was trying to find his stride. He had the match with The Ultimate Warrior which almost ended his career. After making him do the job to Warrior, they decided they were going to give him the 1996 King of the Ring crown. This was sure to jumpstart his push toward the top of the card as the King of the Ring was meant to do back then. Luckily and thankfully, because of the Curtain Call, plans were scrapped and he wasn't even in the tournament. The tournament was instead won by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. This obviously turned out to be the greatest thing to ever accidentally happen in the wrestling business as Steve Austin delivered the infamous Austin 3:16 promo and The Rattlesnake was born.

1 His Career Almost Ended because of the Curtain Call 

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As I previously mentioned, Triple H took part in the infamous Curtain Call incident. The incident received much undeserved backlash as wrestlers break kayfabe on a nightly basis nowadays. Since both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were leaving for more money in WCW, and Shawn Michaels was the WWE Champion, Triple H was the only one they could punish. He lost his chance to become the King of the Ring and his entire push was halted. He essentially jobbed out every night. They could have made him a perpetual jobber and his career could have been history. Luckily they backed off and they resumed his push. Eventually, Triple H would take a huge leap in to super-stardom and is now regarded as one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time.

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