15 Things You Probably Forgot About Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus is the most beloved WWE Diva of all-time. The Canadian star wasn't just a good-looking person with a face for television. She was arguably the greatest in-ring performer the WWE has ever had in the Diva's Division.

Her rivalry with Lita throughout the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras are among the most storied ever. Trish also had the misfortunes of being put in controversial feuds and storylines, namely with none other than Vincent Kennedy McMahon. But whatever it was, Trish showed up for work and did her job. She's in the WWE Hall of Fame for a reason - she simply changed women in the WWE in many ways.

It's been 10 years since Trish retired, but it hasn't stopped fans from reminiscing on the past. Trish is enjoying life as a yoga instructor and is happily married with one son and another baby on the way. Though most of you remember Trish well, there are 15 things you probably forgot (or didn't know) about Stratusfaction.

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15 She's a Former Fitness Model

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Obviously, being a WWE Diva means you have to be in good shape. Back in the days of the Attitude Era, Mr. McMahon only brought on women that the general audience would call "beautiful." There's no denying Trish Stratus was a talent in the ring during her career, and she certainly has the looks to make millions of people in awe.

Before she signed with the WWE in 1999, Trish began her career as a fitness model. While working at a gym as a receptionist, MuscleMag International offered her a gig to shoot for them. Stratus appeared on a cover in 1998 and it was a starting point in putting herself out there. Before she knew it, Stratus was on her way to a Hall of Fame career in the WWE.

14 Succesful Debut on SmackDown!

Though everyone remembers Trish's rivalry with Lita, championship matches, and other memorable feuds, people often forget the epic debut she had. Stratus didn't wrestle her first match until the June 22, 2000 SmackDown taping. She quickly formed an alliance with Test and Albert (T & A,) and joined them in a Six-Person Tag Team match against The Hardy Boyz and Lita.

Trish's side won the match, and it was the beginning of her rivalry with Lita from there. Everyone needs a strong starting point to be successful. The world didn't know it at the time, but this was only the beginning of a time where the Divas in WWE would be changed forever.

And picking up a victory against her soon-to-be long-time rival was the perfect way to start it all.

13 The Alliance With T&A

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Speaking of working with Test and Albert, it wasn't just for her debut. Trish started out in WWE as a manager for the group. Before she defeated Lita, The Dudley Boyz actually put her through a table at Backlash. Trish of course would end up being more than just a gorgeous manager on a tag team.

This was a solid tag team, but it didn't last for too long. Albert severed his ties with Test, which ended the alliance. Trish would go on to manage Albert a short while after, but it slowly died out. After that, she began her infamous and controversial storyline relationship with Mr. McMahon.

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Stacy Keibler was nothing more than The Dudley Boyz manager for a while before she began to make a name for herself. It was slowly, but surely, for Trish to launch into stardom.

12 Relationship with Vince McMahon

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Speaking of that relationship with Mr. McMahon.

It's no surprise that the boss would selfishly book himself into a feud where this gorgeous bombshell would be his mistress on-screen. The storyline would go that Mr. McMahon was being unfaithful to his wife, Linda. He had Trish commit many controversial acts, including stripping down to her panties and he'd order her to bark like a dog to him.

In a ridiculous storyline, Mr. McMahon wanted to divorce Linda, which stressed her out to the point of going into a wheelchair. At WrestleMania X-Seven, Vince faced off in a match against his son Shane. Both Trish and Linda came to Shane's aid and helped him win the match. This ended the terrible angle of having Trish's relationship with Mr. McMahon.

It's definitely one of the more controversial moments WWE and Trish would love to forget.

11 Relationship with Jeff Hardy

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Matt Hardy had a real-life and on-screen relationship with Lita. Well, Jeff Hardy had an on-screen relationship with Trish Stratus. The original relationship didn't really go anywhere as Trish had to recover from an ankle injury. But it came back together when he stopped Victoria from attacking her after a match in 2003.

Jeff saved Trish and kissed her, once again kickstarting an on-screen relationship. The two would team up together in matches and would have romantic segments backstage. However, Jeff was released from his contract which ended their relationship.

This wasn't a relationship like Matt Hardy's or Lita's. It wasn't brought up by anybody on-screen and it didn't have that ah-ha! moment. It was just another failed storyline by WWE where they went too far with Trish and another male on the roster.

10 Heel Turn at WrestleMania XX

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Trish Stratus formed an on-screen relationship with fellow Canadian Chris Jericho. They would team up in tag team matches and feuded with Lita and Christian, who had an on-screen romance of their own. Well, Chris Jericho would face Christian at WrestleMania XX in a singles match. Trish attacked Jericho during the match, believing that he was Christian. This helped Christian defeat Y2J. Instead of apologizing over an honest mistake, Stratus attacked Jericho after the match.

This signaled an epic Trish Stratus heel turn. Nobody thought she would turn on her beloved Canadian friend, Y2J.  She accused him of being a "love sick puppy," and aligned herself with Christian instead.

9 Backstage Teasing With Triple H

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As we know all, both Trish Stratus and Triple H have had a number of high-profile relationships, both on-screen and off-screen. The Game was in a relationship with Chyna, but controversially left her for Stephanie McMahon. And of course, the pair are married in real life with three children.

As for Trish, she had an on-screen romance with Mr. McMahon, then later Jeff Hardy, and Chris Jericho. Along the way, however, her and Triple H did have a segment backstage where he was teaching her wrestling moves. During the segment, the two touching each other in rather sexually-implied matters.

Stephanie barged in and caught Triple H, giving him plenty of attitude and smashing things. Even though it was all scripted, some often forget about a controversial segment with Triple H being with Stephanie in real life.

8 Main Event Raw Match Against Lita

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As we've talked about earlier, Trish Stratus and Lita have had one of the most epic rivalries of all-time. Easily the best in the Divas Division, too. They were the women of the Attitude Era and put women's wrestling on the map. Though the two have had a number of great moments together, there's a specific moment that stands out.

On the December 6, 2004 edition of Monday Night Raw, the two headlined the show by putting on a main event for the ages. After an epic backstage segment where Lita planted a kiss on Trish. The two faced off for the WWE Women's Championship, with Lita defeating Stratus to take the belt for herself.

Just know that this Raw roster included Jericho, Triple H, Ric Flair, Kane, Edge, Randy Orton, Batista and others. Yet, these two women headlined Raw with an epic match.

7 Her Broken Nose Phase

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Another epic moment between Lita and Trish Stratus took place at Survivor Series 2004. The two faced off for the Women's Championship. Lita lost her cool and hit Trish across the face with a steel chair, ensuring that Trish remained the champion in the process. This started a gimmick where Trish wore a nose mask for suffering a keafabe facial injury from the shot.

Trish would go on promos, accusing Lita of trying to ruin her beautiful face. The mask covered up a ton of Trish's face, making it impossible indeed for the fans to recognize the gorgeous look we had all been used to watching. This would only last for a short while, but it was another way to inject more tension into a storied rivalry.

6 Retired In Canada

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Sadly for the WWE Universe, Trish Stratus decided to hang up her wrestling attire in September 2006. She was only 30 years old at the time and obviously had the in-ring ability to keep on going. Luckily for us fans, Trish got to go out in the perfect way possible. Unforgiven 2006 took place in her home town of Toronto.

Trish would defeat her arch-nemesis, Lita with the Sharpshooter (a submission move made famous by fellow Canadian Bret Hart). Trish would become a seven-time Women's Champion, which is a record. This gave her the perfect send-off we all knew she deserved.

Epic match? Yes. Against your arch rival? Yes. For the championship? Yes. Record-breaker? Yes. In your home country? Yes. A Stratus-fying way to go out, indeed.

5 Mickie James' Obsession

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Ever since Stratus retired from the WWE, not many Divas have come close to producing in the ring like her. If there's anyone who did come close to it, that would have to be Mickie James. But her introduction to the WWE was an odd and controversial case. And it just had to involve Trish, of course.

James entered the WWE as Trish's biggest fan, steeling her in-ring moves and dressing up like her before matches. She would even catch Trish coming out of the shower to check out her naked body. The angle turned into a lesbian lover storyline, with James kissing Stratus under the mistletoe.

Even though these two definitely put up one intense rival near the end of Trish's career, there were definitely other ways it could have gone. But as we know, controversial storylines are what made Trish memorable to many of us.

4 She Was a Tough Enough Trainer

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Ah yes, the good ol' WWE Tough Enough program that helped the company and fans find out who the next generation of Superstars would be inside the ring. Well, it always helped to have legends train the new stars. Trish Stratus came on board as a trainer for WWE Tough Enough in season five along with Booker T and Bill DeMott. It was just another way of Trish doing her part in helping out the company.

Despite the star-studded trainers, WWE Tough Enough in season five wasn't one of the more successful ones. Andy Leavine was the winner and was out of the WWE by 2012. The runner-up, Luke Robinson, hasn't garnered much of a career, either. However, one shall always remember and be thankful that Trish did her best in finding the next GUY in WWE.

3 Three-Time Babe of the Year

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Trish's remarkable looks, charming personality on the mic, and in-ring work makes her the best Diva of her generation, if not ever. Trish Stratus was a one of a kind talent to the point where I'm writing this article because we aren't able to get over the fact that she's not a Diva anymore.

Any who, just how popular was Trish? The WWE used to hold a Babe of the Year competition where fans would vote for their favorite Diva. Unsurprisingly, Trish won it three-straight years from 2001-2003. Stacy Keibler won the honour in 2004, ending Stratus' reign. Perhaps the main reason Trish didn't win it that year was because she spent much of 2004 as a heel while Stacy Keibler used her great looks to seduce fans and played a face character.

But all that matters is that Trish was a three-time Babe of  the Year. Three time's a charm, right?

2 Broke Retirement

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Though Stratus officially retired in 2006, she didn't pull off a 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels move where she chose to stay fully retired. She has come out of retirement to wrestle a couple of matches, and rumors continue to grow that she may be willing to come back and wrestle again to help put some current Women over.

Trish broke retirement on the December 22, 2008 edition of Monday Night Raw when she formed a tag team with John Cena to defeat Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix. She would also return a year later to team up with MVP and Mark Henry in a victory over Beth Phoenix and Jeri-Show.

In a 2011 match against Vickie Guerrero, Stratus would lose with LayCool and Dolph Ziggler helping the latter out. Trish would team up with Snooki from Jersey Shore and John Morrison to beat Ziggler and LayCool at WrestleMania XXVII.

Now, we can only hope she'll willingly break retirement again.

1 Named Lita Her Son's Godmother

So you know plenty about Trish Stratus and Lita's rivalry. It went on and on throughout their careers. But this wasn't a Shawn Michaels-Bret Hart feud. It was not a real-life rivalry at all. As it turns out, Trish Stratus and Lita are best friends in real life. It was Trish who formally inducted Lita into the Hall of Fame back in 2014.

Trish also named Lita the Godmother to her son, Maximus, who was born in September 2013. That's as real as it can get, folks. This is a real-life friendship that helped both women put each other over and put up Hall of Fame careers. Trish and Lita have openly discussed their rivalry and relationship on WWE Network. There was obviously nothing but love and respect between these two legends.

Only question, will Lita be the godmother to Trish' second child?

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